Creative Breakthrough: 8 Exercises to Power Your Creativity, Confidence & Career | Danielle Krysa | Skillshare

Creative Breakthrough: 8 Exercises to Power Your Creativity, Confidence & Career skillshare originals badge

Danielle Krysa, Artist & Author, The Jealous Curator

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Power of Aha Moments

    • 3. Bonus: "Never Paint Again"

    • 4. Use It or Lose It

    • 5. A Teacher's Words

    • 6. Embrace Your Weirdness

    • 7. Make Some Rules

    • 8. Create a Visual Vocabulary

    • 9. Share Your Work

    • 10. Give Yourself a Break

    • 11. Creativity is a Job

    • 12. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Reclaim your creativity and unlock your next breakthrough in this inspiring class from creative superstar Danielle Krysa!

After a crushing critique in art school, it took Danielle twenty years to get back in the studio. For Danielle, the writer and artist behind The Jealous Curator blog, it was a simple realization that finally inspired a change: “I realized my professor didn’t put my paintbrush down all those years ago. I did, and it was my responsibility to pick it back up.” 

Drawing from her own life as well as experiences of some of her favorite artists, Danielle shares eight exercises and mindset shifts you can use to unlock your creativity and experience a breakthrough of your own.

From writing and collage to painting and productivity, use these fun and flexible exercises to spark your creativity in whatever form it takes. Together with Danielle, you’ll discover:

  • The creative “superpower” that makes you unique
  • Tangible tools to banish block and silence self-doubt
  • Playful prompts to find your visual style and voice
  • Simple strategies to carve out your own path as a creative

Plus, in each lesson Danielle opens up about an “aha” moment that changed the course of her career, pulling wisdom (and wisecracks) from successful artists she’s interviewed for her blog, books, and podcast. 

Whether you’re looking to kickstart a new hobby, find your niche, or turn your passion into a profession, by the end you'll have a blueprint for building your most creative life. The key to success? The determination to pick up your pencil, stylus, or brush and get started!


All you need to follow along is a paper, something to write with, and your art supplies of choice. Download the class workbook to follow along with Danielle’s exercises, or jot your thoughts in a notebook.