Creating a Stunning Book Cover in 5 Minutes | Walter Serdville | Skillshare

Creating a Stunning Book Cover in 5 Minutes

Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

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6 Videos (13m)
    • 1 THE INTRO

    • 1b2 Welcome Assignment

    • 2 Preparation

    • 3 Process Example 1

    • 4 Process Another Exampke

    • 5 Conclusion Summary


About This Class

The greatest Photoshop Hack of my career!

Hey there! This is going to be a straight to the point, quick lesson on something I picked up along my 8 years of Photoshop experience. No experience required on your behalf as I will provide everything you need and guide you through how to create your own realistic book cover! We will replicate an identical book shown in the introductional video!

In under 5 minutes! 






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Walter Serdville

Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

*A wild European accent appears*

Hey! I'm Walter and I like dogs, cats, humans and food. I sleep a lot. When I'm not busy sleeping you can find me coaching other people on a plethora of subjects. I specialise in marketing and sales, but I'm obsessed with technology, literature and design on top of that. I've been told I'm a great teach, but recording things online is pretty new for me. So have some patience with me!

Street credentials:

Founder and the head Sales Trainer in M...

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