Creating a business plan and making your idea a reality | Cynthia Palmer | Skillshare

Creating a business plan and making your idea a reality

Cynthia Palmer, Executive Coach

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Getting Your Coaching or Consulting Business Started

    • Creating A Business Plan

    • Diving Deep in to Your Business Plan

    • Creating an Action Plan

    • Your Action Plan in Motion

    • Overcoming Common Challenges


About This Class

You're a fantastic graphic designer, or personal trainer, or home organisation expert, or tax expert, or web developer, and you want to make that skill generate income for you, and not a boss. But having your own business is hard, right?

Well yes, and no. Anybody can start and run a successful person-to-person business. You have the skill and the idea. What you need is a plan.

Certified professional coach and business consultant Cynthia Palmer [BA, LLB, MBA (Exec)]  will take you through a step –by- step guide for taking your business idea and making it a reality. This is ideal for person-to-person businesses such as coaching, consulting, personal services, freelance operators and professional service providers.

Cynthia will help you identify your goals, define your product and market, and create a plan of action to make sure you achieve your aims. She also provides straegies for overcoming challenges that she's learned from over thirty years in law and business.





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Cynthia Palmer

Executive Coach

I operate my own business as an accredited executive coach and management consultant in Sydney, Australia.

I have successfully coached high performing executives who are on the leadership track, helped individuals redirect or ignite their careers, and assisted emerging leaders in mastering workplace challenges.

I act as a sounding board to leaders and as a mentor to young professionals, and guide people to the next stage of their careers and their goals.

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