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Creating an interior design scene in Adobe Dimension 2.0

teacher avatar Anna Natter, Freelance Senior Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part 1 - Assembly

    • 3. Part 2 - Assembly

    • 4. Part 3 - Lighting and post processing

    • 5. Me talking verrry slowly and too much blinking...

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About This Class

For the new visitors welcome to my channel!

The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s most famous museums. It’s located in Amsterdam, and it’s a must see for everyone. The Rijksmuseum’s collection illustrates the history of The Netherlands, from the Middle Ages to the present. 

But how is this is connected to Adobe Dimension?

End of the last year Adobe custom curated 28 physical objects from the Rijksmuseum collection and transformed these objects into 3D models, Inspired by the original works.

I had the honour to contribute in the Adobe blog article about this amazing project and create a scene in the interior design category. I chose to create a baroque style room, and built my scene in a way that gives us the impression that someone just left the room. At the end the scene came together nicely, resulting in a very rich and beautiful interior. In this tutorial you can follow step by step how I created it. 

You can download these models for free from Adobe Stock.

You can read more about this on the Adobe blog.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Natter

Freelance Senior Graphic Designer


Hi everyone,

My name is Anna Natter and I'm working as a freelance graphic designer for 14 years. My main field is Adobe Dimension/ 3D Illustration at the moment but I also work with many different softwares and on wide range of projects. ( Motion graphics, Broadcast, Print, Digital art, etc) You can read mode about me and what I've been up to in the last few years on the Adobe Blog.


I started to use Adobe Dimension right after the Beta release in 2017 and I use it every day ever since. In the year 2018-2019 the Dimension 2.0's splash screen was my artwork, which is I'm the most proud of in my entire carrier.

3D is easy! If I can do it you can do it too! You don't need anything else than a CC subscription and Adobe Stock acces... See full profile

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1. Intro: hi, everyone for the new visitors. Welcome to my channel. My name is on a lotta and I am a graphic designer. You might have seen this picture. This is my artwork. If you're curious what I'm doing, you can find the links in my profile. Durex Museum is one of the world's most famous museums. It's located in Amsterdam, and I must say, for everyone the Rex Museum's collection. It was traced the history of the Netherlands, from the Middle Ages to the present. But how is disconnected to Adobe Dimension? Adobe Custom curated 28 physical objects from direction same collection and transformed these objects into three D models inspired by the original works. I had the honor to contribute in the other people or Gatica about this amazing project and create a sane in the interior design category. I just to create a buttocks tattle on B of my steam. Innovative gives of the impression that someone just left at all at the end seem came together nicely, resulting in a verge and beautiful interior. In this tutorial, you can follow step by step, how it created you can down with these models for free from Adobe stock, and you can read more about this project on the adobe block 2. Part 1 - Assembly: after opening a new empty seen in Adobe Dimension. But I always do. First is I changed the campus eyes. After that, I still liked feet the campus, so the campus is entirely visible. If you prefer, you can change the team toe dark in the preferences. I imported the background image to the scene, matched in mid size perspective and created the environment light from the image. I place the carpet and corrected the perspective manually. I chose the carpet is the first object in disdain because it's a good reference by placing the other models the main. Abducting the scenes is the canopy bed I imported. The gold cannot be bad murder into the scene on placed it on the carpet and rotated. I didn't like, uh, the shape exactly. So I scaled it. So it looks a bit longer after the bad are important and placed the wood cabinet next to the bed scan and rotated it. I use the bed as the reference point to determine the right size and placement. I important and place the Chantix of the bad scared and rotated it. It has to sense the Swedes better if things are in front of each other, so I play the chair to be in front of the window and the bed as well. The next one in line is the table. So I imported in place the table after the chair scared and voted it. It's a smaller table, so the armchair waas my reference point, so scale it to the right size. At this point, I have to tell you that, ideally, recommend using the season libraries for important with us. That's what normally I do, Boy. Also synchronized models from Adobe Stock on It's so easy to use. But when I created this thing image, these race with their mothers were not only on the stock side yet, so that's why I chose to import them on. So after replaced the wooden cabinet into the scene, I started important mothers that are placed on top of it. So the blue green base model, for example, the cabinet is happening toe. Find the best place for the base eso. I first move it on the floor to find the left corner of the cabinet and then I move it upwards. This way, I always find X y Z excess in the space Sometimes it's difficult to orientate ourselves in the city space. But when I use other objects with references, taps a lot, it's important to talk about the camera bookmarks at this point. So I had to be sure that the models are not overlapping, so I saved the kennel. Come interview on, I could take a look from another angle and then go back toe my original view with one click . I imported the blue personal ways scared and placed it on the right side of the pendulum clock. I used a Cabinet for reference, and I tried to turn the vase to the anger where the light reflections are visible nicely. 3. Part 2 - Assembly: After that, I imported the flower into the same. I feel it in the original glass vase and place the flowers in tow. The other waste. I use the safe camera position again toe. Place the flower right in the middle off that race. It's always good to check the composition from another view from another direction. And just to make sure that everything is at the right place, I wanted to change the color of the flowers for the shop toe appear that color. So I was the replaced color toe and then saved the PSB in for the shop. It's overrides the color in dimension right away. After this, I studied to place the object on the table first this uber lamp, which is the metal object and can be used as a reference point for the other objects. After I place the jewelry box on the table and scared it to the right size and checked it from closer and from a different angle that they're not overlapping to make the same or living, I placed the glass objects in the same. In my opinion, the glass and metal objects always make a scene. Moria. I wanted to bring something dark red into the same. So I decided to place curtains behind the bed after the important scared of rotated it on duplicated it. I place the second curtain next to the 1st 1 behind a cabinet. The next step is going to be a little bit tricky. I want to change the pattern off the curtain, so add import another texture onto the curtain. Then I click on the little pencil icon, and I opened the structure in photo shop from the Fetterman. You there is that seed CD option and so that you can create a normal map out off your image . I saved it as a accepted file. So when I go back to Dimension, I can change the normal map toe. These non member on it is going to make the embroidery off the Gerson. I scared the pedal into the right size than place the pedal onto the other curtain with the sampler tour. I important the pillow into the scene, scaled and rotated it. I used the sample toe place the same material on the pillow that we have on the curtain. I also started texture, so it fits the pillow perfectly. Then the materials are collected on two models. There is this little icon. If you click on it, you can't separate the materials from each other, and you can edit it on the different mothers separately. I important scared and placed the book on the chair, checked it from closer that the object senate overlapping. I imported placement. Scared of painting. I had to sit off the visibility off the bed to be able to place the painting to determine the best placement for this object. I used the carpet and the window for reference. Now that we already with the assembly of the scene, we can work on the lighting. 4. Part 3 - Lighting and post processing: final touches on the lighting. The environment light was said to be stronger with sunlight. Direction is turned a little bit, so the sun is reflecting the best on the bases under bed. The floor reflection is that 50% and the roughness to 5%. I place the glowing sphere into the same to light of the front side of the scene a bit, adopt this fear into the scene, scared it and choose the glowing material from the material planner and said the glow to 600%. I played it outside off the visible area, and that is something I have to mention. The preview window is a big help in setting up the lighting. The supplies toe basically every work in adobe Dimension. To find the best scare off the long sphere. I used the big preview window. There's nothing left to do. Then, rendering the scene, I duplicated the under layer to achieve stronger shadows and reflections on the floor. I added situation, curse and layers off lightly dust in screen mode. I added some noise on the painting and its frame, and on the curtain on, I made the top of the curtain docker toe Brendan and ended shadows behind the bed curtains and painting. So this is the final image. I hope this is going toe. Inspire you to explore the interior design field in Adobe Dimension. Thanks for watching. 5. Me talking verrry slowly and too much blinking...: before we start, I I wanted to say a couple of things about this tutorial, which is not exactly tutorial, but more like a deluxe room off the creation of this this picture. I actually recorded this video, but I waas repairing this seamless this artwork. So is it exactly what you can't see what I was doing? Thesis project contains a lot of murders on. It's kind of complicated, so it's definitely not going to be a big toe. And I'm not going to show every Quaker everything I like recount because it be made milk. And I think you need a basic knowledge off under every dimension toe. Be able to follow this or maybe dried do the same. I wanted to share this videos with you because I saw that it might be interesting for some people and I can show you what a delivery dimension can actually do on that. It's absolutely possible toe to create a enter your design scene. I hope that you are going to enjoy this video on. Did you have any questions? Just put it in the community section below and I will answer. It assumes as possible. Thank you so much for watching