Creating our own stencils to work with our alcohol inks | Riana Van Staden | Skillshare

Creating our own stencils to work with our alcohol inks

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

Creating our own stencils to work with our alcohol inks

Riana Van Staden, Artist, Surface Pattern designer

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4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro into Stencil Alcohol Inks

    • 2. Lesson 1 Stencils

    • 3. Lino Cut Fast Clip

    • 4. Final Stencils

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About This Class

In this class we going to cut and create our own stencils from Lino blocks to use with our alcohol inks. 

This is also a fun process of creating your own "signature" that you can use in your art. 

With stencils you can create detail in your background if you want to paint on the background or you can use the stencil to create marks that forms part of your art. 

This is also a fun and easy class to show the basics of stencils and alcohol inks. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Riana Van Staden

Artist, Surface Pattern designer


Hello, I'm Riana. I am an international artist, surface pattern designer and photographer. I am also a registered Art Clay Silver Instructor.  I love to be creative and love to share my knowledge with others.

I will cover a wide variety of interesting topics, like how to start creating art for clothes, abstract art and how to use it to create extra income and much more.

If you feel that you can learn something from me, please follow me to get updates as soon as I publish a new course.

All my classes will be fun and you can really relax and just enjoy your own creativity. I love to work by way of creating "intuitive art" - to me that is letting go of the fears to be "perfect" and to allow your art or painting to evolve based on your heart callings, visions and d... See full profile

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1. Intro into Stencil Alcohol Inks: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the next course this course we're going to work with lineup line up blocks. We going to cut around stain cells. So But we're going to do is we're going to be had something like this way. We use our local wings as the backgrounds and we used a stain sold. Are we going to create more kings and buttons on You are just beautiful detail on our local Inc background. So this is what you're going to do in this the specific goals, what you're going to need for their schools. It's obviously the 1st 1 is our Cuba Piper. Um, you're not just small of this one because we want to get us much as possible detail when I works off the size. I don't know. This is a full sauce. Not sure what is this size in other countries? But this is a five size. It's like a book normal book. Saris. Look, you bug bite. You guys use things colors that you like you want to use together. Please refer back Teoh the first course where you can download the color of you. Otherwise I will add color wheel again at the bottom of this course for you to see which colors work together on this one. I've worked with different colors of green flight of green. I worked of here low, a dark green. This is a zoo. Nice color combination. So, you know, I'm very happy with this color combination. Just go back to your color wheel and see what colors put together for you and what you want to agree. Height, is it more spring feeling? Call their blues. Yo, You can decide what colors you're going to use for this one. Guys so physical that u boat. But you're going to need your things You're going to use Zien. You're going to need, um lineup. Look, you don't need a baby big one, because what we're trying to do is we just going Teoh cut off a piece here with the liner to be going to cut out patterns and things were going to use on the now local links. Are you? I think this is maybe the smallest. I'm not sure if you get smaller on this. This is 64 right? 15 20 centimeters. But you know, a small piece not know too large. Otherwise is difficult to work on the on the piper. I prefer this size, this one you can see gonna get at least say's three steps out of this size. So you're six. But Isis perfect line of look, um, so we're going to cut out buttons like this one. So I'm going to show you in the next video how we work with a line. Oh, Block. And how weak re Hightower patterns on from the line of blocks. Or that this next video, we're going to show you that for this exercise or close. Um, I usually use glass because it can get Macy because you're going Teoh puts our stains on the weight. Uncle things on, you're going to take it off on. Then you're going to wipe it clean, do my department. Sir, if you can't get gloves, please use that. And then also, um, get your kitchen, Piper, anything that you can use. Do you just clean your stop? You're going to use this to just clean it off for those basically what we're going to use in this close, the next one began to look at the lineup block and how we're going to cut it what type off patterns you can do. I I hope by this time or this stage that you already words on your personal symbols. If not, try to take some time and look at the previous listen way. We focus on certain patterns and try to get something that it's like personal for you that you can Dean cut out on this line of Look, I might get something personal, you mean? But I say to you that people sometimes do this, and then it's like a personal. It's almost like a signature you're going to use on your work. Um, so you try to take a few minutes for yourself, just figured out something What you want to do? I might something that's personal Castillo you because this is what we're going to do. We're going to cut out the build, its little some symbols stop off a signature or whatever you want to do. And we're going to use this on the O clings to create another type of. So you're that is basically the things we're going to useful. This laysan, um, I'll see you in the next video thing for the lineup cutting and what we going to do? And how are we going to do that? Andi got to make it easy for you. It is. It is difficult. It's also easy to cut that this is a little bit more difficult. But, um, the thing about this type off stains of creating is that the imperfections makes a beautiful so don't stress about it too much. It's also fun, easy thing to do. And there's no room. All right, with this But your I will show you how to work with it. And then I seen you next video and we can start working on our new stains. So see you in the next video. 2. Lesson 1 Stencils: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the video. Um, we're going to proceed. Not too good lineup. He's I got this line of Look, we have this, uh, got predicted that you can use you cut out your pattern. You in your line of block. Um, and obviously you guys, it's a physical. We kind to cut off bees here. This more release that you're going to use. Good. It is nice of this. Lineup blocks is that you can use the back also to cut out designs, and you can cut it a lot smaller Jew so you can work above both sides off it for this one. I think I'm going to make it a little bit smaller. Not too big. So going to gut slag this Now, this is a small piece to be going to used like this. Um, the next scene is we're going to draw our design on this to cut it out. So I hope that at this site, and you have something in your mind that you will use or want to use on your local things. So you just need to take out the pain. Aura paints your Penis better a marker and just throw out your little picture. Uh, what you're going to cut out. So I'm just going to do that quickly. I'm then going to start with this cutter to cut other button that we're going to use in our , uh, uncle Brick. So, yes, I put the gun to do this, and I'll be back with the next video. 3. Lino Cut Fast Clip : 4. Final Stencils : - something . You just want to pick it up good. Still a little bit. Wait at prices, but they're going to show you how it looks. Can you see all the buttons on the shed's also stained. So, um, once again, this was this stop off background immigrated here you can go back and you can use you pains your Posca pains and, you know, created Tito. We can use it just as a background. You can even find out with this. This is just one way or another way to create more texture and detail on Euro Cohen backgrounds for me personally with once again go for the beans, decree, height, my details. I love to do it that way. That is something that I like to do, but, um, with this, you can really go for full way to use it for, like instance, the background. So you're going to use for clubbing? This is this is really nice. This is easy way to do it. Um, you can You can use it as a background to do a finding on it. I mean, I can already see something like I see sun, sun Sea type of thing. You can find on this like ocean. It's guys anything. So this is just another way off. Okay, I think detail, and you can actually do a lot of it. And even what you work, you can see there's still places. It's waiting. Gun left, more ink up. You'll make the marks and marks will be there. You will see it. Let's on. So you know, this is just another way working the stain cells. The l see that you can do is if you cut out the stain so he couldn't get at another stain. So we really like, um, keep your you're you your old cheek or something like Craig, I cut it out that stands out on the line a block, and then you can put in contact when you can just go And Mike some other marks. You know, I mean, if you like wanting my dislike for instant something another see you under the world, you can get out the fish you can dio stain So print work with fishes and stuff. Other articles that he's just not a brooks, the credit, some other data. But for this one, I really did dry and they're not going to use it again with my base pickles. Of all this, Morgan's here. I'm not, You know, I don't if you could see if you consider, um days a lot of things that I could do with all this little detail. So I will go back into my background and work on these type of detail to make something up struck off my post copies. So he's This is just another easy way to work with your local links. I will like a picture off this to show you how it looks. And then I've also applied a picture off the final these when I I fill it up with Bean and greeted the detail that I love to do into work with. But yes, I hope you enjoy that. This is just another easy way of doing working off Ohka wings on um, you know, I really hope that you find it easy. I think that the most difficult Portis said cutting off the liner blocks That is sometimes difficult. And you must be careful with if you're a beginner with this, trying to keep the batons simple, that it's easy to cut. I don't know if you saw that I use the other piece off the block to help me with straight lines. Well, that's just another white. And you could also got this lines deeper. You can really go anyway. With this, you can really do a lot with this type of block, but yes. Okay. This is this is what our listen, boss, about its secret hide details off a stain. So on. Um, I'm going to know, start using my Bosco pains, and we're going to work with the markings I have on despite angry. I'd my detail like I usually do if you Oh, happy with your work as a days you can just use it like this. I mean, you can just keep it like this, This one. I didn't put on any markings or anything. I just let it dry with the stencil. You can see there's a stains off oldest make it look like if the flower flowers you can see , you can just leave it like that. That is perfect. But, um, I think this one with the soft colors, I'll not love to start working with the white Bosco pain on this and just bring everything the detail and stuff out and just make something beautiful of it. So, yes, that is it. I hope to see your work in my project folder. If you can put your work in the I would love to see what you're doing on. Um I just want to thank you again for watching my videos, and I hope to see in the next one soon. Thanks a lot.