Creating sketch lettering using the Pencil tool | James Daly | Skillshare

Creating sketch lettering using the Pencil tool

James Daly, Illustrator & Designer

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3 Videos (16m)
    • 1 The Sketch

    • 2 The Outline

    • 3 The Fill and Final Touches


About This Class

In this lesson we're going to create a lettering piece using the iPad app Procreate's built-in tools and a photo background. We’ll be lettering the words ‘No Limits’ on top of this photo from Unsplash using the humble pencil tool.





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James Daly

Illustrator & Designer

Hey there! I'm James, I'm an illustrator, hand lettering artist and digital designer from Sydney, Australia. 

I've worked as a freelance illustrator, a digital product designer, and apparel designer, but I've found what gets me the most excited is showing others how to create and make. 

I'll be creating and adding lessons on everything illustration, lettering, and design, both traditional and digital.

Let's have some fun! 

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