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Creating landing pages with Unbounce: Get started by creating a pitch page

teacher avatar Evan Kimbrell, Director at Sprintkick

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class!

    • 2. First thing to do

    • 3. Using UnBounce for more in depth analysis

    • 4. Making the UnBounce page fit your idea

    • 5. Setting up A/B tests for you UnBounce page

    • 6. Adding conversion goals + dynamic text

    • 7. Adding a payment button to your page

    • 8. Keep the learning going

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About This Class

When it comes to landing page design, balancing data-driven decisions with intuition can be tricky. There's no right way to create a landing page, and while you can follow a few best practices, your success ultimately comes down to trial and error. If you want to speed up the trial and error process you can test your landing page before going live.

A landing page is a website with one page, no sub pages, and typically used for testing ideas or pitching new products or features. Where you put your text, what you say, your font, your colors, and your images can make an enormous difference in the effectiveness of the page. There are plenty of cases out there that show how tweaking one or two words can increase conversions by as much as 30%.

In this class I'm going to teach you how to set-up and design landing pages using a system called Unbounce, one of the most popular tools out there for creating landing pages and running A/B tests. A/B tests see what your audience responds to best and Unbounce is the most comprehensive tool for extracting this information.

We'll start with learning how to create basic pages before getting into more advanced techniques. Then we'll set up A/B tests and play around with other important aspects like conversion goals, dynamic text and payment buttons.

What you'll learn:

  • Create more complicated landing pages with Unbounce
  • Run basic A/B tests with their idea and their landing page
  • Setup and interpret conversion goals for the page
  • Set up dynamic text to better capture the right customers for your potential product
  • Add payment buttons to your page and to email to setup the ultimate validation experiment

What you'll do: By the end of the class you'll know the ins and outs of Unbounce. You will then create your own page with at least one variation, test it, and report back with the results.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evan Kimbrell

Director at Sprintkick


Hi, I'm Evan Kimbrell.

Thanks for checking out my classes.

Currently, I'm the Founder, Director of Sprintkick, a referral-based full service digital agency based out of San Francisco. Over the past 4 years, I've overseen the development and launch of over 100 web and mobile apps. Clients range from 1-2 man startups bootstrapping their initial idea to multibillion dollar Fortune 100's like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, & GNC.

Prior to Sprintkick, I worked as a VC for a firm called Juvo Capital, based out of L.A. I spearheaded the firm's expansion into the Silicon Valley deal flow and into the Consumer Web tech category.

Before working for Juvo, in the long, long ago, I was a co-founder for an educational software startup called ScholarPRO that raised a ton ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the class!: Hey, guys, I'm Evan Kimbrell, and I'm the director at Sprint Kick, which is a Web and mobile development studio based out of San Francisco, California So in this class, I'm gonna teach you how to create landing pages with a system called Unbound. For those of you who are not familiar with unbalanced, it's probably the most popular tool out there for creating landing pages and running multi variant testing. Now, if you're not familiar with landing pages and Internet marketing, let me explain what I just said. What a landing page essentially is is a website that only has one page and called landing page. It doesn't have any sub pages to it, so it doesn't actually look like a regular website, and typically they're used for testing out new ideas or pitching some new product or feature. Now, multi variant testing also noticed a be testings. It's when you take a landing page and you slightly tweak taxed images or even placement on the page, and you divert sections of your traffic towards different variations of your page. Why this is important to any marketer or entrepreneurs because you couldn't use multiple types of language and multiple types of images to see what your customer responds to best. All of that is we're gonna cover in this class, and we're gonna use unbalanced because it's the most comprehensive and probably the most popular tool for doing so. So I'm gonna show you how you can get in tow unbound. Start making basic pages, and then later in the class, we're gonna get into s'more advanced techniques. How do you run a B test? How to use things like dynamic text? How do you insert things like payment? But once you have a page that you like and shows off, whatever your project is, your future idea is you can share with the group. All right, guys, I hope you're excited to take this class and learn C inside. 2. First thing to do: Hey, guys, welcome back to the class. So I have an assignment for you really quickly. I want this to be the first thing you dio eso at the bottom of the skill share page. It says discussions, the clip discussions, and then you can click new post. I want you right now to go and do that and introduce yourself. You don't have to tell me a lot of information. You can just say your name or your from. But what I'd like to actually hear from you is one. What do you struggling with? And to what are you looking to get out of the class? I think this is something that helped immensely with the class. I really like to make my classes as engaging as possible. I respond to everyone, and I want to make sure that as I'm teaching, I'm meeting your goals and I know exactly what I'm trying to fix. Okay, so this is the first thing. Just go down to the bottom of the page. Do that now. Don't skip it. You can skip it if you want, but I think you'll miss out. All right. Seeing the next lecture 3. Using UnBounce for more in depth analysis: in my experience running marketing campaigns. What I've realized is that where you put your tax to what you say you're fought, your colors and your images all can make an enormous difference. There are plenty of experiments and documents online of people who have changed one or two words on their landing page and increase their conversions by 30% on bounces. Great for using that. Now, the disadvantage of using unbalances that it's gonna take you a little bit more time, I'm gonna show you how we can set up a landing page of the happy our mobile app. It doesn't really take that much time, but if you're new to the system, it might take a little bit longer. It also cost money. They cost about $50 a month for the starter package. However, it is a 30 day trial, so you can use it. Make your tests, and if you're not happy with it, you don't plan on using in the future, you'll get your refund. You just need to remember to actually do that. So all right. So I'm gonna show you how we can make create a page with announce you're going to see a lot of features. But remember, the point of this is I'm just going to show you exactly what you need to get out of the system. You, on your own time, can actually spend more time bouncing around looking at all the different kinds of features they have in here. I'm just going to show you what you need to get in. Get out. Get your test up. Get your idea validated. All right, so this is unbound. It looks pretty much like it almost reminds me of launch rock as well. You can tell that they've set up their website. It kind of like a landing page. Anyway, big call the action button here. What blood bounce primarily does is allows you to set up multi various tests. Now, have you ever heard this lingo? It's called on a B test, and a B test just means that when you take, you could do this with anything, but in specifically with web pages, you're gonna take a design, change something, and then retest it. So the first version with your a your second version with your B and you can do this all day long. You just have to assume that you have traffic. Keep in mind when you're using multi, very testing an A B testing. You need a decent amount of traffic. So if you're not going to be spending more than $20 on an advertising campaign, you might not get the information you want out of this. Or at least keep down the number of pages you're testing to maybe only two or three. Keep in mind this gets better with volume, so this is unbalanced. There's a lot of competitors out there that are slightly different or you know or do the same thing roughly. But this is the most popular by far. There's another one called lead pages. I've heard of Landers dot com. Optimize leaves a little bit different optimized. He works for websites that you already have established and optimize. Lee does not work with land launched rock. Otherwise we would be covering them. This course if they're other tools that you guys want me to cover, just posted in the group discussion and I'll create some lectures for you. OK, so I'm gonna show you how their system works. It's quite feature dense, but they have a pretty good system of explaining you explain to you how to get to their system. So all I need to do over here is create a new page. Once I've logged in now everything's pretty simple. They've set it up over here. This is pretty much everything you need to set up overhears users is where I can set up to have other people use my account. This is domains, or I can set up my specific domain. So it's not running from an unbalanced dot com website, and previously we talked about how important that is Over here, you can set it up for lead tracking. They have a lot of features that work for enterprise. They also are gonna limit how many people come to your website. So keep that in mind. If you get more than 5000 visitors, you might have to upgrade, you know, it's only an extra 20 bucks, but keep in mind, they actually will throttle you. So all we want to do is create a new page. Okay, so you can start from a blank page. I don't really suggest that you're here to validate your idea quickly. And all of these landing pages that on grounds gives you They've been tested. They have been designed internally, Overton bounce, and they've been using them over and over and over again, so they know that they work. And you don't really want to waste a ton of time making a landing page yourself. Because remember, we spend time and money designing it. That's time and money that could be completely wasted because no one likes your idea once you finally actually run your pitch experiment. So there's a lot of things here, and if you want to view them, all you have to do is just double tap. So they divide them up into lead generation called action and coming soon. So this would be a lead generation example. Now, what this is is Lee Generation just means there trying to collect information and then deposit that somewhere. So this is great if you're running a webinar or you have an online product that you need information for, Maybe you're running on online course or something like that. You need all this information from them. You're not ready to maybe set it up so they can purchase it, and I can show you an example of the this is just called a click through. All this means is that you have one big called action here. Could be anything you want by. Sign up, purchase, reserve anything, don't you submit? Submit is one of the worst called actions you can use, but you would click this and it just basically would log that someone went through the page . And if that's what you're trying to establish and in our case is this is probably what we're trying to do. We're just trying to prove that someone would click this button. So we want to make this something substantial, like purchase or subscribe or sign up or something like that. All of these pages, they work in these vertical kind of stripes. We have different sections as you scroll down. That's all optimized for people who are reading this quickly. There's no depth to it. There's no actual other pages. That's what a landing pages. It's literally just one page, but they're set up so that you can you can create them very easily. Okay, so not a lot of these work for mobile, but they do have some mobile options. One is right here but I'm going to show you how we can use this. Click the reversion called Maya and create something that looks very similar to our long truck page. So this is what it looks like. So what I'll do is I'll click this and I'll go down here and aim it happy our landing page . And as you saw there before, they have a lot of themes on theme forest. Okay, so right here. You see these guidelines over here? What? This is going to show you that you can't actually edit Over here. This is the viewing kind of box. So if someone loaded this on a web page, this is what they see. All of these are mobile optimized. So if you click mobile, um, they can show you what it looks like. Okay, this is what your mobile is gonna look like. This is specifically a mobile phone. It loads also as well onto an iPad. If you were to get really serious with this, you could actually change a lot of the things down here. We don't want to screw with that. Remember, we're just trying to do this quickly, so just you keep in mind This is what it looks like as you change things on the desktop. Things will change on the mobile side as well. So keep that in mind. As you move things around, just make sure that you do a quick take over mobile and you can change things over. Here is where you can add elements so you can add things like page sections, boxes, text image buttons, forms. You could embed videos. You do custom HTML if you want to. If you want to embed other things like Google Analytics, you can use it over here. But for the most part, everything on here, you know, you you're fine with. This is everything you'll basically need. Over here are the property kind of description. So if I were to click this or really anything on here, it's gonna allow me to change a lot of things so I can change the tax of my button body by our caps. Bye bye. On over here, you can pretty much like, for instance, if you click this is where you had set. Where does it go? Go to ur l since this is a click through page, what you would do with that is, you could either lead it to a PayPal check out page, or you could just lead it to another page where it says, Thank you for signing up for really anything. You could make it open up on email address so that they can send you an email. It's really up to you. The point is, once they collect that you've essentially validated that they're interested. Now it's a question of whether or not you could get them to purchase something, whether or not you can get them to give them your information. So over here you can change anything else. You can change. The color can change the rounded edges, etcetera, etcetera. It has a logo, which I don't think we should run with. But so we'll get rid of that. And so what I can do to essentially make this mawr realistically to fit to the mobile application? Happy hours is I can just edit things very, very quickly. Do I need a rocket in the background now? I don't get rid of that. So now we have a basic background that looks decent. Is it gonna be an iPad? No. I want to get people that impression so we can get rid of these two elements. It's going to be on the mobile phone, so that's perfect. So we can move this up over here. You can also increase the size. Anything on your canvas. You just resize like this so we can add this. Obviously, this section doesn't make a ton of sense for what we're doing, but I'll show you in a second. We can update that. Here's the section where we could put other things, like anything, anyone who's covered your information or who can benefit or really anything. Personally, I not going to use this section, and we can shorten this page sections just by moving these up and down in the page section now features features you could do features or we could do a process. It's really kind of up to you. Just keep in mind that it doesn't it doesn't really matter announces gonna give you a lot of free icons and free things you can upload here, so just make sure that you have something relevant. Don't get too worried about whether or not it makes complete sense. Remember, we're just trying to find the innovator group. And those people really don't care what it looks like. They just want the service down here. You can just use a fake review. You could put anything you want. You could be funny. Put something from yourself. Doesn't really matter. You. Can you just delete it if you don't think it's important, which, in my case, yeah, we'll go ahead and actually get rid of this because I don't actually have testimonials. That's not really so. We'll keep it even more simple. And we don't actually need this bar at the bottom. We could just pull up the rest of it to close it out. There we go. Okay. So that's what the page, actually, you know, we're gonna look like 4. Making the UnBounce page fit your idea: I'm gonna change this to how it works, since that gives me a decent opportunity to explain what exactly it does. So we will say it works. Okay, so now we can just start down here. What I would say is, let's just turned into a 123 step process I eating. That's sufficient to get the point across so we can use images that we can upload from our section. Or we can use it from UNB ounce themselves. They give you the option of using some of their information. So they give you a lot of stock images. We'll give you a lot of things that just basic kind of business icons. I'm gonna use this avatar over here, Insert that it's gonna ask me to scale or not Scale, I'm gonna say not scale. Otherwise, it's just gonna blow the image up and put it in this weird container. So it's a scale image, but I'm gonna say don't scale. Okay, so it's just smaller, that's all. Put that there. Okay, so yeah, there. So we'll get rid of this. No to drink, shortened to the point. And then we'll put some kind of basic description down here. That's where the text is. You could say you're thirsty. Okay, So you want to change the color toe white, so that sticks out. Otherwise even have a hard time seeing it on the actual text base of your typing. So we would say you're looking Says they make this impossibly difficult. Okay. Wow. Okay, so now we need to change this font color. I will change it to White. Okay. You were looking for a happy hour. Help have it? Probably not. Okay, so now it's double spacing, So I would want to change that somehow. - So we'll say you're looking for a happy hour. Does Yelp have it? Probably not. This needs to be simpler, so we'll change like that. This needs to be simpler. Okay, Now we go the second part of the process. Second part of the process already set up here because we have the picture of the computer and a phone, which is perfect. So we'll change this to first. We need to change it into a different color so you can actually see it, and we'll say, change this to download a lot of the app. Then I'll change that White Okay. So, honestly, I'm just trying to describe this as simple as possible. When you are in doubt, remember, K I s s keep it simple. Stupid. Um, that's easiest way of getting away. Getting across your product benefits. So over here will change the text. She used color so you could see it. Well said, No crisis will say download with the link above, It's free. It works. Right now we'll show you happy hours available right now. No. So pretty simple trying to get across and the feeling of a media see fact that they can do it now the open it it'll just work. It's always free. So they're not afraid that they're gonna download, they get charged. It's also helpful later to dissuade people from having the feeling that you're going to using their phone numbers for something. But we'll we'll do that. Ups there when we go up to the top third feature will just say, you know, this is the third part of the process. The rocket launch actually is fine. We could put an image of beer cup or really anything. I think it might clash a little bit with the way the design works. If you guys are really picky, you could go on to fiver and get this done. But for the most part, it doesn't really matter again. We're just trying to get across the feature description. So I would say find the perfect toys. Okay. I don't change it into the correct color. Ah, it seems to get shrunk the text a little bit for some reason. Try to upgrade it, Teoh what it was before So that the 35 that's 35. It's not really a 35 but it's what it is. Okay, so adds that. Get a little bit of a boost idea, ever. Um, and then here will finish off the text. Just say just the time. That was easy. Okay, them. So there you go. That's how you process works. All he did a swap out an image, You know, again, if you didn't want to use this, you could use five. Remember, when you go into five or though, just show them the picture of these images, they can copy the aesthetic, so it looks like it fits in Okay, up here? What? We're gonna dio I'm gonna make this a little bit closer to the center will make it a little bit larger. Reminds us of the launch rock page. And we'll just leave this like that for a second. Okay, Now we need to scoot all this over, so it's straightened out. Okay, so now we need to decide what kind of experiment we're gonna run now. You guys can mess with the guidelines over here. This is the position guidelines. L is just which pixel between left and right. And this is up and down so you can send it if you want. If you're really, really particular about how it lines up, do roughly like that. You can also move all three. I can show you you can do Undo control Z. You can also do it up there at the top, undo, like preview right there. So then we can actually put it back and use their alignment. So hold shift, click all of the objects, move them all over. Okay, so what we need to decide now is whether or not what we're gonna test for in this variation in this variation, we might want to just do a click through action. We just want to put some button that's going Teoh, prove that someone was interested in it. It's over here. We'll say, Sign up. Okay, sign up, and maybe we want caps. Find up. All right, so we'll put something here. Let's say what that line we use before was happy hour heels on your phone. You could even go a little bit farther and 30 seconds. Whatever. See, it was just a happy hour on your phone on right now, but that Okay, now I'm just gonna click it and move that section up so it fits. There we go now to say you you are looking for happy hour happy hour deals around you. It's simple. It's simple. Download the APP, open it What it happened. It and our application. We'll show you the best deals now that I can make up any features that I'm planning on putting on. This is where I contest out different things. I could say, um, 100% free could change this. If maybe if I wanted to see what people's reactions were to be costing money, say 100% free. Um, we never Spam. That's always helpful. And and you can always save your favorite locations. Well, it's a lot you can always share with your friends or something you can share instantly with your friends. Now, obviously, make this text line up with whatever your actual product offerings gonna be again. It change colors because there. Okay, so there we go. That's pretty much all I would need. I would probably want to put that beer apple beer image back up here so we'll pull that up . Okay, so this we're gonna insert an image or here so I click and drag it over. But in that space, and there we go. There's my beer. Okay, So now I can make it fit roughly fit. If you really picky what you can dio, um, is you can go into photo shop or I photo or really anything that allows you to crop and, um, crop this image so you can get rid of the white in the background or make it so they can fit a little bit closer. Um, I could shrink. It was a little worried about the proportions, not number. This is landing page. The Crimea. It looks then, Actually, that's a better test. Because then if people still purchase it, then they really, really want your product. If you're only selling people on the fact that your site looks good, then you probably have a week proposition. So anyway, this is what that looks like. We got a mobile over here. Of course, it's, um, completely lost its mind. So we have to clean it up. So and keep in mind, this is the mobile section, so we might want to change this up quite a bit. We're gonna put sign up there. Let's put the phone over here because this is you scrolling down on your phone. You might not want to stare at the same things, so I want to resize it. There we go. OK, so that's the mobile version. So imagine you're scrolling down, gives me the how it works and yada yada. Um, now, this is where kind of the magic of announce comes in. We can now create multi various test weaken do variations, a variations be we can scramble things around, change the colors, change the images, change the tax change, the features. We could do all of that and set up multiple variations and then test all of them OK, So in the next lecture, I'm gonna cover how to weaken. Take this page we've created and kind of go a little bit crazier with it by creating variations. Then I'm gonna show you how we can hook all of that up, and then we can run with it and see which text actually converts better. See if we have something that's a winner. See what features people actually care about the most. All right, seeing the next lecture. 5. Setting up A/B tests for you UnBounce page: Hey, guys, welcome back to the course. So in the previous section, I showed you how to get integrated with one bounce, how to create a page and un bounce. And I showed you a little bit of what the feature set is, how they work. You know how you use their basic text editor and really, how to get yourself acquainted. And then we created a landing page. But here's where the real benefit of unbalance comes in. We can now set up variants. So now we can do what it called a B test. A B test is it previously explained. Maybe you missed. It is when you have a design on this works for pretty much anything products, businesses, anything. In this case, we have a design, and we want to test whether this design is better than another design. And so what you're gonna do is we're gonna set up multiple variations of the same page. Gonna move tax, gonna change tax change, images, change colors, anything. Really. And then what happens is you're in a drive traffic to your web page. Now unbalance has everything built into it. So when you drive traffic to the page. I can tell it how much traffic I want to go to this variation. How much traffic I want to go to. This variation on that is incredibly helpful because they'll automatically do it for you. You don't have to set there and swap the page. Every single time you have a new user, it does it all automatically. And then when we set up conversion tracking, it's going to show us which one converts the best. And that's really what we're trying to get at because one design might be worlds better than the other design. This is very important if you want to really validate your idea. It might be the case that if you launch with wrong text, it might just not work. It might not get the point across, and it might just be that a little tweak here might make it look a lot better than it becomes seasonable. Okay, so I'm gonna show you on the screen cast now how we can take the design we had before. Do some tweaks to it, make multiple variations. I already did a couple tweaks, so you'll notice it's slightly lady video. Different. Um, but they're mainly just formatting problems. So we'll go over the screen cast. Okay, so we're back to our page, and this is pretty much everything we had set up before. I just changes a little bit over here. I got the sizing. Correct. OK, so other than that, I haven't touched anything now really important that you need to go and click. Save. Make sure you save your variations. Newbies to un bounds. Always run into this problem, will create something. Forget to save it. Move on and then it just deletes itself. So make sure everything works. Check your mobile one last time. It see it looks like it changed a little bit and then fix it. Okay, There we go. Okay. So everything's lined up. Looks like we're looking good. Okay. So now you want to do in order to create a new, very Asian it's up here, So this is gonna be very a and now I want to do is create a variant b the number of variations you're going to run. It really just depends. The more traffic you have, the more opportunity for running variations. You can you can actually have I strongly suggest you do make sure that you do that. So now what I did was I create a duplicate A very a. It's gonna give me a carbon copy of the same thing. And then I'm just gonna go around and kind of screw with some of the options. Okay, so in the previous landing page, we use the word sign up. Now sign up, infers that someone's gonna give you their email address. But the difference with a sign up button before is that they haven't yet given your email address. So there's an implication that they click sign up and it gives them an email. But it also doesn't really make sense because we say things like download the app. So in this one, I'm gonna change this tax right here. The called action to download. Now that makes a lot more sense. I could even say if I wanted to download the app that see, that might be a little bit too much download. Now is an opportunity we could try. Something like that will try Download now. OK, that sounds a little scam. Me because I put the capital's here. We'll see how it works up here. Now maybe want to pick a different tagline. Happy our deals on your phone. So let's try something else out. Will say se find happy hours on your phone. Now you might think that's a tear. Tiny, tiny, tiny difference. But anybody who's done basic testing for kind of copyrighting will know that small changes make a huge difference. So we're just trying something else out now. I do not suggest in general that you when you make a variation, you change too much because what will happen is you'll see it might convert differently, But you have no idea why. You don't know whether or not they convert better because the buttons better. They don't know if they're converting better because the text is better. It's best just to change a couple things and then run a test and then between the two, see one which which one does better. Then take the better one and keep changing things so it's kind of a snowball. So again, take a make your page, take be change one thing or two things test it. Whichever one does better, take the better one and then repeat the process over again until you get a really high conversion page. I'm going to show you very quickly things that you might want to change. This is not the smartest way of doing it, but I'm just going to show you some options because a lot of people, when they first get into a B testing there, like, what exactly am I supposed to be fixing? How much can I change and they become too conservative. So what we can do here is remember how we talked about how maybe we want to try different features? We'll do that in the next variation. So what we can do now? Um, let's say maybe. Let's give it a new beer mug image. So upload a new image. And I think I have a cartoon image on here, and so that might be a good option. So we'll go with beer. Monk three. But upload. Here we go. Don't scale it. There we go. OK, so maybe that's something else. This matches with a design before a little bit better. It's a PNG file, so it actually is transparent. Maybe that'll convert better. Okay, so we'll put that there. But one other thing, Maybe we could change. Let's try putting the text over here on the right side. And this on the left side. Remember, you shift, okay? And then we'll move this over his group on. Then I'm gonna take this, Skated over, then we'll put this. Take this, that Move that back over here. Okay, maybe that's easier to read. Maybe Personally prefer that. There we go. Now we got a second landing page. Okay, so download now and then down here. Maybe we change this up anyway. We change it. Teoh, change. Some of the text will say how to find deals. Okay, so since we explained appear before, I mean, we don't be completely redundant, so we'll say this and then, um ah, we'll leave this alone. Okay? So that's a variation. Be now. I would need to go back to the mobile. Make sure I change this as you see this a little bit off. Used these grid lines, tow line. Everything okay? And there we go. Now it's good. So save that one. Okay. We're gonna move into variation number three, create a duplicate of very be a Knauer in variation. See, I'm really gonna do three. I mean, you could do this all day, But we're not gonna drive enough traffic to do, say, 10 variations, That's why. And at that point, you're going past validating the idea and you just validating the design. So we're gonna keep this simple. Okay, So I'm gonna keep this on the left hand side what I'm gonna do in this version and I'm gonna change this tax and get rid of it completely. Now, what I'm gonna do is decide instead of a click through, I'm gonna test to see whether or not people will give me their information. And that is definitely some valuable testing. So generally on the scale of testing people who clicked through on your action button, that's a signal that they're interested. But it's a weak signal because all they're doing is clicking. They're not committing a lot of effort or information to you. After that point, the next way that you would test would be to ask for their information, then a call to action buttons. So therefore they're more interested because they're willing to give you your information. They trust your brand enough, and they're gonna click your button and then after that, then you can go and we're gonna cover this in a future. Lecture how? Toe add a purchase button. So now when they see a purchase button, that means they're only gonna click it if they're very serious about purchasing it. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go over to here on the editor and the editor, Remember, we have forms, so just click it, drag it, put it over here, and now I'm gonna design my form. I'm just gonna ask, they have pre defined fields. This is really nice because of what it does. It does validation for you. So I will just ask for their first name. It's all right, and I'm gonna ask for their phone number. Since it's an alcohol app, I'm gonna ask for their age. Okay, so I'm gonna make all of these required because I don't want people entering the things without it. What's nice here is that you can validated as a North American phone number. That's nice, because remember, maybe we're not interested in anyone. But since I'm testing this kind of well, actually, I take that back work testing North America so we'll keep it in North America. We want to keep our ads in North America and throw away the ones that somehow creep in from outside of the country age. Remember, we don't want to give it to someone who is under 21 so this gives a little bit of a feeling of kind of validity. Okay, so this is fine the way it's set up. Minute done. It's gonna add the text right here. I can change a bunch of stuff over here. What it does is it's automatically going to create a form button for you. And so what you can do is I can imitate this button as much as possible. But it's also nice to test different buttons. It's better. It's nice to test different colors. Nice to text, different designs, different color. Sorry, fonts. So we'll try something slight like similar, but not exactly the same. So the base color will pick a green. Ah, it's kind of a dark green, so he's a dark green space button. It automatically inserts these Grady INTs here so that when someone clicks on it, it depress is in a certain way, so you can tell what it looks like when it's see. That's the when you click, it flips that Grady it right there. Okay. And then tax colors here. If you want it to look more like the other one, you remove the tech shadow. See, now it doesn't have the shadow hanging over it. The border, you can have none. And so it's starting to look a little bit closer to it. I'm not gonna go for the same exact style here. You can see what fought. They uses you boon to We can change that form buttoned. All right, there it is. Okay, you're going to you go and form button, and I wouldn't want that. So gonna say download now? No. Okay. We could make this button a little bit bigger. Highly. I typically like big called action buttons, and people typically will convert better the larger It is so well up the size of the text back. Here we go. OK, so now we get rid of this button to move our four men and Walla. Okay, So now the question is, are people going to try to download the app give you their information based off of a very simple text at the top? Really? That's all it is. And if they want more info, this is all they're going to get. If you're able to convert this page, then you are setting on a very good idea. That's a safe kind of assumption that if people are that interested, they're gonna give you this information and here, and that's all they need to download it. If no one converts, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad idea. But you might want to go back and add more information, make it sound a little bit more legitimate. Add a logo, things like that. Maybe even get a like a halfway looking sand like a nim. Ege, that looks like a mobile application. Okay, so here s so now we have this variation. See, it's set up. I'd say this is pretty much raring to go. Okay. And then there's a couple other things you might want to set up when people see download now and you see a phone number. What they're assuming is that they're going over their phone number. Hit. Download. Now it's gonna text the phone number or text a link to download the app to their phone number. Remember, this is all fake. We're all just kind of fake a product to see people interested. But you want it to behave in a certain way so that they don't actually react negatively. So what I would do is change. You have an option to change your form. Confirmation dialog. I would just say, Ah, you say thank you. And then you would say we will text message you, you a link to the AB. Okay. And that's what's gonna pop up once they hit that button. So that's great. We go back to Main Page, will make sure to save our variation, and then we're gonna move this over and start get ready to publish it. So you want to close out the builder? Okay, so now we're at the full page. Here we have first variation, Second variation, third variation. Now, when it says Wait, that's how much traffic UNB, ounces going to direct towards each variation and what you all you would want to do is click it and then change it to whatever you want. So we could say 30% 30 hit, enter. Okay, so it's gonna change that to 70%. We want this one to be 30%. There you go. Okay. So it now if we had 100 klicks to our website, which could cost you roughly $50 to up to $200 I could even be is lowest 20 bucks in the highest authority. Don't. $300. What's gonna happen is 40 kliks. They're gonna see this first variation 30 clicks in to see this variation. And 30 clicks are going to see this variation now. Typically, I like to give him an even spread. But like I said, the correct way of doing this is only have two variations or three variations, and then see which one works the best, and then use that as a general format. So best practices would actually be to take this version, change a couple things here, and then make a new variation, go back to the original variation and then reorganize it and go over here. So you make broader kind of changes to see which page that people react to most positively . Then you start to narrow it down. Then you start working on text on buttons, text on paragraph, text wording, logo's things like that. Okay, and then this is gonna give you a conversion rate chart. That's not gonna show up anything right now because you know of conversion set up. But everything's pretty much ready to go. What I would do is I did publish Page and it's gonna publish it at that link that you just saw its un bounced dot com slash the name of your project. Now, if you did get a domain name, it's relatively easy to get your domain in here. So you did change. U R l You go here, add custom domain and then what's gonna happen is it's gonna give you directions to do it. So it's a sub domain or a root domain. Typically, a sub domain would be like if I bought happy hours in your phone and I wanted to do testing page dot happy hours at your phone dot com that I would do that. But a root domain is typically if you just wanted to go to directly to your page or like this, like a slash different page, then you don't hear domain, etcetera. You go through ad domain. It just walks you through the process of adding your domain. We're just gonna use the pages that they already have Now, if I were to click this open a new tab, you can actually see your page says It's now published. You can open on your mobile phone to a swell, and this is nice to check it to see whether or not there's any variation, issues or anything going wrong. Very, very simple. Maybe if I wanted to go back and redo it, I'd space this out just a little bit. I'm on a high resolution so you see a lot of space ever here. So don't be weirded out by that. Most people use smaller screens on laptops that's gonna cut off around here. Okay, in the next section were going to go over how you add conversion goals, a really simple process. 6. Adding conversion goals + dynamic text: guys, welcome back to the course. So in this lecture, I'm gonna show you how you can set up conversion goals and un bounce. Really? Quite simple, really. Only takes about a minute. There's a little bit of nuance to it, but otherwise it's pretty simple. Setting them up there will allow you to then see how many people click on the call to action button. That's what we're gonna define as something that would show interest. So if someone clicks the sign up, the download fills out the form. Those are all good signs. Now we set these up kind of in a tier system, the form being the most solid form of interest in the sign up being the weakest. Typically, somebody wants to download the items a little more interested than someone who's just gonna click. Sign up someone who fills out a form the most interested. Okay, so the way you want to do this is you just want to navigate to the builder in UN bounce, and then we'll take it from there. Okay, so we're back in the builder view, and it's relatively simple. If you want to add a conversion goal, it's right over here in this right pain. Um and it's gonna have for two of our variations this warning sign right here and it'll make sense. Seems to click it. Okay, so what it says is there currently no items on the page that he selected his conversion goals? Now the reason is because they collect this, but we haven't set up any actions for the button does. Now, if we set up an action, amounts can then check that that action has been called or it's been run. So what we want to dio is simply click on the button, go to properties, and it's the action that you have on often for Just go to your URL. This is where you type in literally anything. It just does not matter. Personally. I like to set up a page. It's in basic HTML that just says thank you for submitting or something like that. But it really doesn't matter. For these purposes, I'm just gonna say Google, So I'm gonna click on it. It's gonna cut a Google. They're not gonna be sure what happened, but that's not the point, right? We're just trying to see whether or not people will click this button. Realistically, you might want to have a button than pop up or go to a secondary page or they ask for the email address and check this. You couldn't set up multiple conversion goals, but in this case we don't actually need that because we don't have multiple buttons. But if I wanted to add a section down here where I said, Give me your email address that would be a different conversion. And so I want to track two different conversions. There's also things called Secondary Conversion. So say, if I click this button and gave me a pop up and then I typed in my email ID want to track both how many people click the button and how many people filled it out so I can no, you know if 10% of people click the button, but 5% of people click the button and filled out the form. I know that about 5% of people are abandoning after they click this, so they're interested but not very interested. That's what you do secondary conversion goals, for now that I've added just Google, I can literally just go to conversion goals now it's just going to button. I click that now. My conversion goals are set up, so we're good. When it save, I'm gonna do it for the other variations. So good a variation. Copy one. And we do the exact same things when cooked. Download. If you had an app, you could just put in the APP store location if you really wanted to be kind of simple about it. But we'll just do the same thing. We got a conversion goals. Click it. We're good. All right. Moving on. Save cut in the rate of the page three, Page three, actual as a form. So that's why we have a form confirmation dialog member. We set this up in the last lecture, so this one does not have the warning sign because it already knows that there is an action and that the UN bounces actually tracking that. So what we do is click form submission, and there you go. Now you have form submission. Anybody. Smits the form. Now it's gonna count as a conversion. Now, it's helpful to set this up here because because when you go along on the inbounds, you're going to see in their panel, and it's gonna give you a percentage of how many feel hit the page and how he will convert it. That's helpful because while someone might send out the form hit the button announces gonna give you that information, you're gonna get there first. Name their phone number in their age. That's helpful for you. And you could be. The question is, why can't I just look at the lists of people who've spent their information? That's how I know how many people converted, right? Well, yes, that's true. But this is just a convenience item. So if you click this, you can actually log in and see all variations at once. You don't have to log into the UNM out section that shows you all the submissions counted up and then compare it to how many people hit your page. You know, that adds another like two minutes of your day. But you could be doing this so many times that it just doesn't You're not gonna want have to do that manual every single time. So now that I saved all three versions Oh, I do want to Dio is close out the builder. We'll go back to this page. Now we have conversions set up now, once you start hitting traffic to the page will start calculating all of this for us. There's some other features in here that you don't really need to go over. But once you get better at this, there's a lot of stuff you can do. The point of this lecture and this course, really is to show you how you can use these tools and kind of show you how you can put a minimal amount of effort to get the most amount of gains the most out of are a way out of it tons and tons of small stuff worth looking into. There's a feature on unbalanced called dynamic text. That's something you can use one to get serious about running click ads and also if you're trying to test out different groups of people. So what it is is if you were to say, Let's say we'll go back to our page So the radio this is cooked page and use their page again, and then I'm gonna want to click over here and say at it, and they call your first version your champion. They call your second version. Your challenger. What did you do, Dynamic? Taxed? What I could do is click this. You have to upgrade for this feature, and that's you know it's something. If you're taking this very seriously, it's worthwhile. But what it does is it allows you to set up text that will display depending on who the person is. So let's say I was running ads for my three customer segments, one for people going on dates, one for people who are in groups going out to drink and then let's say one for bars or something like that. So now if I ran ad campaigns for looking for people on dates, what I'd do is I'd set the dynamic text to change, and then it's gonna give you these numbers that you input into your Google AdWords your Facebook campaign. And so when it hits the page on, Bounced knows that these people came from an ad that was referencing going on a date. So you change the taxi to say Happy hour deals on your phone for your date or something, like find your date the perfect place to get a drink and then you know you put the button is something maybe a little bit more relevant. Find love or something like that. That's what dynamic text is, and that's kind of an advanced feature. We can go over that in the future if you guys want me to. But for the most part, it's not really something that you need to run unless you get really serious about this. And let's leave already probably validated your idea so past that really, you're ready to publish your page. If you have a domain attach it. I would suggest changing the names here so you can quickly know what the difference is right. So here it's just a button. Regular text here. It's a button of the text on the right. Here's a form. That's what I change the names, too, so I can quick reference them. But otherwise, well, you ought to get republished page republish, is it? And then you're good. Other than that, then you're ready. Now you need to drive your traffic to hear Dr to this link, and then you can go back and start looking at your results, and then you're one step closer to validating your idea. All right, I'll see in the next lecture 7. Adding a payment button to your page: Hey, guys, Welcome back to the course in this lecture. I'm gonna show how you can go the complete distance with your landing page and inserted Buy now button with PayPal. Now, why would you want to do this? If you can insert a buy now button, then you can only tell what you end up doing is you're testing for people who see what you have and already want a purchase. So this doesn't actually apply to the Happy Hour page because we're only going for downloads. Right? But we can change the page slightly if he wanted to insert a buy now button buy. Now buttons are fantastic because if you do end up getting a purchase off of a landing page , you're in a very, very strong position. It means whatever idea you're testing is popular, and people are literally willing to put money on the line before they've even seen the product to buy it. And a lot of people think that's impossible. No, that's not impossible. All a lot of businesses get started by using buy now buttons and promoting basic landing pages are doing basic email kind of validations with a buy it now button. And once they've gotten that first sale now, you pretty much guaranteed that. You know, with this minimal amount of effort, you can get a sale. Really, really good position. So I'm gonna show you how you do that with unbalanced, actually incredibly simple. But so what you need to do is you need to go to PayPal, assuming you have a PayPal. This is my personal account. What I can do here is I just go down to the bottom left on my home page, and I go to cellar Preferences. You know, you don't have to be set up as a seller to do this. It's actually quite simple. All you want to do is go to it's gonna give you these options, go to PayPal. Buttons underselling online. Okay, so here, now, all we're gonna do is design a button, give the information on it, and then we're pretty much set. So what I want to do is I can pick multiple options now if your product idea our business idea is a subscription of its installment plan. If it's a donation, even if you're trying to do a nonprofit kind of thing, it is a gift certificate. You can pick all of these if it's something that, like you're doing an e commerce idea and you want to see if people purchase something by adding it to their cart, you could do add your cart. I'm going to buy now and then I'm gonna put the item name. This is just for your references. Happy hour map purchase. Put the price at the dollar. We can pretend since this is an app, will pretend like this is a really expensive, absolutely 3 99 right here. I can customize the button. I can add drop downs if I want to. What I could do here is maybe I could say, one year subscription, two years subscription, three year subscription. Remember, we're just testing. This is all theoretical. Then we could see what people are interested in. We could set at different price points and see what they want to purchase. That's one way of doing it. I want to keep mind simple. Here's another one. You could just put the option So you're offering multiple things, maybe, or say your your idea was a physical product and want to sell different colors. You could list this is, you know, red, blue and green. And then you can add a text field explaining what this is. So I would put 3 99 um, for download. Okay. So I could do that and say, done, There we go. So now everybody knows what that is. I can also at another text field if I wanted to. I don't really want Teoh anyway, so you do a lot with this. Customize the Texan appearance. A lot of people have preferences of over what button they like. Some people think smaller buttons convert better. Some people think large ones do better. I don't honestly doesn't really matter. I personally don't like the credit card logos. I think it's just unnecessary. Looks a little to visually cluttered, so But you have a lot of options here. You could say pain. How? By now, um, up there, you could have changed it if you wanted to be gift subscriptions or donations or whatever. I'll say bye now. If I wanted to go crazy and using the on button image, I could use my own button image, and I could say download. But I'm gonna show you how it's actually simpler to do that on the UN bounce set up because well, you can do is just take the button link and an inserted underneath the button that we've created before. So you have multiple options here shipping zero tax rate zero and they will use you know, my primary email address. If you have a merchant account user merchant, I d otherwise just should be fine here. You don't need to do any of this. This is if you're doing inventory. This is something you would do once you've actually gotten a real business going. Then we'll go to customize advanced teachers. Another one of these ones. They want you to upgrade so you can change a lot of the things. Right now, we're just using the free version because if they get to the free version, then they're really interested in your product. You can set it up. So like if once they clicked the button, they'll see a page that explains what their purchasing. And you could change the colors and put your logo up on it and make it look a little bit more seamless. But again, we're going after the innovators. Those people don't care. They just want the product. So it create button. Okay, so here, it's gonna give me the button code down here, and it gives you some basic explanations for how to do it. It's pretty simple in the Senate Select code. I'm gonna copy it to my clipboard. Should be good. Okay, so now I'm gonna go back to announce. Okay, so then you get to your page on the nor gonna want to go to the actual editor page hidden over here for some reason. Okay, So once we load it, we're basically just gonna select the button and a PayPal is gonna give us a URL and anyone who goes that you RL's automatically going to be prompted them to fill out the form to pay for whatever it ISS. So realistically, what I would do here is I would change some of this text and make it so it makes a little bit more sense corrected. Typo, I would say insurance. Okay, so I change from understand free and change it to 3 99 3 99 No spam. Sure instantly friends, Chris, Now that makes a little bit more sense. I change this to buy you know what people do. You sign up and then get surprised when they click the download so we could say, buy and download. That makes somewhat sense. You could also just do download honestly, personally, like to let them know that buys happening. But remember, we know how to do a B testing now, so try out both. So download now, here. Remember how we did go to hear l Google? They're gonna put the papal your oil. Now, I have to admit, I made one mistake here and what you have to do in order to get the girl. You have to go back and you can't actually have display text like that. You have to go and remove that tax. You're just gonna have to go with the buy now, button. It's pretty simple, but, you know, we can customize it later If you guys really interested in how to customise buttons like make a lecture on that and then we just go back and haven't regenerated. Okay, Now we just go to email. There we go. So now that's my code. And all I have to do is then insert that here. Okay, so well, Ah, now we're gonna go. I'm gonna publish this variant. Go here. Okay, so Variant One has now edited on We won't go here. Okay, so here we have the preview. All have to do is click the download button. It should write redirecting to the u R l Since we're in a preview mode, it acts a little bit weird. You have to actually open it. But once it's published, then it actually operates correctly. So there. Now we contest to make sure it goes here. Up. Here it goes. 3 99 asked me, say, with PayPal or I can pay with my debit card and that's perfect. Keep in mind, though, now that we have a PayPal button set up in our unbound page. What's gonna happen when you do conversion tracking? It's gonna track how many people click the download, but not how many people pay. So you're gonna have to track that on your own. There's other techniques for showing how you can actually embedded in your PayPal page. So unbalanced doesn't get confused and says a conversion is clicking the button. They'll tell you that a conversion with someone pays. Now that's a more advanced thing I don't think it really matters. I think it's important to grab both things. We could get a conversion from this. And a conversion from who pays that's not particularly difficult. I have to do is check your PayPal page so you paid and see whether or not you can validate it. I don't think it's worth getting into the code yet again. If you guys only to add an extra lecture on that. Definitely will. But otherwise, I don't think that's essential. So I'm gonna skip over that. Okay, so we'll go back to our page. Ah, there, I think. All right. And here, now, what we can do is if, for some reason you wanted Teoh display the PayPal button itself like the actual image of the PayPal button. You can also do that as well. So what we would do? Oh, my God. On Mount. Sometimes we're gonna go to edit champion. Okay. And so what we want to do is we're just gonna try to upload our own image and turn it into a button. Okay? So if you wanted to use the actual PayPal button, those don't work very well on landing pages. But for some reason you wanted to do that and show you really quickly to do that. So you would just get rid of our download button and then you go to this website. Congrats that up to the top, and it's gonna give you all of the images that you can use. Personally, I just honestly will just download the image. So just download it. Market is something I confined and then pull it up in unbound and in amounts. Then I could insert the image and then insert the u R l set that as my conversion. And then we should be good. So here will go here. Go to image at an image, upload a new image. Stop. Uh, there is by now. Okay, choose it. Here we go. And you could mess with it. Make a little bit larger if you wanted a bigger button. Just get a bigger button, though, from that page. Okay, so there, now you can click the buy now button. That's one way doing it. Not ideal. But that's if you wanted to do. And then what you would dio is on the link. You could then insert your PayPal button right there. okay. And then make sure to change your conversions. So now this is your conversion buttons to click that. So you make sure that you're getting a conversion. Also, remember to do this for every single variation that you have. If you're testing this, of course you could test it where you know, you have one button that works. That takes you to a papal page, and the other one doesn't see how they convert. Okay, so now you know how to put actual purchasing options on your pages. That's the ultimate way to validate you. Get a purchase. You know, you're doing great. Um, and the ideal kind of scenario here is that we go through this entire process and we get someone to buy it. That's by far the best thing you can. Dio. I honestly suggest that if you get good results, you start trying to sell people with using buy now buttons. People are pretty used to PayPal. But if they use the PayPal button to pay you, you know you're in a fantastic situation. In the next lecture 8. Keep the learning going: Hey, guys, I just wanted to say thank you for taking this class, and I hope you learned something. I hope what I said made sense and I was clear. If you have any questions, any concerns, just posting the group discussion all respond to you. You could even send me a direct message if you want to. I want to give you a quick word of how you could take the skills that we learned in this class and how to bring it to the next level. Learn some other related skills. So in this class we learned how to create pages with amounts. We covered some basic things, like how to do multi, very testing. We cover things like dynamic texts. We uncovered things like how toe throw in a buy button on how to generally position your message. Now you want to keep this learning going, have some other classes I think are definitely worth checking out. Specifically, I think you should check out Google and Facebook ads for absolute beginners. If you have an unbound page, you have an idea. You need to now introduce that to traffic and one of the ways of getting validated traffic is to show it to customers. Easiest way to do that is to get up and running with Google and Facebook. I'll even show how you do it for free. They're the ones worth checking out, is called to our and VP. That's one of my most popular courses. I specifically brought that over to skill. Share that one. I'm going to show you how you take an idea from scratch on a piece paper to a minimum viable product and to eventually idea validation. Okay, If you want to go further with your skills, check those out. Otherwise, again, Thank you for taking the course.