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7 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Resident Evil Remake

    • 4. Details

    • 5. Layers

    • 6. Angles

    • 7. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is about how to create backgrounds. First, I will give you some tips of how this or that background was created, giving you good examples coming from the game Resident Evil Remake. I comment on the videos, but this game is a bridge of what I consider to be games and static images. Then, as the videos go on, I give more examples to reiterate the tips that I already gave to you and go deeper on the analysis of that specific background. So, shall we begin?

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: do you by everybody. My name is Gabriel, and once project, we'll talk about how to create backgrounds. The objective here is to give tips about how to construct them, which ever angle And no matter how changing the perspective is supposed to be, this video is for our artists that get interested in creating backgrounds, so let's get to it. 2. Intro: so right off the bet. I'll talk again about games, and the 1st 1 is going to be resident evil remake so outright to give as many examples as I can from that game. I chose Resident Evil remake because I think that the bridge between games instead, images like the camera estates put while the characters moves around. So it's a great opportunity for the creativity comes in and have unique angles and perspectives. Then I will be talking about probably my favorite artists, Gen Z and the game is dead. She got responsible for the artworks. Best Chin Turns Eastern and Fire. She has a unique style and has done some amazing work for these games. Then I'll give a few shots as example. Off the game. Ori and the Blind Forest, a plataforma game that has a barrel X camera that rose with the character and to a physicist. Shots don't give more examples about the game. Benner saga a very similar game to the previous at least generation should backgrounds for last. I'll talk a bit more about the most used Ingles and how it's important to define the vanishing point for what is yet to come 3. Resident Evil Remake: Let's start by analysing the backgrounds, angles, perspective and everything related in president if re peak. And I try my best not to extend myself on every shot because it's going to be a longer video first picked it. This shot off the first time that you can control the character, the intention to the character and how the perspective makes her small. While everything else looks speak columns, the plates, the cook, the candlestick, even the door behind her looks huge. If you don't know what the game's about, it's a survival horror. Net has esteem, zombies, the possible characters that you can choose our Crease and Jew because this is the first game off the franchise. They are experiencing all these for the first time. What many players can interpret from this shot and myself included, is that everything that is happening is way bigger than you. Therefore, the trolls and angle and perspective where you look small comparing to everything else around you. Very cool, let's say, opening shot. The next shows the how in the interests and again everything is bigger than you, including the Candlestick terrorist on the for ground. This angle is usually used when you need to show the majority off the background and in the first screens that you can controlled. Whoever character Net chose the game has to do exactly that. Allow the player to fit in to explore the environment. Well, you see again this angle in how it's called in the last video because it's one off most used. This may seem at first sight. Just part off occurred, seen or unplayable shot that they add it in the first place, but then removed, mainly because off the light that comes in through the window. But, no, it is a label part off the king. So the first advise you that I would like to give to you. It's hide in the shadows. Things don't matter. For example, we can see here on the right side one curtain, but we barely see the order. We can only assume that's there because this threat is doing its job, whether in games or, if make a single row, keep what you don't want others to see in the shadows as the ice are attracted to delight. Here's one off my favorite shots. Look closely. We have to do here under corridor behind her and what seems to be stairs ahead of her. You can see from the static picture but addition and here is winging slightly projected, its own shadow on the wall again, the eyes are attracted. True delight toe what they realized that has a defining form. But in this case, we have a shadow off. We don't know what, since we barely see the chandelier top one light. So this is the kind off the whole that the players come in and think. What is that? Only then, approaching the source off light. It's defined as a chandelier is intentional as limply wise. The character is supposed to have to delight the same way Jew is going in. The first police, he or she enters this room. There were no coincidence nor accident. When Capcom created resident Evil remake and one last detail. Did you notice that the camera is lightly off menace like the finishing point for this background was a little incline it Oh, debilitation. Soon the player realizes, if I'm not mistaking that this part off the mation does not offered threat whatsoever. This next shot hits home. Minimus Ju is here, and there's a single source off light that's coming from the left that appears to be fired . Now that is enough to eliminate the huge coughing that's changed through the roof. A great call interest as we can see total darkness and at the same time, intensive brightness that is coming from the fire again. A clever way to show what matters and height. What doesn't. It may be difficult to identify because off the rock surface, but this single, it's kind off the opposite. It is one. It is intended as well to show the environment the background. Only this time it shows more to the roof. Therefore, the coffee In this scene you're clearly on a graveyard do tradition Tombstone that appears on the for ground, including the many layers that you can find in just one picture is the reason that I chose is shot. Count with me. Here we have the 1st 1 with a little grass and degree. Then we have the second with defense. Then we have another layer containing Jew, then yet another fence behind the character. And finally, the background behind hero that appears to be a forest one true three for Fife. I think that is the comer with most layers that you can find in the game, and we're going to have a video just for them. But you can see here that a source off light is coming from the left and illuminates mainly they want containing the character, that being the church, leaving the rest off layers in the shadows, meaning that the most important contains the character. I also noticed how the camera is almost to the ground because we can see the grass over here. That grave appears to be huge, almost a stole issue and the difference in height to defences. Why we can see one entirely, the other doesn't feet scream. I chose a more closing short this time to show you that there can be times where the game is focused more in the character and shows off very little about the environment that we just entered, at least in the first camera shot in the new surroundings. All we can say about this specifically shot is that there is a limp or it looks like one to the right side and there's a corner on left because off duo paper and the door behind you that's it. No more stuff can be said about this shot. The next couple images are seeing like outside off the mission, almost as if someone or something wasn't watching Jew. And indeed do were, as we can see here, that more zombies guardian breaking through the window. This framework is very pickle. You're as is one off the very few that card from outside to the inside. And it looks like more from the view that has the window stood intact, that the main source off light comes from outside, as we can see here, the window and not just its silhouette. This following shot. It's made almost to the top and has a name as well as we are about to see. It's made his way so you can see the entire environment and have a notion off. Depth off. How close the enemies Here on this example, you can see that lonely is at Mex true, steps away from Jules. But here and here, this notion off death can be very hard to establish if the enemy is behind the character, each one off the most tricky angles to settle as you can see. Like I said, the entire environment. The next couple images could be replaced by one shot that shows stop bottom similar to the previous shot. Instead, they chose to divide into truth, one that shows the way Jew is coming and one that she's going to the lower floor. The candlestick appears on both, and they provide great examples not only for the perspective off something that it isn't easy to do. That is the stairs, but as well as examples for the angles that is shown by each one. The next x simple off a shot is great. There is no way for you to find what disease bodies chair. And yes, the camera has being placed on this chair, a single force off light that barely letters concluded that is indeed a chair, but on the other hand illuminates the door and you clearly and it's a little off menace and not center on the character. Similar. True, the dark hole and so is great truth. The following shot, which is position it off, run underneath the night stand. Truth, the truth be told, we can only assume that it's a night stand and to we see the next strapped that is positioning in the opposite corner. Events denied stand, since this room offers no danger to the player, but it's very tight. It's needed both creativity and courage in position. The camera it where it's stents. Creativity is speaks for itself. Encourage, because it usually has a high chance off turn out weird. It could, for example, ended up cutting off the head off the character. So from this is specifically shot, here is my advice. Be creative sometimes if the perspective and the angle are too obvious, frighten everything outside off the box, and we can take true important lessons from each off the truth images both already mention it. One is to try to hide, thinks that don't matter in the shadows, and the other is work with layers. Here we can see that this ice off that candle. It's much bigger comparing, for example, to the top left painting. And one less thing. Did you noticed how it's almost impossible not to look at this candle? It is because it's position it almost in the points where it would highlight it the most. You would have to apply the rule off the third, defining both high and with with intra tree parts and where those lines meet it were eat highlights even more so. Remember that. Try to position wherever you need to highlight in those points or close tweets in the sequence. There are a couple of shots off the forest outside the mation and on a path to a cabin. They are the same shot with the exception off in the first Jew is going through the Kevin and in the second she is returning for in it. Pay attention to the left side. Off this tree there used a well hidden and static. It's so me there. I think this was a very clever way, Chuck mess with the player's head because when you're going to it, the path is clear off enemies. But in the return off the cabin there is a zombie there motionless, and the trend off when you're going to it is to pass by the left side off mystery where including you can see more clearly the Beth and they thought the player is probably going to take the same road. So let's put an enemy there and is to a very efficient way to use the background through their advantage when it couldn't get inside the player's head. At least in my opinion, this shot is very similar to this one. The exception off source, off light being in opposite side, and his one has more a bottle top and go to it. We can see the door entirely as we can see more off to, and this one has a little more contrast. That previous in the background for what we can see is a little more rustic, since the walls as well as the door are made off would, and we can see a spider web over here on the corner. Speaking of Reach, the last true shots at 1st may seem weird, like the cut off Jew so we could see a dart part off the image for what purpose? The concert will soon appear, as we can see. Ah, huge spider coming down on you. By the way, the specific camera angle on the piers, once a great way train, reach not only the camera angle but the first appearance off an enemy as well, in this case off by Spider. And with that, we finished going through resident evil remake shots, the only kind off media that I could think off that shows a variety off angles and perspectives 4. Details: Okay, so now we're going to talk about the remaining off the topics giving to you examples off five games Bastion transistor fire already and the Blind Forest and the Bender saga. But first, we're going to see markedly the work off Gen. Z, the artist responsible for the 1st 3 games. Artwork She usually makes her age, though, painting very lively, using pretty saturated colors and amazing work. If you ask me, but we get to that later, we'll analyze that it they use first. And what I mean by analyzing details is actually highly military use and show on Lee what matters as stated before. For that, that's began analyzing an illustration that Gen. Z made for Bastian again. An amazing work, but he has its force. First of all, it's true colorful, but that's not the problem. The problem is that you don't know where to look first, and it's scouted by how colorful the illustration is. Even the character get lost in all. Dismiss when planning a background first French position the element that you need most to call attention on those encounters off the lines off the roof off the third, like the candle on resident evil shot. Then, following this example, hided details in shadows or, for example, in the fog or mist or his mook like this shot off the Benner soccer. You barely see the details on this mountain because it is almost the same color as the sky that one further away, he is a little more visible, but just barely. They are off the same grayish blue white tone. To sum it up, they have the details, but they are very visible because off the color. So in other words, it doesn't matter if you are going to hide details in black or white as long as you hide them. So other details that you consider to be more important could get more permanence. It was example. The burner that has been carried attracts much more attention than anything else on the screen. And to emphasize that here's a norther, great example, if not better. First we can see in the foreground a city then, due to the distance, the environment, it starts little by zero gain a more grayish stone here owns mountain. We can see some houses, but as the death to ex place we can see is agree. Mounting behind it, there is another mountain with a flesh off sunlight over it and the shadow off, the first mounting also over it. And then to the left side. We could barely identify another one, almost invisible to the ice and almost in the same color as the sky. Like it's really difficult to see drew to a blizzard, including we can see the white birds here because off the huge agree mounting behind them. So we can only assume that they wanted us to look at the birds because they could easily hide it in if they really wanted to. Inspired by it, I made my own illustration of a Viking. The Viking is attracting much more attention than knows trees behind him, not only for the size and the position, but also for the colors. So we concluded that not every detail must appear on the background. Just like the illustration off Bastian. We can see that there's not much differentiation from the foreign ground thrown what's behind it and including these is our next top layers 5. Layers: and we will open the next the top with the same picture from before. There's no way to tell what's on each layer. For example, this piece of flint with book it the pickax and the lantern on the foreground is only Abdus for this ice, and over there in the background way in the distance, we can see another layer, the rest. There is no way to tell the difference. One can say that the projector off Gen. Z Waas indeed, to make a colorful illustration. But even so, the other example off Bastian, she got it right and with subtle changes. First, the angle is like coming from model top, but is lightly not too much as we can see from the pose off the main character. Second, the colors she used also contributes to eat because she didn't stop using her style and at the same time she used it. For example, on the ground, that main character is standing on basically in the same tone off grin with his more variations. So it looked like it's blurred but isn't actually not, and she gradually makes it darker. As we approach the address went an example. The color off the eye off this creature over here. It's not the same as those one on the bottom left. This is more detail. You made me realize much time later that they were indeed the same creatures that does tree . Third, we can see that she established very well behind what these big and blue creature is supposed to be. And for last here we have marks the top, the forest, which blends in with the color off the sky yellow exactly what was missing in the first example. So come with me. One Lee year for the chunk off herds. The character is on two layers. We could count the very character and knows creatures. Three lay years hold those chunks off Earth that are floating around and the creatures that are hiding as the our home in front off big creature. For the years they're very big and blue Creature five layers the forest and six layers another chunk off floating land that we see on the back. It helps when some things are in front off. Others, as we can see here. The next example is a background Gen. Z made for another game. Transistor do you think that is? Attracting the ice is, without any doubt the yellow red lights over there in the distance effect. The whole illuminated city is much more highlighted than the foreground containing these beauties. Knicks in the air kind off blurred like you are appreciating the view front one off those windows, that it's the same level as this one, but with look focused in the distance over the city. So the objective here is to bring the viewer into inside the picture in Drew inside the background, setting out and increasing. This is off realism. In truth, the layers. This next shot is work again, off Gen. Z for the game fire. And again the focus is owned. The justice on the caravan, including the feeling East off something tight is Quist. Almost 2/3 off. The image is not on the center off rotation. It's black angry. The feeling is that you're watching this thing through a gap in opening that you are a little hired in those birds. Observing. Just observing is next example. It's from RT, and the blind forest in the sense again, is that you are there in the forest seeing this scene watching those true eating, including the focus is on those true creatures. The same thing can be said off the next shot that appears to be hiding details that don't matter in the shadows. This one is also from the Ori and the Blind Forest. And this time there is some kind off flag owned religion with the wind really close to the viewer. The closer you put something to the viewer, the bigger it appears, because off the person Mitty more out of focus is supposed to be and more it blocks the sentiments behind off It is last example is from the burner Steiger and thats comes through the years one the street on the firm ground. True, did caravan three do you behind it? Four All off those trees and five a forest over there in the distance. So again, to summarize Dingo, when you use layers is for you to bring the viewer into inside the background. Setting out and increasing the sense off really is through the blur that indicates the where the I must fall upon into 6. Angles: for lest Let's talk about angles. This is a background off and night icky that I created. As you can see, it's vanishing. Point is coming out right in center, off the image. So I would like to make sure you understand off how important eighties the butte off these lines and the position off the vanishing point. Because if you don't match that right, your background has great journalists off coming out crooked because off an early mistake, you can tell right on time if the background had some triple in the initial steps. So make sure you build the vanishing point as well as these lines that come out off it in the best way possible. You can trade my doing something simple first like I did and only then try something a little more complicated. Now I would like to present to you tree off the most used and common angles you can find out there. The 1st 1 is called Low Angle and is basically a bottom top angle with the camera in your the floor, and they mean up to the feud off Asia. This is the result. The base off your projects that appears sing much bigger do in the top the same or project like this drawing the higher the element. Yes, the more deform it. It will appear to make this kind off angle. You need to work with three vanishing points, one off each side and make sure they are not near each other and one on the top. The image will appear somewhat. Affirm it. If you put them too close to each other, they hire you. Put the top vanishing point, the more characterized your low angle will be. As a result, we can see also they sitting in these big, simple, off resident evil remake. The camera is supposed to be only floor, as we can still see it, but just barely. The result is a never end, an extra far ceiling he can see. How is Morgan Trended year is because off the vanishing points are far from each other. The next one is called High Angle and is basically the opposite. Off the single, it's a top borrowing with the camera near the roof and naming down. This is the feud off Bishop. That's the result. The top off the objects. We appear much bigger then its base like this word room, despite not being told again, the higher the element is, the more deformity eat where you appear and again to make this kind of angle, you need to work with the max vanishing points possible 31 off each side and one in the bottom off the image. The same thing happens to the high angle. The image we appear somewhat deformity. You should put our small Justin's between those three, and the same kind of concept can be applied here. Lay low where you put the bottom vanishing point, the more characterize your high angle will be. As a result, we can see the floor very clearly in this example. Off the better soccer, we can see that the camera is fixed somewhere on the sinning, another genius of you off almost the entire environment. And this is resident evil remake. We can see the same action earlier we saw on the low angle, but this time it's huge, almost characterizing the third most used angle. The I Burke's view. This time the camera is fixed in the middle off the ceiling and give us a straight shot down in this. It's suit off vision. Everything that is presented in the environment is seen from the top in this thing off resident evil because off the perspective, we can see, for example, that the superior part off the store it's much wider that the bottom. So we conclude that one vanishing point is enough for US tribute, This kind off angle it can be moved around, but in more centralized it is, the more characterized the I birds view wing go, we'll be in this other example. It's almost centralized. Why you in this one, the vanishing point is a little more to decide, so to summarize, went to use each one. The low angle is usually used to show the greatness off the background. Why it shows the smallness off the character lost in the middle of it. It's most effective when you need to create a huge environment. The high angle is, on the other hand, most used to show the extent off the background. This spread how far it goes while show it's the tales. It's most effective when you're few, didn't need drag the bench off the tails and want to show, you know, art once is also good for setting to show the environment. And finally, the I Bert view angle is used when all off the background must be shown in one picture only , or the place is so tight are you want it to if you like this, that you are left with no other options usually is most effect for a specific place like elevators. 7. Summing it up: So, to sum it up, what we have seen homes project off creating backgrounds. There were tones off examples off resident evil remake details. And in the years that we have found in the work off Jonesy already in the Mind Forest and the Bender Sagar, great examples and the most used angles, so that's it.