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Creating a Successful Online Presence Part III

teacher avatar Donna Kopitsky, I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Web site design mistakes an introduction

    • 2. The top twenty five web design mistakes

    • 3. Cruising the Internet looking for examples of good and not so good design.

    • 4. You will review FREE software to help you be successful with your online presence.

    • 5. Free software to help with top search engine placesment-Traffic Travis

    • 6. A FREE HTML editor-Kompozer.

    • 7. A quick look at Wordpress.

    • 8. Free website templates/themes.

    • 9. Your website is ready to go , now submit it to the search engines.

    • 10. Adding your website to Google

    • 11. How to add your website to Bing and Yahoo.

    • 12. Free submission service to add your website to multiple directories.

    • 13. Thank you for taking my class

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About This Class

Part III includes  reviewing and understanding twenty five website design mistakes, reviewing free software to make editing your website easier and free software to work with graphics and images and free software to help you with search engine optimization.  Then I show you how to add your website to the three major search directories: Google, Bing and Yahoo plus some surprises!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Donna Kopitsky

I Can Show You How You Can Be Successful!!


I am a web designer and search engine optimization specialist. I have intensly studied internet marketing and web design and really enjoy helping and teaching others to be successful. In the past I have been a special education teacher with a Masters degree in Special Education and Social Work.

Currently I am also an Interfaith minister and have a minsitry in southwestern Pennsylvania. My passion is helping others be successful.

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1. Web site design mistakes an introduction: in this lesson, I introduce the 25 Web design mistakes, and what can you do about them? I also have a checklist for you that you can do you can use as you're planning your Web design and planning a little bit of how your website, the look and feel of your website or the look and feel of your blogged. And so I invite you to jump on in and see what this class has to offer. 2. The top twenty five web design mistakes: Now we're going to explore the top 25 Web design mistakes, making sure your website looks professional. First mistake. Your website tries to tell visitors how wonderful you are as a company, but not how you're going to solve their problems. You designed your site to meet your needs or your organization's needs rather than meeting the needs of your visitors. It takes longer than four seconds for a visitor to understand what your site is about, your site doesn't make you look like a credible professional. Your home page for any page takes more than four seconds to load quickly. Scanning the page doesn't tell your visitors much about its purpose. You don't know if your site looks the same in the major browsers, and the three major Internet browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you really want to be successful on the Internet, I would recommend downloading and installing each one of these three browsers on your computer and then check to see how your website looks in each browser. If they look different than your Web design has to change, your coding will have to change so that your website looks good in all three browsers. Your pages have too much or too little white space. Your site mixes text colors on the same page. Your logo is not on top of every page, and clicking it doesn't lead to the home page. Visited. Links don't change color. Your site doesn't make visitors feel they can trust you. Your site uses divider bars. Your logo does not look like it was professionally made. You have long blocks of text, too much text. There are too many images on your page. It's not only distracting, but it takes a long time to load and too long to figure out what the purpose of your website ISS your website has background music Very annoying. You have animated GIFs using animated images and icons on your website is really something from the past. Maybe 1989 was the last time animated GIFs were being used, their very distracting. They take up a lot of band with and a lot of kilobytes and megabytes to display their animation, and they're just not appropriate. In 2016 there's no way on your website to get in touch with you. Broken links not only is broken links and no, no, it's very unprofessional. End Internet. Some of the browsers or the search engines like Google will not index a website if it has too many broken links. It has outdated information, especially if you have a copyright notice at the bottom of your website. I've gone to some websites where the UM copyright year was 2011. That makes me think this this website is not current. It has not updated its information since 2011. Not only that, they may not even still be in business. There are too many heavy images, flash based graphics and animations. It's not a responsive website. What I mean by a responsive website is that your website will change its configuration and change how it's displayed. Depending on what? Oh, what is the word? What? I'm having trouble getting the word no, not being displayed on different devices. For example, how your website looks on an iPad, a smart phone and the Internet on your computer is going to be different because the year it's important that your website can shift and change depending on the kind of device that is going to your website to take a look at it. Designing you designed your website before your content was figured out in excessive scrolling on mobile devices and not just on Movil devices but excessive scrolling period. It's very unprofessional and amateurish to have a website where someone has to scroll and scroll and scroll to gather the information. Now that I've shared the major Web design mistakes, I'm going to go out on the Internet and show you some samples. And also I have for you a checklist to help you take a look at your website and evaluate whether it will be successful with search engine placement or successful the visitors or not. So I invite you to sit back, relax and let's take a stroll on the Internet. 3. Cruising the Internet looking for examples of good and not so good design.: And now I invite you to come with me as we cruise the Internet and I'll show you a couple places or a couple websites, Actually, some that or not so good and some that are pretty good design. This is interesting effect. I'm gonna load this one again, see if it will do what it did before. Here's that was a little bit of flash that age, which was very annoying. But here's this page. Now it starts out really nice, and it's really nice to have the contact information up on top. Find an advisor, appear on top. But I found this flash annoying. That was a ah, flash, A little video putting that person together. Let's scroll down here. I found this kind of hard, too many images, too many images. That's how I feel. I feel like it's too many images, but let's go on. Not bad. Let's go find out how, what their approaches. It's girls down to here. Let's go to our advisors. It scrolls down to here. Let's go to what we do. It's scrolls down to here, like if she can get some more information. That's kind of interesting, but I personally find it annoying that you have to go here and kind of tilt your head to read it. Um, what we believe, I guess that's the very top one. Our advantage. I don't know what that means, but our advantages. And so let's just go here and see if we can who we are, see where this goes. There's that h again investors. There's that H. I don't know why they put that age there and then this gets to be a little bit too much. I can't tell looking for investment. I just find this a little hard to figure out. I guess there's a video here. It's like too much on one page. Another video, too many different things on one page. Good contact information on the bottom. That's pretty good. You also have contact. Appear on top. Ah, don't know what this is supposed to be. That X there waas. It is a global map to show where the office was. That took a while to load, and it's on top of this contact information. So how am I going to fill out this contact form? It's actually a search for him on their page underneath this Google map, let me sign. Get rid of this Google map. Yes, that was right on top of to find the adviser page. Overall. Not bad, A little more complicated than I think. A website should be. A lot of scrolling, a lot of big images, unnecessary big images when you they could do more with a drop down in drop down menu and be able to school. Is this a little faster and not have to drop down and do all of this scrolling? Let's go and take a look at another one. This is actually a church website, and it took a long time to load. But this is, like way too much. It's way too much on the first page, and it's got a page counter. People don't even use page counters anymore. Hit counters. There has been 1468 visitors. It has some a little bit of animated graphics. We can knows the changes color. You can listen to a message, but it's like way too much on one page, kind of overwhelming. And you could tell an amateur did this because you can see the white border behind the images the image of the Twitter image and the Facebook image. That's a giveaway that you're an amateur when you have that border around there, you could take a software image software like Photo Shop or gimp, which is like Photo Shop of Free and create a transparent, gift, transparent image. And you would only see it as a circle. You wouldn't see that border dead giveaway. An amateur did this site way too much way too much on this one page. Although it is all in one page, that's kind of good. Let's see what's under ministry board of trustees and staff. Let's see if the pages kind of clear out. That kind of cleared out a little bit. The, um, drop down many was not going away. It should. Once you get on the page, no, there goes and then let's check events. They have videos. You can listen to their messages. Looks like it hasn't been up. It hasn't been updated in a while because you can see it's July in January to June 2015. This website has not been updated in a while. Not a good sign. Let's go to the contact page. There is a contact form. But let's look at our belief. They do like to squish everything in tow one page just too much, very amateurish. But they probably think it's wonderful. Most people, when they want a design for their website, they have an idea of what they want without considering what might be good for their business. And a ministry is a business. So you have to look at how can I have what I want but also have a website that's going to do well that's going to get me business. Get me sales. Get me on the top of the search engine and sometimes you have to give up what you want to be able to achieve that Here's I actually found three coaching websites. This is life Coach, a life coach dot com, and this website is really an old old design. In fact, I'm going to see if I can go God. I looked at this earlier, and I want to gov here to the opening page and see what it's like. Old old design image links. Although this is kind of nice, you click on there and it says, What is life coaching? Find out here Here's an information to help you find a life coach who was right for you. See, if you're ready for life coaching, take the life coach quiz. That's kind of nice that they have that little message when you click on the links. But again, these are images, and they may not work for someone who doesn't want to, who turns off images in the browser. More information you almost don't know. Where do you go? Do you go left or right? Here's sign up for a free life coaching session. Then they have it appear. Sign up for your free introductory life coaching session. Oh, they're doing both. These are actually the same. Some of the same things. They have emotional intelligence, but they don't have emotional intelligence over here. They have take the life coaching quiz and they happened here. Take the life coaching quiz and then you scroll down. There's more links down here. Same thing. Take the life coaching quiz. Absolutely unnecessary to have all this. They accept online payments. That's nice. I would have put that up on top. They do have the current date. That's nice, but that old old design very old. Very old fashioned too many links in too many places. Um, finally become a life coach. Contact us about E. I. Emotional intelligence. You can see the kind of organizations they belong to, but it's hard figuring out how you get in contact with them. There. It is kind of buried there. Contact us and there's not a form you have to click on. Just website. Totally changes. Now it's short and into the left. You could make Carmen. Here's Carmen and then you get a message. This page wants to run the following and on Windows Media Player. What's the risk? Do you want to allow that or not? So there must be some message. We see Carmen and let's go to find another coach. Now find the life coach. I thought I was going to pick a coach. What happened? What happened to that page? Meet Kelly Kelly has a video receiving assistance and access very old design, using borders around their images, using a border around the image. But theory of design clinic confusing, trying to figure out how and then I have to go back to contact us again. To get to the next person, contact Carmen and I'm ready to set up my free consultation. And then if you want to go to another part of the page, half the links are missing. So not a very good Web design. This this page could be a lot better if they used a theme. One of the current themes and totally redid this website. Yeah, let's see what we have. This is a better website. This is kind of nice. You see a call to action, A call to action call to action, subscribed to a newsletter, Right? Dare. You don't have to scroll very far. Lots of information on the first page tells you a little bit about Geo sales. Resource is right here for you to see. Would you like an E book? Would you like to read her? Blawg? There's worksheets. There's videos, there's audio. There's Webinars. Then she lists some of her videos over here. Nice. One thing I don't see is I don't see the date, and that's okay. A little bit about her. Blawg resource is lots of different ways to get to it. A little bit of a drop down menu. Let's see what happens when you click on contact jail and nice big form to fill out. That's good. Interested in sales coaching. You can send this. She's on Twitter linked in Google. Plus she has videos on YouTube. Nice learn Mawr interested in sales Learn mawr sales coaching Check out my book. Nice photos. Here are the links to difference E books that she has Frieze sale Resource is SAS Kissy books Cheat, cheat Webinars audios block Post Pretty nice design Easy. All the information is right there at your fingertips. You don't have to scroll very four. She has lots of opportunities for you to take action. Let's look at another one. This is another website life Coach. I found this website Interesting Home Home about us success stories drop down menu Nice drop down menu. But I'll tell you what I cannot find on this website And I looked at it earlier. You can sign up today. Nice called action. You can take a quiz if you'd like. You can click on this and see what the different sliders are. This is called a slider. This whole section of your dreams learn mawr one on one, coaching online coaching. They're telling you a little bit of what they have to offer right at the top of the page. You can try their online coaching course today for a free, free, coaching free quiz. Freeze. A nice word. Get three free samples. Get my free samples today. Sign up and get those are most popular. Coach Quiz. A quiz is our best selling books. Everything's right at your fingertips. But I'll tell you what's not at the fingertips. There's there's Copyright 2016. What I cannot find on here is a contact form I'm looking here for. How can I contact them other than signing up? This is about the only thing that's missing on this website. I can't see. You can sign up for a free coaching kit. There's no phone number. There's their social media icons so that you can link up to where they are in social media . This takes you to the top of the page, which is nice, but I cannot find a sign up. Let's see what happens if we view a profile and see if we can figure out how the contact. Maybe I just have some questions. There is no Please get in touch with us via this address. Do you want to allow the website open a program on your computer? That's gonna That's for email. I'm not finding like a phone number or somewhere. Maybe I just have a few questions and you can send an email, but it's difficult to figure out how to contact people. That's the biggest weakness with this website. Otherwise, it's a nice It's a nice design. They used Ah whitespace. Really well, no pop ups, no music, no huge bells and whistles. Very nicely done. There's a pop up. Just as I was about to leave a pop up came up and I didn't get a chance to see what it was . There was a pop up. Uh huh. This is the last website. This is actually one of my designs done with WordPress. This is for Angel Feather Inc. This is a situation where we probably should have picked a different domain name, but they wanted the domain name of their business. But here's everything right. Appear in the drop down menu here, you can see samples of their products. This actually these graphics. This slider was done with photo shop creating this. You can also use a free image manipulation manipulation tool called Gim tells you right here, click here for opportunities to save. If you scroll down a little bit more, you're gonna see they have aesthetic supplies, massage supplies, news and updates, new products. This is all done with photo shop, adding those little nice little borders. Here is a testimonial on this page you can right here is contact info. There's a contact in full spelled out. Clearly click care to view or print an order. Form information on how to order. Nice use a white space new products. Here's a way that you can see their products, how much it costs a little description right here on this page. Massage products. This is done in WordPress case. They emphasize products. This one has a because little image, little animation, so you can see the other side of that. Some of these have animations. Nice little website spells out everything. Little animation. See, a different view spells everything out for you. 2016 Current date has a site map XML site map, and this comes up on the second page of the search engines under wholesale massage supplies . So there's an example of just a nice good use of white space, everything. Everything is there. Everything that you need is right there. You can go back to home. It's right here on the front page. All their products. Nice slider, showing close ups of their products, nicely done. 4. You will review FREE software to help you be successful with your online presence.: in this section, I talk about some free software that you can use as an entrepreneur the software that I have used and continue to use to find out how my website is doing on the search engines and which pages that I can improve to get a high ranking on the search engines, so take a look. 5. Free software to help with top search engine placesment-Traffic Travis: Now what now I'd like to show you a really nice piece of software where you can get a lot of information about your website on how your website is doing in the major search engines . So let's go to it. This is called traffic Travis. This is the free version. In the free version, you can only add to ur else, so I have to in here to beloved community. Pet Ministry. That's my personal one and a client website organizer coach. What I found is that I can delete this. You are really or this domain, and then just add another as long as there's always two here. But let's take a look here and see all this great information that you get when you enter your you are ill or the address of your website website is called Beloved Community Pet Ministry. And let's take a look here. This is the domain authority. It's an 11.83 The higher the domain authority, the more likely I'll get a higher ranking in the search engines so that domain authority is very important. Alexa, which is run by Google or a oh well in partnership with them ranks websites. This website is the 23rd 1,000,000 327552nd website. This is very valuable here. It has page warnings. There's something wrong on some of my pages. This looks like a lot but it's not really I'll go in and we'll take a look at that and I'll show you. This website does have a site map. I did talk about the importance of having a site map. There are 28 pages in this website. There are no rankings in the top five. This actually went down. There was one. There are two rankings in the top 10 and here's the key words and that it's ranked by in seventh place. The key word is pet Ministry. So if I open Google I will find that the seventh website is the beloved Community Pet Ministry under the keyword Pet Ministry and then the next keyword pet chaplain. If I search for pet chaplains, my website is number eight in Google, which is really pretty high considering in Google and then under Animal Ministry. It is in 20th place, which means it would be on the bottom of the second page. Here are the total bank link back links that I have. I have 32 back links. Back links do affect searches emplacement. But I will be talking about that in my next class. How to get top search engine placement. There are four unique. I eat my peas. There are four unique domains. Here are some of my back links and how important they are. This one bank back link has a page authority of 14.94 That one is okay. You want to go for a get back length from websites that have as high a page authority as you confined. Now this is the information about Google. Now I can go to being and find out how this website is doing on being it's number one on being for a pet ministry and it's number six on being for Pet Chaplain. Of course, you see, a lot of the information remains the same. And now for Yahoo, it is number one on Yahoo. If you searched pet Ministry and it is number five on Yahoo, if you searched for pet Chaplain, these air actually very nice placements for these keywords. And now let's take a look at some information here. We're gonna go to my site, and this is really nice page right here. It tells you the page authority to back links. And here's the important column here. The important column here is telling me how many errors there are on a page, and I can go in here and take a look. If I click on one, it is going to tell me. Open another page. Give me some more information. I'm looking here. These are all the elements that are important in search engine placement. We're going to scroll down to see what the problem is. The problem is that my header one tag is too long. Heather. One tax should be no longer than eight words. Avoid using heading tags for styling, text and not presenting structure. So this tells me everything else is pretty good on this website. And like I said, it looked like when at first glance and I had a lot of errors per page. Let's look at this one because this one has four errors on this page. Let's take a look. We're going to scroll down here and it says here the U. R L is more than 72 characters or contains more than five words. This is the you are. Search engines were off in truncate. The URL display at 72 characters and appeared to pass less keyword value in longer. You RL's limit your You are lent when possible that the U. R L is the website address for this particular page, and it's also says your title tag has fewer than 39 characters. Your page has no H one tags. An image was missing an all tag. Now you may not know what some of these are, but I will be doing another class on South to get a website higher in the search engines and out be covering what all these different aspects are. You can also save this and then print it out for yourself. So here's every page listed here every pays that was indexed with lots of great information . You can go and look and find out how you can improve your page. Your title tank has fearing. And 39 characters. This page has too many h one tags. Then you can go in. If these air header tags, you can go in and change your page for the opportunity to rank higher in the search engines . Cause all these pages are indexed. The most important page is the home page, and that's this first page right here that goes with the main domain name. And there's only one page warning there. So let's go down in school. D H. One tag is too long. That's an easy fix to change that header tag on that page, and then I will have no errors on the opening page of the website. Let's go back. There's all different kinds of information on here. This tells you what your previous ranking waas, whether your page went up and down the previous ranking on Yahoo, I was in second place, but now I'm in first place, but you can go here and take a look. I waas. This is interesting. I was in ninth place for Animal Ministry on Google, and now I dropped to 20 so I might want to take a look at that and see if I can get that back up there. But there's all different kinds of information even analyze is your back links and tells you how important they are. there are. There's lots of information and this is the free version. So this is beloved Community Pet Ministry. Now I'm going to go to organize your coach and that will come up. This domain authority is 16.97 This one has a higher ranking in elects in Alexa. It has 98 pages to this website. That's because this website has a blawg and it also has a site map and it looks again like there are tons of page warnings. But considering there's 98 that's really not that many, although you certainly would like to get that down to zero in Google. Under these keywords, this website is ranked seventh, so that will show up on the first page when searching for a certified professional organizer in South Carolina. It is four teams, which means it would be on the second page of Google for professional organizer coach, And now we're going to go to being and in being it's in first place for certified professional organizer and second place for professional organizer coach. That's a really good placement for that particular keyword key phrase and in Yahoo number one for certified professional organizer, South Carolina. The reason that South Carolina is added here is because this particular person lives in South Carolina, and she's really not going to go into long distances to show you how to organize your office or your home. That's her home business. That's her small business. She goes into homes and offices and organizations and teaches them how to be more organized . And then she is in second place on Yahoo for professional organizer coach. She has 152 back links. That is excellent, and this shows the domain authority the page authority of her back links. The higher the page authority, the more important this particular search engine is. And this is the search engine open directory. I'm going to do a short video in the open direction directory because it has a high page authority, which means her website will be more important because it's listed on open directory. She's listed in three different categories on open directory. This is very significant. There's also another import ends website, South Growth Self self growth dot com. She submitted some articles, so that's really nice, high placement, too. But all of these factors play into her first and second place searches emplacement for these keywords to take a look at the errors. There are four page warnings on the opening page, so this is important to find out what is going on. Let's scroll down here and see if we could fix it. Title tag Too long. Easy fix too many H one tags. If it's too many h one tags on the page, you can change your H one tags to H two tax, and that will take that error off of there. You're meta description has fewer than 100 and 20 characters. The meta description is important, and images were found to have identical all tax. Ah, that's interesting. The all tags and the images were identical, and I will be explaining all of this in my next class. But in the meantime, this is really valuable tool to see where your ranking is. And in my next video here, not my next class is going to be talking about the importance of this search engine and how important it is. I'm going to show you how you can get ranked in this search engine. How you can add it, get indexed by the search engine. So this is traffic, Travis. I'm just look up traffic, Travis in the search engines. Download the free version, edge your project, and I'll show you what it looks like when you add your project ed O going to go to organize your coach. We're going to edit the selection. At least this is the information that you put to add your project. The project. Name the UML of the website, where the site map is the key words you wanted to search for. And then you pick your search engines and Adam here you can only do being Google and Yahoo . You can also do YouTube. YouTube is an important search engine, and most people don't know this, but YouTube is owned by Google, while you probably know it now because you have to have a Google account to get into Yeah, to get into YouTube. But YouTube is also a very valuable it's actually a search engine. It's one of the most widely leaves used searches and of all so you add the search engines that he went the software to search for, and then you save your project and you're good to go. I would highly encourage you to get traffic Travis so that you can find out what's going on with your website and if you want to add unlimited you RL's. If you have more than two websites, you can purchase the pro version. 6. A FREE HTML editor-Kompozer.: if you're the kind of person that prefers not to use. WordPress prefers not to use the site builder and would like to explore the possibility of creating your own website. Then what's the most important piece of software you would want is an H T M L editor on HTML Editor is very helpful when planning out design a website and there is one for free and it's called composer K o M P o z e r. And I'm going to open composer and I'm going to show you a template. Just gonna go open this template. Let's just go back here to you going to show you what I did with an HTML editor? I took a template that looks like this. Take a look at this template. I used this template and I totally redesigned the website using that template as a base. The website now looks like this. I took this Tim play or theme and I created this menu on top navigation menu on top small website. I found this one among free world to free images. I had to purchase this image. I added Elian coaching and consulting everything else. I added, I created this visual of this photo and everything else was created using an HTML editor. It's really nice if you want to change things and if you want to design your own website, I can change this word. I can go appear. Make that word red. If I'd like, I can delete the word if I'd like. There's all kinds of things that you can do with an HTML letter there. They're very, very useful, and this one just happens to be I'm gonna undo this. This one just happens to be for free, and I will create a hands out that will list where you can find some of the free software that I've talked about. So this is a nice piece of software to help you with creating your website, and this just shows you the pieces and tables, how the website is designed and what it's sitting in these air actually tables here. So composer K o M p o Z e r free HTML editor. You can do tables forms. You can edit cascading style sheets. You can edit HTML. You can insert images you can add lists, all kinds of different things with a netter they're very, very useful. I'm not going to show you how to do it. I made your dad in another class, but it's here for you to use. Um, it does take some learning to learn how to use an HDL h T m l editor, but I think it's pretty easy. I think you'll catch on. If you have an affinity for the Internet, an affinity for software, this will eventually be very easy to use. So I hoped. I hope my presentation of free software was very helpful, and I wish you the best success possible. 7. A quick look at Wordpress.: I've talked a little bit about What did you about hosting and showed you an HTML editor. And now I'm going to show you what I think is the best way to do a website nowadays. And that is by using WordPress. I am in the log in page for marketing for Ministries. The word press log in page going sign in going actually go to the dash, Get off of this stage, Chris, News on this left here are all the difference programs in WordPress changing your settings , different kinds of tools. But the best part pages. I could go to any pairs that I want Since this all the gauges, if I want to work with a page I just click on in it a jewel appear. It's different things that I can't tells me how many times I realized age, but I can go into here, then click on this freebie page and change anything I want. Let's say I want to change the fault. Change this font. We're just ills. Each is each engine 12 update I can Then you the page and I just updated on the actual website. There is the actual website page that I updated. I can't go back. Dashboard. What I like about WordPress is that it's endless. Any time you want to add something to your website, you can do it with a plug in. I'm gonna go to the plug in pages, and these are all the different plug ins that I have again. I have a way to create a contact form. I haven't auto responder on here. I can add a link to Facebook. I can get Google Analytics. This is a, um, way to change the font. It's one more extensive way that change the font and size of the text on a page, not saying that I'd like to add a site map. I can go Teoh at new plunging. I can click on. It's like Man will search for a plunger, son up exit site map generator and easy to use. Excel Well sporting image of video site. That's a mess. Simple WordPress site map Both next Mountain HTM now, So we're gonna install this. We went to simple WordPress excitement. We're going to install it. We're going to activate plug in, and that's good. Oh, go to settings pages. I don't have any additional pages. I don't want to block any pages I'm going to include. Category is clean, hands generated. You know, I can add that Didn't see changes, donate if I want to, it is free and here are the two site maps. They're already on my website site Map XML site map html. Let's go take a look. See what it looks like. And here it is. This is already on my website. It has index and create a site map of every single page. That's the HTML site map. I can go to the XML site map that looks looks the same, but it is in XML, so that is the XML site. And that's how simple it is. Teoh, do whatever you want to Dio. And the other nice thing about WordPress is you can select a theme you can search through. This is the same I'm using now, but you can search through all different kinds of themes. I can add a new scene. I can see what popular right now. I can have thes themes and then build my website around these themes. It's not going to have these images, but it's going to have the layouts, and I can add any one of these themes I want and just add and subtract information. This is a responsive website. The way I know a responsive theme, the way I know that it's a responsive name is because it's showing you that it will. It's responsive. If someone searches with a cell phone or an iPhone, it will display correctly. If someone uses the tablet or an iPad or their laptop or a desktop, it will display correctly. It's important to have a responsive website nowadays so that it can be correctly displayed in all types of technology. This is another responsive website you can tell because it has the pictures of cell phone and an iPad. So you want to pick a responsive website, Thea. Other nice thing is, these themes reflect the current best practices in Web design. The themes air updated Each year there'll be new themes. You know, the 2016 games that 2017 things so that you always know there's another one that's responsive. You always know at your same is following. The best practices are following the current Web design styles, so I would encourage anyone to use WordPress. It's It does take a lot to learn in the beginning, but there are places on the Internet that will show you how to use WordPress for free. How to do the different elements in WordPress. So I think it's a great piece of Web design software. If you go with host Gator, there are a lot of places that have WordPress that you can install it on your domain name and then create your website. So now I think that you have more than enough information to really be successful on the Internet. And of course, you'll notice that you can ask me questions at any time, and I will make every effort to answer your questions within 24 hours. And so I wish you the best of luck. I will be creating more classes. I'll go into details about how to do search engine optimization so that you can do it yourself and also some other marketing tips. I'll show you how you can market your website great for small businesses, very in expensively in the beginning, so that you can get some traffic and get some sales, and then as your income improves, you can do more with marketing. In the meantime, I wish you great success on the Internet and thank you so much for signing up for my class . I do hope that you'll be able to leave a positive review. It will have other people know if the class is worth it or not. And I think, of course that it iss so God bless. 8. Free website templates/themes.: So those were some examples of some websites, some websites that needed some work, some websites that were pretty well done. One of the best ways to find out what the current situation is with Web design is to just do a search online. We're gonna search here in Google, and I'm going to look for free website templates. 2016. We can find out by looking at some templates what the current trends are for. Templates in 2016 100 free html five website templates. 28 free one page templates, particular curable. See what they have. Fame Fisher. This is how you can tell what's up to date on websites. Premium free. Click on the Free Apple is the usual different templates that you can download and use and create your website with. You don't have to. Two things were scratch anymore. There's a bunch of different templates. You could also go and do a search here on Google for free Web press templates. Let's go do that. Search on a search for free word press templates so that you can use WordPress and build your site around the same three were pressed template going to go other than 50 free, responsive WordPress is even better responsive. WordPress is when you say the word responsive. It means it's going to display very nicely on all kinds of technology. And so we have some free website templates. They show you what it looks like. Nice WordPress themes. You could use thes WordPress, things that could get them here. This is a good way to find out what they current Web design themes look like. It's a good way to see that, and this is www dot color library color. Lip live c o L o R L i b dot com. And there you can find a number of WordPress free WordPress themes that you, of course, customize for your business. Pop up. We changed everything. Be the first to find out about our awesome things. You can subscribe to leave that papa. You could create pop ups to encourage people to sign up, take action and sign up for your newsletter or sign up win for when you're blawg is updated . There's another dame. This is what it would look like. You can will animate it. Teoh icons, little animation and these all these different sections don't have to be on your website. You can optimize thes things and customize thes themes any way you want, but it makes Web design a lot easier. You can add your own images, your own information, but you have the basic framework to use in WordPress. So we've taken a look at some not so good websites, some good websites, some different ways to do your website. I think you have more than enough tools to really start off on a great foot in a great way and make your Internet presence successful. I will be in the future, creating some more classes specifically about searching and optimization and marketing. So if you sign up for this class, I will have your email address and I'll be able to let you know when I create the next class. So God bless and you are prosperous. 9. Your website is ready to go , now submit it to the search engines.: this section, I can I cover an aspect of success that is of the utmost importance. Where do you submit your web design, your website or your blogged? Once it is ready to go, I show you how you can add your website to Google to Yahoo and being. And I also share with you a free submission service where you can go to have your website entered and added to other directories on the Internet. Because you know what? It's so important to have some back links and have your website out there. And it's so important to have a well rounded marketing plan which I will go into detail about in my next course. But in the meantime, I share a lot of tips and techniques with you now, so I invite you to jump right in. 10. Adding your website to Google: Now I'm going to show you how to add your website to Google when putting in www dot google dot com. Tom slash add u r l You'll have to have an account with Google to be able to add a site this way. So here's my account. Ongoing. She put in my ass inside in my account 17 And because I put add your own in there as soon as I sign in, it is going to go right to the search Consul. So I am going to add the website http slash a colon slash slash jump. You got market being for mystery stock. Come and I'm going to tell them. But no, I am not a robot. And wait till the check mark appears and said moat, your request has been received and will be processed shortly. This is one way I'm going to also show you how to add your website IAT who and being manually and then I'm going to show you in the next video how to add all these sites at one time. So this is how to Andrew site Google 11. How to add your website to Bing and Yahoo.: Now I'm going to show you how to add your site to Yahoo when you submit your site. This way, you get added to Yahoo into being. I went to Google and searched at a site to Yahoo, and this page came up and it says, Submit your website for free. It does say that the ah who search engine, which contains several 1,000,000,000 Web pages, is more than 99% populated through the free call process. All the search engines have robots that crawl the Web and add websites. But if you feel like you'd like to make sure it's added, you can submit your site for free by clicking here and again, you have to have an account. So we are going to get to this, a camp going to put my now in there, my password and I'm gonna try another password and we are going to the Web Master Tools Page. This is the Web master tools that you have you again, Kendall all different kinds of things. With this. Find out how many pages of your website is indexed. If your pages happened, called, if you appear in the search engines and all kinds of information, but we are going to add marketing for ministries marketing for ministries Don't come. And because I'm already signed in, it does make it easier going to click that. Yeah, you can also add a site map, so I am going to put in the address of the site map. It is a site map. God X M. Ellis, the file. When you want to see the most traffic, when do you receive the most traffic? I'm gonna say 9 to 5. It's gonna fill this in because you're gonna have to when you submit it, you know, address E c o the organization company name marketing for ministries, Urbanization size. See if we can get away with in A and it fills automatically fills in all my information A country U. S. Contact preference. Really don't want to save Received more emails. Alert preference call heiress site maps, index issues, malware on the site. That's good to know that their small where somehow hidden in your website. So I'm going to save all this information, verify ownership, place an XML file on your Web server copy and paste the meta tag into your default web page . I have to do that. I'm not going to do it now. I'll come back and do that later. Once you do that, you can verify that it is a really website and you could be added into being which also gets you added into Yahoo. So I just covered how to add your website to Google Open Directory being and Yahoo. And the next video will be about how to do all of this, plus other search engines automatically, without having to go to each one of these accounts that will be in my next video. 12. Free submission service to add your website to multiple directories.: it is possible to submit your site to multiple search engines. Other search engines besides Google being and Yahoo all at one time. And this is a nice free submission service called www dot free Web submission dot com. Free Web submission dot com. They're going to submit your site to the top 50 engines and directories, and here's the list. The most important directory, of course, is Google. In Alexa, it is number one on the Internet, and it's page authority is 100 and you'll see that as you scroll down here, there's open directory. There are all these directories that you could be added to. It's really important to actually have your website out on different directories. It's gives you back links. Plus it also helps some search engine placement. And there are also additional search engines that is going to add you to a word of caution . Most of these search engines will send you a confirmation email to confirm your admission, some mission and to add it to their directory so you'll have to respond to that email, and then you might get additional email, and you can always unsubscribe later. But it's a nice quick way to get yourself at it to some really good directories on the Internet. So let's put in marketing for ministries. My knee is Danek Pits Key. You know the address. I've read the terms and going to click. Submit your sights, close this book, contacting the search engines. Then we wait started Smith your sides. These are the ones that has been added to firm it. Submission failed to entire Web. Do you get submitted to get to being? You have to click here and do what I showed you in a previous video. To manually submit being, you have to manually submit to Google, which I already showed you. Scrub the Web from submission failed and here are some other one success success, and it is finished. Send a free Web submission results to my email. This actually search engine has moved. The have to up the death. Let's go to next. Add a link to free submission dot com, and so you'll have to add a link to your website somewhere, and you can put it down in your footer of the very bottom of your website, where you have maybe your copyright information. So you could add just a nice little text link down there. No big deal. It's not going to interfere with your website at all, but it may give you some more traffic and of course, it will help you rank higher. So that's a great way to at yourself to multiple search engines and directories so that you can score higher on Google being and Yahoo. 13. Thank you for taking my class: I want to say thank you for taking my class, and I hope that you feel you have learned all that you need to know, or at least a lot of what you need to know so that you can be successful on the Internet and just in case, I want you to know that we have other courses available so that you can begin to do marketing and begin to do some enhancements on your website to make it even better. So in the meantime again, thank you. And I hope to see you again in another course. Have a great day.