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Creating a low poly floating islands in Cinema 4D

teacher avatar Tarik Khabouiz, Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Creating the floating islands

    • 3. Creating the trees

    • 4. Creating houses Part 1

    • 5. Creating the houses - Part 2

    • 6. Creating the clouds & smokes

    • 7. Creating the waterfall

    • 8. Texturing , Lightning & Rendering

    • 9. Colors Correction

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class


In this class i will take you through creating a low poly floating islands ,using Cinema 4d  . you will learn how to model the islands , the trees , the clouds and the smoke , then we add the textures , lights and we render . you will learn basic modelling , deformers , texturing in C4D .

That’s it for now, let’s get started guys !


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tarik Khabouiz

Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX


3D Generalist, 3D/2D motion designer, VFX

I am a 3D & 2D motion designer, 3D generalist with over 10 years of experience, recently nominated for Guilt award for my work in the movies industry.


I worked with some of the biggest names in the industry suck as Sky , HBO , BeinSports,Google,etc...


Specialties: Cinema ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: great into you. All my friends. Andi, welcome to this. In your course in Cinema four D today we're creating in floor floating islands with the low polygon style locally seen directly. Cinema four D. We'll go toe some modeling basics in cinema. Four D h. Create locally shapes. We'll start with basic shapes to create the main islands. We jump to make some trees Some very, very soft trees. We create the houses, overage off them too. And then we go to create some clouds. Some smokes. Andi. Ah, we finish it with the text sarin and lightning the scene than their under in it. Ah, so let's go, guys. Ah, and let's do it. 2. Creating the floating islands: Okay, guys. So Ah, we start our projects with creates in first the island, the flying island. So we start with a coin. Here we go to display and we show the body guns showed lines we rotated under the 80 degree in Haiti. Interpretation apply. So we said, Look, they're going. We came to come to K cups on we go to the bottom to create this shape This play with it till we have, like, the one that we wouldn't use something like this. Go to the objects That's give the top greatest like tree because it is high. Okay, on the part of something like this, let's give us more high like this. Okay, so leave the corn. We need more segment here. So for the high signals, maybe something like 12 or 14 confrontation segments, maybe something like forts. Okay, so this is our sources shape. So 1st 6 in civic, the coin and we make it invisible. So we click here. Or you could make sure Scott etc. To make us invisible. Onda, we go to the political mold here so we can see exalted party going. Of course. So we control a civics All the Polygons Rights Creek and we shoes the brush. So for the brush, we need toe come to the attributes here and changed the radius to something like 25 the strength to something like 65. But I also want to have a lot of strings here on. Do start to create our Ireland here just to make to you to make the shape first shape basic one. Just have some experiments that we did sees would be our view like this on here. Simply going bring some out to make it Not really straight. Okay. So much here because it Okay, I think we're good. Okay, so we can hear to the censure off it. We we need to push, you know, which is more things like this. Okay, so we're back to the model, uh, the modern mode. Select the selection road, and we need to create the low poli look. So how to created? So we select the coin on. We came here toe the political party going reduction. We drug aucoin Ritz. I would have this look like this. It will look more if we take off the the lines in this play. You see, that will have the look, but it's not so we can't really see it. So much we can do here is come to the coin and we need to delete the funk. Doug, this is the essential step to do is we need to the latest to have to look So let's the latest. And we would have now this party going, you know? Look, this you are No, we can just going on. And if we choose now, the political mode on controlled a civics everything we can't hear toe subdivide. And we can subdivide us to have more party going on it. You know, for like this, you can have more, uh, more triangle earnings. Okay, so this is the first step. We need to ah, give the bottom part material on the part of another material, Teoh, to see the rocks and to see everything else. So which we can do here. We need another copy off. This so cultural. See? Controlled V. Let's hide this one. Keep its Ah, as a backup. We come back here and we click right click and we choose currencies to object. So this will create another one and not the same object that we have. But without this particle reduction and stuff. So this one, we can we can delete it. We would have just one mesh as we modifies before. Okay, so next step, go here to the party. Going mode on we go to the front of you, resume little bits. We go to the next Congress direction. But first, let's create Ah quick material here. So double click I don't really care. Comes to the corner which was something like this. I think you could this take off the first day of practice for now on and becomes the coin polygonal mode on. We select some everything like this something like isjust give us maybe more. Let's see here. Yeah, we need to give you, like more. Yeah, we bring the material and we apply it to the selection. So if you come here, you can see and are already supply to the selection We missed some particles. Here's what can we do with hereby by hand just monetary, civics out this stuff drug It's here Think all looks fine for now and for the other parts You can go here manually and siddiq this stuff slowly and surely, Okay. Citic's all the other body guns. It's really random. You can choose anything he wants here, Toe. Just apply. You know the grass here. Okay, so I think we choose everything here. Okay, This creates another material. Double click because of the color was green like soft screen on the play is here. Okay, so now we have this shape. Okay, So to take a look quickly, we need to create a sky. So count here, create physical sky, select the physical sky came toe time and location. And here in time this shoes. Ah, whatever you want. But we want something. We want to be able to see something here so we can see here. The nice bars. I think this one is good. Destroy. Rather, it's okay. We have something here. So it was routine, and we need to do after that. Take the coin with Duplicated. This called this island one. This duplicate its cultural secret. Surely bring its here, Stern. It's 180 degree for its up and make it a little bit smaller like this. Okay, so we put houses and trees here, and of course, here too. So this is our basic shapes with stars with And we need to create the other Ah, with the other parts of the island. So what? The idea is to take the first island here, cook people's another time. This call is I don't to Let's bring it right to say this come to the scale and scared it. This that's going to the top view. Make something like this on and copy past second Islands Gone. It's hide and three and we put it right here. It's box over explosive mold. Maybe we turn it so practices would not look even Just put it like this. It's just this little bit Make it really for to put the house listening to another Rundle on sea. Yep, It looks good. Okay, so so here for for this part here we will put houses and stuff here. We will put trees, report house, but we need the where to put the houses. So the idea here is to select this part because the body gonna mode and you zoom toe some part of this. You think it will be good to put the house is in or on. Andi, just what I do is selects for some sampling like this. Maybe we do liken extrude. So you select right click Come to extrude extrude something. IHS I would put a house here. It's back to the island. Yeah, pretty good. Moat this choose another location. Maybe this bars here. Sometimes you don't need to extrude maybe just policies to make it look different. And the other one? Maybe here too. All the sports extrude writes great extrude. Maybe something like this scale. This bars here back to the selection mode and selects the other party going here. That's extruded ex addiction and apply the same material is before no Stevens applied in siddiq this one like this and the other one I'm holding shifts to the party guns Applied materials. Okay, so he would put it because is with trees too. Okay, for this part here, we will need to put some houses to on some water. So what's which will do here? It's come here, create a sphere, go to the view, bring this fear on a scale cricket. Look this back to this perspective mode. And let's see the lines so grow Charlie lands. Take this fears. He was like iss Okay, so select this Fears making it the civil too. Socks are the polygon some control A rights Kovic brush on. Do we start to brush this one here to make it more flat But the polygons to put the houses Sorry. Sorry for more English guys. It's not my first language. Okay, Looks good. Baxter box the more than mode and like before, it's so it's back to the shading mode here and take this fears and deletes the funk to have this, uh, LoPucki one go to particle reduction drug this fear under its on we will have something like this. So here we would put the houses was they said under trees Siddiq this one Contras secret V and let's bring it to the other island like this. That's scary it to make it a little bit different than the other one. It's okay. Drop the materials for them to control. Tell the material here. Okay, let's fix this one. I don't like this. This is so so much here. So poor legal mode said like this may be just like it is here to work this one too so much . Okay. I think they will have a good body bays here to start with. Let's jump to create the trees 3. Creating the trees: Okay, guys. So Ah, let's create the trees. And, uh, here was I did I just have a nice little bit our scene. So we have my main island, the 2nd 1 on the turned on. Okay, so let's fix some something little really quickly here to take this off. I don't really like it. They will deal. Will make it again. Just like with this before. Just to make it more perfect. Elect things perfect. Okay, so this is what we did before. Here we go to the list. Six. This one here, go to the illegal mod zoom a little bit on and again, go to the brush just like we need to put more off. He's here because in surrender, we don't see a lot of fun. It's 40 guns showing after that, we were in the other chapter. And who will Willa? I would know how to put up with some great textures, you know, the red ones and with great shading stuff. So I think it's more like this year we need to see this pigs here belief you see here to render. Now it's we look more love for gone. Now you can see is here to see. So this keep doing this brush. Okay, let's do something. Let's just turn into a big live. It's to this part here. Yes, I think this one is good. He sang good. It's back brush. It's keep pushing and pulling. Maybe exciting. Great. Little bit. Here's okay. I think it's good. Let's see it. It looks more No, that's runs your region. This part quickly. Yeah, it looks more. Looks good. Better. All right. So I would organize the composition after that. So that's sort of the trees. Our trees. So we start with served with this fear. I think this fear here go to the scale. Scared down just pushes here, so it's really scary, Dawn. Okay, so I will Look, I will, uh, click s in the key world to jump to frame the object Just a quick. Okay, so we have this fear. Let's go to the modifiers and peak the taper one breath taper under fit to parents to bring its here. Andi, let's make the strength discreet off. Okay, maybe something like excavators look like this. Let's try. It's, uh, that scale clip, please. Yeah, give us more. This. Yeah, Espresso. It's skated down for the scale. Amusing. The T one T shorts cut. Just kidding. On a backed. When I want to correct your selection, I just press space. So space you back to the last tool. Okay, so we think this is a good size. Maybe it's trying here. Okay. All right. So let's kill everything. Okay, Let's make it irritable. Andi scared. It's up. Do I access? Good one. Okay. All right. It's make it more smaller. So to your gun, it's more. Put its hair. Let's give it this one. And we need now to make a lot a lot of this lord around all around this mountain, and we need to make a variation. I will give you an example here, so kicks the hell it's his name. A three on. We need to create an instance off it. Okay, Rico would make a little grow. Appear off the trees. Mixed re elect History. Here. This hide the modifier. Cultural. See? Control V on. Let's make uh, let's make this one this morning. We need way. Need some variation. Okay. But I just want you. Yep. Looks good. Maybe another one even smaller control secret or me and you. This fear skated down. It's getting down. Zoom in, Get down On its here it's a dumb It's a local different creations. Let's give it same one seek with surrender this part. As I said, we create a lot of trees, so yeah, thanks. Good. We will put the quality open everything. So this bring this all together. Sediq, Sediqqi. All of them are G according trees. So what's I will to, for example, toe duplicate them Created a sense off the group. Bring its I think it's here. It's more variation. Maybe another one. Here, zoom in, rotate a little bit. This we don't see a difference. Maybe here. Okay, So I will post the video. I will create a bunch of them and I will back to you soon. Alright, guys. So ah puts a lot of trees here. Just duplicate them and put him in to go to other islands. And I just organized again everyone every island with their own trees. Let's bring this one here so far away, we'll make the composition laser again. Make a good on. Okay, So this is the view now. We left some places here for somehow some small houses here too. Okay, So the only thing left here for the set up, it's come here to this thesis. I this mountain on, it's just just bring this up. It's I think it's a good place here. Support a house in this place. Here is we're good. This post those two politicos inside? Yeah. So we could hear for little House or maybe two houses his home. We would like to hear that, I think. Yeah, it would be a nice here. Let's come back. Selected complex, The political mode. So look this base here. Give it Chris. Nice. So with the house with some trees that spring, the trees right now really gonna modes. It's choose one hold control and drug IDs to make another copy off. It's in the same insane group. Okay, let's put this one here. You want make more smaller? Something like this. Nothing more smaller here. I just wanted to be a nice with the house. Maybe you too. Okay. Yeah, Looks good. All right. I think we're good for the trees and the islands. Now we need to put details, cloud smokes, houses, and then we will be fined toe go for for the lightning and the rendering. So let's jump to create some very variation off houses to put them on da. Then we finish rests. 4. Creating houses Part 1: All right. So my friends, I just added another here, here, like this one. Just ah, put the party guns out at some trees, Make it more dramatic. That's a rancher under quick one. Okay, it looks good after that would make some variation. Here is the which right now, so it's really care. Bodyguard mode, control a civics, everything brush. Just it's push some of them. There's something here you can put the strong's up if you want. To me, it's more strong here. Let's see. Yeah, much better. Distorted this one, too. Go to the Morgue Mart or the mod polygons. Control a brush. Scott. You can make this device in the skirting to in cinema 42. It's more handy, but just for the people Don't doesn't have seen for this culture in studio. So this is the easiest way to the words more dramatic one. Yeah, and you can see now we have, like difference. One. So in the Render, its will not look all the same. It's a 300 see Nice. Let's work in this last one like the last one political mode brush. Let's give it more radius here, like 20 on its Bush not to be afraid to make it more dramatic. It's fine. It's more random. It's always good. Yes, it's pushed this point here. Yeah, it's what much here. I think in this Bars. That's from Drancy. Just experiments in here. No, he's fine after this, after the Dexter's who look much better. All right, so let's make the house is So let's make a plane for the houses I prefer to make, like, two or three variation. You know, if this is not possible, let's make the house is here. So we're bringing, uh, cube to swim in scale. Scared. Look down. Skates more down here aside, it's bring the the lines, see what we're doing. And let's turn off the physical scare right now to see all the particles. Okay, so it's like this and come to Sigmund going to Cygnus here. We want to Cygnus here and here. We can not like true tree. And here, too, because the cube make it invisible because the points mode Siddiq this one on this point on this points blankets up like this. You have a little house. Okay, then we go to the political mode. Selectors. Four protocols here holding shift writes critic extrude I would extrude them on. Dwight extraordinaire will go to the scale. I'm skated like this, and I was just bring the move tool and break them down. Okay, It looks good. Mm. We need some windows. So let's meet a cube. You know, sometimes when you want to move an object in another object and you don't want to just waste all the time to move its and make its in drives position, you can just came here to the mesh, and, uh, I think for the tour, Zia's around objects around objects. I could see you. And while cynics in the Cube you just click here in transfer moment here on, bring it here when you cricket will jump to the to the other one and then you can skate. Is I always used this transfer one. So let's make it like this. Make it visible on just scaled down, but would use point in here to create windows. So just you should eat something. This'll call me down rights for the 2nd 1 Just holding control. Bring the other one here on and bringing the two off them. Shift. Two of them here on this creates the other parts. Okay, with Mature is from the other side to and we need another window here. Scan make. It's bigger. The sons. Okay, so let's connect all off this so called. It's all the window. This one, this one, this one and this one writes critic, connect objects and leads, So which will connect them. And then we come here to the Border bowl effect. Bring the Cube here in the house here, and then we would have with those. Okay, So it's making invisible Mixi and connect this tool. It's Creek connects and the leads. And it's correct. House one. Okay, so this is the first variation. But it's here. It's duplicated. So just cover the control. Let's see for me is like a small version off its Yeah, let's go to Okay, maybe scale. Okay. Okay. It's created the last one. So which was a cube? Get it. See? Was the transfer one that told you? Bomb. Bring it here. Skated down like this. It's going to create a cylinder transfer on scale down. Uh, creates this or let's try something else. Let's go, people. Justice Just thinking about much better okay on board. It's a bring going again. Transfer teacher scale on. Put it. It's maybe this one skated good home. Okay, this will work to thing is much toil. Okay, so let's let's give this some colors. We need double click. We need the white material. We need an orange material. The civic, the first house body gone mode are selected. This, uh, controlled a on de select this one's so just click control to the select the roof earned. Give this. Oi, Tex. Sir. And confidence for 40. Considered them. Holding shifts on. Give him the orange one. Okay. Repeat the same thing for this one, too, But you're gonna mode trolled a They say that's those control. Control. Wait, Siddiq, this earned orange. Okay, good. This one is here. White and waits on orange. Okay, Its name. They so house on house, too. On and let's make rescue. It is C. C. I see this all G house treat No. Six. You can make it if you want to make it To make it look really, really good. You need to put a lot off relation, like five or six. Okay, so let's place them house one holding control. Let's keep this for just so you know, for the backup Smalley down. This was It's here. Maybe not her house here in the other parts. Ankle? Yeah, it's good. We're here, for example. We need to change this party going on. It's creek here. Particle mode on maybe. But it's up. This those homes? Yeah, that's her. Nice. All right, Simon, maybe bring another copy of this to this, please hear. Not another on s to frame it from. Bring the other variation control sequence, or V, and we use the magic transfer from It's here. See to scale. Scared the on. Let's put this one here. Destroyed. Run there. You don't see really what's going on? Okay, so I run. They're here to see this one's how intoxicate the sky render. Okay, they look good. Okay, let's keep go. In doing this, I would keep putting houses and stuff into the church one toe and make some variation, and there will back to you as soon as I finish 5. Creating the houses - Part 2: Okay, my friends. So I put some of the houses here with some trees and some of them here and some of them here this second. Look, this, uh, changed shading mode and its surrender to see how it looks. Looks nice. Let's do this one's together here. So, Gopi, this one I'm holding control to copy its has been talk of us before. Make a small house here for a small family, and, uh, sprink it down. This is B trees. It's just make him smile. Did lose ice. Could be this one to hold control on drugs. So here. Okay, so this one's have the best of you. So maybe another one here facing this part. This and this girl. Um, maybe a big one. So that said, it's a big one. Comey, uh, copy and past it. Control sequence or V. Used to since four mold. And bring it here. Bum skid down. This one is a big one. Let's see from here. It looks good on gets bring. Think does Frank. He's one years. So this is the house? Yeah, Course you'll see. Control v. Andi, bring it. Hit money. Just this morning. I need to pick one. Or maybe maybe I That's so need one most being this singer. Yeah. Andi, this is the biggest story ever. Make it small control on drug. It's here. Oh, come. Yeah, it looks really cool. Okay, So what? We want you. We want to make more houses in this part. But we need this one, you know, to the top of the mountain. We want, like, six or seven houses and we won't, despite to be flat. So let's do a quick let's save. Let's do a quick trick. So with civic, this mountain, we go to its and we bring the cube brigands here. So when Where we want to cut it, I think. Well, it's got it in this place. So this tree island 111 on this brink. The cube. What is it? This one here. Andi, hold shifts. Bull Borden? No. So we want to make this. It's so in the border. One. We put the mountain here and the Cube did this. We want to cut it off course. I think maybe this one is enough. Maybe we go down. No, no, This one, it's enough. It's more than enough. Okay. Yeah. I think it's good. All right, So let's give it to green fixtures. Maybe the viewers would be from up like this. Doctors we can see all the all the houses and all the greens. Okay, looks good. So quickly. Let's put some houses there. The top of the mountain houses make this one a little bit shorter on. And, uh, maybe to placate another one here. Rotation another one. Skate it scared down. Controlled another one. Just a bunch of them. Okay, bring some trees. So cultural secrets or V transfer mode on from? Yeah. Of the more trees here, control of more trees here. Some variations on would bring That's what. On. So this house? No, nos. We call it in English. Nice. Okay, so I think we're good with houses. Let's try render rice. Okay, so I think we're good. So the next chapter we will create Ah, clouds and some smoke. All right, let's go. 6. Creating the clouds & smokes: Okay, so I just made this house little bigger, you know, just to see them. It was a really small. They were really small. Okay, so the clouds, let's create some beautiful clouds. So create a sphere. Drug it. Another one. Holding control. Give them tea. Touching each other. Control drug control drug. This one. Okay, select four off them C or D or this I can to make it irritable rights. Correct. Connected just in Leeds. The least the phone used the reduction. Particle reduction again. Don't get there. Andi looks good. So I don't think like this, I think. Okay. Yeah. When this default. Okay. Okay. Make it palatable. Cake click. See? So this is our cloud. It's small King and smaller. Here, Give it this white. Uh, okay. Maybe more smaller. Controlled here to make another one bigger escape control another 12 minutes. Make some variations. Control truck it more smaller. Maybe more Toller. If he used this scared. Here's another one coming this part this way. And another one too, pp. Yeah, just, um, banking. Whatever. He's more smarter. Get this surrender. Okay. Small sport. Uh, okay, render this one is big. Render nice. Okay, So we need to create some smoke coming from the house. So let's save this on. This is clothes. Let's make some smoke. So we go to the front view. I see. Think to go to the right, Judas. Bring shading. And this is like the activate physical scare. For now, maybe you think the left of you? Yes. This is what you have left you. I think it's big on. Let's go to spine. She was been on. Let's create something. Looks like this. Look, it looks like this. Okay? Back to the perspective. You go to the spires and breaking example a spine. Make it smaller. We smaller on why civic sense transfer bring gets here, make it's more smaller, and then create a sweep and tractor example and duck this plane here. So exonerees 1st 1st 1 on make it's more really No, that's big. It's big. Okay, make like this Sadiq to sweep in the attributes we need. You can only make this if you want Andi on scale. Yep. This would work. Okay, Siddiq, to sweep with the spine takes this people here on board. All right. You can do to bring this access to it. Let's make it invisible. See? Connects all off them. Control writes critic. So just in the leads, it's call it smoke. 10 boxes year smaller Onda From here it's pushed disc load, but okay, give it the whites and that's duplicate all the houses. Control down. Scared down. Just gone. Okay. Turness look like this. Another word for this to be here. Maybe you want to speak rice This one maybe bigger. It's summer so much. Okay, maybe it's most motor. And this one here and talk baby? Yep. On Sprink one here. The other. My sister is boards here. Strike? No, it looks fine. And other line. Pick one here. Okay, that's We need to move this clouds so front. It's more like this. All right, let's save group to snow. Called it smoke. It's activated. Physical sky control and render ice. It looks good. Okay, maybe this cloud this still weak, maybe. Take it. It's with composition. That's really again. It is. Only try nice. Okay, So we need to create the last thing is to create. So what will fall so much for coming from all these islands? And then we jumped toe lie to do some lightning and some degrees around the mountain. And we do, Ah, cool texture. And, you know, we change the corner a little bit. We fix the corner, variations everything. Then we're under. Okay, lets go. 7. Creating the waterfall: Okay, guys. So or fine now. So this creates a much falls Andi s. So let's go to the front view here, and I will deal Will hide the other items. Andi. Okay, so first thing for a spoon with the fun and here in the snapping would enable snap on. Uh, it's just creates points here. Clients here. Okay, so let me stake I store it again. OK, now it's enabled. She was done. Okay. So clients here points here, points here, so creates points here. Okay, let's go back to the this view its neighbor stopping this points here. Okay, let's bring It's a ring circum. Fine. I think it's really small. Andi Creative suite. Bring the circle and bring this prime. But there's so much so this in the circle to make his down this and I think this plein and the properties off its its use something small, like aqui on here from Timothy's points. Like something like a naturally Okay, go to the spine. Six point and look for something like this. If we for display, we should see the higher than see the lines we can see here. The other point is here. I think this works in the shade and mode. Um, it's try to find a good faced with the farm on in this week. Let's in scale. Good. Okay, maybe circle. Give it like That's right. 1.8 on display in the last point. We need to make it longer. Okay, so let's say Lexar spine, Let's make another this drug another version off it like this. The other version six Here, um, another one. Rotate from the other parts with on seats, That's all. Something like here. Maybe. Well, something can. Okay, Onda, we need all this place. So the 1st 1 Pacific the point on, we drink it down. 2nd 1 we get down, the 3rd 1 will bring it down. Nice. So let's in. Hyde, our islands and screech Just quick. Blue material created lights one drug it to our It was on the heat. Surrender. Think it more light. So to be more variety, think well, we'll fix the old materials Laser eight. Render Yes, much better. Okay, so I think we finish all the model in parts. Let's jump to the lightning to the experience surrender into the fun stuff. Let's go, guys 8. Texturing , Lightning & Rendering: All right. So for the Okay, so that's some details here just to fix. So this group, this was her phone, and ah, it's six. All of them see, to make it in the civil. Andi, that's connect. 1st 1 select conduct 2nd 1 on Connect the Children. Okay, so I select this one here. Let's try to make it a little bit like give its listeners off displacement, See how it works. So here in the displacements, we go to the shading noise. Oh, my God. This too much. Okay, just try something like this. I don't know. Maybe here much events of please. So this will look for these things will work for all three of them because it's in the same note. So it's really money. Fly all off. All of the those four words, maybe. I don't know. Let's go to shade into the noise. Let's just see a little bit ears and you can try different noises here. You can just go. Maybe this one, it's more like water. Looks like it was weird. Let's just this one. Or just if I am, OK, so let's just hit your under and see. Yeah, it looks nice. Okay, so let's light and texture. This is so quick for this low polio CNN's. It's quickly to set up the light in texture under Under is and it's really great for animation cause it just takes seconds to run the so for the light. We are using a physical sky as you seen. So for the sky, maybe we can put on Sexy Mawr sissy. And for the location. Let's try some other set up. Okay, lets try. Let's see this one here. That's sweet of you. Nice. I love this show that was here. We would fix the shadows quality. Of course, Andi thinks it looks good. Okay, then for the textures. So let's start with the for Lived with the brown, one through the mountains. So I will do it. Well, girls textures and create ingredients. Okay. And for the first color, let's select something like this. And for the other part, something more like this, I think. Or more lighter. Yeah. And for the type issues V likenesses will be in the V situation. And for the type here we shoes V. Okay, Andi, it's under. Let's Saudi scholar perfect. See this lightning here the shadows Looks good. Okay. For the green parts. Okay. With same thing color. Ah, greedy int goods. Pick of some colors. Here it's picked is green on. Let's pick this green. And of course, V might Brendan. Nice. Look, 60 this one here. His body and me make his most modern. But it's here always the problem with Krauts. Okay, so ah, for the houses. I think we are good. Just take off this reflections on for the orange. I think it's fine because we need some reflections on it. Let's see you. Yeah, Looks good already. So this is for the lightning and for the Czech Syrian. So for the render for the render assistance Amusing stones Ridin season Onda musing on be in seclusion for the shadows So make I would give it more being conclusion Here it's under this region you you see here and we can for the elimination. So what are you doing here? It just has changed standard physical And I put the quality sampling to medium or i It's off, but I it will take a little bit more time, but it will look with Great. Here we go. Nice. Okay. Looks clean it looks 60. Okay, so let's change. Just in the output here, that would change the former too. 42 14. 40. Underwood creates camera. That would so mean to find a good position. Okay, on there. So this one, we save it positive or pasty or anything. And for the camera, it's created good composition here. So we have This one here has is this center. And this is why I grew up the islands. So we can maybe make this small Just, you know, can see what Which position is better. Which composition is weather for us. So for the turtle one, maybe more. There. Just hiding this water for just a bit. Okay, well, it's a higher ISR under, and maybe you make it just difference from the heights. This one more inside, I think. Okay, let's see if we create it's sort Island from his controlled and duplicates is all. What if it's maybe something here and turn it? Okay, so maybe just a bit like it's just hard. It won't see everything. Okay, We save and let's see the quicker and they're here. Okay, guys. So the runners finish. I think it looks good. Just destroy some girl correction here. This is remotes. Okay, on. I think it's fine. It looks good. Okay, let's juncture aftereffect to make some color corrections on to finish this project. Let's go, guys. 9. Colors Correction: All right, so we are in after effects. Okay, guys, I using after. If it's you can use any program you you want for for the color correction. Most people use photo shop on guys prefer just prefer after effects. So Ah, this is our composition that will the adjustment layer goto here I will choose saturation. Onda Uh, Goto's here to this guy. You could enter it as being Gee, if you want to replace the sky, just tell a visiting PNG with Alpha Channel and you can add your own sky if you want. Andi. Ah, it's so glow. Oh, this effects, you can find them in Ah, in for the shop to so just followers. Oh, this is too much. This hideous more up, I think just to blow a bit. Okay. Ah, contrasts. Maybe Yes, Right. Nice since contrast on just contrasts on its looks Much better. I did. And I will use, uh, just to correct some columns which used looks This is optional if you want. He was dis banker. Maybe this 1 may be a banker. Not that much. Just a bit. Yeah, situation and more expiration to take us as we lost some color. Okay, Maybe the glow so much. Okay, so we think. Oh, just fine. This look. Okay, guys, I think we're done. Boom. 10. Conclusion: All right, guys. So, uh, here we go. This is Ah, the end of the Coors. Here's around then. I think it looks nice. You can like it. Can't wait to see what you can do with the same technique. I just changed it. Is another under I did. It is the same scene. I just changed the light a little bit toe. Just put a dark sky and change the lightning. Put some lightning inside the houses. It is unlimited possibilities with this technique. And just try to be creative. I hope you enjoyed this class. Guys take care of you and we see you in the next one. Be sure to follow Teoh for the next course is, of course, taken by