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Creating illustration with Monoprint

teacher avatar Dream Chen, illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. 1.introduction

    • 2. 2.preparing monoprint tool set

    • 3. 3.monoprint with acrylic paints and guache

    • 4. 4.monoprint with oil based paints

    • 5. 5.creating texture for collage along the way

    • 6. 6.Mix media final art with monoprint

    • 7. 7.sums up

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About This Class


In this course , you will be introduce to the basic technique of monoprint. monoprint can create beautiful and rich texture that can be applied when creating illustration. I will show you my process of how to make texture using monoprint technique. I will also show you how to combine monoprint to create a mix media illustration


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Dream Chen



Hello, I'm Dream Chen. I am professional children's book illustrator and independent animator 

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1. 1.introduction : e 01 Welcome to share second class. This is my second time sharing my skills in skin share, and I'm very happy to introduce the brand new, of course, called Administration with Mortal Printing Knicks before course study. I want to introduce a little bit about myself, my name a stringent and I'm sure, trader on my current publishing book. It's called Enterprise on the first day of School. More print is the techniques that I recent explore and have fun. I think it iss something quite unique. Using more Prince, you can achieve kind of that that is really on effective. It's not some type ofs demonstration that it can have 100% for all. So that's the phone. And, um, what is attract me about a little prince in this course, I'm going to introduce you the twelves. We're gonna need water print, so you're gonna need some Roeder's can off course, a job and also a some different types of pains. Course I will introduce you to a different difference between the acrylic paints in oil based, um after that's I will show you a demonstration of how I do that, Little prince, how I using Little Prince to create illustration the last in the course. I'm going to show you how I use the Mona Prince to combine with different types of other techniques such as collage, where you cover pan so watercolor and using pass out to create a mixed media ours. So I think this course is gonna be fun and get your hands dirty and let's just get started . So thank you for watching, and that's all together. 2. 2.preparing monoprint tool set : Hey, everyone, this video, I'm going to explain you how to use a very simple twelves. And what's the 12 sets that you're gonna prepare for? Different from the screen, printing or cup? Printing more prints is actually very simple, or you need is some paints. So what I prepared East at critic paints and oil based paint. Those two are a little bit different. And of course you need some rollers. Big one smaller ones, Caesar and Spoon. And also you will need a plastic wrap that we are commonly used in the kitchen. But we can apply that into making arts. And lastly, but most importantly, will need this plastic Joe, and we can roll our paints on top of its and them put paper helmets. And, of course, last day is the paper. That's all you need's for the moral print technique 3. 3.monoprint with acrylic paints and guache: Hi. In this video I'm going to give you a live demonstration process Use This illustration is created with the motor Brings using the paint Sakrileg and wash. You can see an image that I was spread some paints on the paper. This are Eglash paints and my using the rollers to Spratt. Hm. Different from using the brush. Using the roller can create that kind of tax chur and later I apply Ah, Dr Greene. And also by using a roller. Because using the model prince, you can choose to use a critic, paints or oil based paints. Ah, critic paints dries very fast and then complained with the water. However, de oil based paints A can mix the color with oil. Therefore, they dries more slowly. So when they using the acrylic paints, um, I just directly apply them on the paper because it drives pretty fast and they can cling it pretty easily. So, for example, in this image, I didn't use my brush to mix with the cutter. I put my paints on the paper and wrote it over to have that blending directly on the paper . In that way, I creates the texture, um, Mawr interestingly than just using the brush. As you can see, I'm rolling all my paints and bending the Carter directly on the paper. After DATs, you have the sick paints on the paper already. I'm using the Caesar to scrapping on top if it's so I scrapping my paper to create that kind of texture, which is pretty interesting. You can not have that kind of texture when you're just using the brushes so you can create all kinds of texture using the Caesar or on top off its The next step is creating those papers, Kenzo's, um, off those little round shapes, because when you using the more prints, it's hard to control the overall shapes. So usually I will create those papers Kenzo's to help me for certain shapes, as you can see, um, I cutting a paper ahead of time to create this Daniel alien round shapes. And then I put on top of my based paper. Um, that's taps. I'm using the plastic wrap, and I am I put Oh, my white acrylic paints on those plastic rafts, and then I pull those plastic wraps on top off the staying so and then using the roller to roll over its that way. Ah, I'm having this strange textured white again. I'm using the roller Ah, and spread my white acrylic paints on the plastic wraps and then put on top if it's on the on my Senso and them wrote it over two eights that white shapes and I I'm also using the pencil to draw the, um, strokes on top. If it's as you can see because of the acrylic paints they drives very fast. Um, and sometimes it's Hartley to Prince because it's dries ahead of time. So I have to be very fast. And now I'm using all my motor prints technique to create a basic foundation, a basic texture for for the main object in my illustration. Now is the time to adding some details. Um, color pens. Oh, is a good way to adding details. So in this picture, um oh, the major shapes was created using the mortal prince technique. For example, the only round white shapes off the dandy lion is created with the no moral prints and them . At this point, I'm adding the texture, adding the details, adding the leaves using the color pen so using the past hour. So you have, um, a lot to see, not just those simple shapes. Way, way, - way , way again. Here I'm using a stand, so to create a shapes off the leaves and rolling my colors on top if it's so in general when creating illustration using mortal prints technics, Uh, usually you don't half the details. Within the motor prints, you can create a general shapes for illustration. You can pray those fundamental shapes the major shapes your illustration in your composition and then adding the details with other different kinds. Off mediums such as color pencil past, though in that way you have a rich texture crated by Monet prints and also ah, lot to, ah, lot more to observe to see using the past Dow in color penso. So this is the, um, my process off, making the illustration combining with the motor prints way , way 4. 4.monoprint with oil based paints: How about one in this video? I'm going to show you my process of making a little prince from sketch should be fine arts different from the previous video we're going, Teoh, use the oil based paints this time. So let's get started. This is my sketch that I designed for theme Oprah s. So the first step ISS we're going to make some paper stand. So? So just using a piece of paper and cat. It's wherever you want to block the space. Um, you put paper skin, so on top. If it's now, as we can see, we make our paper stands. So, um, I'm covering the plastic Joe with the part of the stencil. So, um, whatever be covered will leave a white space in my final arts. And then you just tape your paper stencil on your past in jail, and that's step. We're going to, um, put on some paints on or plastic Joe. I want to apply the orange paints on my, um, plastic joe, but instead off mixing the orange paint ahead of time, I'm directly mixing old color on top off the stains. So, um, because of this, the color are not mixed evenly. So ah, creating this interesting, um, texture off yellowish, um, rat in oranges color. And as you can see, um, the places that I'm taping distance, so will oh, so put on the orange color. However, that will leave the white space in the final arts. And we're actually, um, trading the two pictures to illustrations at at the same time. So I think this is the fun off using the motor prints you can directly creating a two piece off illustration together. Um, so I'm having a little bit bigger, slow roller and smaller roller because, as he concedes, a little bit hard to, um, have that perfect branch whitespace. So later, I just decided to maybe, um, get rid ofs and soul and trying to applying my orange color, Um, Awad around. Um, after that's I'm using the, um, cutter penso to draw on top of my paints. So, as you can see, I'm drawing the branches to add a little bit more details. Also, I'm using the paper t sue to mopping the area that won't you have the white space? All right, Now we have the, um, colors ready. So I tear the paper Senso, and you have a perfect shape off this big trees. And next up is transfer our paints on the piece of blank paper. Um, so in the phone steps, you are going to really press the paper to leading a paper absorb. Oh, the paint's, um not only I'm using the roller. I'm also using the spoon to really scrapping my paper heart harshly. And make sure that's all of those pains happy transferred in June. My thank paper. Now is time to review the results. As you can see, basically all of the paints are absorbing or transferred into our paper. And, um, those white spaces are because off the stent. So where intentionally leaving those white spaces? Ah, while however, um, I think the details are not very clearly transferred. So, uh, again, I'm using the color pencil to draw more details. For example, we can adding the roots and also draw the branches. Um, I think if we only using the orange color, using the single cutter will be a little bit boring. So I have claimed my plastic jiao and want to adding another color on top off the orange cover. This time I'm using the blue. So it is so the same process where taping our paper stone. So on top am rolling our paints mixing orc paints directly on the plastic jiao. And, um, it's already be interesting with the paper stone so that you can see the even the applied blue, uh, on top of the orange color has creating this kind of interesting Connor makes together. I don't want the blue Cutler just directly covering everything. So before I using my before transferring the bluish color to my final arts, I'm using a, uh, a one of the sketch paper and then trying to create some of the materials trying some of the textures and those so to dilute the a blue color. So now I think it's OK to transfer my blue collar to the to my final arts. I'm trying to draw some shapes like, uh, draw, using the line to draw the faces people after . After that, I feel is too subtle and doesn't really looks nice on my final arts. So I changed my mind and adding bit off more yellowish to mixing blue become a green. Now you can see dad's the British color on top off. My orange is just a little bit knots covering everything. So that's the kind off effect I want. Your chief. I don't. I want you just cover in everything. Just so I want to leaving out some off the spaces but also creating the thickness off the paints, adding up together at the same time. And because we already have, that's really thick pains. I can using the Caesar to scrapping my arts directly to create a purchase. - Uh , next up, Dad's we already half a A space and a negative space for the two pieces. Fart. However, at this point a steel saying there's something missing. Um, I do feel that's it doesn't really have enough details in this piece of art. So after the Mortal Prince stages, I'm using the oil passed out to adding the small leaves on my on my art. So, as you can see, I'm using a different color using blue, using the orange, using the rat using yellow dangerously draw on my model prince. So here is the, um, my final arts I'm using Ah Kalash. Just you remember that little branches that use as the paper stencil. Now you can using as a Kalashnikov cereals to composites. The illustration and I'm also a cutting out several leaves. So here is my fine art. I'm actually enjoy a lot. Did you see those bluish greenish color that doesn't really mixed so evenly outside the paper? Senso. And you can see the sickness of the paint's and a lot of details. So that's the company Should not the From sketch to the Fine Arts. 5. 5.creating texture for collage along the way : Hey, everyone, welcome to create administration with our moral prints. In this course, I'm going to teach shoes. Um, off the basic techniques to create a different type of texture. A lot of time we do not using monitoring to creates a full, complete demonstration. We simply use it to aids some materials for the collage. So now I'm gonna show you a few simple tricks that can apply to and to have the collage materials that full of texture using mortal print As you can see here, I already roll my oil based pains on my plastic jiao and thesis sort off like a little experiment for me. Um wow, I was doing my fill illustration. I was also preparing the extra texture materials for Kalash. And I'm just using a random a waste paper you can see on the back. It's already, uh, draw some sketches. But that's OK because we're using for Kalash and, um, put this paper cover. It's with the oil paints and then you can see um, those paper have absorbed absorbing those paints. And you can using a pencil to tracing word to draw different strokes. So, uh, those curve lying is what I use the pain, so to draw and after that's you can, though so put different colors. If you remember that tree trunks, it's it's one off the paper stand so that we're using. Now I'm using it again to do thee, Francine, on my texture of paper. So I just to put it and wrote it over, and it will have that orange paints adding up together, uh, similar to the techniques. I'm adding a green color on top of my texture. And there you go. You can see I'm creating another random freeze and I can use it as my collage. Mature als Um, the next truck I will apply the stain these stale to Regula one that are using for cleaning dishes washing dishes. Um, already put all the oil base paint on the plastic Joe and I'm using those staying still to scrapping on top of it, so that naturally creating this round circle scrapping marks and after Dad's apply a white paper to cover its and the imprints so you can see the final result, which is quite interesting. It has the, um, white parts that be left out because we're using the stain these stale to scrapping on the original paints. The next race I'm going to show you is not necessarily related with the motor prints. All you need is a brush, a toothbrush and a paper stands. So whatever shapes you want to create and then use a slightly, um, putting your finger on the toothbrush m deep your toothbrush injured the orange paints in the end, putting your fingers up him down so those pants will be splashed as a tiny little spattered particle. Um, and you will have a kind of very interesting of fact that's like kind of like a mist like a fog. And if you want to have a doctor khodari of some play putting more paints and using finger Teoh, um, you just batter the toothbrush and what I hear STI final result and you can know so directly using your toothbrush to scrap in the scrap in D marks 6. 6.Mix media final art with monoprint : Hi everyone in this video I'm going to then everything together, combining everything together. So after we do the motor prince techniques, we have several paper. We're texture paper that's can be our materials to crave the pulling arts. So here I showed you my process off how to combine Little Prince with other different techniques such as water cover past How and paper kash. So let's get started. This is our original arts crating after more prince and this is the final art that I'm adding the mixed media with the watercolor. I think the overall effect is even better. So here's the process. I already creating one piece with watercolor and now I'm showing you the other piece. How I do it's way. Yes, so, as you can see, the water cover has that their lights and water ish kind of a fact. On contrary, Mortal prince has a very happy kind of texture, which is a very interesting contrast, and also consider having that negative space and black and white contrasts mind you have to apply. That's very light, but a car, because you don't want to people drew attention with the my important details. You want people to focusing on that Mona Pring trees, and the rest off the watercolor is just extra. Or it's a decoration to make your illustration better, but you don't want to be too messed up. You don't want to apply the very dark color to distract people's attention. So that's why older watercolor I'm picking ace lights, yellow light orangish and adding a little bit self purple now is the fine arts. I think it's better with the watercolor decoration around. It has more detail. We passed more, more storytelling. It's you can see there's rabbits. There's a bird I'm doing with the water color you can imagine This s a animals coming with the trees. So the rest of the video ace my process, showing you some other different option that I, using the mixed media to combine with Monta Print I foods to remember that we have this clash piece ratting to put together. So I'm cutting out. Thus, a big tree, using my collage material and then adding color pencil mixed with the past out to add a little more narrative. Within this piece, it's like four little blue kids are guarding this tree, protecting the environment and the next piece is also I'm using the mortal print texture that prepared clash. So I'm cutting the main stream shapes and back room. I'm using the past out Teoh have a dark blue, making the yellow more pop up, and am using the clash to cutting little shapes off leaves and that sets you can see with Indy Motile Prince technique. You can adding passed out water color. So I think model prints. It's a good foundation, and you can combine. It's combined with other type off different technics. 7. 7.sums up: Hi, everyone. This is someone asked course off Pray administration with more prints. This course I will give you an sure some. So think about all the past deal has forced. You have learns first before we have to, um, distinguished from the acrylic panes and oil based paints. Generally, acrylic paints and wash paint's dries much more faster than oil based paints, So the technique where are using will be directly rolling our paints on the paper. Or simply just's roading are paints on the plastic wrap and then pasted on a paper. Uh, on contrary, The oil based paints tries much more slowly so we can put the paint's on a plastic jiao and them covered a paper. Transfer our paints again. That craze, a different kind off attacks chur, I would like to say stand. So is Mona Prince best friend because model planes can't have very detailed shapes, it just roll over. So remember to tape a sense so half the general big shape before you, um, putting more details. So I say, doing a Mona print you will have to think of in the bigger picture like What's the general ? Bigger shapes in your picture and Ban using the motor prints. Third, I think motor print is just the foundation. We have two, adding more on top if it's, um So I already gave you example, showing the motor prints with watercolor and mortal prints with passed out. And I was so moral Prince combined with the collage, using mortal prints to create the texture of Kalash All off the above examples. I hope that can inspire you. And that's it. That's the all of our course, and I hope you get something out off its thank you.