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Creative Giftwrapping: Simple methods for wrapping beautiful gifts that will wow friends and family!

teacher avatar Forest Culture Design, Artist & Woodworker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Materials & Selecting a Theme

    • 3. How to Make a Stamp

    • 4. Cutting Your Paper to Size

    • 5. Stamping Your Wrapping Paper

    • 6. Wrapping Paper Design Using a Paint Brush

    • 7. Handwritting on Your Paper

    • 8. How to Wrap Your Gifts

    • 9. Adding Greenery & Wreath Making

    • 10. Class Project - Make Your Own Gift Wrap

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About This Class

Learn some easy ways to make your own handmade gift wrapping using just a few simple materials.

This course will show you several techniques and ideas for gifts that will stand out and give the recipient an extra bit of delight when you present them with their gift. The skills taught in this class will help you to add your own creative touch to any gift, whether for a holiday like Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, Mother's Day, showers and weddings, or just because you want to make someone's day.

This class is perfect for anyone who enjoys giving gifts that make others feel extra special, and especially for those who love to add their own creative touch to what they make.

Here are some examples of giftwrapping you'll be able to make!



For this course you'll need:

  • Brown (Kraft) Paper
  • Adhesive backed foam
  • Small wood block
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • String or Twine
  • Green Floral wire
  • Chisel Tip Sharpie (or equivalent marker)
  • Scissors
  • Small wire cutters
  • Paper plate or Palette (something to put paint on)
  • Evergreen clippings (real or artificial)
  • Gift tags

Click Here for a full list of supplies recommendations. Use this list as a starting point to find any supplies you are missing and to get inspiration for your giftwrapping!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Forest Culture Design

Artist & Woodworker


Hello! I'm Clare, the founder of Forest Culture Design.

I love to continually grow my creativity and artistic abilities and am passionate about helping other people explore and build their creativity as well.

I hope my classes will inspire you to live a more creative and beautiful life!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


(This is me, I find my best inspiration in nature, especially in the woods or mountains!)

See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi, everyone. This is clear. I've always enjoyed making gifts extra special by using a few simple methods that really elevate my gift wrapping, and I'll be sharing some of them with you in this class. I'll show you how to choose a color scheme and theme for your gift wrapping, how to paint and stamp your own wrapping paper, how to decorate your gifts with real greenery, and even how to wrap your gifts without using any tape. By the end of the class, you'll be able to wrap your own set of gifts, just like the ones you see here. 2. Materials & Selecting a Theme: Okay, let's talk about the materials that you will need to get started. So first I always do. A roll of paper were today. We're gonna be using Kraft paper. That's my favorite teams because it's really simple, and you can paint it. You can draw on it or you could just leave it Playing in that still looks really pretty. Sometimes I have even used brown paper bags like from the grocery store, and I just I cut them up so that it's like a big piece of wrapping paper. And if there's reading on the outside, I make sure that's on the inside of my gift, so you can use recycled paper. You can get colored Kraft paper. I really like the brown because it goes well with lots of different colors. So that's what we're gonna use in the videos today. You will need some scissors, Then, to decorate your paper. You're going to need paint. I'm using some satin acrylic pain for this. You don't need anything, especially you could just gets, um, colored paint from your craft store and then a something like a paper plate teases a palette for your paint. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. You will use a paintbrush or phone brush like this one. This is a two inch from brush. You can get different sizes, though were different types of paintbrushes for this part. And then I am also going to be doing a paper with hand lettering so you can use it. I'm using a Sharpie for this. I like to use one that just any marker that has a bigger tip so that your writing is a little bit larger for making are stamped papers. You will need adhesive foam like this. It is just a phone material that has a adhesive that can peel off the backs of the back of the foam is sticky, so just need some of that and a wooden block that is about the size of the stamp that you want to make. You can use a lot of different things like this if you can't cut out blocks of wood. But it just needs to be something that could be a firm surface so that when we stick our foam to hear you, can you compress down evenly on your whole stamp? We also be using some string I like to use This twine string is pretty neutral, and you can use it with a lot of different colors, kind of like the craft paper I also like using. This string is called Bakers Twine. It's always used in two different colors to a sit together. You can find it in lots of different colors. It also use lots of other German things for strings like ribbons. Or you can work in a lot of different colors with your strings. And then, if you want to use gift tags, get those set aside. I just made these. I cut them out of some chip word and used these little stickers to dress them up a little bit. We'll also be using some granary. I cut these rotary outside. You can use Real Graner faux granary. You can pick something that goes well with the season. When you're planning to give the gift. I'm rapping some Christmas themed gifts, so this will go well with that. But if it's in the spring, you can do flowers or really anything you want. So, for the greenery section also used this grain floral wire just then, why're you can get that at the craps sort and some wire cutters for cutting that So you don't regret your scissors. So when you before you go shopping for all your supplies, maybe think about the theme that you want to use for wrapping all of your gifts to. Maybe you want Teoh. Pick one color for your pain. I'm just using light today. Or you could make your string match your pain or have a view to coordinating colors. Just think about what designs you might want to use or what team you want to use. The tie. Everything together is amusing. The green oring. I have some green and this string to kind of reflect that. And then the white that I'll paint on the paper kind of will go with the black Sharpie is also it'll be sort of neutrals with grains next in, so you could do any kind of theme that you want to. But this is when you're getting your materials together. It could be a good time to just think about what color scheme you want or just how you want your gifts as a whole toe look 3. How to Make a Stamp: for this part of video. We're going, Teoh, make stamps like do you use? They're made of a block of wood and have room on the front. And that's what we used to make her paper. Make your own stamps. You will need your gift wrapping stamp templates download. Were drawing the groom some adhesive backed phone, a block of wood, some scissors and a pen. I'm just using a regular ballpoint pen for this. Great. First, we're gonna choose which design we wanted you. I'm gonna do the large tree and then just roughly cut that out of your template page. Then you're just going to cut around the dark lines with All right, now that we've got our shape come out, we're going to trace it onto the floor. So again, I'm going to just, um, roughly couples shape out from the phone and then cut this out just like I did the paper. Remember that when you're coming out this part, you can try to make it exact. But just remember that the the painting and stamping process will still be not super exact . So if there any little flaws on your stamp, they're really not going to make a big difference. So now we're going Teoh pew off the backing and then so that we can cut the shape that one more time and make our stamp a little bit bigger. Put that onto the boom. And then we're people. We just said this time you can definitely be careful not to cut your first layer. But you definitely don't have to be really exact. Remain Lee. Adding this part Teoh, Um, let this first layer, which is what's really going to be putting the paint on your wrapping paper s. So let it stand out from the wood block a little bit more. And it will also help you not get any paint that might get on the wood block onto your paper and mess up your design. All right, so now we're gonna get hurt, block, and you can use wood for this or anything that's gonna give you a sturdy backing for your Sam. Also, make sure that your block is no on the phone. You don't want to have any parts of the design overhanging the edge of the block because we want to make sure that when we stamp all parts of the phone were being pressed down. So just take your backing off the foam and stick it onto your book. All right, there's a Samp. 4. Cutting Your Paper to Size: Thanks. We're going Teoh, cut out pieces of paper Teoh make are different Wrapping papers. I'm using a roll of Kraft paper today, and so you'll just need that your gifts that you're going to wrap and some scissors. So I always cut paper out. Teoh kind of fit gifts that I'm rapping. You don't have to be that you could just stand for paint the whole paper, but this'll way it I'm able to. If I'm painting, I don't waste any of the painted paper, and you can easily do different size pieces for different gifts, and it makes it a little bit easier. Teoh, paint your designs the right size and just get everything look great. So we're going Teoh, make sure that our paper wrapped a little bit past half way paper here so good and the way you want with paper that's sticking out past the edge of your gift. It's a box like this. You want to stick out just a little bit less tennis than how high the side of your boxes just like that on then. So, mover, move the gift outside, See, know about much happen and see the edge of this box is here so I can see that that is almost bottom. So I will feel creates a double check of you. You don't want toe your paper and paint it and then find out that it's too small. That would be really all right. Good, good. If your gift is not a larger, boxy gift, if it's flat, then you don't need these ends to be quite as long. You just need them to be able to fold over the edges for this larger box size way. Need to make sure that we can cover those edges time to decorate our paper. 5. Stamping Your Wrapping Paper: we're gonna do a stamped wrapping paper using the foam stamps that we made for this up, you will need your paper that you cut out and a, um, paper plate or something just to put your paint on some pain. Amusing Cem. Just white acrylic paint for this, your stand and then a phone brush or a paintbrush or something to put your paint on your Samp. So movies out of the way real quick so that we can spread out paper, so get ready to paint it. And I do recommend having something down if you are using a surface that you don't want to get paint on because it the pain doesn't really come to the paper a whole lot. But sometimes if you accidentally was a lot of pain, that cancer I would do is on a protected surface. Also, I always use something to wait down the edges of the paper, so it's not curling back up as your trying to paint on it. All right, now we're going to get a little bit of pink on the plate and then that your staff, and then just lightly brush paint onto the whole thing. I'm gonna start in the corner, which is usually a spot where whatever we paint appear is gonna get covered up. So that's kind of nice, because then you can kind of test out the amount of pain that is ideal to put on your Samp , because these first few are most likely going to be either hidden or on the bottom of your gift. So I just brush more pain onto the sand each time and then just lightly press down on the paper. You can decide how you want your pattern toe look, since this stamp this larger and leaving a little bit more room in between each one. So if this happens with each of these and there's a little that you can just leave, then looking a little bit in perfect like that work E one. It's very easy to just still in those little spots that today that stand. So then, for the second row, you can choose depending on what design you want to dio, you can either do it right beneath each of the above designs before I'm gonna do in alternating, so I'll just go in between and then I will keep switching that up, reach row after that. Also, just keep in mind that this could be a very imperfectly process. And you really don't need to worry about if the trees are in a played out in a perfect brid for perfectly spaced apart or anything, because I have done some really crooked lines of stamps before or just, uh, my spacing has gotten off by accident sometimes, and I promise you cannot tell at all once you wrap the gift, so just I get up and do as best you can. The end result will agree also with the edges. I usually try to get close ish to the edges, but just remember that you're going to be wrapping the surround your gift and you don't either to be stamps right to the edge. But so I I got as close as I can so that there isn't a big area that doesn't have the design. Okay, so now you can clean off your stamp if you want to, Only if there's a lot of extra paint on the you donated. Clean it off otherwise, and then either leave your paper where it is or move it to a different spot where it can dry and not be deserved. Okay, Also, while you still have your stamp in your pain out, if you have any gift tags that you want to match, we can use. The Stample knows a swell so still got the same way as the paper. Just put a stamp on there, and then we'll let that dry with paper. 6. Wrapping Paper Design Using a Paint Brush: Right now, we're going to do a painted wrapping paper, which is similar to the scamp paper, but a little bit more free form in what is gonna paint with brush again? Have you wrapping paper put out ahead of time and wait, Don't judges going, Teoh. It's the same thing with pink on our plate. So I have a two inch from brush that I'm using this design, I'm going to paint. So my design is just going to be with three lines, but I'm going to make a pattern out of that. So all I'm doing is using the brush Teoh. Just lightly touch the paper three times so you could use these brushes. Come in different sizes so you could get a different size. Or you could use a regular paintbrush to paint your own design. You can. You can paint something abstract or paint a pattern. There's lots of different cool ideas you could use that would all look really cool on a painted paper, and you can probably see that a lot of these lines look very irregular. But just like with the stamped paper, once the gift is wrapped, that doesn't detract from the gift and a little look really pretty either way. And we'll let that one juror to 7. Handwritting on Your Paper: The next paper we're going to do is a hand lettered paper person wanted to show you on a piece of paper, and it might be a good idea also for you to practice on a paper first before you write in your wrapping paper. But I want to take a phrase. Since these gifts are all holiday and Christmas themed, I'm going to do Merry Christmas. You could, right anything to do with the holiday that you are celebrating or someone's name or happy birthday. This really can work for any words that you want to use. So I'm going to write Merry Christmas and I usually keep all lower case letters for this. That makes it a little bit easier. Or it is going to do a long, drawn out cursive writing, and it's totally okay. It's messy. So like that Mary and I actually don't have enough room to write Christmas, so I will do it down here just like that. So if you need to practice that a few times, that's totally okay. But just work on drawing it out and just letting the letters flow and sort of figuring out how you want your word to be laid out. There are a variety. Okay, so I'm using a Sharpie, but not totally necessary. He says I'd like to use something that has a little bit of ah GERD chisel tip. So you can use really any kind of marker, though it's just nice to use something a little lighter than a smaller pen so that you're writing will actually show up so you can do your lettering, horizontal or diagonal or even random all over the paper. I like to know what a diagonal think that looks nice. So I'm gonna start in this center and rates So then I will keep the line going that way. So now let's dio So I usually offset the next world surveillance E. I'll start Christmas over here and then just keep that pattern going, as you can probably tell sizes of my letters and exactly where I'm offsetting. This is while slightly similar. It's not exact, and everything will look great and blend together once you're done. So just kind of guess where words just start and it'll all come together. Okay, Colton 8. How to Wrap Your Gifts: So now I'm gonna show you how to wrap a, uh, larger box tapes. You need your gift, our stamp paper, scissors and your string or twine. So what? You have your paper living one and then your gift upside down in the middle of your paper full size, overlap in a center like this, got it kind of snug, and then go over to one end and fold downward here. And then it'll kind of naturally make these little triangles on the sides. Seven. Make a crease there. I don't have to be perfect. Just make little praecis of that. Your paper kind of stays where you want it. Then pull those into the middle and I will make a kind of a triangle over here that will be a big triangle here that will be able to fold like that. Now, this part could be made easy if you stand it on end. So now let's do that again. So fold this part and pulled back down to the edge of the gifts. So we have this triangle same on and then fold that down. Trying here on the papers a little bit longer on the sides. That's gonna overlap, which is totally okay. Views, creases I'm making are definitely not all perfectly straight and tight. They're good enough, but it's like a little bit loose. But that's totally fine. It's not gonna mess anything up. All right, so now we're just holding this together. We know what he's come up. But since we made those creases everything aside from these flaps saying down everything stays together pretty well. Soon I'll get out your string and then we'll start putting. They're putting a piece of that against the tough, and then I always start with the side that has these flaps so that we can get tied, get those tied down right away, do that and then in the center of the back, across the strings, and then bring them around top center and then skip even ish strings cut off the extra. Um, it's high one. Just simple. Not like that. We still have to keep it held together, and if you want to add a gift tag to your gift, you can string that on now. Just put it on one of those strings before we tie our bow. It's then you can do another simple not here if you once and then when it's high a bow. But I'm gonna loot this through the center twice so it makes it stay nice and secure. Then you can kind of arrange this however you want. Here we go. It's now going to show you how to wrap a bladder gift with your paper that we've made and without needing any tape. So you'll need one of your papers and the gifts that it goes with some whiner stream and considers. All right, so I know your paper. This one, this is I also painted the inside of this paper, which could be a little surprise for when someone opens up. I don't need to be all right. So you will put your gift upside down in the middle of your paper and then pulled over the long sides. Make sure this kind of in the middle and then for this one. Since this is a flatter gift, I am going Teoh, just fold in the sides a little bit and then fullback over the edge of the gift on. Then go to the other side and then kind of make sure that this the long and is pulled tight , and then we can let this go way did decreasing for it. So I pulled that back in a minute to do the same thing over here, chilled in little bits of the corners so that we can have a nice finished edge and then hold it over the side. Okay, so now we can see how the Egyptian when it's wrapped. So get your string, pull out a little bit more than we need, and then cut it afterwards. So right, well down the paper, like you want it again and then put this string underneath. You sure that you have enough coming out from the side? I always start with the side that has whatever flaps are kind of loose so that we can just tighten those first and then put the string underneath the front side of the gift like this and cross your string and then just flip it over. Okay, We have enough of a tale there and then can dio a similar amount of string on this side have the strings. So then I usually just do one. Not and then I tie a bow as you would normally tie a bow. But then I loop. This looked through the hole in the middle again. So then it's kind of like a double knot, but you can just pull this apart, untie and it's you don't need any scissors or knives. Teoh. Unwrap your present. Then you just cut off the extra strings and all day. 9. Adding Greenery & Wreath Making: good. So now we're gonna add some greenery to our gifts. So this is just a grand right. I come from outside. There's a few different ways we can do this. I'll show you a very simple way in a minute. But there will also learn how to do a brief like this in the front of your gifts if you want. Teoh. So here. Who? Simple, small gift. And I just wrap some decorative bakers twine around here and it has a tag. But if you want to add something else little special, we can add a piece of gray area to it. So I'm just lying to you. Cut a smaller piece and tuck it underneath it here. And look how easy that was. But we made it the much more interesting gift. And with some of these, you might even be able to add some evergreen sent to your gift, which just makes that all the Morphosis. So now we're going to do a granary wreath on a gift to the supplies we need for that are floral wire like this one have already used a good bit of it, and then you're going to cut a piece of it that is, that you can kind of wrap wrap around your hand a few times. We're gonna adjust that in a few minutes. You also need some that I like to pull it off and put it on. A little paddle like this is just a piece of cardboard that I've wrapped my string around. But it's nice to have one that's a little smaller than this, but you can also find smaller ones at the store, and then you'll need some dreary. This is called Are providing greenery. I have just cut it off of a tree near my house so you can use real greenery or foe greenery . Just make sure that whatever you have isn't too sappy and that it's not going to be picking your fingers really badly. And then we will need some string hand scissors, sir. Verse. You wanna wrap your gift like we just did in the last video wrapping larger rectangular gift. This could also be on a flat gift to, but you just want Teoh, have your brown paper cut out already and wrapped around your gift, and I think so loose. I haven't tied get. I want to have a gift so that the top is facing up. And then we're going Teoh Teik a little bit of our for a wire and see about how big we want our reef to be. So you're going to make just a circle out of the wire, and you want there to be a little bit of room between the circle and the edge of the gift. So let's see. We have about this much room on each side, suddenly enough in the long sides. Let's make it just a little bit smaller, because when we put our greenery on there, it's going to be sticking out a little bit and then wrap the ends of the wire just loosely to keep out of shape. Wear get aside. So I decided with his paper back down, so that just in case there's any step on these things that we don't get it. Here's our based for the reef, going Teoh. Choose a piece to start, unwrapped some wire from your paddle and then hatch that to your wreath base. Curl your first piece of prairie around your wreath and then do one or two rounds with your wire to kind of secure that in place, and then we're going to get a second piece. Syria's gonna keep those overlapped and then going through the center of your reef scrap around again and you can go a few more times. If it seems like they need to be a little bit more secure, the next one just go underneath the that piece there were only attaching. That second piece that we put on can be a little tricky Tee. Place these at the beginning, but you can always move them around. This could be a very see how everything looks as you go type of process or just hold up each piece of greenery and to you're read as you go and kind of see if it is going to need to be attached. Yet, depending on where you want the end of it, Teoh end up. And if things were kind of looking like you're not going to turn out thing how you want, then you can unwrap your wire and replace things or start over. Okay, so we want this piece that is going to be sticking out from the bottom. You want that to stay attached, but we're going, Teoh, have this piece coming out to the side. So let's do one more wrap around. Maybe two more. All right, let's get this one attached a little bit more. Some of these pieces winding my wire through them instead of just attaching them all straight down Teoh the reef base in the center so that they're just allowed to stick out and has more of that wreath look than if they were all security straight down to the base. All right, so now I'm gonna go mostly underneath of that third piece, okay? Just went underneath of here because I want to walk at this one and secure. Okay, so then when you were old un these wire cutters and then you just loosely led that part be wrapped around this looks like just about the right size for a gift. Okay, so now we need to attach it and fire a string around the gift. So for this, I like to pre cut a piece of strength and make sure have a string that's long enough to wrap around twice this way and then twice this way was kind of easier box as a approximate measuring tool for this, okay? Thats part is it looks a little bit complicated. It's not as bad as it looks, but I'll try to make the process is easy as I can for you. All right, so our string is going to start on the back of the gift. And for this, if you need to use some tape to secure edges of your president while you're doing this absolutely fine, bring your string up to the front of your gift and bring it underneath of your grief and through the center, we're going to take the string back underneath of the gift and then do the same thing on this side with the whole string through the center. So now we have these two lives around holding the reason the middle, and then we will turn the gift. We have this end piece that we just let be under the gift provided to cross those. And now you've got the flap to work with. So just ignore that for a minute. You're strange through the center again aside, then come underneath. And at this point, I'm just lightly holding this end piece of it. It doesn't come undone and then come through the center one last time. And now you can sort of just everything and make sure that your wreath is either in the centre of it's a long gift. Maybe you want it to one side, but just adjust all the strings so that your wreath is being held about where you want it, right to the side or turn it over. And why not? I don't always do a bow on this part unless you want it to be easily undone. There is our grief. 10. Class Project - Make Your Own Gift Wrap: thanks so much for watching this class. I hope you've been able to practice some of these skills already. But if you haven't, it's never too early to give one a try. Start with something easy that uses materials you probably already have around the house like the hand lettered paper, and please share a photo of your wrapped gifts. I'd love to see what you come up with. Don't forget to click on the link and our description to see her resource is page full of inspiration and links to materials to help you get started Happy wrapping.