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Creating a Wellness Lifestyle

teacher avatar Veronica Sutherland, Author, Speaker, Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Creating A Wellness Lifestyle Introduction

    • 2. What is Wellness

    • 3. Building Blocks of a Wellness Lifestyle

    • 4. Eat Right: Live Well

    • 5. Foods Challenging Health

    • 6. Physical Exercise

    • 7. Stress Management

    • 8. Nurture Your Spirit

    • 9. The Key to Wellness

    • 10. Tying It All Together

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About This Class

You may have been led to believe that being well or being healthy is being physically or mentally free from disease or illnesses. This class is for you if you are desirous of creating a life story of freedom to be yourself, free of chronic diseases and enjoying life to the max.

 Wellness is not just freedom from diseases. It is balancing those things that make us human:

  • Physical (Your body’s structure and the 5 senses)
  • Emotional (Your feelings: love, fear, anger, joy, etc.)
  • Mental (Your thoughts: knowledge, attitudes)
  • Spiritual (Your spirit: Your creativity, relationship with yourself and Spirit)

These all work together as a team. If one aspect is unwell the whole body will be unwell, e.g. anger (emotional) can cause a headache (physical).

 Why is Wellness important?

Lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, depression and cancer are all results of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

 We Should pay attention to:

  • What we eat
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Our spirituality
  • Our relationships

 You will create a journal to start you off on your wellness journey practicing holistic health.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Veronica Sutherland

Author, Speaker, Coach


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1. Creating A Wellness Lifestyle Introduction: welcome to creating a witness lifestyle. Your teacher today is Veronica Sutherland. She is passionate, a moat holistic wellness. Onda has taught and trained teachers to help families to achieve good health for 40 years. This last is for anyone who is desirous of creating a life story off freedom to be yourself free of chronic diseases and enjoying life to the max. You will learn tips to help you to intentionally develop a wellness lifestyle. What is wellness foods that contribute to good health? Ways to manage stress, how to nurture your spirit? Onda. The key to staying, where to make something, a lifestyle or way of life. We have to do it regularly. Achieving a wellness lifestyle is no different. You are required to make small steps daily to meet them habitual. Over time, you will find your body responding and realize that wellness has no become a way of life for you. Your project is to create a journal focusing on five years off wellness. At the end, off each video, you will be encouraged to make an entry in your wellness journal. Which window on each day will be those small steps that lead to a wellness lifestyle. You may don't lord a word or pdf temperate at the link given or you may use their own format. Be creative and use what they are most comfortable with. Your first injury, as shown, is to write what you think we're less. It's so go to that page in your journal on right your current idea off wellness. There is no right or wrong. It is your idea off what wellness is soul. Be creative. Do your own thing, have fun and enjoy your class and project. 2. What is Wellness: Let's dive right into our class. What is wellness? Well, this is not just freedom from diseases as someone waas may have been taught in the past. It is balanced in those things that make us human. The physical your body structure on the five senses site herring smell, taste and touch. The emotional your feelings, your feelings off. Love, fear, anger, joy, etcetera, your mentor, your thoughts, knowledge, attitudes, the intellect. Spiritually, your spirit, your creativity, your relationship with yourself on the supreme being. If with the divine these all work together as a team, if one aspect is unwell, the whole body will be on will. So if we get angry, which is emotional, this can cause a headache, which is physical. Why should we adopt a wellness lifestyle? The lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, depression and cancel are all results. Often unhealthy lifestyle or lifestyle goes out off balance on we get sick. The journal entry for this video is what do you hope to gain from the class? Want to that page in your journal and right? What do you expect to gain from taking this class? And remember, there are no right or wrong answers. It's what you expect to gain 3. Building Blocks of a Wellness Lifestyle: I know that you know what well this is. Let's look at the building blocks off a wellness lifestyle. To create a wellness lifestyle, we must pay attention to these areas. What we eat. Excess science must move stress management or spirituality, connection with the divine or relationships we encourage each other. We must know our numbers Very important. What is your weight? What's their height? Your body mass index which measures the fat in your body. So are you. Normal gettinto 18.5 to 24.9 overweight, 25 to 29.9 obese 30 and over your waist on your waist Major should not be more than half off your height, your blood pressure, fasting, blood sugar level and your cholesterol. To calculate your body mass index, you divide your weight by your height on the square, the height. So it's your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared and an example. It's a are 68 kilograms. Andi, your height is 1.65 meters. You first square. The 1.65 meters, which will give you 2.723 under you divide 68 kilograms by 2.723 weeks. Give you 24.97 Andi, That's your body mass index. Let's say your weight is in poems on their height is in inches. You'll divide your weight by your height in inches squared and multiply it by 703 so you know where it is. 1 50 Your height in inches is 65 inches. You square the 65 inches, which gives you 4225. You divide 100 and 50 by 4225 and multiplied by 703 which gives you 0.3551 times 703 which is a 24.96 body mass index. You are normal. So move over to your journal on to put in your current wellness numbers on what your goal numbers are. Soul in the court column for current, you write what they are. No, and you are going to put your goal for next month on at the end of the month. You measure on, put in your actual numbers and you can do that for up to six months. Your blood pressure should be 90 over 60 to 120 over 80. That's a normal range below that you have low blood pressure are both that your hypertensive year. You have high blood pressure, you're fasting. Blood sugar should be below ah 100 milligrams per decile eater or 5.6 million moles per liter on your cholesterol below 200 milligrams per decile. Ito So filling those wellness numbers on the the formula for calculating your body mass index, you calculate your body mass index onda right in that number. So how about have a good time writing in those numbers And I hope you're satisfied with what those numbers are if you are not the new, have some work to do. 4. Eat Right: Live Well: No that you know, you're building blocks to good health and are aware off your wellness numbers. Let's look at each building block a little more closely. We will start with eating right. If you're eating right, you are living well physically. Food is the best thing to give us a healthy life. Food contains nutrients, which are the building blocks off ourselves. Those nutrients build or sells the help us to fight against diseases. So if we are it in right, we should be healthy physically. That is it. Whole foods foods that are whole foods that are as close to the way they were when we picked them from the tree or the or the plant. Those are whole foods little or no processing rial foods, not foods that are made in a factory fresh. They should be as close as they were when we first picked them, so they should be stored in a manner that they are not writing. They are not getting wilted. They're not losing nutrients. Organic. Try as much as possible to purchase organic foods, which are free from pesticides, etcetera, un processed food. The more you process the food, the more new trends. You are losing on the mawr off a sense those enzymes that are in the foods that help to fight diseases they are missing, so try to stay away from the process. Foods eat lots of fruits and vegetables with with colorful fighter nutrients it from a rainbow off Collis. These new those these fighter nutrients help to fight disease. Eat foods with plenty fibres. The fibres will move the food quickly through your system, and so you will not be holding on to talk, since it will move the toxins out of your body quickly on Keep you well on foods with plenty fibers. Are your fruits foods, vegetables under cereals? I'm trying to stay with the whole grain cereals. Eat foods containing omega three fats omega three fats help to fight inflammation on. It is said that inflammation is a foundation for all diseases. You get omega three fats from the avocado pears from notes from a fish oils fish. Your salmon sardines are good examples off those fishes. It high quality lean protein throughout the day on the north Lean protein. You don't want to be eating protein with too much fact in it because the fact is going to be adding to your body weight and to the amount of fat in your body, which is not good. You want to have more muscle than fat, and so each year, stick a lean, lean meat chicken. I remember that with Do have some quarter plant protein. Source the notes on beans. Drink 6 to 88 Owns glasses off water daily. Your body is made up mostly of water. About 7/8 off our body is water, so you want to be replenishing that water daily so that yourselves are in good health so that the blood can move around your body easily and drink on sweetened food or vegetable juice. You don't want to be adding sugar to your vegetable juice. You are going to miss back in your blood sugar level. When you do that on when you have excess sugar, it is stored in the body as fat, so you don't want to be Adan. You want to be store. In fact, in your body, and also the fruit juices have nutrients. They also contain those fighter nutrients we spoke about earlier, which helped the fact disease. It's your enzymes and vitamin c. Vitamin A etcetera. All those are in your food juices. They are nutritious. They're not just sugar and water, as the soda etcetera are use herbs and spices. These help toe flavor your meals and made them more tasty. But they don't just flavor and make clear means more tested. They also help to fight this easy's, so use their tumeric saffron, sage, cinnamon, vanilla, etcetera in your cooking. Your journal entry list. The foods toe embrace. What are those foods that you want to eating or using in your cooking? Go tell a journal on Look for diet goals, and you are going to fill in the column to the left off the table you have their foods to embrace. What are those foods that you should be eating? 5. Foods Challenging Health: foods are the foundation toe good health. Some foods help us to have a healthy lifestyle, and so you must recognize that in the same with these foods, help us have a healthy life. Stan, There are some foods which will challenge your health, and you will want to. That also is on most animal fats as well. Stay away from these foods Ford, such as simple sugars, glucose, granulated sugar, clear sugar. These sugars just contain sugar. There are no other nutrients present in these sugars, and so you eat them on your blood sugar level goes up your own. So prone to diabetes when you're using these sugars. Refined carbohydrates the white rice on the white floor These also are stored readily in your body as Tryg Lyssarides, which are facts. So your ad, in fact, to your body when you eat these foods regularly. Someone also said that when you refined foods to the essence off the food, this white powdery substance that you get from them are are drugs on. You become addicted to these things. It's the same thing with these sugars and refined carbohydrates. You become addicted to them. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup that also is, ah, syrup that has a lot off sugar. It is high in sugar, high in fructose that also will be stored in your body as fat and contribute. Stool. Diabetes as well on the high fructose corn syrup is hidden in Ford's with other names. May syrup glucose syrup, glucose fructose as of glucose. But those are other names for high fructose corn syrup, so look in your reader labors. The artificial sweetness these were intended toe prevent people from having diabetes because it was phone that sugars contribute to Type two diabetes. It has been phoned that these also contribute toe type two diabetes. On the there is still a controversy, as do weather. They contribute to cancer as well. So we will want to stay away from these foods, the trans or hydrogenated fats. These are fats that were formed by Adan hydrogen toe oil to meet them or solid. So you're margarines. You want to stay away from them on most animal fats as well Of wide foods with more than five ingredients on the label, these foods are more than like are made in factories. Are your kitchen on the the are not close toe the rial foods we spoke about earlier which are good for your body because they continue in the rich, in nutrients rich. In fact, a neutral nutrients. These foods would have been processed so that the enzymes are killed. Those things that you need to be fighting diseases are not as prevalent in these foods as they are in the whole foods. Coloring this again is something that has been said to be carcinogenic. Lee the cause. Cancer in the body. So you want to stay away from the coloring in foods, on the preservatives, the same thing they have bean proven toe, some off them to be carcinogenic. So you you want to stay away from them on Don't drink these high calorie drinks. They are just gone water basically. So that's so that's also having proven to dry coach your skin to dehydrate you. So you you think you are adding your hydrating your system. You are not. You are dehydrating your system with new drinks orders. I'm not to talk about a spike in the blood sugar level sweetened fruit juices. This is the same thing. They are mostly sugar and water. Not much nutrients. Sports drinks. I am not good for you that they are mostly caffeine under water and sugar. The diet drinks his. We're supposed to prevent you from gaining weight. That has not been the kids. People do gain weight on these diet drinks on. They also contain the artificial sweetness which have been phoned toe. Also cause type two diabetes. So move on over to your journal on your entry for today is to list those foods to avoid on dure Day one meal, So you'll we'll fill in the second column at their diet goals. What are those foods that you want to avoid? Name the foods. Look in your kitchen cupboard and see if you have those foods in your cupboard. You may want to get rid off them, right? The Fords you intend to eat for break fast for launch for a dinner, our supper and it's dinner. If it's heavier meal for the day supper. If it is lighter than your on, this knocks that you will have throat the day and you come back and record whether you did in fact those things and where you need to tighten up for the next day, etcetera 6. Physical Exercise: to stay healthy, we must be taken part in physical exercise. I want to be moving your body daily. Start slowly and increased gradually. If you are feeling pain, they are pushing yourself too hard. You should just feel some discomfort. So you, if you are in pain, stop. But you should not be so comforted. The that you are just moving through, whatever there should be. Some amount off this comfort in your exercise and it means that you are work in the body. Do a variety of exercises each week. So you want to be doing your aerobics toe, get your heart pumping and the blood flowing through your body easily. Some strength exercises to strengthen your muscles flexibility so that you can move around easily. Balance. You are not toppling over when you are walking our balance. So what has a man Aerobic exercises that you can do. You can walk. You can run dance step aerobics, swimming, bicycling. Choose one of these exercises. Whatever you are happy doing their strength exercises standard off a chair without leaning forward. I are used in your arm. Use the stronger muscles to take you out off that chair so you're making news off the resistance of their body weight. Use their body weight to do an activity so the push ups stair climbing squads launches. Both will build your muscles or lift weights on. You don't have to go to the store to buy those dumbbells or those meets. You can just put water in your in models on lift those bottles or put sand in it, whichever you're more comfortable with. Stretch at least five minutes before and after exercise. So whatever exercises they're doing, especially when you're doing the aerobics exercises, you want to stretch those Morse's for about five minutes before you start on after you have finished, you want to relax the muscles. My stretching them do whole body stretching twice per week. So stretch your whole body so that you make a flexible and for balancing a stand on one foot or walk heel to to over shift your weight from side to side. You may also do tachy or yoga. Your journal entry are your goals, so move on over to that page on right home in the minutes off aerobics you want to do today . So many minutes are flexibility homonym in its our strength off balance, etcetera. On the right. The aerobics exercise that you're going to be doing the flexibility exercises, strength, exercise on the balance. Excess. Right, Right. What you intend to do? 7. Stress Management: managing stress is a very important part of keeping healthy. If we are to stressed, our bodies are going to suffer from burn note on, we get sick. We will get physically sick. We will find ourselves being emotional Issyk or mentalist stick. So each day, right on file things you are grateful for. You will be surprised to whole relaxed, whole joyful you feel after you have written on those five things. Do five minutes off deep breathing exercise breathing through your nostrils. Breathe deep into your abdomen on Hold it for a count off five on, then let it out. Let it all through your mouth and keep repeating that for about five minutes each day and you will find yourself being so relaxed on, uh, happy inside, peaceful with you and with the world Love laugh at yourself. Read cartoons. Go on the Internet on what some of those comedies find. Time to laugh and to be yourself. Please. You're never too old to play. Play with your Children, play with your grandchildren, clear with their sports play with your friends, playing against board games. Physical games. Please just just just have fun. Have fun. Offer no do things that are joyful things that you enjoy. Do them often. Forgive yourself and others. And when you're forgive others, you're not forgiven them for their seek. You are forgiven them for your sick. There would have done something to hurt you. Yes, but they would have moved on to their Mary. Weeds are gone about their business, not remember. And one thing about what they have done to hurt you and you are holding on to that hurt Andi becoming bitter. Building up poison in your in your system, on making yourself sick. While that person is quite okay. Not not. Remember in anything that they have done to you. So forgive others so that you can let go. You can get rid off that poison in your system. That bitterness that is making you sick under Sometimes it is easier to forgive others, and it is to forgive yourself. But forgive yourself. You're deserving off that forgiveness. All of us make mistakes on. So it it is not good for you to be holding onto the thing, Onda making yourself sick, Vickers off whatever it is you thought you should have done differently. Let go of it think about positive things, those things that will build you, all those things that will build others up. If it is going to chaired on somebody, do not say, Do not think about it. Let go off it, Paul said. Finally. Brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is worthy off respect, whatever is just whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable. If something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things. So be that as it if Pulis it think about those things that are lovely, that are pure, that are commendable, that had just that are true. Think about them. Think about them for yourself, thinkable and for your friends, for your family, for your Children, etcetera. Just thinkable things and stay stress free. Rest is another thing that it's important when you rest you a low your body toe recoup for it. They the body recuperates during the rest. In stage, they cells in your body get to rebuild on, especially so when you're sleeping. So you want to get eight hours of sleep each night so that the toxins can be removed from your body. The cells that are broken down can be repaired or if they have died, they can be removed from your body. If you keep going, going, go in. There is no time for those things to be removed from your body, and that's when you get sick. You feel refreshed when you wake up next morning with a good eight hours off sleep. Not not lightly, but it always off deep sleep. Go to your journal and you're going to write in your stress. Manage rules, right? Those five things that you are grateful for right home and in minutes off rest you intend to get for the day under some fun activities that are going to be doing. Have fun, relax on, have a stress free life. 8. Nurture Your Spirit: as spiritual beings. It is important for us to connect with that supreme divine spirit that it's outside of us each day. We should nurture our spirit by spending at least 15 minutes in quiet time with a spirit each day. So you may pray during that time, speak to this divine spirit. Read from your holy book Memorised a verse from the Holy book. Listen to what the supreme Spirit is communicating to you. That connection to spirit is important. When we are not connected, we feel like something is missing. We were going through our days on autopilot and wear Cravin something. But we just can't put our finger on what that thing is that we're missing. But when we make that connection with spirit, we recognized right away that yes, this is what we wanted. This is what was missing. All this time we feel complete. We feel whole onder. We are at peace with ourselves. We are at peace with spirit. We're at peace with others because off this divine connection that is important over being toe are being ourselves to be over being well, express their creative side, paint a picture right up on him crow Shea or embroider something. What? Do something. Create something. Use up that creative spirit that has been placed inside of us. Meditate on during meditation. You are just going to relax. Think about nothing. Get rid of those busy thoughts that we tend to have. Sit, relax. Look at Look at something in the distance to just keep your mind's steady. Onda, relax. Not thinking about the cares off the world, not thinking about what you're going to feed your Children or your going to clothe them. What? What is the next thing that you are going to be doing? That work? We are just relaxed, Onda A low in spirit to take awful. I know you know, all sales to be Toby under When we are able to do that, we we will find that we are relaxed and we are able to conquer the world as a result. So go to your journal and you are going to writers ghouls, Ford today. So right to your quiet time. What are you going to be praying for? What passage are you going to be reading from your holy book? What is the word that you got from the the Holy Spirit. When you spoke that divine super in spirit, What was a connection that was made with them? The memory verse from the holy book. What is their creative project for the day? Are you going to embroider? Are you going to paint? Are you going to write up for him under meditation? Home in the minutes off meditation. What happened to you after meditation? How did you feel? Write them in your journey up and just have fun, Re Lux. 9. The Key to Wellness: we have looked at a normal things pertaining. Toe wellness. Traditionally, we have been taught that wellness has more physical. But we are social emotional beings. We seek others to share or emotions. We are wired to see companionship. This companionship with sick, the sharing off emotions, build relationships or relationships are the key toe wellness. We need someone to encourage us to stay the course we eat right. We manage or stress we nurture or spiritual side, but we're still don't feel so right. We don't feel well when we have a connection with somebody else. We we feel right within ourselves that that spiritual connection that we need with all God . We also need a connection with or other spiritually fellows fellow beings here on earth. And we need someone that's going to encourage us to stay the course when we we may eat right today. Tomorrow women's skip a meal the next day. Well, we do something else that is not in keeping with each and right. Same thing for exercise. We may exercise today. Tomorrow we skip tomorrow, skip another day and then we find ourselves not exercise and at all. But if we have somebody that we is going to call us open access. Have you eaten today? Did you ensure that those foods that you it were there, right foods? Did you exercise? Did you remember to pray? If you have somebody reminding you and encouraging you, you are going to want to be able to say to that. Perseus, I didn't do the right things. There it right. I remembered to write my five gratitude things I am staying on truck way. Need that person Onder. So we need to reach all twenties. One person to keep us on track with Orwell The schools contact a friend or family member you haven't spoken to recently. Where? No. Remember we said abode forgiveness that we get rid off those poisons that are inside of us . And when we contact our friend or family member we haven't spoken to recently, we are even more joyful. We feel such a connection Such joys Those relaxation such piece that we wonder why we didn't do it before way have been leading a lifestyle where we go on the internet. Done. We connect a superficial level with people. We are busy. We are carrying the kids to dance lessons with carry them to school. We have all clubs that we meet in on, so we tend to be very busy. And we tend to forget some friend that we have from high school or from college that we were rather close to. But we are a little distant from there. No, we live a little ways from them where we need to stay in touch with those people. Those those connections help social and emotional. Well, they at your social emotional well being. Solomon, in his wisdom, said to are better than one because they have a good return for their label. If I'd off them for stone, one can help the other. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if tool I don't together they will keep warm. But ho can one keep warm alone. No 1 may be overpowered. Two can defend themselves. Accord off threes. Strands is not quickly broken. So you need somebody that you can help you up when you fall alone and you can help up somebody else when they fall alone. You you need that sort of thing in your life. You will need somebody that's going to keep you are my friendship that will keep you warm when you are able to connect with them or over and over again. I do remember. A three stranded cord is not quickly broken. We need that connection that support in our lives. Your journal entry, right. Your accountability partner. On the route, your relief ship ghouls go to the journal on right? We are accountability, partner. Is if you have more than one. That's good, right? The interactions that you have with your friend or family Who have you called up that you haven't spoken toe for a while on hold? Was that interaction with that person? Who did you invite to a meal? Are you? You just walked on the street and had a good talk with that sort of thing. Make a record of it. And how for 10. Tying It All Together: we're at the last video and we are going to tie all that we have learnt together. What are some key takeaways from this class? Focus on what we eat. Eat whole foods plenty. Fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods. Exercise. Do a variety each week. Aerobics, strength, flexibility, balance stress management. Focus on the positive rest. Oh, a spirituality. Spend time with the supreme being. Each day express their creativity or relationships or relationships and courage is to remain on the wellness course. Remember, they are the key toe Wellness, your journalism project for this class. You may use their own format for the journal, or you may use the former that I have given you. Be creative with your journals. You may choose to combine pictures with words. You may write poems. You may do whatever you want to do with your journal. Just ensure that you are getting those things done. The basics I have given you who you are. Getting it in. The Journal on Have fun doing this journal continue to make regular entries using previous entries to assess how well we are doing and to make adjustments. So if you we're on target day one with the foods that you are supposed to be eating. But they to you, you weren't so much on target. They threw. You find you are going off target. You will want to look at it and make adjustments. See what was happening to our day three. Why you weren't on target and make the adjustments so that you're back on target for day four and make these interests a habit. Keep doing them each day, and after a while it will become habit. Ensure that you posed your wellness journals in a project gallery and you can start posting from the one Andi in the gallery Encourage each other in your quest for wellness. Remember what I said about relationships and when we encourage each other or well, we do in terms off wellness, you want to be doing that for each other. Your fellow wellness Jordan, you companion. You want to encourage them to stay on the journey with