Creative Exercises with History: Using History To Boost Your Creativity

Tatiana Ambrose, 44 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Creative Exercises Using History To Boost Creativity Introduction

    • 2. Six Creative Exercises Using History To Boost Creativity

    • 3. Creativity Class Using History Conclusion


About This Class

Are you creatively stuck? Do you want more creative inspiration? Do you want to know how to use history to boost your creativity?

In this creativity class using history you will learn all of the above! History doesn't have to be boring and in this creative history class you will be using different aspects from history that you like and find interesting so that you can really maximize your creativity. 

Sometimes with creativity you have to keep in perspective that creative motivation is not only about futuristic thinking, it is also about using the past, your history, to increase your creativity.

This creativity class provides six creative exercises using history that you can start on today. Each history exercise will have a different result for each creative person because every creative exercise is open ended where you will have to fill in the blanks with what you like and remember from history.

Remember creativity is all around you: in the history, the present and future. Enroll in this class today to get started!