Creative Goal-Setting: Vision Boards for Normal People

Stephanie Dyke, artist. writer. meditator.

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • What the heck is a vision board?

    • Prepping for the cut & paste

    • Exercise 1

    • Exercise 2

    • Exercise 3

    • Gathering content

    • Assembling the board

    • Reflections


About This Class

Creative people often struggle to move forward on projects, their careers and goals. If you get in your own way, or suffer from blocks, creative goal-setting can help you keep moving.

In this 45-minute class, join artist and writer, Stephanie Dyke, as she helps you through her process of creative goal-setting. You’ll learn how to sift through the clutter of unresolved creative ideas and set your goals in motion.

To get the hang of goal-setting and make learning this process fun, we’ll create a vision board for making your CREATIVE SUPER POWERS come to life!

This class is perfect for dreamers, the creatively blocked, the overly committed, and multi-passionate creatives.

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I'm part way through the course, and really enjoying it. It has really hit home and helped clarify thought processes and what I want to do, which is a total side benefit to the vision boards. I can see the vision boards helping me focus and keep on track. Stephanie is a great teacher, humorous without trying to hard and engaging. Thank you!
Stephanie's great – quirky and fun, she's seriously put together a great program here. Her manageable 9-part class will help you create a truly meaningful vision board. She really understands how we can limit ourselves – that creativity may in fact require a (loosely) structured program to quiet our inner critics, narrow down too many options and stay focused toward a goal. Along those lines she includes some creative questions that are timed and a wonder-full meditation prior to "throwing down" the physical process of putting the board together.





Stephanie Dyke

artist. writer. meditator.

I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I often take the midnight train going anywhere... ok, you got me. Those are just some Journey lyrics.

For real, though, I'm an artist, writer and instructional designer living in Charm City, USA (that's Baltimore, Maryland, hon!).

I manhandle a couple of websites and would love to see you stop by!

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