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Creating a Single Product Store or Page

teacher avatar Theo McArthur, Easy to Follow Marketing Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Basics of the Single Product Page or Store

    • 3. Choosing the Product Part 1

    • 4. Choosing the Product Part 2

    • 5. Choosing the Product Part 3

    • 6. The Design Work

    • 7. Page Builders

    • 8. The Headline

    • 9. The Features

    • 10. The Benefits

    • 11. Calls to Action

    • 12. Example Page Layout

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About This Class

Learn how to create an online store that focuses on selling one single product.  This can also works for a page on a blog or website.

There are many advantages to creating this type of store versus a store that sells lots of products.  For example, a lot less time is required to set things up and keep things running smoothly.  And, any promotion you do is focused on just one product, which makes it easier.

However, not all products are suitable for a single product store.  You will discover the exact criteria to use when choosing a product.

Here's what you will be learning:

  • The key points of a single product store
  • Choosing the right product
  • Getting logos and package design work done, cheaply
  • Creating all the page content
  • Getting reviews before you start selling
  • Example layout for the page

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theo McArthur

Easy to Follow Marketing Classes


My name's Theo McArthur, and I've been working online since 1995. I left my job and went full-time online in 2001. Teaching is probably the most satisfying thing I do. Being able to help others to learn potentially life-changing techniques and business models.

I've been involved with blogging and affiliate marketing for over 20 years, and 8 years ago, I also delved into the world of Amazon selling and e-commerce.  The knowledge I've amassed over the years is passed on through my classes.

Around half of my time is devoted to my online businesses, while the other half is teaching. At this time, more than 140,000 people worldwide have taken my business courses.

I'm a great advocate of taking action because we learn the most by doing it. My classes are de... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hi, everybody. My name's Theo MacArthur on. Welcome to this. Training on creating a single product store or page so it doesn't necessarily need to be on entire store devoted to a single product. It could also be a page on a website or a block. So either or all right now, I like to give a very quick introduction to myself. I've been marketing online since the 19 nineties. For the last six years, I've been involved with e commerce and I started teaching others to do what I do. So based on my knowledge and experience back in 2015 Onda up to date. Now I have just over 100,000 students from all around the world. So what are we going to be covering in this training? First of all, we're going to cover the basics off the single product store or page. So exactly what you need to know, Andi. Then we are going to choose the product. So I'm going to lay out all the criteria for this type of product. Andi, I'm going to choose one on. Explain exactly why I've chosen it. We're going to cover getting all the design work done very, very cheaply. We're going to look briefly at page builders because this is not the important part. You could be using any type of page builder. You could be using any platform Shopify, WordPress or something else. What's most important is the page content. So we're going to cover that in detail. The title, the images, the features, the benefits on more so everything else that you need for a really special single product page are single product store. We're then going to look at an example. Pate Alaia. So I'm going to use the plot at the tight shows on creating example page around it, using the platform that I use, which is were praise. But once again you could be using another platform, and that's absolutely fine. Okay, let's get started. I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Basics of the Single Product Page or Store: when it comes to creating a single products door or a landing page on another type of website like a blogger, for example, and that page is devoted to one single product. There are certain things in certain basics that we need to be aware off. So first of all, for the single products door, the product itself should have wide appeal. This is going to give you the best possible chance of success. So by wide appeal, I mean, it doesn't just appeal to a small little niche group off the population, but something that appeals to, ah, wider part of the population. Andi, if it's desirable as opposed to something people need, then you will have a better chance of success with it. It should also be special or something that we can make special. Andi have that feel good factor about it, perhaps hi perceived value or something that we can create. Ah, high perceived value around Andi. When you are purchasing this product wholesale or whatever you're purchasing it from, you really want to be looking at selling for 150 to 200% grass. Profit margin on that is because that are going to be cost involved. So there ain't cost involved with customizing on making the product special, giving it that high perceived value. Andi, that's what we really need to do. If we're going to have success with a single products door, Andi possibly suitable for a multi by deal. Now what do I mean by that? That could be Buy one, get 1/2 price, buy two, get one free. That kind of thing that can help to boost your overall profits on many products are suitable for that. We're going to be looking at that anyway, in this course, No for the basic elements of the page itself. We want great images. Infographics as well are really good. Infographic is simply a graphic where we've got both images on information. You have seen them. I'm sure we need a great headline. We need to know the features. So we want to have all this ready. The features of the product, the benefits of the product, these specifications on what's included. When somebody buys the product on, we also want calls to action. In other words, we need Teoh. Tell the person Click kid or go here by now. do this. Whatever on. We want to have that on the page at least twice. Okay, So what else do we need? A Sfar. As the pages concern. We wanted to be user friendly on how we do that is through language. I don't mean language as an English, French, Spanish, etcetera. I mean the type of language we use when we are talking to the users, to the reader. Because that's what we do when we're selling something. We are talking to the reader. Now. The language that we use should always be the type of language that everybody can understand. So if we are writing in English, we want every angry speaker to read the UN, understand what we are trying to say. So basically the general rule is we a right, so it a 14 year old will be able to understand what we've written. We don't use big, long words where short words will do, etcetera. The flow off what we have written that's important as well. We need to use punctuation to make it easier to read, checking the spelling, checking the grammar on formatting, keeping paragraphs short, using bold underline italics on that kind of thing to break it all up along with, of course, images. Okay, now we've had a look at the basics. Let's move on and start going into things in more detail. 3. Choosing the Product Part 1: All right now let's start the process with choosing a product to build the single page or the single store around. Now I've brought up this list. This is what we talked about in the last lesson. So the type of product that's ideal for this kind of thing should have a mass appeal. It should be desirable. So something that people want as opposed to need. We wanted to be kind of special or something that we can make special, perhaps have a feel good feeling about it, something that has a high perceived value. Onda. We want to be able to get that 150 to 200% gross profit margin Andi hopefully or possibly suitable for a multi by deal. All right, so the product that I have chosen is a sonic toothbrush. Now, if we look at the list here, we can see that it does have wide appeal. It has got mass appeal because everybody brushes their teeth, which means that everybody or almost everybody, is a potential customer for one of these toothbrushes. It's desirable people don't need a sonic toothbrush. They could just brush their teeth manually with a regular toothbrush, so they do need a toothbrush, but they don't need a sonic toothbrush. But it's something that people want is a very desirable item. It's also special because it's not a particularly cheap thing. So therefore, it's something that people would maybe have on their wish list, as I say, is desirable, and it's a special thing. It also does have, ah, feel good quality about it because one of the things that sonic toothbrushes do is they make your teeth whiter. So therefore, make you feel better about yourself definitely has a high perceived value as far as the profit margin will look that in a moment when we start looking at these on Ali Express to see what we can purchase them for. Andi is suitable for a multi by deal because most households have more than one person, even more than one adult usually. So this is the sort of thing that is suitable for a buy one. Get second half price or buy two. Get one free, that kind of thing. Okay, now in the UK thes sonic toothbrushes they sell at the high end. So the most expensive the newest models, the best models that we've got. They sell for around about £200. Sometimes they're on offer on your getting them for 180 170. But the round about the £200 mara on in the medium price bracket round about £8200 on at the low end around about 35 to 40. £45. The most popular price bracket is the medium price bracket, so £8200 now the very high end. This toothbrush is claimed to give you whiter T from the very first day. This is a no a claim that I am going to be able to make at all. So I have no intentions off selling a toothbrush for £200 not even for £80. What my intention is is to elevate the value off the toothbrush that I am going to sell up to that medium price range of £8200 but not charge that much forage. So it will have that high perceived value. But because it's not going to cost that much, it's going to be perceived as a bargain. Okay, so now I've explained that Andi, why I've chosen this particular product. There are lots of products like this. This just happens to be the one I've chosen for this course. Let's move on to the next lesson. Okay, So you there. 4. Choosing the Product Part 2: right. I am going to show you how I would find a sonic toothbrush to purchase wholesale from China on going to use. First of all, the Ali Baba, a website. This has the biggest choice, along with Ali Express, which is owned by Alibaba. The difference here with Alibaba is that we can actually have products customized, outsource so the supplier will customize and put a logo on even have customized packaging made for the product. However, this is normally for higher orders, higher minimum quantity orders. So we need to bear that in mind as well. But anyway, here I am on Alibaba. To save time, I have ticked these two boxes here on a supplier type trade assurance. We want that because that basically protects us. If anything goes wrong, we don't receive the goods, for example, or if we need to return the goods because they're faulty were fully protected. And I've also take verified supplier because that's just giving us the best suppliers now as we scroll throat, another thing that I will be looking for here is the amount of time the supplier has bean on Alibaba. Andi, I would always look for a minimum of two years. The other thing that I'm going to be looking at here is the response rate. So I want really a response rate as high as possible response rate. That is, how likely is this supplier to reply to me when I send them a message? So 83% is a high response rate. We can see lower response rate here, 63%. I wouldn't prevent me from messaging them, but I will be less confident in expecting a reply from them. So I might have to message a few. Whereas if I find one with a high response rate, I may only need to message that one. Another thing I'm going to look for is the price range. Now we do need to contact the supplier for an up to date price. But this is a good guy. It on Another thing I'm looking for is the minimum order. I certainly don't want to order 1000 pieces, maybe some point in the future. But to begin with, I only want a small order. Perhaps I'm only looking for 20 or 30 pieces and certainly no more than 100. Okay, so initially I scrolled on down Andi. I clicked on a few results here that look promising. So this is the 1st 1 here on this one. Did state a minimum order off? I think it was 20 pieces, which is fine. The price ranges 6 to $11. So with a small order off, say, 20 pieces, I would expect to pay more towards the $11 the $6 I would expect to pay that if I was ordering perhaps a few 100 or even 1000. Okay, so I'm gonna go without higher price on. Just assume that that's roughly what is going to be Could even be a little more than that. Could even be 12 or $13. OK, now I know from my research on sonic toothbrushes I know what I need to have a Sfar. A Specifications are concerned in order to be able to elevate the value on the perceived value off the product. First thing I'm going to do here is look at the overview, quick details. I know I want at least four different modes for five is even better. That's what people are expecting for a premium product. I know we're not going for the very highest price range. As I spoke about there in the last lesson, but nonetheless even going for the media, that means that I still need toe have a premium product. All right, Now this one has four modes clean, soft, white massage. So that's OK. I'm also going to be looking at the vibration frequency now. 32,000. That's okay. That's going to be the very minimum that I'm looking for on again. I know this just through my own research. Just going to Google on looking at the different sonic toothbrushes on the market. All right, there. Scrolling one down. Just having a look at what it looks like. And it looks OK. We have to have the look as well. We don't want it to look cheap. This one doesn't. This one looks nice. So that's a possibility. Now, this one is another one that I pulled up on. Once again, this has a low minimum order quantity. So let's scroll on down and look at this one on here. We've got between 31 38. Frequency. That's okay. 31,000 2 38,000 We've got five modes says 20 modes here, but it's five main modes. Scroll down to see if I can find something to explain that. Yeah, here we are. We've got daily clean daily care, gum care, massage and deep clean. So that's where we've got the variation between the number off strokes per minute. That's the vibration frequency. We've also got some other nice features pressure sensing technology or toe alerts when you're pressing too hard on your teeth, its i p times a waterproof, which is about the best that you can get. So we've got I P 34567 I think eight is the best. So that's good. Charging time. Just three hours. Another good point, three different colors. Although I would probably just go from black to be on the safe side. There we are now. They also have more products here as well, so we could check through those. I'm the last one here that I brought up. This is another good one. In fact, this is a really nice looking warm, its I p time servant for a war to prove. But that's OK. I haven't got the other information here. Let's scroll on down and take a look up to 36,800 brush strokes per minute. So that's the vibration frequency five brushing modes, clean massage, polish white and gentle. Okay, so this is going what we need as well on this is definitely a nice looking brush. We've got white pink, Andi, we should have black as well. Block. He's definitely there somewhere. Color white, pink and black. So that's great. We've got three potentials here, but let's take a look and see if we can see what the minimum order quantity would be to get a logo Actually on this product doesn't say there. I'm not seeing this information, but we can get this information by messaging the supplier. Let's look at this one doesn't give you the information here either. But again, we just need to a message the supplier and ask what is the minimum order quantity to get the logo printed on the product. Now, how we do that is Well, first of all, you need to join, so you need to click on joint free. When you sign up, you will be asked for a company name. Just enter your own name. That's all you need. to do, and it goes through no problem at all. All right, so to contact the supplier, just click on contact Supplier Quantity. Just put in here roughly how many you want. You can change this afterwards. It's just for the message on here. Enter a message. Now ask for the latest price. Ask also for the minimum order quantity to have a logo your own logo on the product and click Send inquiry. Now you will get a reply through the Alibaba messaging system. Eso You don't need to do this by your email. It could all go through Alibaba, even though you do need to enter an email address here. If you're assigned a in that email addresses, usually pre populated anyway and then send your inquiry now if you get back a favourable response, so you'd like to go ahead and place an order before you don't ask for a shipping quote. Now, for something like a sonic toothbrush, the shipping is going to be cheap anyway. It's a small, lightweight product. It's compact. You could easily have 30 40 50 even 100 of these in a small shipping box, a small box so shipping would not be very expensive for something like that, but you need to ask for a shipping quote. Don't ask for the shipping quote until you have got back a favourable response. There's no point. So unless you're thinking that you may well, go ahead and place an order, then you ask for the shipping quote on. Once you've got that and you've added the cost of the shipping coat, quote to the cost of the product. So you would know then how much your total cost is per unit and then you can decide whether you want to go to the next day, which used to ask for a sample. So you do need to get a sample. You want to check it. You've seen the pictures. You've read everything about it. You've got everything else that you like, but you want to get a sample in your hands before you do anything else. Once you got the sampling, you like it. You then can go ahead and place the order. Okay, That's Ali Baba In the next lesson will take a look at Ali Express 5. Choosing the Product Part 3: all right, we're on. Ali Express. Ali express dot com, owned by Alibaba, works a little differently because here there are no minimum order quantities. So let's have a look here now. Sonic Toothbrush. We are likely to pay a little more than we are in Alibaba, but it does depend on the product as well. That's not always the case, so let's have a look. One thing I'm going to look for is the overall star rating out of 54.9. That's pretty good, and I want to know how many have been sold. So I'm not going to be too confident purchasing a product that has only sold four or five units or hasn't sold any it all. I'd rather have something that's been selling a lot on that way. I feel that it's more proven. Let's take a look at this one. This one's already saying here that it's got five different modes. Let's scroll down a bit. Doesn't come in black, though adults call up white, blue or pink. I wouldn't be too sure about that because I want a color that I know is going to be more universal, not color, that's going to appeal to some people and not others. Now what I'm seeing here is more pictures off kids. Now, here is the adults want white, blue or pink? No, I don't like that long because of the color. So I'm just going to school right past eight. Now, here's a black one here, so it's very likely, then, that this particular seller has other Sony toothbrushes, but scroll down to the bottom. So what we could do here is we could try contacting this cellar. We provide discounts of big orders. If you have any questions, please contact us now. Other things that we should look at before ordering anything from Ali Express is the shipping. So right here, I've got free shipping to the United Kingdom. Vier the Sellers Shipping method. So if I click home that is gonna tell me more. There's no tracking with the seller's shipping method, so I would probably prefer to go for the standard shipping that has tracking. So I've changed this to Ali Express. Standard shipping is 1 84 but that's for one. Let's see what happens if I start to add more need to choose a color first, so I'm just going to go randomly for anything? No, it's not letting me add more to the quantity. Not sure why, that is. Let's just change the shipping method. I still can't add more to the quantity. I see why only one piece per customer. So that really rules this out, too, Which is a shame. But in any case, I wasn't so keen on the colors. So let's go for a different war. All right? Now here's won't with 4.8, which is okay on day 112 sold. Let's try that. First of all, let's just check and make sure that we can order a more Adan worn yet. That's okay. New to select the country you want to shit from now. This particular company here they do have stores or warehouses rather in different countries, but they may know have what we need in all of the warehouses. Let's just go ahead and try United States. It's going to be 14 59 from the U. S. It's going to be 11. 99 from China. From France. It's going to be 14 59. Okay, so it's going to be $14. 59 from everywhere I think. Except for China. Let's leave it to China for now. 11 99 Because the shipping is possibly going to work out less if we have the shipping to the 11 99. That's for four. A quantity of four, and it's going to cost $2. 41 for the shipping. So it's about 60 cents per piece for shipping. Now let's Ardmore 56789 10. Now I'm getting 10 pieces. But for the same shipping $2. 41 Now it's only 24 cents per piece for shipping, so I'm sure you're following me here. It is definitely cheaper to get this from China rather than from one of the other warehouses. Now the Dev side of this one is that it does have ah logo already on it. Andi, without the express, what you see is what you get. You cannot have it customized now with this other one that we looked at here. There is no logo on this, which is great, because what that means is we could have a nice custom box created with our logo on it. And even though the product inside has no logo on a That's still okay. Whereas what we've got here is we have a custom box created with our logo on it than inside the box. Is the product with another logo on it? A different logo. Ah, logo off the brand name. So that doesn't work so well. However, this company may have others now, this does have their five modes here. That's what we wanted. There are other things to check. A swell on die. No, I would need to check the vibration frequency, that kind of thing. But right now, I'm just looking to see if it's possible to get this or something very similar without the logo on it. This is the downside off Ali Express. So it has lots of advantages and upsides. Very, very low cost shipping, no minimum order quantities. But the downside is that this Spiers who do not customized for you. So what you see is what you get. All right. So, basically, I would need to be looking through these listings here, looking for the right price as well. Because, remember, I'm looking for 150 to 200% profit margin. Now, this is what I was planning to sell this for this will be my plan. So in the UK, I would sell for 39 99 but also do a multi by deal. Now, the equivalent of that in U. S. Dollars is $52 on a euro. It's 47 euro. Just at the time of making this video of those are the equivalents as faras. The current exchange rate is concerned. Now, if I want 150 to 200% gross profit margin, I want to be purchasing the brush for less than 20 U. S. Dollars. Ideally, I don't want to spend more than $15. That's really what I will be comfortable spending $15 perhaps 16 including shipping. 6. The Design Work: Let's talk about getting the design work done so by the design work. I mean the images, the logo package design. So that kind of thing. Now, first of all, for your logo, the best place to go is five or dot com. Now here you can have a logo. Creative forest. Little $5. We can sort by budget so we can go minimum Teoh five. Now here is one with 653 reviews or 653 feet back, 4.9 out of five. Let's click on this one on for $5. You're going to get one logo plus unlimited revisions, plus transparent logo plus more. So that's everything you need. Just for $5. It's one day delivery, so that's great. Have a quick look through and see what this seller could do. Now, when it comes to logo creation here on Fiverr, I find that they're all quite similar, so they all seem to do a good job. Okay, so that's getting a logo. That's very, very simple. No, what about images on infographics for your single product store or your single product page on a Blaugrana websites? Well, let me, first of all, just show you what an infographic is. This here is an infographic. So it's a graphic with information on it. That's really what it is. Now, once again, you can get these created over on Fiverr on is a really good idea tohave two or three of these, even on your single product page. So let's go and check out and see if we can get one of these done for a fiver. Andi, I'm seeing here that this polling tea sellers that will do is for a fiver. This one here has got over 1000 feet back 4.9 to 5 three days delivery up to 10 data points . So just go back here. This is 1234 data points on that infographic. So up to 10 data points that really is plenty on this cellar is doing good work. There's nothing wrong with that, or you can look through some of the others. So that's your infographics sorted. Now you can if you wish to create your own logos and infographics over on canvas dot com, which has a three ply. But if you want to save time and you don't want to go through that learning curve, just head over to Fiverr on pay a few dollars to get them done. Now, another thing I want to show you here is digitally rendered images. So this here in the middle, this is no a photograph off the toothbrush. It's a digitally rendered image, Andi. It's created from a photograph. Now they look great. They have the advantage of looking really professional. They're smooth, high definition and helps to elevate the perceived value of the product. So for your single products toward or your your page on a website, I highly recommend that you get some of these created. Now all you need to do is to send a fiver seller some photographs off the product. Andi, the seller here it will create the rendered images from the photograph so they don't need tohave the actual product. Just photos off it. On Dhere, We are now weaken sort by budget again. Sometimes these air cold photo riel. So you could tight that in the search bar as well. To get some more results, we'll do the budget again. You may need to pay a little more than $5 for this, but have a look around anyway, and you will find plenty off them. Let's take a look at this one. I will do any product modeling on realistic rendering on. He's got 57 feet back, 4.8 out of five. Now this looks pretty good, so I think you get the idea. It looks better than a photo. It's clearer, crisper. You're never going to get a photo looking quite like that. So I do recommend that you get some of those done for your product page. So for this toothbrush here, I would not be using the Sellers images firstly, because they have another logo on them. Andi. Secondly, because I want my images to be unique on. That's what I recommend you do. You don't use images that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, but this is the sort of quality that I'd be looking for for my rendered images on for a product package design. You can get this done over on five or again on will do the budget. We've got plenty off them. So here's one here. He's got 10 feet back. Five out of five. It's $5 4 days delivery, full product, rock print, ready commercial use. So cells like these on fiber, they will create a complete design for your package. Okay, so we have covered images infographics we've covered the logo on. We've covered the product box or packaging design on one more thing that you might want to consider. Depending on the product that you're selling is you might want to consider a lifestyle image now that is going to cost more. But you can get that done over on five as well. To do that, you would need to send the product one product to the Fiverr seller to create a lifestyle image, and they will use an actor or actress for that. So just bear that in mind because it does cost Mawr to have that done. You don't need to do it, but it's something that you might want to consider. Perhaps a little bit later in the future, a bit further down the line, perhaps not right away. All right, so last he's I on. I'll see you in the next lesson 7. Page Builders: before we go on to start getting the content together. So the headline, the features, the benefits, thes specifications and everything else we need for the page. I just want to quickly talk about the page layout and design. How important is this? Well, first of all, it's fairly important, but you won't sell your product on the page design. So no matter how great the page looks, that will not sell the product. But what it will do, it will keep people on the page for long enough to read the content. I've seen some terrible pages that look like they've been put together by a 10 year old. The formatting is terrible. This images plonked in the middle of the page and not aligned with the text on just generally looking pretty awful. The problem without first impressions matter Andi. If people arrive on a page that looks amateurish, it looks messy. There's no credibility there, and it's not what people expect to see nowadays. Maybe 15 years ago we could have got away with that. We can't get away with it now, so the page needs to be a decent It needs to be okay, doesn't have to be amazing, but it doesn't need to be okay. No, it's irrelevant where you're going to be building your page. Perhaps you're going to build it on Shopify on. If that's the case, there are a number of page builder APS that you could use on. Some of these even have a three plan available. This one does on this one does, and so does this one. So you've got a number of options there. I happen to build my pages mostly on WordPress, using a plug aid on again. There are lots of different page builder plug ins that you can use for were price. There are free ones. You can go and look them out. Do a Google search to find something that suits you if you want Free now, the one that I use myself is not free, I think, to buy the plucking alone. It's about $70 per year. Now I buy it along with a suite of other plug ins, so I'm not sure. But it's round about that about $70 per year on its called Thrive architect. But again, there are free plug ins available. So do a search search on Google searching the WordPress repository. If you're using WordPress, Andi, look for something that suits you. You can try things out. If you don't like them, you can hold was delete them again and try another plug in. There's always going to be a learning curve, regardless off whether you use a page builder for WordPress or a page builder for Shopify or a page builder for something else, there's always going to be a little bit of a learning curve. So that's something that you just goingto half does get your head around and be prepared to put some time into. The most important thing is the content, so let's move on and start working on that. 8. The Headline: Let's take a look at the title or the headline. Now this is unimportant part of the page. Everything. That's what we call above the fold, that is. What the user sees before they need to scroll down is really important. But the title itself, because it's near the top of the page on because it's the biggest text on the page. This is always what is going to draw the users I first. So, along with the images that are at the top of the page, the title is going to be really important on. It helps the visitor to decide whether they're going to continue reading on looking at the rest of the page. Okay, so the key points keep it short or shortish. You don't want a great big a long title when you're selling a product. It should describe the product so people should look at the title and know exactly what the product is. It needs to read well on it should be unique. So don't just go and grab a title from somewhere else. If possible. Include a benefit in the title include your brand name. So the name that you have decided to use for the product on I say brand here in inverted commas, because you don't have to register the name, but you do have to make sure it's not being used by another company or another brand. And you can do that by searching the trademark database for your particular country or where you're going to be selling in. So just do a Google search for that. The trademark database capitalized. The main words used the main search term, and that is the main term that a person would tie pain or speaking to the search engine if they were looking for your particular products or a particular type of product. And, of course, you don't want any spelling errors or grammatical errors. All right now, I've written a few examples here for a sonic toothbrush on. I'm just going to be using the brand name power whites. Now this is on Lee a demonstration. I'm not actually going to create this product to sell this product with this name Power away. I haven't checked it on the trademark database. It may already be used by somebody else, another company, another brand, but this is just for the demonstration, so the 1st 1 I've got here is power white sonic toothbrush for up to 10 times whiter teeth . Now I've used the main search term, which will be signing toothbrush. And if you're wondering, what's the main search term for the product that I'm selling, it's usually common sense. So it makes sense that if someone's searching for a sonic toothbrush, they're going to buy one. They're going to do a search for a sonic toothbrush. They might do variations of that, but that's going to be the main search term on the benefit. Here is up to 10 times whiter teeth. Now, one thing to point out, you can't say things that are not true. But from my research on sonic toothbrushes, I know that even with the lower end of the markets that you can get up to 10 times whiter teeth with consistent and long term use. The second example here para whites on it, toothbrush for y two teeth in seven days. Now, once again, you can't make claims that are not possible. The most expensive sonnet toothbrush, the new technology that costs a lot of money. These claim to give you why two teeth from day one. Now. Clearly, I can't make a claim like that, but from my research, I can say whiter teeth in seven days. The third example is the same wording, but it's just been shuffled around a bit whiter teeth in seven days. Power white sonic toothbrush on the third and the fourth example they have a different benefit on. It's more of a monetary benefit. So buy one, get second half price or buy two. Get one free Now, as far as which of these headlines would work based, it's really difficult to say on the way to find out would be to test them now. I would probably go for one of the 1st 3 on most likely two or three the second or the third example here that mentions seven days. Because very often, when you put something in a time frame it has a better effect. You get better results. Now, the reason I've homed in on the whiter teeth benefit off a sonic toothbrush, as opposed to all the other benefits. There are many other benefits. Fresher breath. You can reduce or even reverse gum disease in some cases, so there are lots of benefits But I know from my own experience any commerce that anything that's got to do with appearance people put that first. Okay, so I'll just tell you something here. It's a little bit off subject, but I want to make a point here during recessions, economic recessions. There are only a few types of products that are not affected where sales do not go down on one of those is cosmetics. In other words, makeup, that kind of thing. Now that's all to do with appearance in how you look. So that's the point I'm making here. So despite all the other benefits off a sonic toothbrush, and of course, all of this will be on the page, the one that grabs probably most people is the whiter teeth benefit. All right, I'll see you in a minute. 9. The Features: I know that you have your headline or your title ready. The next thing to do is to get together. Ah, big list of all the features that apply to the product on how you do This is, well, two things you used the information provided by the supplier. So on the suppliers listing either Alibaba, Ali Express or wherever that you got it from. And you also do Google searches to look for general features that are features off all products of the type that you are selling. Okay, so you're going to get specific features for a specific product you are selling on general features that apply to that type of product. So the best thing to do is to just get a text file or even a pen and paper. But normally we would do it on a text file or equivalent on your device on make your list. So here I've got a list of all the features that I can come up with at the moment. I've got the warranty waterproof and rechargeable. Three hours charging time, long battery life. The charging method, which is USB charging, also mentioning auto shut off when fully charged So I want to keep going until he gets many as possible instead of just making a list of the basic features, really dig as deep as you can to find as many features as you can. So putting in that extra effort. So I've got quite a few here on I've got more. Here is, Well, Andi, Of course, when I put these on the page on the actual page, I will be embellishing on them. But that's easy to dough. So coming up with the list in the first place, that's where there's a little bit off work involved. A little bit of research on a little bit of digging. Okay, so once we've got this list of features, we can then go on to the more important process off coming up with the benefits that go with these features. 10. The Benefits: Now let's take a look at the benefits on one thing to remember. There's an old saying, features tail benefits sell on. This is very true. So while we always need to have the features on the page, we need to inform the user of the visitor off the features of the product. Features themselves do know sell a product because people are interested in what those features could do for them. So what are the benefits that they are getting from those features? So here's the list that I made earlier off the features of the sonic toothbrush. I know some of these features don't really have a benefit that is worth writing about. So, for example, color Black. I'm not going to write a benefit for that on 12 month warranty itself. It's planetary. But many of these features do so waterproof. Rechargeable doesn't really need. I benefit added to it, because is expected anyway. Everybody knows that this kind of product is rechargeable, but many of them are going to be suitable for writing a benefit. Onda. We should write a benefit for all off Theseus double features, So I've missed a few, have missed out replaceable head because it goes without saying I've missed a USB charging because again it goes without saying Okay, so I've picked out four of those features to a right a benefit about now. This is not the benefit is just a brief description of what it is on. This could help you when you are writing the benefit for the feature, just a quick description of what it is. So the 32nd timer. It pauses every 32nd as a reminder to the person who's using the toothbrush to move to the next quadrant in their mouth. You're going to need to, probably unless you already know a lot about the product. You're probably going to need to do more research to find out the benefits on to make sure that you have enough information about all the benefits. OK, so this one here pressure alert, it beeps when too much pressure is applied to the teeth. Now I happen to know from reading and researching about sonic toothbrushes that one concern that has Bean talked about is the fact that it is possible to damage the enamel on your teeth by using these toothbrushes. Thes kind of toothbrushes But the conclusion that is being drawn is that it is only people who are pressing very hard on scrubbing away at their teeth. And obviously that's not what you're supposed to do with these kind of toothbrushes. So the pressure alert is a beep that tells you you're pressing too hard on your teeth. So, of course, the benefit of that is it helps to protect enamel. Applying too much pressure can damage the enamel on the teeth, etcetera, etcetera. OK, next. The 32nd reminder of the benefit of that is that you can clean all your teeth equally, because studies have shown that is very common to spend more time brushing some of your teeth a no enough time on others again, I know this through my research. Next, the vibration technology. Andi. The benefit of that is effectively removes plaque, which prevents gum disease, so the benefit isn't removing the plaque. The benefit is preventing gun disease because park is the cause of gum disease on finally the 38 strokes per minute, eight deep, clean and prevent gun disease. So it's a very similar all the same benefits as vibration technology, but just worried it a little bit differently. So manual brush is typically brush 300 strokes per minute compared with the Sony Toothbrush , this particular one here, just 38,000 stores per minute. Now again, I know that about the manual brush is from my research on sonic toothbrushes, and it's a good idea to just open a text file on your device on while you're doing your research. Just copy and paste stuff that you find. You can go to websites that sell the particular product that you are going to be selling or the same type of product. Find out how they got anything interesting on their anything that you can use yourself. Of course, you don't copy and paste anything you need to reword it for yourself. Okay, And of course, you can use thesis a pliers listing, but they tend not to have a lot on the benefits side. They've got more features, not a lot that you can use for benefits, but you sometimes can get some information from there. Okay, so a bit more work involved with creating the benefits and coming up with the benefits, because you do have to do a bit more research and a bit more digging than you did for the features 11. Calls to Action: Let's take a quick look at calls to action. And what are they exactly? It's probably quite self explanatory, but let me explain it anyway. So a call to action is anything that tells the user Do this. So that could be by now. Out to cart call Now redeemed now if it's a coupon code, but they don't have to be buttons, they could just be hyperlinks like Click here. That's a call to action. Get the special offer. That's another call to action. Visit the website. That's a call to action. So called to action does not need to be. Asking the user to make a purchase is just any action a tall on sign up. So if you are building an email list, sign up or submit, that is the call to action. So we need to have caused action on our single product page or single products door. They would normally be at two cart or by now. Okay, just a very short lesson to make sure that everybody understands what a call to action is. 12. Example Page Layout: So just to give you an idea of how you can construct a single product page or a single product store, I've just put something together here on. This is the same template as I showed you earlier on. But I've changed a few things. I've changed the head of background image. I've put some information in here on some other things. I just to remind you here, this is just a demonstration on the images that I'm using here. I would not be using these images. First of all, this one of the top here. This is not mind to use anyway on these others. Further down, I'll show you in a moment. Thes came from the supplier's website on. I mentioned earlier that I wouldn't want to use those. I don't advise you do that. Advise that you have your own unique images created. Now, if you'll notice it at the top here that I've highlighted the fact that the offer that's on this page is buy one. Get second half price on Die just added while stocks last because we want to try and add a little bit of urgency on. There's nothing misleading about that because it? Certainly. Yes. Well, starts last. I mean, perhaps I will do a game when I get more stock, but at this point in time is wild stocks last, I've highlighted free shipping, which I would also be offering. Okay, So how this paid would work is we've got the first call to actually the top here. So we allow people to go ahead and click add to cart right from the top. But we wouldn't expect to get many conversions from that top button because people will clearly want to read more. If they click on learn more, that's just going to take them down the page. So basically, I've I did Some types here features specifications what's included and delivery. They pretty much speak for themselves. These are the features that I gathered earlier. Haven't put them all in there. But as I say, this is just a demonstration. If I was doing this for real, I'd get them all in there specifications. You're going to get these directly from the supply it anyway, What's included? So what does the person get when they order on delivery? I haven't filled all these in. I've only filled in features but these would all be filled in but delivery information right at the top. And that's because this is the question that's very often first and foremost in a person's mind. How long am I going to wait to get days? I Am I going to pay for shipping on that sort of thing? So going on diet and I've got the first image here, and then beside this image, I'd have various benefits listed. I'll be discussing benefits here, here, here, in here That might only be two benefits here. I've just put four headings here just to highlight what I'll be doing on the page going on down. And now we're going to start adding some reviews, and that's what I recommend you do and how to get reviews. It's very simple. You just give the product away to friends and family, perhaps to four or five be great. If you could get four reviews giving them to friends and family on, hopefully they're going to provide you with the review. You could just ask them to give you a review verbally than you can write it down and you can put it on. The website is not what they know that it will be published moving on down. It's going to be just a ward of the same. So we're going to have more of these great images that we've had created. Andi. Another call to action here. Buy one, get second half price. So I've got the two pictures here, side by side, just to highlight that. And there would be continuing with more of the same. So, as I say, more images, more benefits, talking about benefits as much as possible, getting all that in, and then at the very end, or towards the end off the page, another call to action. So 2 to 3 calls to action a page like this would definitely have three. Don't skimp on the information, especially the benefits. Very often you see pages like this under there's hardly anything to done, but if you really want to sell your product, get as many conversions as possible. You need to go the extra mile Now the other thing to point out here is I haven't done it, but basically down at the bottom here, you would want to have a footer with the links going to other pages so Basically, you cannot just have a page that doesn't have any links going anywhere. So you need to have links going to other places. So that could be a contact er's about US returns and refunds on that kind of thing. But you must have that, and you'd also want your terms and conditions in your privacy policy. So make sure that you have all that in place. All right, so that's created with a page build apply gain on word price. So, as I mentioned earlier, there are other ways to do this so you could use a Shopify store or you could use another platform. Or you could use WordPress and who Commerz. And there are other plug ins that you've used for Woo Commerz that allows you to spruce up the product pages so that you could create something that looks a little bit special on a little bit different to the usual woo commas product pages. All right, while I hope this has been helpful on, if nothing else, hopefully, at least it's got you thinking about the potential on the possibilities. Okay, Speak too soon