Creative Concepting: Getting to Better Ideas Faster | Jessica Moon | Skillshare

Creative Concepting: Getting to Better Ideas Faster

Jessica Moon, Creative Director at Telepathy

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9 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Course Introduction and Project Overview

    • 2. Simple Habits to Improve Your Workflow

    • 3. Photoshop Habits to Improve Your Workflow

    • 4. 3 Tricks For When You're Stuck

    • 5. Black Box Mode

    • 6. The Most Important Photoshop Shortcuts for UI Design

    • 7. Creative Prompts Overview

    • 8. Creative Prompts in Action (Class Project)

    • 9. Closing Thoughts and Class Project Tips

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About This Class

As a professional in the design industry, execution shouldn’t be the most time-consuming part of your day. By taking this 40 minute course with Jessica Moon, Creative Director at Digital Telepathy, you will be exposed to a multitude of exercises, concepts, and tactics that will optimize the way you work when designing, allowing you to iterate and experiment more rapidly. In this class, Jessica will help you get to your best ideas faster by instilling good habits that you can always lean on. These habits will come from two areas:

  1. Mastery of your creative workflow and tool (photoshop in this instance) techniques
  2. Utilizing a broad set of creative prompts that’ll help you branch your idea out in multiple directions

Once you’ve gotten a good grasp of these things, you’ll be ready to take on the class project, creating a Concept Ideation Board – which is both a framework and tool that’ll allow you to ideate multiple design concepts quickly.

This class is great for anyone looking to really take their design ideation to a new level or for those looking to refine their workflow and ground in some great habits that can better promote speed and efficiency. With that said, you should also have some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop going into this.

Since this class is all about creating great habits, you’ll hopefully find yourself revisiting parts of this class and using the resources provided to further refine and evolve your workflow. By doing so, you’ll become more nimble and effective in your workflow and ideation, ultimately allowing you to successfully arrive at your best ideas faster.