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Creative Glitch Distortion Poster with Modern Art style in Photoshop

teacher avatar Photoshop Classes By Fred, I will help you get PRO at Photoshop

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
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About This Class

Ever wondered how to create a black and white glitch effect? This class will teach how to do that and so many new techniques you have never seen. This is the project we will create. Perfect for a creepy glitchy look. Get the project image here or in the resources are of this class


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Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Celled 1: What's up, guys? For it here. After I'm gonna show you how to create this project, it's actually pretty cool project, but at the same time, it's not just one. But if you follow what I do know in details, then you're gonna be fine. So let's get started. First, we're going to create in your project. Just press great new on being to make sure which is 1000 fighters. One for 50 results. Trended pixels here called Energy. Be on, Let's press crate. So let's put this image with Missy here, this image inside for the front. Let's make this bigger. So we just called on drag and again if using older version of photo shop. Then when you make the image big or small, you have to hold shipped. But if yours is the newest version by news time in 2019 then you don't have to help shape when you make the image bigger. Smaller because it up automatically saves the proportion of damage. Let's press okay, here, make sure the images located exist so we don't lose for her head. So let's go to layers. Do it is background. They're here. So what's going to the recognize me to make our image black and white on my bladder, Might, I mean not just know, like black? I mean, like, really only or only white cars only black course. So nothing great. I mean, we can have a little bit of great cars, as you can see here, for example, here for the details. But being only black and white colors, mostly so is actually two ways to do The 1st 1 is to go here on Just threshold Special is actually making our image really black and white because usually let me just let's me Let's turn, just try work. I mean, for example, if you go here just black and white, so this is a standard black and white. As you can see here, we have great course. That's where as well, So it's not only black and white, right, it's great colors don't create life, grandson, but let's turn off that fiscal. But here, when we trash boat, we get really only or white or black, so that's a big difference. That's prince twice here and now you can control How much does that make you want to see? But the problem is that the problem is this adjustment layer is that rules lots of details . For example, if you look here half ever, my boss is going off off. Her jewelry is also gone on. We don't see the older details that we want to see. For example, we can play. This is of course, but still, it's not the same effect. So we're going to stressful. Okay, listen to this. Why did I show you truthful? Because there's actually two ways to create this project using textual or I'm gonna show you. Now the second option, The second option is better, but you can try to stretch for this. Well done. Now let's go to a second off, which is the better ones. So it's first of all, you create the black and white Larry can do it from here. That's first vice here. So here. Now we're going to see this different close to ready allows green science close answer. And you wouldn't wonder what are the scars? Because, like recreated black and white there. Why do you have this colors here? So, for example, let's me let me turn over this adjustments there. Here we go to see different calls right for them to hear sign colors yellow, red, brown and so lets down his own. Not back says this. Colors now control how dark or what is going to be local. For example, let's play with words. We can make the red colors darker. We can make the red colors writer so more white. So basically we can create our own black and white effect. For example, we can make the year loves brighter where we can make the yellows darker. But let's go, for example, to styles which was the color or for ice for assembly. Filmmakers. Let's see what happens. You see her eyes get dunker. If I make it right, her eyes are getting lighter. So I hope you go to what is actually does this controls the how bright or dark is going to be specific color. Yeah, let's make the bright place So actually work me into the here is going to make sure darks are getting darker on Dwight getting even fighter. So I think that likes left Magenta slipped. No science strike. Yeah, they should be fine. That's no Go back, travelers on now. We need to go here on open brightness contrast a desperately on. Let's make the contrast to the maximum on like this. You see, we get almost the same thing that we go with stressful the ones that were used first time. But the difference is that here now we see all the details. This year I bro's we see this Joe over here, and so so this were important. Now we need toe combined them into one smart object so we don't have tribes. And because we actually only wants to express was the 1st 1 on. Now it's called Trip on President the last one. So it's like told him that's press right on shoes come back to a smart object. Nice is they have a goal together, so we don't have too many layers here. Thats much more convenient, so let's continue now. What we actually need to do now is we need to make sure we select only is maybe to make it even more contrast, basically. So, for example, if you go here just brightness contrast, we can play with this for them again. Contrast to the maximum. Basically, that's or the second time we made it right. Let's go here Let's talk yourself for now. We need to do one more thing. Okay? We need to remove all the unnecessary white calls. Let's go to select color wrench. I was just press here. It was the right. Um, wait, that's personal. The black first, right? So, for your inverter is going to be turned off, You just first on the black color. So now what? We actually need to go when you're persons of black. We went to press invest, so it selected only the white cars. Basically, we're renting the mask, and I can play with facets in order to control how much of the white car. So you want to select on? It needs to be no. Too much like this approximately. Yeah. Let's just keep now We have this mask here created in this election. I mean, now to create the muscle after press here. And now we have this mass created. So now, in order to make sure we see the image again, we go here onto a solid color and make sure it's totally black here. So totally black coat is like zeros. Only 0000 That's first. Okay. Unless makes us dumb So what actually right now happened is we removed unnecessary white cars, for example. If I go to a brightness contrast right now can turn home. Make sure you have conscious to the maximum cause A pray with the brightness on like this, we actually prepared our image for the minutes. So right now we have this image here now, going into those the main did, which is basically have things. His mission. 50 are moving apart to the left and right, Mr. Here, let's lost more. Connect all the media wants Marco. Just so is President this one hold shift on the last man press right on Discovered a smart object. So again it's one object on. I don't forget to save your file because we're going to continue on the next lesson. So I serve your file on you guys, does the next lesson by 2. Celled 2: What's up, guys? Spread here on. Let's continue with this project where we're going to create this image. Sure. So now we actually need to create this village parts basically believe to move the some part of the image to the left to the right. And so are we going to do the first for me to create copies off this smart object? So you know to do that, we can just hold out if you're using Windows or Music Market can hold option press on drag off course. He could just press right. She was duplicate here. Impressed. Okay, but it's better to do it without or from because that's faster. So just create few coffees. So what? We worked it enough. So let's start with the highest quality. First of all, we need to select this rectangular marcato on when you have such a sweet young market. So make sure you have here, Fraser. Zero. Make sure you have selected the first option here on let's start first until I can make a selection like this on. Then, when I did that, I can press here to create the mask. So basically, now this layer contains this part off the that's why can't use the 1st 2 off, or you also could use cold keep. Which is we for this first so you can just press beyond people toe switch between the tools resembles. This is M. This is the eighth diapers. Be. Get this funny. Piper's em I get this month. That's much faster. That's Presby. We can just you know, 12 and drag this and Cassie is getting left. Let's go now to the second again expressed them to select this to, for example. Now let's get causal. Today we can press you can select a big part in concert off also smallpox, for example. Right now we go. So I felt a bit small, part and again creds the mosque. Firstly, to select the move toe can start moving it like this. So let's go to make sure you switch between Solares OK, that's where important, like exists. So it takes up the whole time. Okay, Now we don't have enough last year, so it's great More begin. We just called all our option on, you know, create a few more. Mr. Here. Now, maybe something legs is I would even make it there. So It's the caters on this one. Yeah. So not touch laughter. You How exactly you gonna move this part? Because you can do anything from this on. But we have a few more so we can do also something with shoulders as well. On. Let's see, What else did I move here? Okay. No, I think I did more than perfect. Never seen that they moved that image as well. So exist like this? No. Whereas legis make like this. Marcelo, I know it doesn't really matter because you know every time is going to a different so it doesn't really matter that much more. Exactly. More. Okay, what you have done. That's right. Now what we need to do is let's go here. Let's go toe fitter stylists, I'm just your week Does one time this window Fichera frequency here as well. We can actually choose between wind blast on stagger yesterday, as you can see Looks horrible, actually. Let's just blast any countries from the right from the left, you can see it's going now from from the left is right over here from the right to the web . Have you got to choose this one, which is it so actually this first. Okay, so that's against is going to write plays the same effect towards this party spoke on You can't ask for that right now. I want to do resisting because, as you can see doesn't look that group that I don't see that I care in order to make sure we see that What? We can go here Classism asked. This must can help us toe choose where we want this wind effect appear on where we want it . I know that they're basically personal. This mask I can now chose brothel on make bigger off course And make sure your settings are right Normal More capacity 104 100 small Let's make Is there evident live? Let's choose black or not Make sure you're asking Selected in Africa Here, see what happens. This effect is going away so we don't see it here anymore. Let's go now. Here also make sure heart this is zero now for love, Like animal woods here a slow because I don't want her eyes on. Yeah, um, yeah. I mean, maybe stress low. Okay, let's not continue. So not me to select other parts of this. Well, I would advantage to select specific parts. For example, like this one on, adds a fixer. Let's follow up to see you as against. We don't really see much yet without making to the right we saw because when still to the left, we don't say anything. Let's make it to the right. Let's press. Okay, let's go. Not a lot of parts for after this part here with her stylized wind again, let's choose the right far to the right to left. It's naked to the right, this part here filter, stylized wind this part and you're gonna persons of parts as he casted. This is the selection, exchanging a smile so you have to select it from here or from they scream wind. But it's here and again, speaking to the right. Okay, that's fine. Yeah, As I said, we don't It's better not to touch the small for For that produces this off. This I mean, you can't touch. You can't change that. So but in my expresses. But if you don't move them left, let's give it a try. Let's go to stabilize wind on. No, it's about a free don't change source. We would like this Okay. So when you know when you have done this, what they actually do recognize being to create this kind of life cast its allies like that from up and dup on. How are we going to do that? First of all, let me check. How long is this lesson already? Ceremony. Okay, Is that if you created during the next lesson, Picard is going to be quite a long topic. In order to credit pattern like this, I want to be integrated pattern, vertical and horizontal. So don't forget to save your project onto you guys till the next lesson, but 3. Celled 3: What's up, guys? And welcome back. So let's continue creating this project on. So now, first full. Let's go to the Heisler. Make sure issues the house there on. Great Justin. Empty. Okay, so now we need to create some life because we need to create this pattern here. And that's the first of a way to create just two lines. No, to do that. Let's go here. Press Right on. You can trees here. You can just hear Lyttle. So when you choose a lentil just we're going to make first of all the vertical lines from like this on. You can just press on Drac. And also, if you'll shaped when you do that. So if you present right and then your whole trip, your life is going to be straight. This were important. So you line straight like this. Perfect. If I get cause And now we can say its adjusted black line on the weight is here. Like if I make it, let's say five pixels. It's, uh wait. Okay. Make it five picks us. Mm. What's happening? One moment, please. Yeah, with the left or something different. So, again, I have to choose that against basically, at the truth. Sistol here pass election toe in order to make sure this thing he appears. Which can make, for example, five pixels because it's getting basically more with. If I make it romantic sources place it so in a definitive toe, approximately one pick. So it's fine. I also make sure the color is black, so I can't change the call from here on this week's. Actually, as you can see it doesn't work on is this week's works here. So, like left makes is one doesn't really matter. Okay, I'm not going to create a 2nd 1 So let's just create a copy of this time I was. You can just hold or outdoor from on drag up to get a copy that stays the first move to get closer on. Move now, when you have scraped both of them, let's get further away. Uh, so right now it's very important to make sure the distance between them is right. Because if you look here, you have you can see this sense between Wasilla, for example. Here you can see the self, our horizontal lives basically on differences between the reception. Pretty small. That's actually what we need this. Maybe even not to be like this. Yeah, this should be fine. Now, in order to create this pattern, it's like both of them on fertile way to create. And your empty project was about to file on you. Okay, Can you make sure it's the same parameters as our original project? Less per straight. So now let's take this to shapes and being to drag them into our new project Religious folder on drag up here. Make sure you like the second problem secret and then drag again here. Hey, it doesn't way to copy that. Steps from there to here is actually pressed, right? She was duplicate layers. Now that the grant wishes are entitled to this fun distillation basically entitled the impressive can is going to be coffee there swelled with breast cancer because I did go over the top is, um so first of all, listen, it is different. They're here because just wet, confident did. That's that myself or our face reflects that most of them. Let's get closer. Make sure there have the whole with the whole of our project musically legs. This okay? Nothing in to make our area smaller so it needs to be exactly the witch off tools. So we have to take craft. Oh, I can just press and drag it. For example, with this talk on, maybe for you folks out with different this crustal. That's if you have, like, different proportions. Like if your crop is on the square and store, you can press care clear in order to clear for four counts, for example, Here you can have racial, etc. Why one on one on when you do that? You see, you can't insult. Really? You can't really change the size. Really? Because when you change this one also, the height changes to the western. Is that well, you know, to make sure that that happens, press clear. And here you have this proportions anymore. Now you can change them clearly. Really? Not really. Let's get closer on. You need to make sure this is exactly nice is perfect. Let's press Okay. Now, in order to create the pattern right now to go to edit press here defined pattern. Let's call this, um, there to go once. So number credit the pattern, it automatically going to appear, you know, for projects for that. If I go here, I can use it here spoke. First of all, let's turn off this toe shapes. Let's go here on chose pattern. It's going to be It is. It will select the last pattern that we created as like on on our top on If, for example, your partners different can just press here. So it's a different matter. We in this man. Yeah, that's actually worth me. Less pressing. Keep. So we created the horizontal vertical pattern now me to criticism. Medical pattern us Orlando pattern A. Spoke not to do that again. Let's choose our craft. Yeah, so principal chooses a normal moved All knowledge is crafted. Let's get closer. Seaward where allies making can just present like this again when you drag it. You see here, look here You see which way we I mean w and then, like six pixels. We need to make sure it's more than 1000. Gets another style for tonight. Pixels that 14 year. So it has to be more that pig cells. Oh, wait. Why? Because our project is more than it's 1000 pixels in rich. Unless, I mean, make sure you at least owe impress. Okay, that's why it is safe again. Okay, let's press. Okay. So what are their shapes up there here? I mean, let's that also there was located free transform on. Now it's just here. Let's make a 90 degree Let's bring them right Espresso came. So now I gave being to just like the most of persons and crustal again. So this is his borders here, and they gave me to make them smaller like this. That's gets closer. Okay, now let's turn off this film for now. Let's do this shit players at that before we don't eat them. I'm not what's great in your cartoon again, and this time is going to be Oh, that's Breslin. So we didn't create the pattern. Actually, here we just changed the site. Video creates a pattern to create a pattern, so to go take it defined pattern. And I'm going to quote worry, known for his own tell lines. Perfect. Let's go here So and I gave me to choose better on here. We have ordered her daughter lives. That's what we need. Now let's press with you. So if you made it to hear them, congratulations. Because that's actually like what left was a lot of work. It was kind of difficult that I'm sure for you. So let's look here young. That's his vertical lies. And you have also horizontal lines. But the thing is that the horizontal less okay, if they were to realize that we have, we don't see them everywhere. So we must list only horizontal lines. And here, at some points, for example, like here. Let's say you see, you have this vertical lines that's more here. That's I want me to do. We need to make sure we have this horizontal eyes everywhere but vertical as we're going to choose where to put them on. How are we going to do that? First for Leslie, This pattern layer. Let me see. How long is that video Okay? Yes. And again, we're going to continue during the next lesson because I don't want you had toe explore like because we have, like, lots of information here right now on the next part is also going to take some time. So But I hope you enjoy this project and it will give you lots of yellow that look because we learn lots of new things here to you guys. So the next lesson by 4. Celled 4: What's up, guys? Fred here on. So right now we need to continue with this project on here to love me to create this vertical lines here. SC classes this one for them Here, here, here, here and here. And so So how are we going to do not to the first for going to select market toe can go Marcato next year have started the first option here. And also the phasers. You're a pixel. First of all, we saw those areas that you want. This that's the last that here on you not to do that. For example, when I drove that said, You will make sure when you drove you don't go beyond the life. For example, I will explain what I'm vice. That's right now T here. He said I didn't go beyond beyond this line because I want this vertical lines appear like from here to here. Let's say if I if this selection is going somewhere here on the vertical lines, are going to be until here. So it's going to be half over the line. Basically, you will see what I mean. The second, for example, we did that. Okay, but they're not here. Choose pattern and make sure you choose the medical ice. Better now. This first. Okay, so here you can see that I realize. And here if if my selection was until here's an hour last without here, that don't look good again. Let's not continuous true. Sisto, Wisconsin, for example. We can make a selection here like this again. Make sure it's, uh yeah, anything as a right place with the interest factor, because I choose our pattern. Just first. Vice here feels the same. We're here and choose Perfect. Let's continue. I gave you need to quit here on that. Then there's the ones go to exactly here. Okay, let's turn again. So I guess it takes some time that that's that will reverse it. Okay. On here a small gain. New selection, that term that we can make sure a swell. Okay, that's fine. That looks good already. So what do we need to do now? So first of all, when we did it already, the problem is that this matters now they are too rough. Basically, the knows that getting into like when we look at their image there too visible. You want to make them out a bit less visible. And by that I mean, for example, if you look here, you don't see this exactly. Vertical lies like that, you see, is there has to be different. However, go to the So let's start business one. Unless just this mess. Here, Let's go over here to our rations to France structures. Great. And to make sure I have selected this one, the first black invited. Make sure this option selected classes founded more than normal on everything is fine. Basically. So now we have selected this pattern here. This must hear this is massive. This is this one. You have to hold control or refusing. Matt, both comment on press on this layer here. When we do that, we can see that we select this selection basically is bite place. Anything you could do is pray. Tries just had must reflection with Justin does the same thing. Now, when you did that with your great until we can just, for example, first and drag like this See what happens when we do that we can see again. Let's go back, see what happens. Will's half of the lines. Basically what happens is you know we have this like he's going from no life to the life. It's going where it smooth. So it's not like going into our like it's not too obvious. We can also make like this, for example. Yeah, like this. You can say something obvious anymore. That's actually what we need. Maybe I made too much. Actually, that's not enough. Yeah, like it. That's fine. Arts Goto, for example. Not again. We all control or common on press here is order 2nd 1 Make sure you select this mask as well, so you have to strain you. Have Teoh choose them as the selection of the mass now. So you have to change to This mascot spoke and I was just breast and drag perfect again. Let's use this past. Let's hold control Common Common Press on Now we selected on again. Then we can make it is left to the right from self to that that you can make forms off to the right you can make from them up in a zero. There Many different ways you can do that depends on working. That's going to second because the next one this one on here I'm going to do it like this. Probably again. Let's go to the next one. Here again. There's nice is from me off. Cassie. Cassie, I didn't I didn't change the mass. Basically, this mask is actually this one here, so I need to make sure I choose this must after us. Here. That's what I need. Okay, Not works. Game which is the next one. Hold control woman for us again. So he have to be worried where the tilt? Because if you chose the wrong mask, it's gonna rain your work. I mean, you can always go back, but still on this one was looking again changes selection on dro. Now let's go to select on this so care fee. So now when you have done, that s well, congratulations. You already much, much closer toe Finally finishing this project, I'm probably going to change its already during the next lesson. So you guys Bye 5. Important Message :): nice before. Continue. One more thing. If you really enjoy the course, please created this really, really help me to create more, more and even more amazing glasses for you. 6. Celled 5: What's up, guys? Welcome back to this tutorial on Let's continue. So right now we need to create wind effect. Not only we create already been defect on the image itself, but also what? That when defectors? This pattern here. Okay. For example, we can choose the first pattern that we did on for me. We could We have to add Winifred. Only two red skull patrons. Lexus. So it's like this one. We go to filter Onda Stablize week. But can here As you can see, the problem is that this is not a smart object on this. Filters are mainly for smart object in order to make sure this is not a problem As press council What? We can actually go. We can choose this option ship now for them. But we can now hold tripped on, chose the last one as well. Then we can hold right. So basically we select all the radical pattern we can oppressed, right? Just cover to smart order. So I told together one bigger object this month we can go not the filter stylized and we on and let's see. Let's go, Let's get closer. You can see what happens here. we can choose Wit blast. Oh, let's see, Killing his first. Okay, so now it looks different. Why did they actually begging without wind? It was talk because, you know, it was like, really really cells were not wanted to be, like exact the sales. Okay, if you go here, we can see these things here. You say you can see that stuff like that is a sales. It's not sales, but self sorry from my for my mispronunciation again. Now I get cause cancer This kind of lives here. That's actually what we need. Also, there is a necessary problem right now here when we deserve serious lines Might classify, turn, stop. No When we came in the fact that slice up here if you don't want them I mean, I think they look at tonight but if you don't want them what you can do you compress on this mass here? No, just brushed Tal Just make Sharia like course like color here. Okay, because we call in must basically we were telling this wind effect Don't not appear here. So now when you do that, that's well again. Not forget to save your project. Now it's like everything from here again. Whole trip president last month. So it so it's everything pressed right on number two. Smart object. Yeah, this already like so in the first time, we come with everything too smart object. Very doing that in order to make sure that we don't have too many layers here. And we can opens a smart object later if we need to do. And also announcing I want to tell you during else Listen, we created this patrons here, They were gonna hold out, the less you can because this project, if your reward we don't actually, because when we created a mattress, it's automatically saving for the ship Indicated in your next project as well. Okay, So automated enough. First of all, let's go to fritter style eyes on being Yes, begin. We're going to fly wind effect to the whole image, Steger. No. Yes. Now we will make want to make sure that when if it doesn't affect her, eye sleeps. And so so it doesn't look that glory. Let's press again on this mask. So, like, the breath tobacco and start calling here, for example. Thanks, sis. On also. Let's see. Um okay. It doesn't affect the mouse that much, you know, if made asked effect on the borders. Basically, he didn't have to. I think the discussion. But you don't have to have, like everything else, that much borders. If it I think the borders, that's fine. Okay, so let's continue now. We have to create a copy off this. They're basically let's hold older after on drug and as a copy. Or I can just press tried interest duplicate learn here on. First of all, we're going to be in to actually debate this smart filters here. We don't need them. Let's not go to future stylists. Are we going to resembles? And both actually creates this kind off through the effect. Like, for example, if I make the height you can see we have here Is this kind of today through the effect but not needed that much less make them want a little bit less something like that. Let's prosecute. So now what? We Actually, if you look here, you can see that the self titled to be through their factory, you're going to see what I mean. A moment for that. A lot of credit that let's go here I mean, to choose the right, blending more in order to make sure it blends right, lifts off with light. More stuff like we with night. I think I had with letter about the problem is that right now you can see it's not white enough. It's great, actually, on stuff like electric stuff like this. Okay, so if that doesn't make much difference, let's just be with light, not about the changes. Let's press twice on the samples. Not for them, but we can change it. Yeah, something like that. So nice if I pressed Cassie. Cassie, it's you can see this. Have it? Has this kind of traffic here? I mean, if you don't want it off course, you don't have to do it. But that's what I used in this tutorial here. But after, as you can see table two different parameters, basically this and most effect, basically, if I pressed once again here, I don't remember exactly Mountain ended because, you know, you just have to play with it on, see what you get. Let's see. Let's rest on selection. That's fine. I mean, I like this this well, I am for you to if you don't like you just have to play with, because that's actually you know you have. When you do any product for the show, you have to spend some time on play with options because you can never really tell in advance how is going to work. You just have to claims it and see if it looks nice or bad. You have to change it. And so let's not say so now. When we did that, we have to create this dark lines hearing, Cassius says of those dark spots basically on How are we going to create this dark spots? No to create them were integrated in your empty where dressed Right now analysts come into smart. So this Mr Best Mark object not go to future render on dhere me to render cloth but before it would make sure you have here black and white cars. This is important render clubs. So now basically what this does this great squats on our empty smart object on again. Why, this is black and white because black and white costs if you adhere different cause and the cause would go to different calls so long distances off on actually to create few of them because we will have been running like a 1234567 around seven. So let's create turns off. Create a few more copies again. You can hold alter our friend to create the office because that's fine. Now choose your rectangle, eMarketer analyst, and is this part you have to make the selection legs. For example. Let's say the knife you taught his own press create mask. The cloud is going to appear on the here. It's not when you did that, we need to make sure the cloud like jackasses image so basically gave me into choose. We need toe change. The blending more I think we're going to go is multiply. But again, let's see what hours others kind of first. Well, yeah, we're going to go is not apply. But of course, we're going to decrease the strength of her level. We can just decrease the opacity toe 50 around 50. Okay, on also nothing we can do just the same thing that David it is this life here we can hold cultural to make sure we select the selection. We can choose great until and again when you have this month to it. We can just no present dragon or to make sure that he took it affects on the I just don't think too much. Is this the center park? So, like this left. So I just the same process that fitted with the pattern. Basically again, Let's go here. Let's to the remark, Ito, Let's like, for example, this place here. We have two minutes like this. Places where you have this vertical life on that mask again. Multiply Makes makes Dennis makes us 50. Begin hold control or fresh structures at master selection. Choose Grady into Yeah. Okay, so I'm not going to do just the same thing over and over, so I will do a little bit faster. But, I mean, you already know what we're doing. So because we have dances for a few times, so I want your friends is okay again. Marquee tool. Selecting the right area on masked Multiply that must have selection. Brazen toe on again legs is perfect. And if you want to this like the selection cell, if you have here is a what Keep contra Pastilles or if you have back again common plus deep tow this select next month. So and here's some, for example. Well, to fly. If I city around 50 gave itto must have selection Crazy. Um on drove. Yes. Let's continue on as a hero 1st 1st me to make the selection. So, actually, what for? Selecting policies And you can turn on this mask again. Does it multiply? Give her a sound reason you can make actually, pure more if you want to. Because here, actually actually, Kasie Bey there more. We can see them better. But I actually like it when we don't see them. That obviously because here it's too obvious. You don't look good. It looks kind of door cavity Here. I saw that always. And I think it looks better in general, I don't know why, but I think this image came up better. Usually it's as around when it whenever you use a project, second time it looks worse than the first time. But this time it came out actually better. So that's it. Actually, for this project on, I hope you re elected. We learned tons of new stuff. I get it. It was difficult, but if you didn't understand anything, just message me or you can watch the video again and again and again and again until you understand it. That's what I usually did before when I was learning, like, eight for seven years ago. Anyway, she guys till the next lesson course project. 7. Other Recommended Courses for you :): my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by