Creative Concepting: Getting to Better Ideas Faster

Jessica Moon, Creative Director at Telepathy

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Course Introduction and Project Overview

    • 2. Simple Habits to Improve Your Workflow

    • 3. Photoshop Habits to Improve Your Workflow

    • 4. 3 Tricks For When You're Stuck

    • 5. Black Box Mode

    • 6. The Most Important Photoshop Shortcuts for UI Design

    • 7. Creative Prompts Overview

    • 8. Creative Prompts in Action (Class Project)

    • 9. Closing Thoughts and Class Project Tips

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Project Description

Create a Concept Ideation Board


Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the creative prompts introduced in Unit 4, you’ll be able to take the Concept Ideation Board PSD template (attached), and use it to produce six design concepts based around a simple layout (in my case, a header of a marketing site). What you’ll specifically be doing in the PSD:

  1. In your first box, create a simple layout of your choice.
  2. In the remaining five boxes, pick a couple creative prompts (feel free to pick only one or combine several different kinds) and then iterate on your creative vision using the creative prompts to guide your design direction.
  3. Try to timebox each iteration within a 10-20 minute interval and be sure to label each iteration with the creative prompts you draw inspiration from.
  4. After doing all 6, quickly evaluate the best 1 or 2 concepts you think are most promising of teh bunch and highlight them in the PSD.

The final result of this class project will be a fully fleshed out Concept Ideation Board with 1-2 highlighted layouts that you think are the most promising – this last part is important because it’ll give you a new starting point to then refine or continue ideating on using the same framework.



Upload your final Concept Ideation Board. A completed project may include:

  • 6 (or more) showcased concepts with appropriate labels and 1-2 highlighted favorites
  • Initial moodboards or inspiration folders
  • Pictures, scans, sketches of initial thumbnail sketches (post-it note photos welcome!)
  • Work in progress along the way



  1. (Class Project Resource) Concept Ideation Board Templates with examples inside. Feel free to use this PSD to create your class project assignment in. And feel free to create your own if you prefer.
  2. Template PSD. Shown in Unit 2, feel free to download this PSD and use it to quickly launch you into the start of your own projects. Or modify it to your own workflow needs!
  3. Practicing in the Black Box. Remember, this class is all about reinforcing good habits. As such, I've included a "black box" practice PSD along with a "black box" exercise (in PDF format) for you to practice your tool mastery with. Print out the PDF, grab a timer, and then open up the "black box" PSD to challenge your ability with navigating through Photoshop quickly and effortlessly. After your first time through, try beating your time record (and post your time in the community section hehe).
  4. Creative Prompts. Take a look at the creative prompts provided in the PDF below. Feel free to use these prompts whenever you want to push your ideation on any project. And if you have new suggestions, I encourage you to share them in the community section! :)

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