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Creative Ideas for Logo Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Tiger Verse, All Arts at one Place

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Understanding Keyframes and Animation

    • 3. Shine Animation

    • 4. Reverse Fragmentation

    • 5. Reveal Animations

    • 6. Saber

    • 7. Particles Background

    • 8. Using Stock Clips as Background

    • 9. Bars for cinematic look

    • 10. Bonus Tips

    • 11. Class project

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About This Class

This class is based on making logo animations using built-in effects in After Effects and a free Plug-in called Saber. You will learn making following things in this class;

  • What are Keyframes and How Animation Works?
  • Logo Animations
  • Background for Logo Animations
  • Bonus Tips

Expression used in Lecture " SABER " is ;


n= Math.sin(time*blinkspeed);

if(n<0) 0 else 20;

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tiger Verse

All Arts at one Place


Hello, I'm Tiger, owner of TIGERVERSE, a 2D,3D Artist, animator and Teacher. I am also into music production, website creation, video editing and VFX stuff. " Even if you feel TRASh, remember you have a STAR in you " ~ TIGER

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone Tiger. This class is going to be different from the previous ones. As we all know. Every company, website channel, and even restaurants have their own logo. Logo is actually identity of a brand. And logo animations have become famous due to the use of social media for promotions. You watch an advertisement and logo of the brand in intro and outro, But logo is animated just to seek your attention. This means that logo animation is very important in marketing. That is why most of the people invest a lot in Logo animations. So you should learn these as these can also help you in building your financial carried. So what we will do in this class is that we will take a deeper look on some creative ideas which we can use to create logo animations. We will also learn how to make them and also how to make templates for a particular type of animation, which you can use later for different logos provided to you by different clients. So without any further ado, grab your logo, fire up your After Effects, and let's just jump right into it. 2. Understanding Keyframes and Animation: In this lecture, we will learn what keyframes are and how we animate something. First of all, keyframes. So keyframes are actually like painting something in your timeline at a particular frame. For example, position scale opacity or in utero value. For an instance, I pin 100% scale at frame number 1 and then 50 percent at frame number 45. So what will happen is scale will be 100% at first frame. And we'll begin to reduce up to the frame number 45 and will be of same size in the end of the timeline. And this is how animation works. And emission works by changing value of a particular asset, or you can say parameter from one keyframe to another in our dynamic way inside After Effects. You can animate a single parameter or multiple parameters. So these are just two radical basics. We will have particular examples of these when making different logo animations practically in upcoming lectures, there we will be using these keyframes on different parameters, on different effects provided by Adobe After Effects to create a smooth animations. 3. Shine Animation: So now we will be taking a look at the shine vector in this lecture. As we know, metals shine when light falls on them. And that is due to some outermost electron de-excitation. But that is not our topic. We will not be discussing that. We will be talking about shine in Logo animations. Now, obviously we can create shine in Illustrator or Photoshop by using glue, brushes or lowering opacity after painting with a bright color. But the question is, how to animate the shine on a logo? Or you can say how to animate the shine on a pre-made logo provided to you. So for that, first of all, you have to create a new composition in After Effects. And then import your logo. Then draw the logo in the composition and right-click and then pre-compose the logo. You can always change its size and position until it looks good. Shortcut keys for size and position our SMP respectively. By the way, it's a good practice to have low-end center of your canvas. Then you are happy with the position and size. Go to effects and presets. If it is not present already there, go to Windows and then Effects and Presets and Japan and will be there. Then search for CC, light sweep inside Effects and Presets panel. Drop this effect on your logo layer. Now go to Effect Controls panel. First of all, set the angle by sliding and changing the value and did you get the direction you want to animate light in? This is usually diagonally. When it is done, you can change some values over here for better and required results. You can change worked to increase or decrease. Clue. The sweeping density button will modify the sharpness, or you can see the intensity of the color. Now, the sweep is actually a single line and everything which is lighter in color in its surroundings is its edges can modify agent density and edge thickness to, by using these buttons in effects control panel. The light color button will be used to change the color of the sweep. If you want. Now, you have to animate it. First, makes sure that you are in the beginning of the timeline. Then click on the spartane in front of center. And now your cursor changes to a plus. Now click bet outside edge of the logo, but makes sure it isn't the sweep direction. Then then click on the stopwatch button present before the center button. Now go one or two seconds ahead and timeline, depending upon how fast you want your animation to be. And again, click on that button. And now click a bit far away from opposite edge. And if you playback now, you have your shining logo. One more thing is the light reception, but then in Effects Controls tab here. If you select, Add or composer to, this is going to paste light on your logo and it will be used for Shine animation. But if you choose cut out, then you will see only that part of logo on which light strip is present. Which means you can use this as logo reveal animation. So now you can follow the above steps and by changing only one option, your shine and emission turns into logo reveal animation. So now here are the final results from both animations. 4. Reverse Fragmentation: For diverse fragmentation, it is better to use trap code, particular plug-in for After Effects, but we will not be discussing that because trap called particular is a paid plug-in. So now the question arises, what is a reverse fragmentation? It is actually same as its name. You all must have seen tunnels disintegration effect. What we will be doing is actually exactly same, but with our logo and reversing the process, this will give us a nice particle animation of logo formation. And that is why I included this in the list of ideas for logo animation. Now to make reverse fragmentation effect, you have to import your logo. Then drop it into your composition and check if your logo size is same as composition. You can check this by examining the box around your logo. When you select your logo layer n timeline. If this box covers whole black screen, then we are good to go. If it's not the same size as composition. And right-click the logo layer. Select pre-compose, then select Move all attributes to the new composition. And now as you will have your logo, same as the size of your composition. Now to create this effect, go to effects and presets tab and search for CC scattered arise. This effect actually scared to pixels of the image you drop it onto. So we will be using this to fragment our logo into particles. When we have dropped this effect on Logo Layer, go to Effect Controls and change Scatter value to 500 or 1000 or even higher value. All of this depends on your likings. So you can change this value anytime. Then click on the stopwatch icon to add a keyframe as we are going to animate it before clicking stopwatch icon, make sure you are in the beggining of the composition. Then move a few seconds forward, maybe three or four seconds, and change Scatter value to 0. And if you play back animation now, you have your logo being formed from particles. You can easy ease keyframes for smooth animation. For this, press U on your keyboard with Logo Layer selected, you will see the keyframes. Select all of the keyframes, right-click. And then easy ease by going into keyframe assistant and then easy ease. You can even add Gaussian blurred effect and animate that from start to end to give it more nice look. So this is how you create a diverse fragmentation logo reveal for intro video. And if you reverse your keyframe values is you will have a fragmentation video effect, which you can use for your outro video. 5. Reveal Animations: So this lecture is going to be about reveal animations for logo. We will be learning how to make your logo revealed from the French tight. So first of all, make a new composition, import your logo and drop it in your composition, and then decompose your logo for smooth animation and making animation our template. The first style we will be using is revealing your logo from nowhere by using opacity keyframes. So for that, just simply press T on your keyboard to get opacity. Then add a keyframe for capacity at 0% and then go a few frames forward and then change your best two to 100% and you are done. Now you can see your logo reveals out of from Novell using alpha channel because you added keyframes for opacity. The second type of logo reveal is using lights for this, first of all, make sure your logo is not decomposed. Then search for the effect CC light five and drop it in your layer. Then add key frame for transition completion at 100%. And then go a few frames forward and change it to 0%. And make sure to check the upper 10 color from source. And now what will happen is your logo will be formed from light having color, same as your logo. You can also check box for reverse transition to make your logo tracing work in opposite directions. Now the third is making your logo reveal from blurred vision. For that, just dropped the effect named Gaussian blur on your layer and then animate blurriness value from 500 to 0. And what will happen is that from a blurry vision, your logo will reveal. Next, you can add some transitions for your logo, reveal out of some shapes for that at a Venetian blinds effect on your logo layer. And then animate the transition completion as we have done previously. And what will happen now is that your logo of electric field from lines. You can always change the values here. You can also change the angles to make your logo reveal from different lines. One more thing that you can do individually animations is by using a stock clip. First of all, drop your logo and your composition, and then drop a stock clip that may be a smoke or dust particles. Then you have dropped t effect on it. Then change the local layers, mask visibility to alpha matte, and select Alpha Matte and the small player. Now what will happen is that your logo will only be visible for the part of the timeline, then the logo will have your smoke layered on. The last thing that you can do is to make your logo reveal like a bump on the screen for that open scale and increase your scaled to such an amount that your logo is no more visible on the Canvas. Then add a keyframe, go a few frames forward, and add a keyframe for the normal scale value that may be 100% or 50 percent. And what will happen now is that your logo will come out of nowhere and bump on your screen. Obviously, you can easy, ease keyframes in all of these conditions to make animation smoother. If you Easy Ease both keyframes, the animation will be smooth. If you Easy Ease out first keyframe and Easy Ease In the second one, then what will happen is the transition will start faster and then end slower. So you can use both of them according to your liking. So this was all about reveal animations. 6. Saber: Sabre. Sabre is actually a plug-in for After Effects. And it is somehow must have plug-in for After Effects because of two things. Number one, it is free and number 2, its importance. So here we will be discussing how to use Sabre to create some dope animations for your intro. So first of all, you must have a new composition of size and duration of your liking. Optimum length and size will be 1920 by 1080 for six seconds, activity frames per second. 30 frames per second means there will be 30 frames or images in a second. This means your video will be smooth. And 1920 by 1080 is full HD so that it will be perfect for intro logo animation. Now, import your logo by double-clicking in Project Window and selecting the logo file. You may import ai file, PSD file, or simple PNG. Then you have your logo file in project window. Drag this to your composition by holding left mouse click, and now you have your logo on timeline. As you can see, my logo has black outline and background is black to do to which I can see my logo properly. So simply right-clicking composition panel, go to composition settings and change color. Now that logo layer selected go to Layer tab and click Auto Trace. Use default settings. Just make sure channel is alpha and apply to new layer is unchecked and press. Okay. Now for the auto crystals, is that it makes a mask around your logo, a mask that covers all of your logo from every angle or side you can see. Now we can use this mask for anything. We can use bad on it or make it revealed on leave and some asset like smoke or fire passes through it or drop any other effect on it. But add the momentum we will be discussing saber. So you must have downloaded saver already. So first of all, you can use this button to change visibility of the mask. Then auto tracing is done. Then go to the Effects and Presets tab and search for Sabre and drop this on your logo layer. It can be done by simply drag and drop. Now you can see a lot of options. As you can see, your logo is not visible now. So first of all, go to Customize core and change go type from SABR to layer mask, decrease glow intensity. And you will get to know why we auto crazed the layer. So you can see auto racing layer made layer mask put our logo, Edward guided Sabre to cover it. Now you can see saver comes with a lot of presets, but we will not discuss all of them. As you must flex your creative muscles and use them according to your liking. We will be creating some types of animations using Sabre. First of all, we will be creating neon glows. Support this, select a preset saying neon and decrease glow intensity to something like 20 maybe, as this will give enough glue. Obviously, you can change value to your likings. Now make sure you are on first frame of timeline and change the offset to 0, then add key frame using stopwatch icon. Go to seconds forward and change and offset to 100. But this is going to do is that your logo will be traced by neon lights. If your computer is slow, you can change this quarter to quarter and preview your animation. So this is sweet and we can change two things here. Number one is the color of neon light, and the second is direction of tracing. And both of these things solely depends on your liking to change color. You can go to glow color and choose any color you like. And for direction, change angles and mask evolution and try different angles until it looks good to you. So this is sweet. Still we can do some more Twitter. We can let this neon layer do on and off flicker effect. So for dag, First of all, duplicate this layer by pressing Control plus D from keyboard for Windows and Rename duplicate to flicker. Now go a few frames forward in timeline and reduce size of lower layer and upper layer as well. Like this. In flicker layer, click on the stopwatch icon to remove keyframes and hold. On your keyboard and click the stopwatch icon. Expression. Days. You have to enter this expression you can see on your screen. You can always change blink speed to any number. And we're changing this value in front of else. You can modify glow intensity peak. And if you preview your animation now, the logo is first, Grace my neon lights, and then neon lights blink. So this is a dope animation. Now for fire logo animation, again may composition import logo, auto trace drops, saber change, go to Layer Mask, but this time change preset to burning or firestorm. And then change intensity to your likings and add keyframes for offset as done before. Now, if you change and offset key frame to 50% instead of 100. So you will have half of your local traced. Now, duplicate the logo layer by pressing Control plus T. Change layer more to add, change the preset to any other maybe. And manage and density. Then add 180 degrees angle in mask evolution and playback animation. And now you will see, Do you have a third type of animation using Sabre is your logo is traced by two types of lights. And in the end, you can add a key frame for core size for both layers. Go a second forward and change core size value to 0. Duplicate the logo layer entry image size, and delete its effects. Add key frames for opacity reveal as learned in previous lecture. And now you can see your logo reveal after being increased by two types of lights. Now, you have got an idea of how exciting animations. 7. Particles Background: Now you have your logo animation. But what about the background? You must have a background so that the animation looks great and nice. So you can use a lot of backgrounds for your logo animation. It can be as simple, solid color. It can be a gradient. You can get a solid color by going to composition settings. You can get gradients by going to effects in after-effects and searching for, for gradient ramp and adding gradients. The third thing is that you can add some particles, search for the effect CC Particle System, and then drop this effect on your layer. Then you have this effect on your layer. Then you can modify all of its parameters according to your likings. As you can see, these are some of my settings that you could use to create a nice-looking background for your logo animation. You can always modify the settings and create something though that looks nice to you. 8. Using Stock Clips as Background: So venues you have to work with stock clips and use them as background and your logo animation. You must keep some things in your mind. First of all, the nature of your clip. If your clip is multicolored and your logo doesn't match that, you can always add a tint effect to it and change this to only black and white. The other thing is that if the background clip is having sharp edges or sharp objects, you can lower that by using Gaussian blur or directional blur effects. So I, myself and using Logo animations do two things to the background clip. The first thing is adding a 10 different. The second thing is adding Gaussian Blur and increasing its value more than 50 so that it looks nice. The last thing is that you can also add a fake handheld camera movement to the plane. So it also looks moving. 9. Bars for cinematic look: To get a cinematic look to your intro video of logo animation, you must add bars to them. Bars or lecture is some black lines that are added onto your clip. In portrait or landscape mode. These are actually helpful to divert attention of the viewer, or you can say converge attention of the viewer to a particular point. In this case, that will be our logo. So to add bars, the first thing that you can use is go to any website and download a graphic. Assert four bars. These come in a variety for HD, full HD 720 pixels and other. The second thing is you can create them by yourself. If you are working in Adobe Premier Pro, you can simply create a new blank video, add crop effect on it. Use 56 percent value for bottom and top. And you will be good to go viral in After Effects. You can create a new solid that will be obviously black. Then you can create a rectangular mask for it. First, create your mask, then duplicate the layer and move upwards. And then that will be your upper mosque. So this is how you create for your animation. 10. Bonus Tips: So here are some tips for you. When you are doing logo animations. At number one, you should immediately pre-compose the logo layer as soon as you drop it on your composition. This is because precomposed logo layer will help you to make all of your logo animations at template. Next time, when you open project, you just go to the precomposed layer and change logo image tear to get the same animation done on a different logo within just a few clicks. Second tip is that you can use more than one styles. We learned in this class on a single logo and create a smooth logo animation. For example, you can use reverse fragmentation logo to field, and then add shine effect to make good-looking logo animation. Similarly, you may use Sabre to make neon glow or firewall and add shine in the end. So now you have got the basic idea. It's time to flex your creative muscles and make dope looking logo animations.