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Creating your First Database in Azure SQL Database

teacher avatar Artemakis Artemiou, Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Using Azure Portal

    • 3. Demo

    • 4. Create the SQL Database and Server

    • 5. Demo

    • 6. Firewall Settings

    • 7. Demo

    • 8. Accessing SQL Database from within Azure Portal

    • 9. Demo

    • 10. Accessing SQL Database from SQL Server Management Studio

    • 11. Demo

    • 12. Accessing SQL Database from Azure Data Studio

    • 13. Demo

    • 14. What we’ve Learned in this Course

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About This Class

This class is part of an ongoing class series, that helps you acquire the necessary skills for working with databases on Microsoft Azure, and more specifically, with Azure SQL Database.

In this first class, you will learn how you can create your first Azure SQL Server and Database, set the firewall rules, and connect from your on-premises SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio clients.

Below, you can find the course outline: 

  • Course overview and agenda
  • Meet Azure Portal
  • Create the SQL Database and Server
  • Firewall Settings
  • Accessing SQL Database from within Azure Portal
  • Accessing SQL Database from SQL Server Management Studio
  • Accessing SQL Database from Azure Data Studio
  • What we’ve Learned in this Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artemakis Artemiou

Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.


Hi there! I'm Artemakis. I'm a Senior Database and Software Architect, a professional Author and Speaker, and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles and I'm also a certified SQL Server Engineer.

Moreover, I'm the founder of SQLNetHub and {essentialDevTips}. I'm the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator, DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. I'm also an author of many eBooks on SQL Server.

I currently serve as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA).

I'm here at Skillshare, to share my expertise with you, in a simple and understandable way. My classes include... See full profile

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1. Course Overview: conference and welcome to my new course Asia Sequel database, creating your first database. My name's after months after mu, and I'll be your instructor in this course. What will you learn in these cars? These course are going toe access Microsoft Asia, using the azure portal and create a secret database. In order to do that, we're going to see how I can configure the require settings, along with creating a new, simple sequel server instance on Asia. Then we're going to see how we can configure fire settings in order to be allowed network Access Toe our sequel to the base. They were went to see how we can access our sequel databases in Asia from Within Asia Portal, from Super Saver Management Studio and from Asia to the studio. A few words about me. A machine. Oh, super severance After architect, I have over 15 years of experience with Super Server Ended Net have bean IMAX with a platform. M V P. For nine years. Professional author and speaker in the certified Sequels have engineer now about the course requirements. It is good to have basic knowledge off civil servant databases and, of course, their willingness and excitement to learn something new, which I'm pretty sure that this is a case right now because you are watching these course preview. I know about the structure of the course. Attempt to make my courses as interactive as possible. So this course consists off lectures, live demonstrations. And in the end of the course, there's a class project that will help you test the skills acquired. Why have these cores? After the course, you will know how to use Asia Porta. We know how to create Simple Asia Sequel Database Server You know how you can create your first secret? That every on Asia and how you can access on age a secret database using Asia Portal. See what's ever much rest with you and Asia. The rest with you. Great. Let's begin the course 2. Using Azure Portal: in this election, we're going to talk a bit about the Asia portal. See if you screenshots in order to get an idea off its look and feel, and then jump into our first demo that is navigating through the azure portal there two ways. Tracks Is Asia Portman. The fastest way was the barrel portal dot asia dot com or, alternatively, can use the official Asia website that is Asia total Microsoft dot com. At this point, please know that we need a Microsoft account, formerly Windows Live I t. In order to looking to Asia as well as a subscription. If you don't have a subscription and this is the first time where you want to test Michael Asia via the official Asia website, you have a capability to request a free account in order to test the capabilities of Asia. This is the first look off the azure portal via the Internet browser. Here you can see that there are many reasons times that you can create on the cloud you come are created equal deliberations, application services, Special Machines on Asia Active Directory. There's a security center, cost management billing center and much more features and functionality. Another cool thing about Asia is that you can also access it via mobile apps. For example, this is a screen shirt from the entering that, as you can see, I have certain resource types here which I can access volume my smartphone and do different stuff with these resources. Okay, it's jumped our first demo that is navigating through azure portal. 3. Demo: So in this demo, we're goingto access Asia portal and navigate in orderto get about right here off his slogan feel So in our intern pousner, we can either use the official website have this age of Microsoft will come or we can just visit to the girl portal thought Asia would come. Okay, so I have a subscription or in Asia and it is associate id with members of the council not to use this account after two looking now the azure portal is loading and this is my dashboard on azure portal. As you can see that at least off recently resources There are some shortcuts here to create a resource. You can see all Asia services. It's over 100 service times that you can create on your subscription. For example, you can check your secret of the basis and manage them or create new ones. Here I have my favorites. Very sexist. With dash bolt, you can view all services if you like. And if you go towards services, you can see the full list off service types that you can create on Asia. That is a chaotic organization here and here. On the right, you can just the bows. So all of these services Seems we're talking about super several major who were interested in secret that basis and secret servers. That is why I have these two, this favorites. And similarly, you can targets favourites Any other service types that you like. Okay, this was just to get a 90 off Asia portal. Let's proceed to the next lecture and we will get back toe Asia Party in order who start creating our secret database. 4. Create the SQL Database and Server: No. Let's talk about creating the secret of the patients ever measure in orderto start creating the database within the azure portal. Need toe coat sequel databases legally and start their creation process for Rests First sequel to the base. So these are the screenshot shows that example Currently there? No, they're not. Any secret of is is on Asia subscription. You click, not you. We will start the process off, creating a new database when you launch the process of creating new sequel television Asia . There are some basic said things that you need to define. So there is a subscription, and under the subscription, you will need to create a new research group or use an existing one. Then you win. It would define that of his name, several name, and in case you don't have a super several nature while you creating your sickle database, you can also creating new she course ever instance. Then there is a new option for sequel Elastic Pool that has to do with research utilisation , along with cost management and compute and storage settings. There also some additional settings while creating a secret television measure, so you will need to define the dinosaurs. You have three options here. You can set none, so you will create an empty database. If you sell it back up, you can creating new database based on an existing back up another database and the Senate option is toe uses and data source sample data. And in this case, you would be able to use the adventure. Works right to the base s your data. So the noonday that is we're going to create, even select sample data as they distort it will be actually restoration off. The intention works light Della based. Then you'll need to set the date of escalation and also review and said, If you like advanced data security Okay, let's jump to the next demo and start the process of creating a new sequel. There's a reason several measure 5. Demo: So let's start creating our first secret rubbish in Asia, along with the new C were server instance. So, um, here there's a shark of secretive, ambitious I cannot directly here or from the left. I can select sequel to the basis Let's click on it. I already have a sample database, but for purposes of this demonstration, let's creating new one along the creating new sequel server. So this is my least of existing secret that averages. And if I click, not come creating your own databases. Okay, so the first option is to send the resource group that's creating new research group. So click here just defined the name of the group. It's naming Asia course one. Okay, now let's name our dinner bees again. Asia Course one to be now here we can either select one of the sample 70 created at the previous time or we can creating new service. Let's create a new one. Okay, so let's name our server. She quit Tim one. We can see here that there specified several names available so we can use it and sl again . Here. You need to specify the system administrator for this sequel server. Instance I will name its sequel at me, said that passwords confirmed the puzzlers. The next step is to select the location for my new server Here. You can see that so many options about the geographical location where you want your civil servants that Toby located. I was selected Western Europe here. I'm allowing any other Asia services on my account to access the server. And did you mouth over this info icon can get more for creation about these option. So by having these checked, we will be ableto access our database using query editor from our azure portal and show one . Now let's click on the left and the new server will be created along with the news. He called it a place. Here you have the option to select sequel Elastic pool or not, the default option is not use it. If you would like to use it, you can change disruption. This is the country, the storage setting here. The this is different option. We get 250 gigabytes of storage. You can change these options from here replete so with legal and configure database. And now we're presented with the event. More options about our database, you can say like standard premium for I O intensive workloads. You can use a visual core based purchasing options, and there are many other options. Look after your therapies, so the next step is to review that chance settings. Here you can specify the distance. You can either use existing data like a sample to the base of this adventure works light or pedophile or nothing. So if you click on backup, you'll need to specify backup based on which are known. Database would be created evenly sample. Who can see here that that visual works lt database would be created? Yes, the sample database. And here you also have the option to use advanced data security with advanced dinner security, who will get periodical vulnerability assessments and advanced threat protection for a sewer server. And here you can start a syntactic Dave free trial period, and then the estimated cost. It will be thistle amount per server per month. I will not enable advanced IDs Cruise right now and now let's go to who The next top Here You can set tax tax our name and value pairs that neighborhood to characterize and you conservative building by applying the same tact, multiple resources and resource groups. So I won't use this functionality for visit Emma. Now, listen, if you what will have selected for our new secret database Encik Willis ever and we also get the estimated cost per month here you can you more details about the pricing. Also, these are the terms so that you will need to check. And if you agree, toe proceed or not. And this is a review off our settings for these Secret of the reason server know that you can also download in template in order to use it for automated deployments of secretly the basis you just guys future. So if you are deployed must about data because you can use this template for information. Okay, now it quickly can create our super database and server would be created. As you can see, we get the identification of that. The deployment is in progress, and right after it is completed, we'll also get a new notification. So let's weigh the beat and allow a few moments in order for our secret. Is that presents ever to be created? So two mins later, we can see that the deployment was successful and our secret database and sequel server has been success will create it. Let's go back to home and from the dash both. Let's check our Super Seven as you can see a sequel TEM Wanna Server is available. This is the sequel server instance we created for this demo and it will keep on it. Can see the different properties about a wisher went to talk. Let her, as one also quote to a sequel databases and see that our database Asia Course one DB was also created successfully. Okay, let's jump it to the next lecture, and we will get back to this environment in order to show how to set the proper fire world . 6. Firewall Settings: No. Let's talk about Farrell settings on Asia. What on fire or said things. Fire. Setting several away off. Controlling Who's allowed nowhere Access to our online resources on Asia, for example, the newly created sequel Server. Instance. We created a measure. It is Mr Use Study eyepiece for your clients in orderto have correct federal rules because if you're not using static, I p, you will have to manually maintain. If I roll rules now regretting fireballs, you can set single eyepiece, or you can set I P ranges, patrol at work and so on. Moreover, you can allow or disallow access to other Asia services. This is discretion of the fireworks in vision that was setting for one off my sample secret servers on Asia. And as you can see, you work with rules so you can create several rules. You can define the start I pian and I P. If you want to set rangers, if you want to just use an I P. You can say the same value for Start Up in and I p and moreover, you can add an existing visual netware or creating new virtual network for your fire World notice jump to the next demo and said the fire was settings for our newly created that every seven 7. Demo: So here we are back to our test environment, where we were going to set the fire rules for our newly created that every server. So in order to do these, we need to navigate toe our super servers, selecting newly created she was ever that is sequel temp one. And here you can see that that is among different settings that is the setting for firewalls and visual networks know that at this point that for some part of my screen are blurred in this and the most scenes. I'm having some eyepiece some other sensitive information about the environment. But this is not the problem, because you still get their full idea off how to do stuff. Okay, let's click on Show Fire on settings. And here we can set the Hyperion just have access to our civil seven instance. So here my car and I p's least it. So if I click on at client I pee, my I p would be automatically add it. It's a rule, and you can also specify more I p rangers, if you like. If I don't specify any other I P Rangers would be ableto access my sequel server. Instance from outside Asia portal only if I am using this, I p Moreover, you can add an existing virtual network or creating new virtual network cover. This is not in the scope of this course, So we will just work with the client i p at this point. So I'm saving my changes. So the server firewalls are being up to that. It is a success. So let her own where we're going toe access our super saver instance using management studio or Asia to the studio by the time our i p east, including the fire rules who eventually would be able to access it. 8. Accessing SQL Database from within Azure Portal: So let's recap what we've learned by now. We saw how Asia portal looks like we navigated through the portal. We started the process off, creating unusual databases. So brocaded super that race along with creating a secret server in order to Horst no sequence database. And we specify the fire or rules in order to allow our client toe access, They're sequel. Tara, please. So now the next step is to access our secret database using different methods. This lecture We're going to talk about accessing our secret database from within azure portal. So from within the azure portal, we can go to sequitur basis. Who will get the least off secretly liberalism from there? We can now get about other ways, or we can also go to the least of secret servers. And from there we can again access our televisions in the screen shot. You can see a test that means to create it. Piers time on my azure account and them a clicked on that database. And here I have databases related options. One such option is the query editor. So if you keep query editor, we are able to access your database now a captain everything and managing your secret database, you can do many things. Among other you can access it the basis state are using The query editor. You can manage that. They reset things to their security. Come on it or the databases performers and applied shooting techniques and commendations. You can also monitor the database, use age, terms of metrics and alerting and the last but not least from within Asia portal you can might, or the databases health. So in these descriptions you can see that I access one my sample databases using the query editor and Iran Simple Query toe. Just show that this is a way off. Access in your data in the sequel databases. No, let's see. Shorten them off. Accessing the secret of the base from within azure portal. 9. Demo: so back to the Asia Portal We Go Toe sequel to the basis Not the Taxes, our newly created sequel to the Base. This is a very brace Asia course, one DB Let's click on it, and these is where we can manage the base configured settings. Different settings here has to do with application, high availability and backups, as I could, he said. Things tell Jin performance, monitoring, troubleshooting and much more for this demo. We're going to see the query tour in other taxes, our data. So let's click on Query editor and we need Tool Connect by specifying the looking passwords . Is if you remember, this is the looking we use while we created the Super Server. Instance before this, this is happy. So this is our database Asia course. Want BP? I I'm locked in a sequel at me, and these are the tables off my sample database. It's on a simple query. Just who demonstrate select statement against our television measure. Let's round these, and as you can see it attempts data. Okay, now let's jump to the next elections and demos and see other ways off accessing our database 10. Accessing SQL Database from SQL Server Management Studio: managing less equidistant between Asia is great. It has so many features. You can do everything like we're database in terms of security performers, high availability and everything that has to do with that means staring and managing into that place. However, when it comes to accessing the deliveries for day to day operations, for example, input data exporting data, accessing data with queries and do heavy development work. Iskander to use other Secret Service March Mr Deal or Asia Little Studio In this lecture, we're going to talk about accessing a secret that was measure from within Sequels over management studio that is SMS. So what you need for connecting to your Asia Secretly, the race value is amiss. Festival. We're going to need unauthorized use, their inner secret database Based on our example. This is sequel at me. Now The connection string to a sequel Federation server can be obtained from within Asia important, and this is something that you definitely need because in the field off several name who going toe enter information that is provided to you from within. Asia Portal Recasting your secret server instance Measure. Moreover, you need to include your client I P. the fire rules on that equal database ever in Asia and always affair. The latest release either Super 700 studio or Asia. There's to the Opens. More features are constantly being added in these two great tools. Now we're not to get the connection string for connecting to the batteries from either estimates or Asia. The studio. You go to your database and you click on show deliveries, connections things right after you click there, you get the information you need, and this is the server name. Then, by using Sequel Server management Studio, a server connection dialogue, you specify the seven name there correspond. Instead of a name you got from the Connection String from Asia, Porta, you specify the log in and password. And given the fact that your client eyepiece, including in the fire rules, eventually you will access the sequel server instance and deliveries. So let's see in them oh, off. How can access our newly created sequel? That measure, by using C, was ever management with you 11. Demo: So now let's get the connection string for a newly created deliveries and access it via a super saver. Marist with you. Okay, we'll go back toe overview for our database and for our deliveries. Asia cause one db Let's click on Show that there was connection strings Here you can get the connections things for radio the Man J D B C all the B c PHP. And also there are links for downloading the corresponding drivers. For she was ever so the seven name secret temple on dot database start windows that sent this is the only thing we need. So we copies are Klebold and then navigate, which was several management studio and specified these as 70. So these are seven name on Asia. Our firewall rules included the i p off our client. Now I'm using Sequel several vindication. By the way, if your organization, you can also use Asia Active Directory for accessing, she was seven and different other resources measure. Since I'm using a single account, I will just use civil. Several litigation I will use sequel are mean. That is the user I created earlier, and I will specify the password and clean on Connect. And here, as you can see now, I have successfully connected to my age a secret. Adami's so here Now, Armand Premises using she was sever March My studio and I've connected to my secret of the race on the club. So from here, I can navigate to my database tables use. I can create, become ability objects like stop procedures functions and you'll come work just like you work on premises with on premises Super server businesses. You can do exactly the same work in the exact same way like you are used to work. But in addition to the on premises super savory sauces, these way you can work with you are sequel server instances on the Cloud on Asia. So let's click on new Query and again ran a simple, select statement against a built version table in order to check that the connection successful and we can t three of data from the cloud on French is okay, let's click on execute and you can see my query. 1/10 beta. No, From here, you can copy these information you consider there is else on exports and you can do different stuff using Microsoft secrets ever Majesty. You. This is another example. You can export data, for example, so you can build it here. Processes. Let's experts some data from our secret Did a piece measure? Let's expert Who says v So are seeing damage. Let's name it. See the invisible creative filed within a major experts His V here you can browse through other tables exist within my Asia's He quit database. I will select their build version table This a preview of wood would be exported like next clip on finish and okay, the table has single row and thes row has been successfully exported to testify. So, as you can see, you can run queries. You can use the building tools within six or 7 March Mr Dio against your Asia sequel databases. So for you, it's business as usual, with the only difference that your data not on premises in this case, but on your age as she quitted Abi's Okay, let's proceed to the next lecture and see how we can work with our Asia Secret up is using Asia to the studio 12. Accessing SQL Database from Azure Data Studio: Now let's talk about accessing your sequel. Television Asia using the Asia. The rest with you Since age other studio is again a client will for accessing civil sever. The process is similar to using Microsoft Super Saver managements with you. So again you will need an authorized user. You know, secret database. You will need the connection string for your age, a secret. That race I will need your client i p to be including the fire or rules and again always prefer the latest release off Asia. The studio Just like the case off source Ever much, Mr Dio, since each new release contains new features and improvements for accessing Asia, a secret database from on premises. So again you get the sequel databases connections thing with the same way we show where earlier that is. You never get to your sequel to the Base and Cleveland show deliveries, connections, things. And from there you get the server name, then in them Asia Dinner Studio Sever connection dialogue. You can specify his server name the name you Corbett from the Connection string from within the azure portal who specified the sequel Log in to be used and given the fact that you are eyepiece, including the firewall rules. Eventually, you will connect to your azure sequel, Teletubbies. Okay, lets see in Demo and connect to our sequel databases using Asia, the studio ran its simple query and see generally how we can interact with our terrorists on the cloud using our educator studio installation on premises. 13. Demo: So now let's access our sequel deliveries on Asia using Asia, the studio off premises. So again we navigate who are a just quit the race. We goto the connection strings, show connections things and we copy the seven name. Then we navigate to Asia to the studio and on the several connection dialogue. We specify that were connected to Micro. She will server you specify the seven name. Have a secret him one teleplays Windows Net. This is the sequel is indication. Here you can see that you have the option off Asia at directory. Sure, I'm specifying very looking name and click on Connect. Is it to the studio just like a case off? She was there a management studio. It's a very powerful client Will for connecting to on premises and on Ager, she was very instances, and now when it comes to Asia, it is even more powerful than she was ever Man dressed with you. So now let's get the least off televisions on our Asia sequel server. These out there that is Asia correspond to be here. You can medicate through its tables, use Parker believes objects like stop procedures, functions more and is that I'm equity. All right. As you can see, Asia test video includes military sense. Cure abilities, even though you're connected to Asia, still is provides these amazing care ability special for developers because s said earlier age of this video is more age friendly than estimates off course. Yes, with racism, as you can do many stuff, you can still access your Asia secretive race import, export data and so on. But when it comes to Asia, the studio, it is even more powerful for working from on premises against you Are Asia suitable is in the cloud. So let's select the records again from the table built version. Let's run. Our query can see some statistics. Here you can see the results you can expert results Jason or Excel or sees V. This is our sample expert. That was another simple demo off. Using age of the studio from on premises to connect to you are Asia's equated a race on the cloud 14. What we’ve Learned in this Course: So what have we learned in these cars? This course will so many interesting things, many new things, many exciting things. We show the cloud with So Asia Portal, which show how we can work with Asia. Sequel databases from on premises access the cloud and toe different stuff. More specifically, we became from here with Asia Portal. We've learned how to create super server instance in Asia and said the fire rules in order to be able to access it from our on premises client, we have learned how to create a secret origination. We've learned how toe connect the sequel databases using the building database manager in Asia and query Editor she was ever manage Mr. Deal in the last but not least, Asia just with you. Next debuts toe take the class project started toe help you test all the skills acquired in this course and the kind reminder police Don't forget to provide your kind Feel back for this course as this way, you will help and passing the course even more and also help your fellow students in order to decide whether this course is treatable for their educational needs. Thank you very much.