Creative Illustration: Draw Your Dream Vacation | Meagan Morrison | Skillshare

Creative Illustration: Draw Your Dream Vacation

Meagan Morrison, Fashion & Travel Illustrator

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10 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Let's Begin!

    • 2. Your Assignment

    • 3. Observation & Illustration

    • 4. Materials

    • 5. Early Drawings

    • 6. Conceptual Drawings

    • 7. Final Conceptual Drawings

    • 8. More Travel Illustrations

    • 9. Final Thoughts

    • 10. What's next?

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About This Class

Spark your creative wanderlust & start drawing! This visually rich class with fashion illustrator and @TravelWriteDraw founder Meagan Morrison is the perfect place to begin.

What does it mean to capture a destination when drawing? How can you bring a traveler's joie de vivre into everyday life?

As the founder of creative studio Travel Write Draw, Meagan has traveled to over 40 countries, illustrating her incredible travels on her popular blog and Instagram, as well as partnering with inspiring clients like Louis Vuitton, Refinery29, and Vanity Fair. Now, she's bringing that inspiration to you!

This 55-minute class will whisk you on a creative illustration journey, joining Meagan as she creates an original piece of art inspired by her trip to Marrakech, Morocco.

You'll explore:

  • How travel sparks inspiration & creative empathy
  • An essential 7-part checklist for understanding a place
  • Gathering & using reference imagery
  • Capturing first drawings
  • Creating final conceptual drawings that capture the essence of a destination

This class is perfect for illustrators, artists, designers, travelers, and everyone who loves the excitement of travel. If you've ever wondered how to transform your love for a destination into an original work of art, you'll love this beautiful guide to the world of fashion and travel illustration!




Images: Meagan Morrison @travelwritedraw x Skillshare





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Meagan Morrison

Fashion & Travel Illustrator

Meagan has an insatiable lust for life, and sees the world through the colorful, optimistic lens in which she illustrates. She grew up in a small town north of Toronto, but knew from her first visit to New York as a teen that it would one day become home. She received her Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University and Illustration AAS Degree at FIT in New York. It was during her time at FIT that she founded Travel Write Draw (@travelwritedraw) which has since become her full-time profession, b...

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