Creating a simple web strategy | Damilola Oyewusi | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome to class

    • 2. Elements of a web strategy

    • 3. Outline of a web strategy

    • 4. Project


About This Class

These are exciting times in the online world and everyone wants to be a part of the community. From young companies to artisans and multinationals, everyone wants to have an official website. And it makes good  business sense because a website can help a company build credibility in their sector. But not many brands prepare adequately for the dynamic nature of internet marketing.

This is where you need a web strategy. Having a strategy before building your website is important because it gives a clear direction for your design, features, functionality and content in a way that delivers results for your business or brand. It should influence every decision including font type, color and what content type to have on the site.

No website stumbles on good traffic or converts visitors to customers just by being a .com or following trends. There has to be a strategy if your site is to perform optimally and deliver on set goals.

On this course, we will study the key elements that make up a good web strategy and see a simple outline for creating one.

Click the enroll button and join me on the next video as I teach on practical ways to create a simple and workable web strategy.






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Damilola Oyewusi

Web and Content Strategist & Eclectic book lover

I have spent the past three years designing strategy and creating content for corporate organizations' blogs and social media platforms. Through these classes, I'll be sharing the lessons I have learned from experience and personal development. My goal is to help content strategists, creators and just about anybody easily and cost effectively, manage their online platforms for success.

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