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Creative Block Busters: Quieting Your Inner Artist

teacher avatar Patti Zordich, Surface Pattern Designer & Letterer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welcome to Creative Block Busters!

    • 2. About Me

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. What is a Credit Report

    • 5. Benefits of Credit Report

    • 6. Preparation for Credit Report

    • 7. Grab Your Paper and a Pencil!

    • 8. What is a Reminder Journal

    • 9. Benefits of Reminder Journal

    • 10. The Project

    • 11. CBB Quieting Your Inner Critic Outro

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About This Class

Do you ever feel like you're up against a cement wall, with you on one side and your creativity on the other? We all experience creative blocks like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm, negative self-talk and having no time. It can be so frustrating, but I want you to know that you are not alone! Join me in this series, Creative Block Busters, to build a toolbox full of small, simple and powerful tools that melt away creative blocks and allow your creativity to flourish.

In this class,  you will learn how to quiet your inner critic so you can hear the kind, gentler, affirming voice inside waiting to encourage you and remind you of your strengths and accomplishments. Self-kindness fuels energy, motivation and action. You’ll feel more relaxed, lighter and capable.

Meet Your Teacher

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Patti Zordich

Surface Pattern Designer & Letterer


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Hello, I'm Patti and I'm an artist, a creativity educator, a certified creativity coach and a licensed psychologist. I'm not one of those artists whose story includes being "artistic" as long as they can remember. Nope. Not me. I don't even remember having a box of crayons. Even though I did a lot "crafts" throughout my life, I never saw these endeavors as artist or creative. I was convinced that I didn't have a creative bone in my body.

Then I learned about the art of small steps for continual improvement and finding joy in the creative process through Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching. I discovered creative bones inside of me, and realized they'd always been there. In fact, creative bones are inside everyon... See full profile

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1. Welcome to Creative Block Busters!: Welcome to creative blockbusters. Flighting your inner critic. If you've ever suffered from the inner critic, that judgmental voice out wants to keep you from your creative work. The one that tells you your work isn't good enough that art is a waste of time that you should get back to your real job and your work really suffer in comparison to everybody else. Then this classes for you. By the end of this class, you will learn to super simple tools to bust the creative block of the inner critic. You will be able to turn up the volume on your inner advocate and get back to doing what you love your creative. 2. About Me: I'm Patties, Order, And I'm a licensed psychologist in the state of North Carolina and a certified cousin. Use creativity. Coach. I'm also a maker, late bloomer artist and now skill share teacher. I've been taken skill share classes for over a year and 1/2. When I first began unleashing my creative self and I love skill share, you could say I'm addicted to it. The teachers are Austin and I've learned so much, and every video I watch gives me encouragement that I can do this. And now I am so excited to be a skill shared teacher myself. I'll be sharing tools based on the caisson used philosophy, joining in the next video to learn about supplies for this there. 3. Supplies: All right, let's talk about supplies that you'll need for this class created blockbusters. Quieting your inner critic. You're going to need a sheet of paper of any kind, and you're going to need a notebook for the project of Making a Reminder Journal, which we're going to discuss later. But you can use any size notebook for this. This is the little reminder journal I made for this class, and it's just a small Moleskine notebook that I decorated on the front, using a gel pin and a black marker. This is a larger journal you can use any size. This is a spiral notebook. An example. You can use that sort of thing. This is a notebook that I made myself using cops Stick stitch. If you like to make books, feel free to do that for your reminder Journal. If you're going to decorate the front of your journal, you're going to need whatever you want to use for that. Some ideas are gel pins, colored pen souls. These air my fresh markers of all sorts. You could use anything you could use stickers and clash, but you don't have to use anything. You can leave it just playing like this. You could also use black line markers. Now, another idea is to use a notes app on your phone. I've created a notebook called Reminder Journal. And then when I want to add something to my reminder journal, I hit notes and then I can just record it right there. The beauty of this, of course, is that I always have my phone with me. I will always have my reminder journal with me. And you understand more about the importance of that as we go on. All right, so let's get started. 4. What is a Credit Report: So what is a credit report? A credit report is a quick brain dope of little too big successes in a given period of time . That might be today. What have I done today so far? From little to bake, it might be in the course of working on a project. What have I accomplished so far? It could be this week. It's Wednesday. What have I accomplished this week so far? But the important part is it's a quick brain dump of little too big successes, a super simple way to capture what you have accomplished. We want to capture them so we remember, because our brain wants to focus on what we have not accomplished. It's a tool that can be used anywhere any time. The inner critic is trying to convince you that you haven't done anything because it's not true. Joined me in the next video, where we will talk about the benefits 5. Benefits of Credit Report: First of all, when we build up esteem and self acknowledgement of our successes, it fuels creativity when we're thinking negatively or creativity dies. So we want to fuel our creativity. We're fueling ourselves with self respect, self esteem, well being and joy and remembering what we have accomplished gives us a sense of accomplishment. All of these attributes help creativity flourish. That's what we want. Join me in the next video, where we will prepare to complete a credit report together. 6. Preparation for Credit Report: to get ready for our credit report. We're going to do one little exercise. And one of the benefits of completing a credit report is that we feel an increased sense of well being. We feel more positive, we feel more confident, and our creativity can flow more easily. So right now I want you were going to major our sense of peace. Well, being positivity inside. So to do that, just take, make a little skin of your body from head to your feet and notice any areas of tightness, coldness, heaviness, attention, pain, etcetera. And then what I want you to dio is to rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 on your level of positivity sense of positivity while being and 10 is going to be the most positivity while being you can imagine experiencing. And one is the least. So usually when I am in a place where my creep, my inner critic, is really getting the best of me, I may be somewhere, um, like a 543 Something like that. Take a moment right now, scan your body, notice any sensations in your body and then rate your sense of well being and positivity and write that number down at the top of your piece of paper. That then is going to become your credit report. See you in the next video when we actually create your credit report. 7. Grab Your Paper and a Pencil!: when I start my credit report, I don't always want to make a list. I started with waking up at a good time. I ate breakfast, which for me is an accomplishment because, uh, I tend to forget about eating for some reason. When else did I do today? I walked my dog. Sometimes that's hard to think of them because this is just for this morning. That's all I'm going to think about. And right now it is about three o'clock. I get up about 6 30 there's a lot that can happen that I don't even think about. Sometimes that's hard, because I might want to paint something and I get a little anxious and my inner critic gets going telling me that what I'm working on is not any good. When that happens, One of the things that I do is just to start anyway. Okay, so those That's kind of how I get going, and I'm gonna go ahead and add some more to my credit report like you to get started now, writing down anything that you accomplished today, any kind of success is from the moment of waking up to this moment, right now they can be very small things. OK, so you go ahead and get started on your credit report. I will just have some music going. We can work on our create credit reports together. All right, I have my credit report finished for today, and hopefully you were able to come up with some items for your credit report. Once you finish a credit report, notice your body and give it a rating, as you did before. You probably feel a lot more relaxed. All right, let's move on to the Reminder Journal. 8. What is a Reminder Journal: So what is a reminder? Journey? A Reminder journal is a notebook in which you're going to collect lots of things that remind you about what an awesome person you are. So you're going to collect small to large accomplishments and successes. You're going to collect inspiring quotes, scripture and poetry, things like that. You're also going to collect validations and affirmations from other people, thinks that they have said about you whenever you're in her critics voice is driving you crazy. Just open your reminder journal and read your reminders. Your inner critics voice will quiet, allowing you to hear the unabashedly kind, gentle and affirming voice of your inner advocate. And I like to have more than one reminder journal. You can also use a notes app on your phone. That way you always have it. 9. Benefits of Reminder Journal: One of the benefits of a reminder journal is that it reminds you of your successes. It's not unusual for my clients to forget what they have accomplished because they're so worried about the things that they have to do and the things that haven't been done yet. That happens to the best of us. It is a tool that helps us remember what has worked for us in the past. It helps us change our focus on what we have not done and what we're doing wrong. Two positives. And when we do this, when we read these positive things that have happened to us quotes, reminders, successes. We've had positive comments from other people about our talent or our work that we've done or how we've helped them in some way. It helps to create new mental pathways of positive self talk based on reality, because really, all of that inner critic talk is not reality. So let's get to the project 10. The Project: Alright, it's time for the project. Gather whatever size notebook for your Reminder journal and any art supplies like pens, brush markers, colored pencils, even incline markers begin adding reminders at inspiring quotes. The list of successes from the credit report you completed earlier. Scripture, poetry, validation and affirmation from others. Anything that reminds you of your beauty inside your strength and allow you to hear your inner advocate. 11. CBB Quieting Your Inner Critic Outro: I had a blast with you. In this, you learn how to use create a blockbuster tool called the Credit Report, and you experience the benefits. You also learn about creating a reminder journal and how that will become a wellspring of encouragement and positivity for us. An artist, you will be able to use these creative blockbusters any time you want to quiet your inner critic and turn up the volume on your inner advocate. And please be sure to upload your project. I want to see what you've done, and it will also encourage your fellows classmates and also be sure to follow me so that you can be updated on new creative blockbuster classes, like overcoming self sabotage and into doats to negative comparison. Well, have fun in your project, and I look forward to seeing what you've done in the project section. If you go back to your creative work