Creative Halftones: Unlock the Secrets of Photoshop's Hard Mix Blend Mode

Joseph Francis, Check out my classes!

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Think of the Possibilities!

    • 2. What Exactly Is The Hard Mix Blend Mode?

    • 3. Some Tips Before we Begin

    • 4. 1 Standard Halftone, and 1 Strange One

    • 5. Wallpaper Symmetries, Lace and Filigree Halftone

    • 6. A Look Toward After Effects and the Possibilities of Motion


Project Description

Create a Unique Work of Halftone Art

Take a photo and turn it into a snappy, high contrast work of black and white or color art through the use of Photoshop's Hard Mix Blend Mode. You can use one of the methods and ideas I presented, or strike out on your own and invent something new.

I look forward to seeing what you do. Upload your work in progress! Happy Hard Mix Blending!


Take a photograph and turn it into a custom halftone using the Hard Mix Blend Mode. Try to design a halftone screen that in some way thematically supports the original ophoto. Maybe use scan lines on a robot, or circles on a 60s vinatage fashion photo. You can get fancy and apply different screens to different parts of your image, or even different color channels.

See what you can invent!

Just some reminders:

  • You want to create a halftone screen in the upper layer that contains black, white, and every gray in between. This is the layer you set to HARD MIX.
  • The lower layer should contain a black and white (or color) continuous tone photo.
  • The blend mode will force the upper layer to regions of black or white depending on the intensity of the underlying gray.

Student Projects

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