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Creative Illustration: Monsters and Imagination

Ira Marcks, Illustrator / Storyteller

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10 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Monsters and Imagination

    • Mythology and Geography

    • Personality and Ability

    • Reference and Ratio

    • Sketches and Silhouettes

    • Pushing and Posing

    • Inking and Hatching

    • Color and Theory

    • Wrap Up

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About This Class


The first appearance of a sea monster in the far corners of ancient maps wasn't just a strange cultural artifact, it was a brilliant moment of creative inspiration!

In this class, we'll look at the history and culture that brought the medieval sea monster to illustrative life and use those steps to create a creature of our very own! This class is a great fit for anyone looking to expand their creative illustration skills, bring more meaning to their fantasy art and develop some valuable drawing skills. 

Here are the topics I'll be covering:

  • History of the Medival Sea Monster
  • Creative Metaphors
  • Generating Inspiration
  • Utilizing References
  • Characterization
  • Planning a Composition
  • Styling Line Art
  • Color Theory

All you'll need for this class is a pencil and paper but I'm working in Clip Studio Paint for visual clarity.

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Amazing class, as I was watching and listening, I had to pull out my tablet because I had so many different ideas. Thank you!
Marshmelo .

Animation student and traveler

Great storytelling and illustrations, and a really clear guide to character development and design!





Ira Marcks

Illustrator / Storyteller


My name's Ira. I'm a cartoonist/illustrator living in Upstate NY with my wife, dog, two cats and lots of books. In my classes, I explore ways to create meaningful illustrations and tell stronger stories.

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