Creating a Striking Fashion Illustration

Jessica Durrant, Empowering Your Creativity

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8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. INTRO TO ME :) And my 1st Class!

    • 2. LONG VIDEO for Art Nerds. My favorite supplies!

    • 3. STEP 1: Sourcing Inspiration

    • 4. STEP 2: Creating the portrait

    • 5. STEP 3: Wet-on Wet Technique to block in large washes

    • 6. STEP 4: Adding texture and layers to the painting

    • 7. STEP 5: Finalizing the painting and using your instincts

    • 8. STEP 6: Finishing your painting


About This Class

In this class, I show you my techniques & tricks for working in watercolor, gouache and pencil/pen to create an elegant, and striking fashion illustration. I will create a layered, elegant fashion illustration from start to finish. I also discuss techniques to help you let go a little, and be more open and free during the painting process. There are no mistakes in art! So let's get painting! 

For this lesson I am using:

140lb Coldpress Strathmore watercolor paper

Black india Ink, pencils, charcoal, blending stumps. Acryla Gouaches, and Golden acrylics paints.