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Creating and Presenting PowerPoint

Ashlee Vaughn

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6 Videos (24m)
    • Welcome

    • Lesson 1: Techniques

    • Lesson 2: Organization

    • Lesson 3: Content

    • Lesson 4: Presentation

    • Lesson 5: Final Preparation


About This Class

Creating and Presenting PowerPoint is designed to help you in creating and giving a PowerPoint presentation for work or school. I will discuss techniques and tips that I have learned in hopes that they may help you in your presentation.

In this course we will discover:

‣Ways to create and design a powerpoint that will make it visually attractive and readable to your audience

‣Ways to organize content on your powerpoint slides

‣How much content to present and to what level should you go into in during your presentation

‣How to present your powerpoint to your audience

‣Tips for prepping the day before and day of your presentation





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Hi! My name is Ashlee Vaughn. I am a teacher from the United States and I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others. I am excited to be able to use Skillshare to teach classes and to see what projects and courses other teachers are sharing with the community.

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