Creating a Successful Online Presence from conception to success Part 1 | Donna Kopitsky | Skillshare

Creating a Successful Online Presence from conception to success Part 1

Donna Kopitsky, I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Takimg the entrepreneur test

    • 3. These are the traits of a successful entrepreneur.

    • 4. 1 Your first step Writing Your web site goals

    • 5. Introduction to domain names

    • 6. How to Select a Domain Name For Your Successful Online Presence

    • 7. What do the different domain extensions mean?

    • 8. How to select a domain name that will do well in the seach engines

    • 9. Creating effective url's-how you name your website pages does matter


About This Class

This course includes all you need to know to take an idea and create a successful Internet presence, from conception to success!  Through video lectures, assignments and checklists you are given all the tools you will need to get off to a successful start and to build on that success..

I cover where to go to find a domain name and then register it. What is the best hosting company for your web presence?  Do you want to use a site builder, wordpress or on your own to create your online presence?  What about your web presence design?  How can you make your online presence interactive?  How can you get online and offline leads?  All of this and more....I leave no stone unturned to provide you will all you need to create a successful online presence.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Take a look at the course goals and sign up now!  






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Donna Kopitsky

I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!

I am a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. I have intensly studied internet marketing and web design and really enjoy helping and teaching others to be successful. In the past I have been a special education teacher with a Masters degree in Special Education and Social Work.

Currently I am also an Interfaith minister and have a minsitry in southwestern Pennsylvania. My passion is helping others be successful.

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