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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Fine Art Distortion Introduction

    • 2. Fine Art Distortion Project

    • 3. What is next?

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About This Class

This is a project I did for one of my clients. I am gonna be honest, it is not the easiest one, but it is definitely worth it!

You will learn so much new. After watching this so many new ideas will pop up in your head.

What you will learn?

- Creating Glitch Effects

- Applying gradients to your image

- Giving your image neon colors

- Using "Fibers" Filter to give yourĀ poster ounique look

- Making it look like it was drawn by hand

This is the final project.Ā Get the project fileĀ here


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Fine Art Distortion Introduction: What's up, guys? Right here. The guy will help you, Master. For today we have a very special, unique project. We're going to transform this. Give me cheer. Does this cultural This started Foster. This class will teach you how to create this kind of creative poster on I called it Fine Art poster because it looks really like somebody drew it on again. It's about riches. So I'm going to show I can transform any image in tow, something like that. We're going to separated by parts. Then we're going to have different colors. Grading street, Let's go really, really colorful. And of course, you're going to learn turns off your stuff. I mean, come on, the Afghan it looks post. So I guess you're excited. So am I. Let's just jump into it on to the next lesson by guys 2. Fine Art Distortion Project: So, first of all, let's start by creating in your projects or just press create new just like always. You have to make sure our which is 1000 height is want to 50 results in 200. And if everything else is OK saying legis press create. So this is the image we're going to be using Your you will be able to find this emissions of project files. So I just put it inside the room program? Yep, on it actually fits perfectly. I didn't notice that before. So what went to do first is let's make their image bigger because, as you can see here, we are mainly focused on her face. So we don't really have the body that's that much. So I just, you know, whole shift on press here and drag whole tripped on drag on June. The pope position it is a middle legs is perfect on. Let's press okay here. So not only is it is this background layer, because we don't really need it. Okay, So how are we going to get this kind of effect? The first of all, obviously, being to change the colors, I in order to change the color we need to add a Grady int. So we go here on Chevy can choose Ingredient, a neurologist Press here was a greedy int, and he every country is one of the poor. The shops standard radiance, for example, this one or this one. Let's say Let's just use this one for now and then if you need to change cars will come back and change the cars. So it's personal cape on this purse. Okay, Again, make sure you have started like near on. Everything is exactly like here. Let's purse. OK, now in order to applies is Grady int to our image. What can we do? Actually, so we go to here to normal. We need to change the blending mode, for example, fractures dark and secure. As you can see, it's already applied on the image so I can just switch between the blending modes and see which one fits best or which one you like the most. So we can just, for example, any one of them, and then we can use the arrows to go up and down to switch between them. But this actually only works on windows. If you have mugs and you will have toe press on, you know, choose them manually. So, for example, we can go betweens them. No, no. Um, this is fine, but no. So what I have actually was using was, um, core burn. So it was this one. But here, right now, the great it doesn't look that good. So we go, we'll go back and change them. For example, I press twice here. I'm not a great and crew opened again. And we have to press once again here and now we can change the cars present place. I said before, we can just one for the shop standard radiance and see how it looks like. Or we cannot lower our ingredient in order. Plow our own. Great. And what we need to do is we just need to change the scores here, for example, I can just press twice here on change any core that I want to. For example, this color I can persuades here and change it to a different color on this is too much. Anyway, we're going to change colors later as well. So we can just leave it like this for now. Yes, Just per so keep and one more time. Hopes that person gave us here on Jimmy Kemper's. Okay. Here. So what is next? Next? We need to eso like both of them. Basically on. We just need to hold shift on persons the 2nd 1 as well. So basically, we need to press on the 1st 1 they hold. Sorry, we don't not shoot about control or common diffusing back on. So its 2nd 1 on now we need to create copy of Awesome How the with that. So when we start both so them, we just need to hold old if you're using windows or option if you're using Mac on drug it. So when we hold on drug, as you can see now we have two copies off it. Um, so were going into the next next reaction. Need to create this lines here. But first, let's change the colors off. The second copy that you have here, for example, doesn't matter if you change his phones. Let's zap around. Make sure change the course of the operation. So again, it's first wise here, a person's ingredient on. Now let's choose some different grade ent. Yeah, which is a green one for example or no green actually looks really bad. So, um, we have to make sure we have to make sure something that is totally different from what we had before. So let's go with this one, and we can change it later if you want. Oh, let's prosecute so that what you mean to do is go back to here on First of all, we need to make sure that disagreement is applied on Lee on this image here because right now, this crazy and dislocated or on the top of that basically means that it's applied on everything that's located below. For example, if I turn off this thing, this image on the turn of this gradient, as you can see this great and is already applied to this image as well because this image is located below what we need to make sure it applies only to this image, not to this one, and how do we do that? So it's first of all, turn on this image as well, so we have to press right here on the empty place anywhere on our campus. Create clipping mask when we do that Now, is this great? It is applied only to this image. For example, if I turn this off, you see this great in. That is not a plate on this front because, as you can see here we have this a road pointing down that basically music supplied only here on Let's turn on back. So let's choose our image right now on we need toe create a mask for our image. But before we do that, we need to create basically the shape of the mask on the shape of the masks. Need to be like a lot off lines, black and white lines. Justin rope on How do we do that? So, first up, we just creating your where Make sure it's on the top. Let's go toe filter, render, or now we need to create here fibers. So on day when you do that, also make sure that here your colors are black and white. Exactly. So now we have this fibers texture created here. It's great automatically. We can just, you know, changed a little bit. Variants change the variants on changes strength, for example, make sure the variances done because if I make it too high, you can see that it's already straight. It's not straight lines for it. So let's make it dialed with but not too much. And then we can also change the strength on the highest strengths. More lines we have there basically. And now we can press. So keep So what are we going to use this for? We're going to use that for a mask because, um, as you already should know if you will follow my lessons that mosques consists off white on black cars on. That's what we need is white and black. So, for example, everywhere we see white, we're goingto make sure that our image visible knows the white places and it's not visible on the dark places on How do we do that? So, first of all, let's get closer. Zoom in on now we can go toe select Cool ranch. Now we can just press own white color here. As you can see here what we have, actually white color selected on make sure you also make presidents hire like this. Yeah, 200 should be fine. Let's first. Okay, so now you see here since elections on now we need to turn this off. That's Zoom out. Ah, Now we go back to this image here on defy press now create mask, See what happens. The mask is created, as you can see now. Oh, actually, if I turn this into the image below because he's at this mask is now apply to damage up. Is this image so basically, we don't see how I was the image, and that's actually what we need. So let's turn on this image analyst on this image on. Now we get here this kind of interesting lines on, that's exactly what we're going for. The only thing is that the colors are not that different. That's why it doesn't look that good. Here. You can see the colors. Ah, really similar. That's why we don't see it. So let's change the colors in it on the way we're going to, that is, First of all, let's make. Here's a colors. What's press? Twice here on Let's person here. So let's make sure on one over, grading the colors warm. Is this exactly on and on our as a Grady in groups. Okay. Here. Okay, Okay. And our other grazing with mark. The colors are cold, so we don't need this yellow here. Let's make it. We can make it, actually, purple boo. Yeah, like this. Okay. And press. OK, game. So now we're colors are really different, and we can already see this Lines on. This is what you're going for here. Let's continue. The only thing is that the lights here are a little bit different because when we're playing with when we're creating this fibers, So the things that he didn't do right is bidding to make the right shape of the lines. But that's not a big problem. You know, you can just create a different fiber on with straight lines and apply it to gain. So let's go back. So what? Actually, we need to do know is first of who we need toe create. Um, we need to see, like, all of its all of this. So just press on this one here and then hold shift on press was the last one press, right? Just here. Convert to smart object. Now it's all together as one big object, and I'm gonna show you right now. Where do we need that for? So now let's create a copy of this object here. So let's hold old or option. If you're using back on, create a copy on when they have does it? We have to be actually have to now separate our images. So basically here you can see this is separated image. This is a different image is a different image. So we have two separated in the inter different part. Andi came. So let's choose our are rectangular marcato. Make sure your Fraser zero on you have this selected and everything else is OK. I know. For example, I can just you know, dro exists like a buffer knows a little bit and I can create a much judges press here and Damascus created. What I can do know is I can choose their my first move toe and then if I select, make sure your images selected my person like see what happens. Our image starts already moving and that's actually exactly what we need. So now we already created this kind of interesting reach Depict again a little bit we can do it here. So now those changes the colors so we just okay, they're actually two ways we can change the colors. For example, we can go here on just your situation. I, you know, change. The colors exist. But the only thing is that when we do it like this, as you can see, it's again applied to everything in order to make sure it's not a quiet course. It's applied only here. We just have to press right about in here and chose great clippings. Jessa, just like we did before, was president twice here on. Yeah. So it before I said the only two ways to toe change the cause. But of course, there are much more. For example, you can go here on almost half of this effect. I adjustment. Layers are used to change the car, so we can just, you know, experience experiment with them. Okay? I don't really like this color This press twice again here and changed a different color. Yeah, that looks better. Okay, Now we need to create another copy. So again, we just hold old or option on, create a copy. And now it's changed the again. Let's choose the part of the image that you want to move. But for several, let's move this up. Let's choose our rectangle marcato on. Now It shows, for example, this part of her face like this and now again create the mosque. So now again, we take the move toe, remove this up. Nice is. And when we have done that, we can actually no change the colors again. So again we go here and Struse here your saturation and change the color and again in order to make sure. Look, they're actually shortcut for that. I didn't have already shown that in my previous list since you talked, but I will do it. I will show that again. So in order to make sure this your situation is applied only to this layer here I didn't really assure you is the first method. Zippers told to rest will just frustrate and press great clip musk or what you can also do to make it faster when you're changing the color. Just press here when you do that. Look No, If I change the cars on the color of this layer has changed because this letter was located on top of this layer. So when I proceed here, it already automatic automatically connected to the wear below, please. Okay. And now we can change the cause. The campaign we can play with your situation like this? Yep. Okay, so this actually looks, um, already pretty interesting, but we can make it better. Let's actually move this down so it rises on. What else I actually want to do is now I want to make sure this image here is going up like this. So it's not It's not ending here in order to change it. First of all, we need toe shoes are a mask because we need to have it Our musk on would mean to do is let's press him. So what? This does this? Um there is a link between the mask and the image, So I connected the masks IP free from image. So, for example, if I not go Tate it and chose free transform now is going to transform only the mask, Not the image if I do like right now. Okay. See what happens if I make it smaller on the Damascus gate of Damascus? Changing the image is staying the same. That's exactly what I mean. So I make it up. But as you can see, um, nothing really changed because there is actually, there's actually nothing there. That's why it doesn't. It's empty. so there is no image up, sir. Um, you know what? We can actually do The religious person. Okay, for now on was there is no image observed because if we go back to our smart object, So religious press twice here on this person, do you remember at the beginning of the lesson become writers is too smart object? So if we go here, it's actually know the images ending here. That's why it's empties air. So this is not going to work. That's why we just leave it. Legs is nothing we can actually do. Is, um, we can just bring it up like this? Yeah, we can make it look like this. A swell, But it's no. I feel like it's too much kind. Or maybe can make it like this a little bit. Yeah, this should be fine. So now when we have done this as well, what we actually need to do know is we need to make sure this lines we need to create first of all this your seizes big lines here. Also, we need to create this drops here. And how do we do that? So, first of all, let's press again here, so the musk and the image are connected. Now we need to go to Rome. Ask on if I press right here and shows mixer brush tool. That's exactly what we need. Okay on. How is going to work? So first off will make sure your witnesses 100 low this hounded makes 100 for everything's 100 except this one. Also, make sure this and this are both checked on on for your forum. For your eyes, things here you have a circle. What we need, that they're different brush tip. So we just go here through the brush settings and if you don't have it here, actually can go to window on find brush settings here are now just press here, so it's not a circle, but it's this one. That's what we need. Let's get a closer look a bit. So now, for example, if I chose this mosque here and if I start drawing with white color, let's change the color to white. I saw the wrong see what happens. You see here it's already this kind of Grinch. Grinch night. So basically what we actually did was Jermell see what happens. We start throwing the part of the image, for example, I can do the same. I cannot change the Coto black and I can do it up. As you can see now is getting, uh, this been obviously, is this part of his age? And we can do that toe all of the like, any part we want to. For example, let's go up. Let's choose the change or co again to black on. You know, we can do it like this. As you can see now we see a difference part different parts of the image exists Exactly. Let's go now to is this image, for example, which is this yellow one or yellow show would say, Um, again, we can't choose the black with the white color, for example, and just start doing Yeah, as here, we can see it much better like this. We can do like this, you know? So let's not change the court to black, for example, and we can just draw is black. Okay, on long, Let's go toe. Okay, let's leave it like this. Don't change. This one, actually less chooses my chest bow on. Let's create the mosque here. And now let's choose our black color for example, we can if you're on this muscle, can, you know, do like this here about the problems that you can see that it's empty there. Why? Because this and this image are shown only here because of the mask. They're not shown here. So if you want a different colors there, for example, what we can actually do, Let's go back. It did step backward. We can create a second copy over this one on. We can change its color. So, for example, if I, um, turns us off sonar we see on this one I go here and they chose hue saturation and change the color. Um, let's make something that is not okay. And now they all looked really similar. No. So similar. This is like that. Yeah. Now let's turn on this phone on knife makes the mask your for example, See what happens. You see, we start seeing the call. It's actually located below, but doesn't look that good. So what we can do to make it better? Let's go back again to go back. You can use the shortcut here so we don't need to open their final every time like this. Another example, is pressed right here. Interest brushed. Oh, not again. We need to go to brush settings and choose this brush. But the only thing that changed is the tool before we're doing it with mixer brush in, Are we doing with brush toe on? I have a listen or mixture blessed as well, So if you don't remember how it works, there's go and see there. So you know the difference between the normal brush and the mixer brush? No, but we have the normal. But for example, I can just let's make the smaller, for example, on for So what we can do press once here and then hold shift and purchase ones here on. When you do that, a lot automatically appears from there to here, so but now it's a kind of it's not straight. So let's go back again. We just press wants here, and you were actually on them the whole trip on presenting whales. Whenever I hold true that press here, as you can see like actors, that's actually exactly what Mitt What? We want to make it smaller? No, sir. Nothing we can do is we. We can go here on We can changes direction for a brush. So what changed? Now let's make this bigger to show you what changed. So you see the brushes like this if I change the direction, is looking at it. You see it? So it seems that it's going to the weeks. But if I change the direction not seen there Yeah, that's actually between you. Let's make the smaller on again. We just put response here, for example, Whole Chief Empress here and again straight land. Okay, but this is I don't really like how this looks on. It's er not straight us where this is much better exists another Can they get the same for this month, for example, we can go here to the different image on this Is this images of yellow one and again just principles here. A whole truth press here exist. That was go to a different image, resembles this one on it, gained the same. So we're just doing the same stuff over and over. This makes it worse. Smaller, um, like this. So not what we can actually do is now we can change the, um sharpness, for example, making boria. So what? I mean by that. Let's go toe. Let's start with this part here. So what shoes this image go to filter on here, we can go toe poor on. Now we can choose, for example, smart board. So what is actually going to do is let's make this corporate press. Plus, here you can see here, for example, is Norris is a reserve effect agrees effect together. But if I'm with this original, this was affect. Sorry to getting actually smaller. That's what's what a minute on because, like for example, if I make the trash will blow, you can see that the almost original. But if I make it higher, you can see to getting smoother on Let's purse. Let's Michaels is a quality medium on this purse, OK, we have to wait. Yeah, I came now is again to the other ones. Now we go to this one here And if I go to filter here already have Smart bull, right? Because I was I used last time. So this place here always shows the last filter that we used to have religious press here. Smart work on. Let's press. OK, yeah, let's go share on again Hilter and less press small Boren. Okay, Okay, that's already looks much better. So what? We can actually else to To make it better. That's justice. Mature. Go to a future noise. That noise. So but just see, um no less press cancel. It actually doesn't look that good. So it always depends on the image if it looks nice one. So as you can see here, Actually, we got er, actually, this is this effect. I think it's much nicer than this one here because we got this kind off drops effect, I would say, And as you can see, like, every time it's ah, it's a bit different because everything when you do the same, you know, sometimes you do something else to be different. For example, this time, instead of doing this straight lines, we did not the straight lines, but really different up short lines on. If you want to do straight lines, what you can actually do, let me just show you. So you know, when we're creating this fibers, let's go to Fichter Render. And here we have pipers. So this is this Once we need to be, um, straight, for example, if a increase the various it's not that good, but if I make it smaller on, don't increase the strength. Yep, As against now, we have this straight lines here. So depending on what you want, you have to truth. Yeah. This would actually agree. Reduce this type of fibers instead of this year. Then we would go this effect. So it's always different, depending on the different, like small details like this one. But this is for sure. Looks really, really nice on that's it for this lesson. Guys, I hope you really enjoyed it onto Doesn't next listen, but 3. What is next?: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by