Creating the right hero for our (film) story | Georgia Chioni | Skillshare

Creating the right hero for our (film) story

Georgia Chioni, Writer/Screenwriter/Director/Producer

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6 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction-Creating the right hero for our (film) story

    • The making of our hero (I) story and audience

    • Character's functionality 4th

    • Structuring our Hero's Personality (I)

    • Structuring our Hero's Personality (II)

    • Types of heros


About This Class

A story/script without a solid character as its hero is incomplete. The Hero constitutes the key element of our script/story: we might have the perfect story and even a budget for a decent production, but if we don't have a well built personality as our hero, then no success is guaranteed. To this end, objective of this class would be

to study and analyse the hero's character,

to look into the method we can structure its personality,

to present the basic questions we need to ask and answer with regards to our hero, before even setting our story plot, and 

to present and analyse some basic characters of the world litterature and cinematography. 

Elements of the class include:

-the particularity of our hero's existence in our story

-structual issues of their personality

-the necessity of the hero's fully developped past 

-basic hero categories and 

-archetypes of heros






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Georgia Chioni


Hello, I'm Georgia.

 I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). I started writing at an early age, in fact I started writing my first novel at the age of eight. It was about a haunted mansion. Years later, I  graduated from Law School and lived in various European countries, having obtained two master degrees and one PhD.

I have also followed a screenplay writing- and film direction school.

Legal Background:

-Degree from Law School in Greece (Thessaloniki)


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