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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction to Surveys in Google Forms

    • 2. Creating our Survey

    • 3. The importance of Questions and how to Share

    • 4. Results and Exporting Data

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About This Class

How to create an interactive and fully functional survey using Google Forms

The following topics will be covered in this course.

  1. Creating an online form, a complete end-to-end process.
  2. Provide an explanation of the questions and parameters.
  3. Learn how to send people the survey by using the "Send" feature.
  4. Explanation of all results.
  5. What do you need to do to export the results to Sheets or Excel?

Furthermore, a fully functional copy of the Survey will be provided to you.

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Chris Gage

Analysis, Forecast and Business Planning


Hello, I'm Chris. I like spreadsheets!

Come and follow my Learn with Chris Roadmap to see what I am working on.

I am an award-winning Director of Business Improvement with a distinct focus on Customer Service.  All in all, I like technology and ways to become more productive and efficient.

I have recently become a published author of Ebooks; as a person with Dyslexia, this has been a real achievement for me. Check them out here if you like my courses.

If you want to ask me any questions or get involved in my community, feel free to join my Learn with Chris Linkedin or Facebook page.

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1. Introduction to Surveys in Google Forms: Hello and welcome to Learning with Chris. And today we're going to look at Google Forms, now, Google Sheets. So what we're going to look at these, how you can create a real survey using Google Forms. And this is similar if you've heard of it, to Survey Monkey or a little bit like the Microsoft Forms, although it's probably more powerful than that. One. Question probably is, why do we do this? Well, there's so many reasons you'd have a survey, but I think really it's come from two points. I've been asked quite a few questions, which is great by the way. Skillshare has really taken off for amino acid. So a few months. So just want to say thank you to that. And I'm probably going to have to make a bit funny for on a social media site. Aim to discuss Learning with Chris. Apologies, no more self-promotion. That side. But also the questions from people. I think a lot of my viewers aren't necessarily Google sheets or Excel type people that, you know, the professional business people. Or maybe it's for family and friends, could be a wedding. And Google Survey means that you could go forums means you can create a survey in Google without the need to use Excel or Sheets. Note that as a way to use that as well as we've already looked at, you can start from a Google Sheet to make foreign, but you don't update it. So I'm going to show you how to make from scratch a fool Google survey, viewing the responses as well, and also exploring the ideas of, It's not just a web link or a spreadsheet that has other waste to receive a fast survey via Google Forms. And so we're going to look at that. So we'll split this into three videos, or actually make the Google server from scratch, as well as the questions because I just want to explore the type of questions. I'll show you how to do that straight from Google Drive. Video 1, video 2. I'm, I really want to kind of explain the importance of him, the type of questions that you want to use because it's not something you necessarily want to change after you've done is you want to make sure it's right. And then I'll show you the same features, which is really how you get the survey that people will talk more about that in that video. And then finally, I want to show you the responses and results within the Google survey itself. It's actually really powerful. So I think for most people that will be sufficient, but I'll also show you how to access that via Google Sheets as well. And maybe just explore some ideas and examples of why you may use a Google survey meeting forms. So hopefully that'll be good. I know that this has been quite heavily asked for actually Google Surveys and Google Forms without the Excel or Sheets element. So let's just dive straight into it and I'll see you for the next video. 2. Creating our Survey: Hello and welcome to Lesson 1, which is the creation of the form and then the survey. Okay, So where are we? We're in Google Drive. I imagine most of you are familiar with Google Drive. This is simply a folder in Google Drive. If you're not, all you have to do as long as you have a Gmail is either go to surfaces like,, and then simply have a look at the top right. You'll see a picture most likely with yourself, or maybe it's just your initials. If you click this nine dots here, Google Apps. And within the top nine here, there'll be one called Google Drive is simply click that. And now I'll take you to your Google Drive. That's the first time using Google Drive, I would heavily recommend making a folder. To put this in and to make a folder, you simply right-click and click New Folder and then you just type in the name. We're not gonna do that just now because we've already made a folder, sheets, a survey, not the most imaginative name or even a good name, but here we are. So how would we make the survey? Well, first off, we need to make a form first. So you simply right-click. And if you look down here, Google Docs, google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms and more. More really is more to do apps you have added or infinite line, including Google drones. So we're obviously interested in Google Forms. Now, we are going to make one from scratch by four. It would be of interest to have a look at from a template. Because for some of you, this might be perfect. So what we'll do is we'll create a template very quickly, but we'll come back and we'll make a blank form as well. So let's click this. It does take a little second. So as you can see here, it says recently used, I don't believe I've ever used a template, so these must be the most popular one. Personal find the time, and it's p bar, invite, dish, sign up. You get the idea. Education assessment, time off request order form. So let's maybe just opened up time of requests. Let's see what it does. So these are pre-made templates by Google for you to use. Here we go. Here's an entire survey created for you. Let's have a little look. It's name, leave the NPM or the type of leaf, type of leaf and reason for the leaf. Pretty standard request. And of course it's slightly edited, as you'll see, this color is not the normal color scheme. And the response is it a little bit AD2? So there you go. There is a request. And for some small organizations, even large organizations, if they're fully integrated to Google. This is fantastic. I mean, I probably wouldn't use this as a time of request, but there is a number of forms in there that we could consider using AI. We don't really want that, although we'll leave it in because it's nice and easy to look up. So that's what your form would look like in your Google Drive. We obviously are going to make our own 10. So let's make a blank form. Right-click. Go to Google forums platform. And here you go. Here is a blank form. So what are we going to do a forum on? Well, it really doesn't matter. You can do a formal anything as those templates show, that could be for RSVP, it could be for business purposes, it could be for responding party invites, weightings. It could be anything. What we'll do is we'll just do what should we do? And employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction for surfing. There we go. Employee satisfaction survey. How are things going? So there's our title and I'll show you how to edit some of this afterwards. But employee satisfaction survey whole thing's going. All I've done is click in these boxes. So you start with one question. For the purposes of this, let's pretend that there's no concerns about privacy or indifferent. So let's just do name. So we put name like multiple choice is not the logical answer for name unless it's only a team of four or five, but let's just presume there's a couple of 100 people. So what really want is a type of answer. So let's just quickly go over these. We've got a short answer, which is clearly going to be the right one for name. This is just writing in a few words, a paragraph, which is obviously if you're any other comments type section, Multiple Choice speaks for itself. Checkbox is very similar to multi choice, allows you to select the number and drop things of affiliation on the two file uploads, you could actually have a form that allows people to upload files into it. We're not going to use that for the purposes of this linear scales. 12345, multiple choice grid. Again, choose multiple ones. We might have a little look at some of these, the box grid. Indeed, I've never used the textbook script. So let's have a look at that. Once we get further down the equations, date and time, these are very important because you're going to want to use these. So mop, choice, it's currently on. We don't want that. We want short answer because the idea is somebody's going to enter their name. Okay, So we want to add another question. What do we want? What team are you on? What team are you on? So multiple choice is probably the right response for us here. Or maybe we want to drop them in state, but I think multiple choices fight. So we have team john. Nita, team Ina, Roger and team beef. Silly names for Teams as well. Maybe not, maybe it's normal to the method, but we don't want any other options. So we've got these five options, so we're going to close that last option. Now it's worth knowing. Maybe if the teams are named after, maybe it's the team managers. As an example, let's just say this is a context same. And these are the team managers names, teams. You may actually want to put a picture and we're not going to for the purposes of this, but you could put a picture of beef in, for example, pitcher joe Nita t. Now Roger, note, just to go back to the top here. Something we've missed and I didn't do it deliberately. Is this. Do we want certain questions to be required? Short answer is yes. For our example here, which is a contact center team in employee satisfaction survey, we need to put their name. So we're gonna see that's required. We also need them to pick their team. So that's required. That may not be the case for everything else. And probably worth knowing. It's a little bit more advanced. But generally speaking, you'll be doing just add questions. However, you can't import questions from another form or from a pre-prepared sheep that's required for extra effort, you count out the title. So if you've got a very, very big satisfaction survey, you can add a title and we will do that. We'll do that in the next one just so you can see at an image, at the videos of, for example, YouTube video could be inserted there and add a section which is kind of oblique and the page. So let's add a title and let's just see questions. Guys. Let me go. Okay. So questions and let's just go to the next questions. These bouncer. Well, on a scale of one, the fact, so how happy are you work? So MDG see that it changed automatically to linear scale and indeed changed one to five. Why did it do that? Because Google AI is playing with this, worked out from whatever. They have done this a number of times. So I was a weird it was going to do the split any so a variation on this and it will predict what you want. And it's right. I want, I wanted to five linear scale. Not happy. Very happy. So there's our linear scale. So we're going to ask people to choose from a one-to-five. Hi, I'm happier they work at the code it looks so we've just added to the question, how happy are you work? Not happy, very happy. How happy are you with your manager? And it's going to predict that again, will go for the same option. Not happy. I'm very happy. And we'll see this is required as well. So let's have a look at this tick box grid. This is something I've never used, and in fact, I think it's relatively new. So let's have a look. Okay. So it would just be rows and columns. So it's similar to tick boxes in general. So you type it, you know, John, Chris there and click there. So what else do we want? I think we want a paragraph in here. What could we do to improve your work? And it's a paragraph now, this sort a question for me is not going to be required. The reason being is people may not want to write a suggestion or they may not have a suggestion, or they may have perfect work-life. So for the purposes of this question, we will not required, so they can skip this question should the wish. You're probably quite familiar with that and forms and surveys that you've done yourself as the purposes of this. Okay. And to be hold any more questions, I don't think we do. I think for us a nice five questions survey is all b1. So how would we do? We do, So we've got five questions. We've got some short answer questions because the more choice, we've got a Braille Brick section here. In fact, let's show this. In fact, that's probably too much. I was adding a section to break up the page. But realistically, this is only o have I broken this marriage above? Very good. Because this is only five questions. We don't need to make sections. You'd have to have I don't know. Maybe if you don't have to this five, you may make a new section, which is pretty similar to questions here, but really it's just bigger fall on a line appears. So here's our survey. It looks pretty good, but let's a little bit up here, Customize v. Let me eventually worked. So you can choose an image. We will add an image from here, but you can just choose a picture of any type really. Let's see. This is going to be this color of dark green, teal, background color of yellow, battle to fight. And what font? So do we want to, we want decorative, and that's maybe a bit much, but maybe for our wedding invitation, formal. Yeah, that could be more like it for an employee satisfaction. All indeed playful. I would say that's maybe not quite as appropriate, but I kinda like it. So let's click on Form. So there's our basic theme options, but do remain, but this is just overall fee. You can add images into like with the form. We're not gonna do that just there. You can. I've seen quite a few videos. I often see as an example, employee satisfaction survey, how are things going? And rather than the first question, you have a little video usually from, so if the director, maybe the head of just welcome people to the survey and thanking them for filling in. So here we are. That is our form, which is turned into a survey. And it's actually ready to use. On the next lesson, we're gonna just sort of explain the importance of setting questions in advance and also the features around same or sending this to other locations. So I will see you for the next lesson. 3. The importance of Questions and how to Share: Hello and welcome back to Lesson 2, where we're going to explore the importance of knowing your questions and the same features for our survey via Google Forms. So let's just quickly touch on the importance of questions. This isn't so much about Google itself and the functionality and dy dt is more about forms. And so a best practice. You may very well know this already. So obviously feel free to skip this should you wish. But really what I want to see here is once you've set up a survey and you're getting ready to send out, make sure 100% that those are the questions that you want. The reason for this, if you go into do any sort of analysis on a survey and you've changed the questions, it makes it either more or less, it can render it useless, or it makes it extremely difficult from a data standpoint. Now, to be clear, for these questions on a survey, as simple as this, it's probably not a big deal, and it's certainly not a big deal. For example, are the question at the end. But I would highly recommend from a base practice point of view, know exactly what your questions are going to be. An importantly what sort of answers you're looking for. One mistake, I see me over and over again in deep. My my previous employer, not my current employer. In this quite a lot. We are the new of the questions were, for example, in fact, it's a really example. We decided that a scale of one to five was insufficient. So change that to one, entertain and that sounds fine. You just double the scores, but it doesn't really work like that. A four is not to see. A 400 five is not the same as any attain, and it just gets really convoluted. So I would heavily just recommend just making sure you're absolutely aware of your questions. Sorry for the ramp. But it's just something I see cause difficulties a lot in business practice. That being said, for this source survey, you probably not really any risk of that. So what really wanted to explore here is the strength, the same feature. So this is now a fully live, fully work in service. And we could even go to the live form. We could say that there's other settings we have here. In fact, let's have a quick look and say, and this is something I very rarely use myself. You can collect emails, so I'll explain that in a minute. Require sign-in. So require somebody to have a Gmail account. As an example, respondants can aid the after submit, see somebody charts and text responses. Show progress bar. These are all in fact, I would just recommend this isn't a quiz, so these options are valid, but have a play around with the sum of these are obvious. Some of them are not so much, very, very simple. And it's very, very quick as well. But you can explore that yourself. There's nothing convoluted or complicatedly. What we really want to explore is the strength of how you can use the so. So we're gonna click on the Send button. So there's a number of ways that you can get this to other people. This is the easiest. You can send them the link. And indeed, Google provides a shortened link, so you can send them this link. You could, for example, send this text message, sent this in an e-mail, send this in a WhatsApp group, and people could then access this and do the survey. There's embed know it's likely if you're Using this video to make survey that this may not be a feature that you're using. However, if you have an IT team or maybe somebody on your team, or maybe it's a brother or sister. If you want to have a fancy wedding in webpage, there's an embed code. You can edit width and height and you can put this directly into a webpage. And it's interactable in that webpage. So the actual form appears on the webpage, not just like a link to it. Very handy, very fancy. You can of course, share via Facebook or via Twitter as well. Both fairly simple. This is probably the most common way to use it with a shortened URL send out. However, people don't seem to email it very much. And I think it's because we seem to think that it's simply a web link. That's not true. So I've already done this, but for the purposes we would type in John Smith at You can change the subjects, that's subject headline in email. And of course you can write the message as well. I think the reason people don't know about the form being interactive in the email is because most people don't click that. So we have clicked that as you see, I've already said this, so we'll show you in a second. But you would write that in John Smith,, type your message in and include form in the e-mail and click Send. You can also send this to groups of people. So you can have multiple email addresses. So you've ever copy and paste maybe from Outlook gmail. This, it's a little bit interesting that this button is insane form because this isn't really to do with sending the form. But you can add other people with Gmail accounts to collaborate on this forum with you in a live way, the same way you can do on any of the Google programs. I'm not really sure why It's understand that's what that is there. So let's pretend I've clicked that send button and we'll show you how it comes. So there is my email. So I'm using a mail client called me Albert, which is quite similar to Outlook and it's quite similar to the Apple VD issues and things like that. Basically it's nothing special. So this was sent to me and that is my G-mail in modulus and used for training purposes. So your gauge and there's a sub m, a subject at the top employee satisfaction survey. And here is the survey. So let's survey is actually a real survey. It's not just like a picture. You can also click that button. It will take you to the actual wavelength that we've been looking at. But let's, let's do it. Let's do the Serbian. Chris gauge. I'm in team Tina. I'm extremely happy with my work, but my manager could be doing better. What could we do to improve your work like bouts? Oh, you could pay me more pay me more money. And let me move work. This little bit of a cheeky response, but I'm sure a lot of people think like that. So I'm gonna click submit. And there we go. I've actually submitted by foreign. They've got opened up a Microsoft or a Chrome browser just to tell me that's been submitted. But there we go. That is indeed our form. Now, this is performed still. But if we look at that, we can now see responses have one eye. For the purposes of this lesson, we'll leave it there until the next one. We'll have a little look at responses are not fill it a couple more, just so you can you can see what that looks like. Okay. Thank you very much and I'll see you for the next. 4. Results and Exporting Data: Hello and welcome to lesson three, where we have a look at the responses and just a quick somebody and some ideas on how we use surface with cocoa forms. So we're on the responses pages you can see. So all we've done here is we've went from questions, two responses. So I feel that it four more times. So we've got Chris gauge, John Smith, linda Jones, bit Rogers, and Michael. I'm not sure why I wrote there more Ag. And we just want you to see how this would look. So there's three ways to look at responses, and there's a couple of other elements up here that will look after. We've had a quick look here. So we can obviously see the names of the people have responded because we've asked for names. We can also see the responses to what team are you on. And if you look here, you could actually copy this chart. So if you wanted to take this straight into an e-mail, you could. And it's an interactive chart which has been nice. What team are you on? So just a random split. I happier you work. So I'm very happy to meet. And somebody who's very disappointed, how happy you are with the manager. Well, it's not, it's not great for manager happiness. And I wrote two responses, both the same and no responses to the other free just to show you that not everybody has filled that in because it was not a required question. So honestly, for our SRP like this and you know, an employee satisfaction survey may only have a few more on this. In reality, this may be good enough for you and you can print them direct from here. But for the purposes of this, we're going to look a little bit more. So we've looked at the, Suddenly, we can also look at the question. So this lets us look, now there's only five people here, but the response bind person for each question. So how happy are you with work? We can see how happy people are at work and you kinda have to look through there. This, this can be a bit challenging. This particular element. Well, I would see is if you have very specific questions, you may use this to have a look at very individual elements, obviously for our five people, not hugely relevant. And then you can also look at the individual. So this gives you the full survey. So five people, individual. So we can see I answered this and let's have a look at linda Jones is in team-based and this is how she's answered exactly. So all pretty powerful. Opera helpful, especially summary page, especially for employee satisfaction when you really look at for the overall, of course, you want to know who's really unhappy. So we take further in that is that for the responses within Google Forms. So you could leave it at that. And I think for probably 80 percent of people, that will be sufficient. But let's explore if that's not sufficient. So you've got five responses. We can see here, we're still accepting responses. If you want to close the survey, you can just do that. So people will no longer be able to insert responses. We'll leave it open for the purposes of this. Then we have this button here. You can decide if you can get e-mail notifications for new responses. Select the response destination so you can just make sure it gets sent somewhere. Download the responses for CSV. So if you want, open that up and Expel, expel in Excel, print all the responses and the responses. There's nothing wrong. We open it up in Excel. And if you're more familiar with Excel and Google sheets, that's fine. However, there is an automatic way to look at this Google Sheets, and it does work a little bit better in Google Sheets because it's obviously formatted for that, but easily usable in Excel as well. So we're going to click this button, which is the Google Sheets icon. And we're going to click here. So what that icon is, create a Google sheet. It's asking me if I want to create a new spreadsheet or select an existing spreadsheet. I don't have a spreadsheet for the service, so I'm going to let it create a spreadsheet called the seeing, as I said before him, which is employee satisfaction survey. So let's create linking to the spreadsheet and it should open it up. And there we go. Here is our survey responses. Now there's not an awful lot of survey responses here. It's only five people. But this means that you can do things with this. And I'm going to give a little tip here just before we summarize and review. It. Probably not very helpful for this, this icon down at the bottom right next to this count symbol called Explore. Alternatively, you can open up by pressing Alt, shifting x. For things like this. This could actually help you. This is basically using Google AI and this will suggest a number, sort of theme charts, maybe tables. There's not an awful lot in this because there's not too much the weaker. You can also do formatting for you. And most amazingly, is you can ask questions. So you can ask something like, what team is Chris ski John, and what? How happy is here at work. You can literally type that in, will pre-populate parts of that. So you have to be a little bit careful. Unfortunately, there's not too much relevant data in our example, and this is quite an advanced feature. But I know a lot of people who use this feature with Google Forms. So look at that as you well, of course if you use anything here, you can simply undo it. So please don't worry too much about that. But there is a Google Forms from our employee satisfaction survey. And as you can see here, employee satisfaction survey, that's the actual survey. And it's created a spreadsheet in Google Sheets for responses. And there was the template we looked at the time of request. And that really is all that. So you can create a Google survey within Google Forms from scratch, all the way from start to finish. Of course you'll have the shared one that I've given you. This is really for holy, for you to make your own form and survey. Really hope that's helpful. I know a lot of people want more detail on that then I provided during the budget and the journal training. So if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help. If it helps set something up, if you're finding it difficult. Of course you have the example which you can't read it, although both forms that do always recommend starting at the beginning. And thank you very much for joining me with learning with Chris. Have a good day.