Creating the Animated Gif | Sarah Zucker | Skillshare

Creating the Animated Gif

Sarah Zucker, Screenwriter

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6 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. THE GIF: What is it and Why Make Them?

    • 3. Making a Gif in Photoshop using Timeline

    • 4. Making a Gif in Photoshop using Frames

    • 5. Making a Gif in Photoshop from a Video

    • 6. Gif Styles


About This Class


The Animated Gif is more popular and prevalent than ever, with practical applications in the tech, fashion and art worlds. Named “word of the year” by Oxford English Dictionary in 2012, the humble graphic interchange format has been part of our cultural vernacular since its debut in 1987.

This class, taught by LA-based Web Agency THE CURRENT SEA, will show you the basics of constructing different types of animated gifs in Photoshop.

Through the course of our five learning units, you will create an animated gif portfolio, which you will hone through peer and instructor feedback. 

Not only will this portfolio give you a leg up as a designer, it will help you glean the very building blocks of animation itself!