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    • 1. Creative Alcohol Ink Project

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About This Class

In this class we going to work with all the elements we learned in my previous classes. We going to use objects for markings, we going to use stencils and our pens to create an abstract art piece. 

We going to try and loosen up with our alcohol inks and use all the tools we have to create abstract art. 

This project can be done in more or less 3 days, it all depends on the size of your Yupo paper and then also how much detail you want to create. 

If you did not watch the course about marking and creating stencils I will suggest that you do that to get the most out of this class. 

Most of all, enjoy being creative and have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

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Riana Van Staden

Artist, Surface Pattern designer


Hello, I'm Riana. I am an international artist, surface pattern designer and photographer. I am also a registered Art Clay Silver Instructor.  I love to be creative and love to share my knowledge with others.

I will cover a wide variety of interesting topics, like how to start creating art for clothes, abstract art and how to use it to create extra income and much more.

If you feel that you can learn something from me, please follow me to get updates as soon as I publish a new course.

All my classes will be fun and you can really relax and just enjoy your own creativity. I love to work by way of creating "intuitive art" - to me that is letting go of the fears to be "perfect" and to allow your art or painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and d... See full profile

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1. Creative Alcohol Ink Project: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to, um my next local in course in the schools. Really kind to look at. All the methods and techniques were used in the previous courses. Um, if you don't watch, any of my previous courses are just quickly going to get through all the stuff you need for the schools on. Just to show you what we're going to work with the previous courses. We work on certain projects and we're going to implement this in our new course and work and one piece of all the elements we work in the previous one. So we're going to look at things like this. Yeah, we clear right, A lot of detail using a brush. We're going to look at stencil work. We agreed on three. I doubt stencil and use the markings to create patterns and markings. Or now Oka links. So you guys look at this on the course. We're going to work with our pains and a high detail like we did in this beast. So this is what we're going to do. We're going to look at all the techniques that they will be learned in one course, and we're going to work with them and see what we can create. First of all, we'll be going to ladies People like you have got a large piece for this one. Your piper. The first things No, you, your inks, Yoko. Insecure interviews. You can also use the copy. We can use Rangers, Siri's but Avis Easy and you can get easily. That's funds perfect. You use anyone Have we're going to years old. Cool. 90% local. Do you remember that? I'm being? We're going to use, um, classic cup for the mixes. I keep a handle kitchen towel class boy to clean up. If I my COMESA caps also they you'll need Spain's. I use the post campaigns black and white. This is what I using muscles. Um, we're going to use our stencil In previous schools. We cut other first in, So this is supplying pattern that we got out in the previous ones. Are we going to use our stain souls? If you have more than one that you cut out, you can also use that. So we're going to use the stain cells saying you're going to use old brushes. Like I explained before, I do catch up, uh, open spices on your Beiber way. You can just like a few dots or just moved in ground cover up on my markings on it. This buying brushes are really old, but it's perfect for this. And then we got two years. Um, things like cookie cutters. You're trying to use painful markings on now or work on both sides. You can use it, Mike. Nice buttons were going to use some of these. Anything that you can get like plastic along with the innocents can make a mark, and we can use this side. Or you can put it down on this side for multi. So full, different stripes and buttons to use. And we also have our I would be going to use this also in this bees. But you might more kings, Andi. Then I think this is a final one. Is Teoh you that a piece of straight as we're going to use to my smoking's in this artwork . So, yes, this is more release my going to work in this one. We're going to combine everything from previous courses in this one course. Just get a feeling of what you can create. Hide we need with all the elements together on, you know, work from day. Um, you can decide on the size of your uber by writing a larger 1/4. Teoh, give me a little bit more spice to work because I want to put in more than one element. I would really like to use my stencils and I want to use the I would to my smoking's on you also, I just decided to take a larger piece of wiper to work with this And of course, yeah, you must look at your color wheel on assault on a certain color or feeling you want to agree height of this one. I'm going to work with the blues and a little bit of greens to see if I can get the NYSE some of feeling or see your ocean feeling. So I'm going to work with my blues in this one. So you have this morally that he needs If you can get everything together, um, thing we can start in the next clip on stock rewriting our bees. Thanks and see you next. Video 2. Lesson 2: I got physical. I'm going to, um Michael local and I think makes for my background Teoh put some color on the background that I can start working on. So for this, I'm going to at a little bits off local. My God, I think that this is a little bit too much. Just make sure it must be 90% local guy, and then I'm going to use this. Cloudy blew off the ranger. You can see a cloud and blue. Um, okay, if it can open it, I opened. Now. God bless you. Something else and use this one. Go pick it. This also power blue. Okay, let's use a problem. Blue state. I think the color is more or less the same. They can just drop in a few drops off your ink. You can just makes it. It's just too. I think it's just some feeding. Like we knew. If you work on what canvas united. Um perhaps struck, saying, you know, just to right? So the white off the off the canvas so you can just pull out office blues? Actually, nice. You can just move it around a little, but he just wanted to add some color here. That's only one I just that flow to the sides and also that so you don't need to cover up every corner. You can do that if you want to. You mean Crenson How much you want to do? So you just let it flow in the Piper Morley's What do you want? Just practice. Good. Because of you have now very weight background just going to give it like a stick and to just go. And, um, I'm just going to add a little bit off color. You can just drop it in because of the background of this. So wait, um it will move easily and, you know, you can just give it some time. Just so to settle even Monte, we do much. I don't want to lose all the better for colors here, so I just dio keep it a little bit of time. You can see it's a back around this very week. Really, Really, really right. So we just going to add just leave it first ticket. So what you're going to do with this is going to give it a little bit off time just to sickle down, see what he wants to go. So what I would do is yes. A lot of ink on this side, that's what. Sit down. Thank you Must if you want to start a few markings because thought now, while it's still wait very weight. So look at the spices that you think you want to put in detail and, um, no, we start working. They It's a lot of beautiful seeing beautiful scenes. What happened here? Taken? Just put it down. Nike. Was this fate You can just just put it. So this is a first bought them I would be going to do. Now. If you put down your markings and stuff like this, you will have to give it some time to settle down and dry completely. Usually, you have to let stand it's stand over night to let it dry completely. So, uh, no, just put down. But ever Mokin you want. And of course, you can work of your clubs. Um, you can always work with your glass. I just but like, just try not to. Kate. It's on my fingers. It's not always working practically so dry. Okay, um so I can put it down. Receive a comfort. Another one? Maybe so because this is more or less. I think what I'm going to do here to use this and of course, Well, well, this is still very read. Just make sure that you have your tall was here in, um, use your stain, so to lift up. Well, things on to Mike Moe Kings. Is that over to do it? You really just take off some of the ink with your stains? I don't believe a buttons behind. If you ever have Morley's now idea off what is going on? You with your things Because it already moved around a little bit. Did you can decide if you want to foot more color, actually put more color here. I just want Teoh this one just back off a little bit off, you see to help its offer other eggs. Coming. Security here. The rate. But it's fine. Do you can? Just a little bit of this. Thanks. So what you can do now is you can look at spices that you think you can add more color. Oh, I put some in Kenya a little bit. They could see it's almost dried sitting places. So that's perfect. Some places is still very weak, but us, That's perfect. Also, you can just play around at low. Doesn't make it interesting, because that is what you want to try to chief here. Good. I think I'm going to leave it like this now. Um, so you you can't actually do much now? Bracing for you now do is delete it stand on drug completely. This I'd prefer to let stand overnight to give it enough time to completely dry, and I distinctly to get up and see what's going on. But please, just leave it and let it dry. Um, asking that this enough. It's just see, that will be enough fear. No, just a good, you know, like the buttons also. Yeah, but the stencil you can hear now when you put understand solely to get sticky. So that means it's getting drawing. And sometimes that is the best time to lift your things. Because the markings is seen, uh, more prominent coming. It's drawing. You see the markings, Peter, the last thing that this Morley's what we're going to do in this second video, you have to let it dry now. Completely. So please don't try to move anything now because this is more kings. If you move it now, the ink is going to fly into that spice you creating now. So the best thing you can do now is to leave it in spice. We now cuts, or even your Children can touch anything here. Because if you live it up now, the ink is going to fly in. And you're not going to have that. What? What spice available lighted to use your painting. So just leave it for I will set of a night if you can. And, uh, then you'll do. They raced tomorrow. So this is what you guys to get going to do. You set up you, um, use the local Makes the Michael background the beans on the strong, the calories you can see but my kid light distort with and then you put down your markings . Rio Bhutto. Anything out out that you want to, Michael mocking risks when you're pipefish and, um, give it time to drawing. So you it Zissis ability. Easy board to do. Thank you can just put it down a little driving overnight on in the next video. We're going to take it off behind. Distort. Create more. He don't know. Appease. Good. That's it. I'll see you then in the next video. 3. Lesson 3: Welcome to the second port off our or peace. Um, this was not lived overnighted dry completely. So we're going to take off the, uh, put on the mo concert three years on this to see what we can do in Green River or peas. So we're going to take it off. Good. You can see he killed very, very nice, um, buttons here. Got a lot of nice white spices that we can use. So the new sport istea stood working on our word spices that we might have our peace is to create, uh, extra data and also a wide to remove the ink from the piper. So the next it will be do Michael Joyce who feel both Scott Beans. You can. He's any color I would use. I think white this mighty black also and start working. Teoh. Okay. High detail into this Serious, um, the base wise dio, like moving around, see, what can you do? What can you get high? Because also this side of substances work? I just want to show you the distance, so I got very, very nice detail They So you must decide people around your feet. If I What Can you do what Mochis gonna be used? Are we going to add, um, Morgan's like in the previous lessons Are you going to use? I dots, um What are you going to create in this at this stage? It can also add more ink on this background. Of course, you can also do that so that the important thing is to look at your piper and to see the detail that's already is a and try to work with that detail in Cree Hide more, um, like, focus points Or, you know, um, just to give you your piece and more lively look and feel because now we have all these beautiful blues. But because of the wide Mokin Street, we need to fix this after my kid more vibrant and stand out So there are many or few wise that you can work from the first of all. You can add extra innings on beacon droppings into certain spices if you want to bring up colors if you want to. I'm snake Staples, Teoh work of your post Coppins and Stokely, Ideally, dough into this ages. Take your time, then be like in a rush to really distort with after the posca pains or extra ink. Take your time and see what areas do you want to need? Stand out. And, um well, you want to more that more color on, um, you always keep in mind the detail that you created here. So when you put down things like color that you don't lose his detail because this we will use, uh, the stencils are very, very nice. I don't never been See closely how beautiful that all. So you get you can t hide like I will work with the dots here I just work with the buttons of the back around. It's very, very nice. And I think you'll get that lycee fake. Remember, the periods goes through work, and that ended the almost look like lies. I think this will work very well in this area, please. So that is the next tape. You just saw what you're going to do. What's going to pre hide what, um, colors you're going to put in as I see different Bosco beans or extra inks is really up to you to work from here and create your bees. Now this is video up struck, so there's a lot that you can do with this piece. And, um, what I'm going to do is I'm going to work on the next stage. I'm going to do my own creation here. I will put it on the video, but also forced to speed for you to see what I'm doing on just to give you an idea what you can work with. I will suggest that this started if you can watch the other videos too, because they re worst step by step with the different techniques. And so what you can pre hide and you know, the markings, that type of markings and stuff you can do the doodles that will help you not to actually start with this piece because it is really a little bit more at Vons on just the beginners . Because you supposed to know by now, um, that the next time I teach you that you can interpret it in this piece now and that even pre hide something different. Uh huh. You can my cord, like all the other people with the local instance. No problem with that. But I think to stand without you need to find your own voice. and re idea and stuff. I think of the die. We don't want to be like everyone else. And we want to do something different And that this for him. I will suggest to you that if you can do watch other videos, especially the one with the markings on, uh, cutting out your stain soul. And, um, you know, the techniques should be used here. That will be very good for you to have that background at this touch. So, yes, I'm going to proceed to finish off my, um my boat peas. Andi, Um, I hope you see it in the next one. We all proceed and do this stuff. I think what I feel we'll work on this peaceful off me, and then you can watch in the forces speed what I'm doing. So let's thought with next one being and I see you in the next video. Thank you. 4. Lesson 4: 5. Final Lesson: I already added a lot of detail in the center of my bees. There's a lot of markings on symbols and things that I like. Um, I'm just working now. The outside bought again We are earlier on. Is that purple? The green being at the outlines? I'm going over. Is this what pain? So over that areas again, um, to give the lice if IQ Because the two colors, uh, mix up here that makes together that gives you that nice. You think that I like? So, um yeah, I'm just looking out the borders. That's a lot being and just cover over the with the use of mobile first goes on like they figured gives you. And, uh, I think I'm not going to do a lot more on this piece now, See, before the for the borders, Do I give you that lies you speak? I think I have a lot of detail in here. There's still a lot of detail that comes through, especially here was the stain silver, and I don't want to loose that. So I'm not going to after much here. I want to keep the detail off the stand, so especially here and also Yeah, and even here in the insides. So I'm only going to work now on the outsides with it. What? And then, yes, that will be more at least like I'm going to do this. This one, I think he, um, looks nicer. Like feeling I will, um no. Sure. Picture off the finished piece off the words, but the, you know, with me just goes to show you some releases the practice. And this is when I decided Teoh, keep up up and spices like this on nights A to one year after a bit more detail, you can also add more detail in the jelly bean. So much you want to do. Um, I use my by using t intuitive or if this is actually with this type of thing. So when I feel like doing sitting marking or certain button or something, I really just goes a flood. I think a lot about what I'm doing and just do it. So, you know, I keep it simple. Spices very simple, but didn't as a lot of detail and what I'm doing right now, it's just I'm just going down here from the sides to add a little bit white to that purple that I used before so years it gets so little, was unhappy with detail in here. I'm not going to add more inside here because I think that's a lot going on. It's interesting. So you're for me now. I'm only going to afterwards this, um outside at the border, on the smallest. What I'm going to do. I don't think I will do anything more than this. For now. I will see if there's anything else but I As I said, I'm happy with us. So, um, no, you can please up light your finished work at the end of this video course I would really love to see what you guys doing on. Um, I really hope that you also my time or have time to What's the other videos I busters early on about the by six. A vocal Inc and mrs I use. It will just make it easier for you in this one on digital, maybe give you some more ideas to work with and, you know, use your own creativity here. You on a unique piece for me, this Oak wings is really something that I try to stay away from the usual wife. Working off coin's are hard Mikey different. And do not get different looks and feelings with this because, um, I prefer to do my own kind of scene, and that is just how I work. So for some people, it will not be but like and that's good, too. I mean, you need to find your own voice, as I said before in my courses that something that is unique off you, and this is what I like to do and what I lighted Shiite. So, Eun, if you can just like one thing for my courses, that it's good. Maybe there's something you like and you can use it in. You are old work, that is, what we supposed to do is to be unique. And we had our own voice that this is where I'm trying to teach you here to think out of the box and then risky, too do seems and try new things. So he's, um I think that this fool, this school is basically what we going to do. And we finished this loss project with this. Andi, um, I have to see in my future courses on your also the bulls ones of the past. Lost month. Andi, Um, yeah. I really hope you love doing this in creating this unique Why? Off creativity And it's it's easy. And I think you can get feeding eyes work from doing this kind of scene on, uh, you're really hope to see you soon and look out for my one, cause I'm thinking about this thought of this now, the one I use Teoh do my surface button designs that they're using clothing and it also be interesting cause of meaning. I speaks and be, um, unique wise off riding your old books that you can use on your clothing and design. So, you know, that is also something I'm very excited about. But you full of me and subscribe to my bike on and keep updated with any new things coming soon. And I really hope that you had a lot of fun creating this. I see you soon. Thank you so much for watching