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Creating a Stunning Book Cover in 5 Minutes

teacher avatar Walter Serdville, Certified Sales Coach & Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. 1 THE INTRO

    • 2. 1b2 Welcome Assignment

    • 3. 2 Preparation

    • 4. 3 Process Example 1

    • 5. 4 Process Another Exampke

    • 6. 5 Conclusion Summary

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About This Class

The greatest Photoshop Hack of my career!

Hey there! This is going to be a straight to the point, quick lesson on something I picked up along my 8 years of Photoshop experience. No experience required on your behalf as I will provide everything you need and guide you through how to create your own realistic book cover! We will replicate an identical book shown in the introductional video!

In under 5 minutes! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Walter Serdville

Certified Sales Coach & Marketer


*A wild European accent appears*

Hey! I'm Walter and I like dogs, cats, humans and food. I sleep a lot. When I'm not busy sleeping you can find me coaching other people on a plethora of subjects. I specialise in marketing and sales, but I'm obsessed with technology, literature and design on top of that. I've been told I'm a great teach, but recording things online is pretty new for me. So have some patience with me!

Street credentials:

Founder and the head Sales Trainer in MK Sales Agency Founder of Sales & Psychology Co-Partner in WSMP International Ltd. Top SEO freelancer on Upwork Moderator at private internet marketing forum Imnovative Blogger at Graphical design expert I'm also Google certified on AdWords Search Engines I'm also HubSpot certified o... See full profile

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1. 1 THE INTRO: welcome to this. Short for practical course, correcting the stoning. Poor cover. Just five minutes today, we're going to create a stunning yet realistic crew cover and out of a photo shop. These are some of the samples. What we're going to replicate today much more in just five minutes. That's right. You don't need to be a technical expert to follow along. My name is water and I believe a freelance graphical work for more than eight years now on a massive quite a few books hacks along the way. This lesson right here is exactly one of these Greek tax and had a great approved cover winners for your book Rotator. Just a new skill. This will come surely hand in future. Don't miss out on enrolled already today. Critics crazy body, right? 2. 1b2 Welcome Assignment: Hi. Welcome. I'm so glad. Ian Rolland. Before we get started, let's talk about our assignment. I want you to be able to great a book cover a shown in a non example. So all I have Premier is too full of along. This is because I truly believe that actually practicing along is the best way to learn your skills. Feel free to communicate through our discussion pork below the course and I will make my best to help you out. We would be using a computer on Audible Forest produce lesson. All right, let's get started, Charlie. 3. 2 Preparation: All right, welcome back to the preparation stage on how great a sonic book cover. Well, basically out of the four shop before but for preparation, we're going to use ready made templates to do that. Did not my quick for us have had a really good resource step? We're going to open up our Internet on typing in our Prosser that W W poor both dot com cora bolt dot com on website like they should appear basically a website off templates and more cops for different designs off different books. Some of these are premium. Some thieves are free. We will be using a free markup template. I'll show you that you are right below here. Now that English core bolted Comey's that it's actually free to use. You can use it for client, for commercial use and on your website. You don't have to worry about copyright pieces. This is free. But if you really liked it, website like it on Facebook, recommended to your friends. All right, now we have the freedom plate on which we will be using. The first thing to do is to download it. Click here on Save It Somewhere. I already have it. Don't load it so I don't need to. Don't load it again, But once we have it downloaded, we should have a folder like this or in a pact. We have to extract it to get a folder like stop a click on the folder on three files. Come up a picture. A PST template on some folder, we will be using the peace deal. Right. So that's how we get started publicly on the piece de on. Something like this should appear all right. It was the preparation course and let's move on. 4. 3 Process Example 1: All right, Welcome back. Let's get started. Now that we have actually downloader our template, open up the PST in all of its partial Very Oliver for us ups seated as 15. But it's comparable with older and newer worsens also. Now what do you have open? Here is the template. Now we will try to get over own picture to show you how to create a professional pool cover . This is the file. We are here a background, a backdrop folder, some extra shadows below the book as a GNC and the Tree Book folders on this which you can see on the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 took one. Now let's try and change the 1st 1 which the book number one, it's uses a smart objects on layers. It might look scary, but really see the years. Now let's double click on this left side of this layer on. Once it loads up, it should look like this. It will show you the picture. Just a picture which we will want to replace. All right. What? We should just you it replaced it with our own picture. Now we need toe great our own picture to get the layer size. I'm going to select it and copy it, look of control and see carpet on great a file new. And it should automatically have your right to mention size. This is really important. Please don't make up your own layer sizes. Used to say one, this is 18 over on 27 0 pixels. We're going to great the new layer. But I have already done that. To speed things up for this course Now is the empty layer. It's in the right size. I'm not going to zoom in for this matter. Of course I'm going to show you how to make this really see what I did. First, we'll have some white background, all right, because here in my background layer, I did that by taking the bait bucket toe. I'm just making a white. It was really easy. The neck next seconds that I did through this book cover I went to school on, found a skill share, local placed it here. I didn't make this affect myself, but just a simple picture. Aussies. Now I added a little bit great and shadow just for a minuscule effect. And then a typed in, um a title for the book. I used the random phoned It's really simplistic. Tourism budget fix going on It's relation Does the last step greater new layer on Merge it all the government image on apply image. Okay, click OK, now we have this wall image in one layer. We're going to selectors layer, I'm going to copy it Control, See? Right Click somewhere I'm not sure anyway. Control See? And we have a copier. Let's go back. Just layer just window. What we're going to do here is just based in our own picture Exactly like that. We're going to try and click X And if it's going to ask you save changes the layer one psb every going to click Yes. Now wait for a moment. Let's go back toe First picture on thistle is basically what just happened. We're going to replicate this process with poked number two Also, just don't pick on the left side. We're going to I actually missed that one. Let's let's go back. Step on. Ah, adding born inches. I messed up the layer. Prior selection stood up again, right? This is how it looked. A rocket effect. Let's go back to our book number. Do Mayor. Let's paste our two sides. Save changes on Let's do the same with the last one. Just based in our same design. The cakes save it And there you go. We have exact replicated you may. 5. 4 Process Another Exampke: All right. Welcome back. Now to be actually showed a slow process and product to show you how to get it done in less than five minutes. All right, What we're going to do is click on the book number one on this east template double click it. We get a layer size and going to select alters. Going to cop it. I'm going to quick play new member con ticketus exact dimension, which we will be using the correct dimensions. Now we have a new layer. What I'm going to do is based in a stock photograph e a free to use photograph. I'm going to pace the same. It's a sunset of some sort on. I'm going to write in but a white fake. Um, something beautiful. Life is life. He's amazing. But let's try with a different phone list, right? Commit a better cover. Let's could've park off correct. Go to play with different fonts. You can see out for changes. I'm going to try and years, Tina. One moment life, this going to make larger life is, um, this one just going to resize it on. I'm going to add in style effect. You can learn about style effects. In my other course, let's see how this works. Let's go back to my to life. He's he said. But let's see if I can find something better. Life. He's amazing. I'm actually going to play a little bit with a court contrast going to Goto Image and Human Federation. I'm going to make a lighter, less life Now it was last up. I'm going to close their style. I'm going to play horny layer to eat image, apply image And now we have our cover picture. I'm going to just selected on Conforti Copied. We're going to go back to our show picture and I'm just going to baste it here now. Not a clip in eight. We're going to save it Trump activities. And this is how we look Just five minutes. We have created a really good looking book cover. You can replicate it on the second on third pool cover. Also just a ZZ That's good A door. Want basic here? Well, uh, and now Dutch, How big? Grated a difference time. You can really experiment a lot. Thank you for watching 6. 5 Conclusion Summary: all right. Conclusion what? Well, on somewhere. What? We were basically we really easy. We were using cover bolt samples, which are pretty use. Reopened. He's in for a shop on a show. You had a great from scratch. Really easy pictures with some added effects. It was really easy to do. And you can reel experiment a lot. This really doesn't take a lot of time, But you can really use this. You can change the background change for the layer settings. All right, I really hope that everybody followed a course assignment and actually try and replicate my process. Please post result on leave a review. This was water. And I would really appreciate any reviews on how to improve my courses further. I know the accent might have been a little bit bothering, but I hope everybody got true. It just fine. All right. Thanks for listening. Turtles. Water