Creating a Trace Monotype Print | Jessica Miroglotta | Skillshare
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7 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is Printmaking?

    • The Materials

    • Creating Your Drawing

    • Inking Your Plate

    • Creating Your Print

    • Wrap-Up


About This Class

Printmaking is a unique and versatile art form in which the artist is able to create multiples. There are many printmaking processes, but a great way to start and learn the basics is through the process of creating trace monotypes. After developing a drawing, the artist is able to trace their images into ink as many times as they want. If you can draw, you can print! Even though creating multiples, each print will be unique. 





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Jessica Miroglotta

The Earth without art is just "eh."

I am a high school visual art teacher from Cleveland, Ohio. I am always super excited to share my passion for the arts with others in order to help them find skills they didn't know they had!

I completed my undergraduate work at Miami University, where I received a B.S. in Art Education, and also a minor in History of Art and Architecture. I went on to receive my M.A. in Art Education from Boston University.

It is my sixth year of teaching high school art. While I have ...

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