Creating a Successful Online Presence Part III | Donna Kopitsky | Skillshare

Creating a Successful Online Presence Part III

Donna Kopitsky, I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!

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13 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Web site design mistakes an introduction

    • 2. The top twenty five web design mistakes

    • 3. Cruising the Internet looking for examples of good and not so good design.

    • 4. You will review FREE software to help you be successful with your online presence.

    • 5. Free software to help with top search engine placesment-Traffic Travis

    • 6. A FREE HTML editor-Kompozer.

    • 7. A quick look at Wordpress.

    • 8. Free website templates/themes.

    • 9. Your website is ready to go , now submit it to the search engines.

    • 10. Adding your website to Google

    • 11. How to add your website to Bing and Yahoo.

    • 12. Free submission service to add your website to multiple directories.

    • 13. Thank you for taking my class


About This Class

Part III includes  reviewing and understanding twenty five website design mistakes, reviewing free software to make editing your website easier and free software to work with graphics and images and free software to help you with search engine optimization.  Then I show you how to add your website to the three major search directories: Google, Bing and Yahoo plus some surprises!!





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Donna Kopitsky

I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!

I am a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. I have intensly studied internet marketing and web design and really enjoy helping and teaching others to be successful. In the past I have been a special education teacher with a Masters degree in Special Education and Social Work.

Currently I am also an Interfaith minister and have a minsitry in southwestern Pennsylvania. My passion is helping others be successful.

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