Creating a good looking Cloth simulation in Cinema4d | Tarik Khabouiz | Skillshare

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Creating a good looking Cloth simulation in Cinema4d

teacher avatar Tarik Khabouiz, Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Preparing the typeface for the cloth simulation

    • 3. The Cloth Simulation

    • 4. Lightining , Texturing and rendering

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About This Class

In this Class , you will learn how to apply cloth simulation effect on a typeface or any model using cinema 4d , then finishing by lightning ,texturing and rendering .

Meet Your Teacher

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Tarik Khabouiz

Visual Artist , Motion Designer , VFX


3D Generalist, 3D/2D motion designer, VFX

I am a 3D & 2D motion designer, 3D generalist with over 10 years of experience, recently nominated for Guilt award for my work in the movies industry.


I worked with some of the biggest names in the industry suck as Sky , HBO , BeinSports,Google,etc...


Specialties: Cinema ... See full profile

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1. Intro: great into although few of my friends on welcome. So my first culture class ah, go through some close simulations techniques today in cinema four D lightning, texture and, of course, some rendering. So ah, we'll talk about how to prepare the tea phase for you grow simulation, applying the close simulation and of course, ah, lightning and text urine and export your rendering. So let's go, guys. 2. Preparing the typeface for the cloth simulation: So to start with, we saw with the plan. If it like, Ah, 1000 1000 here. Those in the year, this show lines. OK, so I think we have enough segment or let's go destroyed, like 30 30 year. Okay, the next step create, like, McGrath text. Yeah. So let's try the little beef. Or now we turn it 90. We Teoh. Um, this tickets. Let's put it in the center like this. Okay. All right. So first thing first, which was the phones. So I go with ah, controi, Try anything you want and we go with Palatine. Oh, mostly it's fat. Yes, it's Fert and you can see the close simulation on its after that. Okay, so, uh, we need some segments here, Like this week when we put this close simulation, we need the very, very, very intense subject to put on it. So we go here to object. Let's go to the caps, feed it scraps here in the radius. Let's try like tree puts more steps here, you know? Then this is the most important part in in gone we choose the quadrangles here and great. So with the ways off it, if we go like to You can see the shape I was. I always do over right now. It's really, really, really, really does. It would be perfect for this. So to put some clothes simulation on its creators will prefer this boat is like appear. Let's make this more wilder. All right, so this is the first thing we do second thing. So let's make a copy off this one. So save it, making me sick or something we can always back. So it's and then we forget through in objects in the alignments. That's two months in the middle, like this weekend. You know, it would be easy for us to control us. So for the B one, let's name it. Be here and make it visible. This one. Or you can click, see directly in your keyboard for the show's goods. So we have. It is, but no. So if we go through this tree here, this is the principle. Now explain one, and we need speeches to make it invisible to here in this part. So it is about a gun and we have all the signals. So she's all the parts off the P one. It's like this So what? We need to we want to me to put the effects, the crowd simulation in this part here, this one. So let's hide the other ones on. Just we would leave. I say we just despots. All right. Okay. So I will put the access in the center like this, or you can find it here if you don't. This is the shortcut for me here. If you don't find this here, you can go to Mish Axes access center. And you can put this on Aaron. Just freakin this one is would be in the center. Okay. All good or good then. So we need to put dissimulation this parts, You go to the points more and we want to set. It's all the point of the ages. This one it will be, You know it will not move will be the fix parts. So what we will do? It's a party. So let's select this week. Culture tool select here loops, erection. Let's use this. One said expand real. This will allow you to civics all the points in the edges like this. Hold the shift key. Andi, click here. So we will have this one in this born here. This one too. Okay, so you can see here we have all the adjusted exit. All looks good. Then we go to selection. Lotus elects and set a selection here since the shooting of the points. So we will have all the points selects it here. So All right, so if we give double click here, we're back to this one. So all the points are safe now. Okay, so let's have some simulation tax now. 3. The Cloth Simulation: Okay, guys. So next up close simulation. Okay, so said Xing, the I'll shape. Here we go. Toe rights Correct simulation tags on first thing Clothes, beds. We leave this again. Writes critic Sioux Nation tags and close. Okay, so we go to the belt for the build on. We need to sex. You know, our shape and drag it here. The belt. And we were Greek here in the set for the points. So So all just said that you selected before when you put it set here for the for the belt , it will turn dark yellow. So this part here it will be fixed. It's when not move. Okay, so we go to the clothes stuck here and we need to change some Parmenter here. First thing first Gravity zero we don't, you know, don't gravity here. We need some global drug here for two. We leave the wind direction for the exports we need do. Why the y direction Please give it for now Like zero for five for the Z direction. We don't need it. So it's zero the wing strict So the wind will will remove the closer nation we need like we don't need a lot. A lot, A lot of strength in for the wind. We just like put tribulations. I don't know for turbulence for now, Just put zero. Do we see speed? Let's give it like 1.2 for the drag. I think cent percent would be good. We don't need a lot of movement on and for here we are good for the forces for the tag for the tug here. The options is for the river. The river here. We need to give it. I think an amount off. Ah, 35. So the rubber, the rubber is the perimeter. Disbarment is country is controlling the amount of stretching. So if you give it a default value of zero, it will not allow the close to stretch. But if you go, you give it like 100%. It will allow it to stretch like full. So 35% it would be good. So let's just try it. This principle, you know, and you can see what's going on Looks cool to. So let's keep trying to frame to Seymour simulation. Okay, lets looks good. Okay, so I love to put him with size, size. If you give it, like, 415 press play and you can see what's going on. Really? Really, really Looks good. Good animation. Let's give it, like, so division surface. And now we have, like, really, really clean one. This place again. There we go. Okay, let's and hide the other object. Um hum. Okay. Why? This one s So we moved it. Think Okay, I think we're more this. Listen off the other parts to it. Okay. Like this? Yes, I think it's good. Let's put display to go to shade in more than puts play and then we go Think it'll school. Yeah, so it looks good so we can apply this effects to any fun she want any letter you want any objects? You want anything? It will just follow. Follow these steps and you will have the same thing. So let's clean this up. Let's move This one here. Ah, this wolf. This one's here too. Honestly, This one here and this place again. We'll have after that movie camera movement like so next parts lightning and texture And let's go 4. Lightining , Texturing and rendering : Okay, guys. So for the light named parts I'm using a red shift was my render engine. And it's really, like the same. You can use Octagon or ah, standards. So effects are really here just to make it look really good. So first thing first lightning and go to go to Recchi flights. I will use dome light for this never probable years. You know, time here I will use us dry. We'll use this one Canada Meriel photo Realistic. No. So this one I took it from here From the maxim eros dot com It's a free back. There's a free park here. I use this one here clearly, looks good with it and check out to his other products that they're really cool for your lightning. It's really realistic. And it's 70. Okay, he's off. So we used this one here. Lets see our for interview. Okay. Cool. Yeah. So we give it, like, more exposure here to light is more produce Okay for the background here. Let's take this off in every background. We want black his own little bits here. I think we're good. Let's try it with some texture, you know? So for the texture. In part we go to create red achieved material. Double click in the material editor Arrest material I will use Ah, presets. Plastic one I would give it to or in this quarter can He was inequality or arms. I will drug it here and here. I'm using controlled her to duplicate the material. And here look school already. We need another material. So here it's for the you won. We need another material. Fred shifts material for the ground for the plane. So there is material again. Plastic Oren's, of course, because it duplicates this one. No, no, no, I'm wrong. I chose this one. Norman is this one. This is the new material. So plastic Oren's. I will just speak this color here. Okay, I get some roughness in this one, and we don't need a lot off reflection on it and I will drag it to the plane here. Boom! Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice leaves. So let's surrender a region. So you came for under a reason. Andi, let's surrounded it. Let's see how it looks like Looks good. So for the Moyes parts, it is a lot of noise in the scene. We need toe we need to take some parameters in the render sitting to make it really looks good. We Perper a room like this you can prepare it for under in for the animation render. So first thing first rich if here and this is the Parmenter II used for to make it to make the noise less. I use 64 in this implement minimum and I use simple marks off for further the 12 in the G. I use brute force brute force for the primary use brute force to Landry's brute force. Andi, I give it like 10 in the G I bonuses and 512 for the brute force G I I already test. Disbarment is if you are using regift, it will take all the noise and it's really render first. So this is it 11 last thing for the some plane. If we click in the in the our lights, you can see here the sampling I give it like 512 like the others The same I already tested and it really looked clean with it. So that's right again and see how it looks. Okay, guys, Officer to render is done another thing. What we can do here looks good. So what I what I like to do here? Sometimes it is like I come here. Let's put here This won't make it small. And I go toe to the creates another material. For example Leave it like what whites and they came to be an issue was another part to give it another Brazilian. For example, this here, this around in here If I drug like whites one here like let's make it white first so classic and white it's very fresh. Here we go. Now you can You can try different things with looks you know it's up to you Control whatever. I like to give it more weight here, you know, to make a difference. Okay? And you can what you can do. No, you can change the angle. Of course. If you can make it there a different look. Gun this gun. You can make some close up again to it's come here and for the for. If you don't, you don't like the lightning because isn't as dry. You can always go to as deroy and go to the rotation on recon. Rotates as you can see a difference Give you a different look Different stars. I would like you to you where the forward to think It looks good. Yeah. OK, guys. So let's close this. It's created camera and I were You'd want to give it like a slow, slow, slow movements. So key frame here I would go to gives 200 when they were just like to destroy its nice and smooth I sense more. Okay. And of course you can write Ah, world with this. With this effect, you can do whatever he wants. Thank you guys for joining us for the scores. It is the same. My first girl said my first class in in skin share. I will be uploading more classes, I think once or twice per week. So make sure to be far away in Ah, on the catch you later. I hope you enjoy it. This class and that We see you soon. Guys, take care of you