Creating a Self-Hosted WordPress Website For Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties) | Yvonne Wu | Skillshare

Creating a Self-Hosted WordPress Website For Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties)

Yvonne Wu, Author and Speaker Support Services

Creating a Self-Hosted WordPress Website For Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties)

Yvonne Wu, Author and Speaker Support Services

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16 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Your Website Content

    • 3. Psychology of Color

    • 4. Choosing a Unique Domain Name

    • 5. Attracting Readers Website Pages

    • 6. Your Project Breakdown

    • 7. How to Set-up Your Domain Name

    • 8. Hosting and FTP Tips

    • 9. Choosing a WordPress Theme

    • 10. How to Set-up Your WordPress Website

    • 11. Installing Plugins and Adding Widgets

    • 12. WordPress Adding Pages and Graphics

    • 13. WordPress Blog Post Creation

    • 14. WordPress Add a Menu

    • 15. WordPress Blogging Tips

    • 16. Final Project Breakdown WordPress

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About This Class

Are you an Author, Writer or Speaker? Learn how to create your first self-hosted website using WordPress. Let me walk you through the steps of building an extremely effective website.

Learn how to create your first self-hosted website using WordPress.

This class is part of the Blogging for Smarties Bundle Series.

Would if you could have a website that grows with your business!  

Learn why you should have a WordPress self-hosted website, plan and create your first website.

In this class, you will learn how to:

How to create your WordPress website on a self-hosted platform, (free) content management system that requires hosting, but you can do ANYTHING with.

Plan your website name look and page content before creation.

As you plan your first website learn the importance of colors.

Learn how to choose a domain name and hosting.

Learn how to setup your domain even when you have purchased your domain with a company who is not your hosting provider. 

Learn how to install WordPress on a commercial web host. 

Learn how to choose a WordPress theme and add it to your self hosted WordPress website.

Create a Menu, Pages and add blog Posts.

Add plugins, understand what widgets are and learn how to create a sidebar. 

We will start by planning your websites look and page content.  You will then purchase your domain and hosting. Then I create a self-hosted WordPress website in front of your eyes.

WordPress is the most successful content management system for websites today. Through the use of plugins WordPress can change and grow with your business.  So it’s important software to get to know.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yvonne Wu

Author and Speaker Support Services


From 2008 to 2019, Yvonne Wu, provided services tailored to professional speakers and authors. She has assisted authors and speakers with a wide variety of projects across North America, helping them tell their story by providing assistance with the tasks that surround the successful completion, publishing and marketing of a book. Yvonne is a web designer, teacher, writer and an award-winning author of a technology book for authors.


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1. Introduction: this course is customised to meet the needs of authors, writers and speakers. This is the perfect course for those who want to create a website that advertises in showcases their products and services, an affordable website that will build a following on a global level. My name is Yvonne. I've had many years of experience designing websites and providing a wide range of services to authors and speakers as well. I am the author of the blogging book Blogging for Smarties. Whether you are interested in the media Kid website, a brochure website, a P R driven website By the end of this course, you will have the skills needed to build a variety of websites. What you're going to learn from this course. I'm going to show you how to plan your new customized website, what you need to know when choosing and registering a domain name and hosting. Then we go a step further. You will learn how to create a self hosted website. I will help you choose the web hosting and a domain name. You will learn how to create pages at block posts of venue images and more understanding the admin dashboard and how it works and using it to cut customize your website. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Cheers 2. Planning Your Website Content : before we purchase our domain hosting and set up our website. Let's create a website plan. By answering these questions and the self reflective exercises, we will be able to determine our unique two main aim that further brands or image the content needed when we create our website. The look in the field we want for our website and more. Let's create a work sheet and answer these questions. Question one. What is your budget factor in the cost involved in purchasing graphics? Having your content added purchasing your domain name and hosting. Do you need free hosting or can you four to have more control by owning your own hosting and may? Why are you designing a new website? Who are your customers and what are they looking for when they visit your website, Look at successful competing websites and record their domain name below. Hey, specific attention to their website name, colors, theme and content. When creating your website company name or 2 May name list. All the words you think relate to your niche. These phrases will have verbs. Adjectives. The words will convey your brand or describe what your company is about. Customers may type these words into search engines when looking for your site. This the pages that you feel you will need to create business partnerships, keep your readers staying on your website and provide you with the essentials to showcase your services and products. By the end of this course, you will add even more to this list. 3. Psychology of Color: 4. Choosing a Unique Domain Name: today, we're gonna talk about how to choose a unique domain name. Your project today is by the end of this class, you will pick a unique domain name or should we say unique company name. Check the new dick domain names, availability and record the name on your worksheet when purchasing our first demanding. We need to look into the future and ask ourselves the following questions. What in the long term do we want for our business? Do we need an author focused site? The answer is yes. If we plan to write many books that talk about different topics, if we want our readers to find us via search engines by our name than the AQ author Focus site is perfect. The second thing that we need to ask ourselves are you planning to reg to yourself as a publishing company? If so, you may wish to register your domain name. You've registered your company name since you plan to write and publish more than one book and maybe sell other related products. These other products may be online courses, memberships, webinars and other downloadable materials. Step three. Do you need a site that it's named after your book. The answer is yes. If you plan to write a book, Siri's or a book Siri's Focused site. Or maybe you only want to promote one book. Step four. Do you need a site that is focused on branding your name? You need to ask yourself, Are you selling your name or yourself? Are you well known, Um, or you want to be well known. Do you consider yourself on authority? Expert. Do you speak professionally? If your book is a nonfiction one, you may need to ask yourself. Are people buying this book because of your knowledge and expertise? If so, then a website that is focused on branding your name is important. The readership would be searching for you on the Internet using your name, so having your domain name as as your name would definitely be an asset. What to avoid when choosing your domain name. The name should not be too long or hard to spell, where people can easily lose patients trying to find it in the search engines. If someone already is using the dot com version of your dream domain name, then consider slightly changing the names so that you can purchase a dot com domain name. Otherwise you'll end up splitting your audience between the other domain name holder in yourself. 5. Attracting Readers Website Pages: today, we're gonna talk about adding website content to your Web page. At the end of this class, you will know what pages to add to your website. Land the pages for your website and write your content into the website. Planning worksheet. Speakers and offers should include the following basic elements Home page the whole pages typically used as a landing page for your website. This page should cause should show credibility and different you from other people in your industry where we display your book and how to purchase it. Authors should have a clear purpose on their home page. Your goal may be to sell your book when your target market first visits your site or build relationship with the reader first. If the goal is to sell the book on the home page, home paid should act as a sales page. Include a video trailer that talks about the benefits associated with buying the book. If the coolest accrued, create a relationship with your visitor first when they first was your site, you may wish to have an opt in box where your visitors can have a free download. Be sure to include a small image of your book in the back ground. Either way, your home page should have a call to action. Your bio about page. This page should include a long bile in a short introductory bio that that could be used as an introduction before presentations. The Shore bio can be placed on the page book page. Always have a page that includes a detailed description of your book links on how to purchase many readers on different E reader devices, whether it's an iPad. Candler Sony make sure you missed every retailer who's selling your book. Media page. If you're an author that you should include book signings. This page it contained published articles, interviews, dates of future interviews or conferences that you will speak at an A list of seminar topics. Contact page here. We just plays your email address or contact for Do you know how to use your personal account? Spammers can easily grab your email address service page. Include a list of services that you provide. This may include descriptions of your Kino and or break out sessions. Blocked page. You can have a dedicated block creature of your website or agar blob content into the home page of your website dedicated Blawg pages needed. If you plan to publish lots of posts so much that you do with your blog's page, post online diaries allow visitors to comment, create holes, podcast and so much more. 6. Your Project Breakdown: 7. How to Set-up Your Domain Name: welcome. Today, we're gonna talk about how to purchase a domain name. Now, some people like to purchase their domain name and hosting together, but sometimes you can get a better deal when you purchase them separately. So for today, we're going to purchase art domain name separately. So, for example, purposes we're gonna first go to Dina taught. Now, if you once you are at Dinah taught, we type in the name of the domain name that we have chosen for our business. And we make sure and check that this demeaning is available and turn than us. You can see here women connect online is available. So all we had to do is click add to our cart, set up an account with Dina, taught and make payment. Now, once we have purchased our main aim, we then log in to your account with Dina Todd. And as you can see here, we see women connect online. Now the first thing we do is we look to the left. We click managed remains. Now, if it's a new domain, we can always click to the left Click new debates. You know, as we go over here, we look at Women Connect online that has just been recently bought. First, most important thing that we need to do is lock the dummy. So if we look to the right here and we look to the far room, we see a lock here. We just make sure that it's locked. The reason that we want to click the padlock icon to the right off the other domains to lock it is because it prevents unauthorized domain transfers. So that's the very first thing that we would do now. The second thing is because her Web hosting is with a separate provider, Ding, in my case, my Web hosting ISS with emotion hosting, we're gonna need to point this domain to the hosting provider. So we're going to need to log into our hosting account and get the name servers, and you'll find that when she logged into your hosting account, which for me is emotion hosting Nick, the name servers will be listed, so we copy and paste those name servers and we put them in a in a word document. We do this so that we can point are demeaning to are hosting, so basically what we do from here is we have to input the name servers, and as you see, I've already imported them right here. But I'm gonna show you how I am inputted thumb. So as we look at women connect online right now are hosting is emotion hosting. We've already added the name servers in, but that's add new name server. So the very first thing we would do to add new name servers is we would check mark to the left, the domain name click on the demeaning. And as you see on the far left, here, it says women connect online dot com. And if we look down here, we see DNS settings and we see name servers. And as you can see here, we've already got our name servers in. We would click manage, You see, It says the domain name. Women connect online dot com. We would add right here. Where is this one, too? The two brand new name servers. And as you can see, it says, shows the old name servers that we got from the hosting account. Um, here and we would just have the new here. And then we would click save name servers. Another thing that we may wish to set up with our domain name. Yes, we may decide to do a renewal option, and if we do, we would click, manage, and we would click Auto Renew. Another thing to consider when you're purchasing it to domain name is your privacy settings . I would recommend that you pay a little bit extra for some privacy where your name, your address can't be looked up on the Internet connected to your domain name. In order to delete Shourd demean from Dina Todd, you would need to unlock it first and then click delete. 8. Hosting and FTP Tips: 9. Choosing a WordPress Theme: next, we're going to talk about adding a We're gonna look to the left of our men control panel. We're going to scroll down appearance. Oops. Now, my current theme is ah purchased theme called Foundry. Um, I selected this theme because it had all kinds of additional add ons to it that I could die easily grow my website in the future. It had a shopping Kurt theme attached to it. It could also it was also a theme where you create a membership website with it. It had a slide show and many other options. Um, you don't have to buy a theme, but there are many themes out there that you can purchase on the Internet. I purchased my themes at M and T Toe Market. Like I said, it's very easy to do. You could just go to WordPress Sale or WordPress. But there's lots of companies out there that you could purchase your theme from now to add a free thing. Wait, do ISS we're now into in our theme page. We look down, click here at a new scene. No, if you could see here, it's got its feature themes, popular themes, latest themes, you could go into through the search engine here and type of color. I want a purple website or I want authors website. Uh and it will give you samples. So in this case, were we see a list of features themes by typewriters website in the search engine. It gives me 26 teams here. So unless we highlight the theme that we're interested in, um, we could install press the install bun, which I'm not going to do. Buddy would stall this theme. That's what you do or you compress the preview button. Now, in this case, you might want to check out the details of the website first. So we're good. Press the details and preview. So as we look here, it will show us what the website would look like installed on our we're press dot org's self hosted website without the content toe added yet, and as you could see, this theme has its block posts right in the front of the whole page, and it has a sidebar here to the right that we can add are widgets to by activating your plug ins. Now there's like hundreds of free websites that you can choose from one of the reasons as well that people sometimes purchase websites. It's because they don't want at the bottom year powered by WordPress, the made by, uh, on their website. So they had a purchasing one That's just their own from an outside company. So we look to the left here. Somebody has rated it. Says what version? It ISS has a description here. What? What goes in the website? If we decided that we were going to go ahead with this theme, we would go click, install bun, click the blue button and the theme would be installed. Now we're gonna go back to our WordPress admin dashboard and we conceive a list of different writers websites that we can choose from here. Look, another one. This time we're going to click log light going to preview. We look a log light we can see. Then you bar here where it's positioned. Um, this theme has a sidebar. It has the block posts on the home page. Again. The ratings we can look at the ratings of the site has a bricked brief description. And then if we decide that we want this website that we can view on the left here. Click Install. We all know that this website is installed because it will become the active website. It'll have a blue by year saying Customize. If you do decide to purchase with the company, make sure it's a website that grow with you. The one I chose. Foundry. Did you know it has a shopping cart? Included Had a long list to plug ins included within, uh, it was also be too easily host a membership plug in so I could easily make it into a membership site. It had a slight show at the home page, and it gave me the option of having block posts on the home page or not having block post on the old page. So these are all factors to consider when you choose your first thing. But there's no worries you could change your theme any time you want. All you had to have to do is being the theme menu and click above here on new, and you could change your theme as as your business changes 10. How to Set-up Your WordPress Website: panel over hosting account. We're gonna take the user name and password. Once we're in our hosting account, we're going to go to our my school database wizard. We're going to take the data basting that we want. Then we're gonna take the user name password. Now, we're gonna need to record this information either and in no patter word document, because we're going to need to use it in the future. The next thing that we're gonna select us all privileges, the reason being is it will manage the data for us in our my school database. Never return home. Now we're gonna go to wordpress dot org's now, and we're gonna download the latest version. Now the WordPress 2.9 point one. And once it's downloaded, we're going to extract folder and then we're going to open Where were press folder? Once we open our world press are were press folder. We're going to look for a WP config file. So now that we've opened our WKU WP config sample file, we're going to change some information. We're going to put the database information that we got from our my school database and that saved onto no pad and into word. We're gonna change the user name as well. We're going to change the password, as as you can see that we're doing here now. We're going to save this file and we're going to fall. It WP config dot PHP. Okay, so now we are ready for our next step, and our next step is to open or ftp fire ftp up. We're gonna take her work press folder, which, you know, we can rename in any name that we decide, and we're going to upload it onto our server. So now, now, we're gonna go ahead and take your URL address, which is for us The domain name. No pow any d dot com slash Then we add wordpress slash Then we add WP life in a men slash. Then we add installed up PHP center. He now we are, um, in our wordpress page and we're going to give a name for our law style. We're going to give her email address in case anybody wants to foment for, you know, we're going to oppress install WordPress success. New ask. You can see there. We have our user name. We have our password once we are in the WordPress. We can change the passport if we wish. Now we're going to lock in. Here we go. And now we have a word. Chris plot. 11. Installing Plugins and Adding Widgets: Yes, we go. Your dash for to install are plug ins. Click like in install. Click. It's every time that we want to add a new plug in. We go to the area that says, Plug in at the top left and click. Add new In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to install a plug it. So we're going to start off with going into the search box. We're going to search for a plucking we're looking for, and in this case we're looking for a social media plug in that we could install on our side bar because we want this. It is when they come to our site to be able to follow us, Twitter and Facebook, and we want them to be able to see the social media icons on every single page of our website. So in the search plug in area, able to type something very basic, people type social media and we'll see what comes up. Now we press search plug ins. She Seeger's a wide assortment social media plug ins. They have a description on right hand side. They have a rating, and they say what version we need to pay attention to the version. We gotta make sure that it's compatible with our version and this case. We're gonna choose social media widget, so this is a plug in. Once it's installed, it's going to become a widget, and we'll talk about legislator. And widgets are usually placed on your side bar. So you see this socially social media plug in. It will allow us to have icons for Facebook, Google Twitter, my space linked in and so much more. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna press install now. Are you sure you want to install this plug in? Yes, we do. Now there's two ways to install plug ins. One is to download the plug in folder on your desktop and uploaded on your server. Or you can just install it through your dashboard here, which is what we're going to do now. We're going to activate the plug in, says tells us our pluck. It is successfully installed. Okay, now we've activated the plug in. Now we're going to look are active plug ins, but first social working out of the list. As she could see, we've already installed contact form that can be added on to various pages of our website. We've added the plug in that display scheduled posts so that won't we write articles and post them weaken schedule in advance. I added a comment system plug in so that spam cannot get through to our website. It will block spam here. ISS social media widget. It says the activator at it while we know that it's it's activated then because it would because it says yet deactivated. You no longer wish to have this plug it anymore. Sometimes when you download plug ins and they end up not being compatible, your side or they weren't what you thought they were, you could be active. Okay, so now that we have it, we have a social. You Jake, we are going to go to the witches area. We had to appearance wedges. No. Widgets are always placed in the sidebar off our template off our website and no websites have sidebars. So when we're looking for a template to purchase where press template, we always look for one that has a cyber. So I should see we have a sidebar right here. Now your point too. Look for our widget is he has a wide assortment of widgets that have been installed by installing plug ins and seventies widgets. Keen with the template. So we see our social media, which it here, that we just installed. I want to drag it forward for a sidebar here. You know, we want to We're going to know that our social media, which it will have icons very various social media sites on. We want people to visit our site. To click on it into Friend does follow us. So we're gonna just click this drop down menu so we could fill in the information that's needed. We're able to give it a title, which in our case, we're gonna leave it as follow us. You cannot tax if we want, we can choose the size of the icons. All right? Yeah. This case will go with default. For now, the 32 picks you have a choice off A type of icon in our case will go for a hard icon. We could have lamination to where I constantly want. You can have it open in a new tab. When they click on the Facebook icon will open in a tab to the There are like publishing Facebook Page? Yes. To that. The alignment of the icons we're gonna put me. But it left for now. We have a list of different social media sites. And to start, we're gonna input our Facebook. You are? Well, this is my Facebook. You are? Well, I'm gonna coffee this union rail from my Facebook page by, like, publishing Facebook page. I'm gonna taste it right here. Glad a Twitter icon is well used. The wife publishing page or a Twitter We're gonna call rail address. Go. Okay. We've pasted to social media icons we can paste is many. Yes, we want we've got Google. We got linked in We've got four square. We can add a video video, media sites, image media sites, chatting sites if we want, such as Skype. Curole The list is endless of icons that we can add. We can even add custom icons of which for now we've added to we're gonna save it. We know that we could go back in and add more later. Nash, you see on the side here it gives us a creek preview. What Twitter and Facebook would look play. We can add a title and all texts. So we're going to just put Facebook Facebook right here. Take care. No se close. Now we can view do that. The best way to do that, it's to go to our website. In this case, we went to one of her posts. And when we look to the right hand side here, you see your social media widget. Just follow us. It's got a Facebook, it's got our twitter. 12. WordPress Adding Pages and Graphics: welcome. Today, we're going to talk about customizing our website and we're going to talk about the very basics. Basic things such as adding pages, posts, adding our theme and creating a Now, if we look at our our my website here, you can see we have the menu at the talk. You can see that we've created various pages right here in the menu bar. Now we're going to log into our men dashboard. First, we want to make sure that we are indeed at our self hosted site. We click on the W here, powered by WordPress. Right click. We could see that we are connected to wordpress dot org's that. Indeed, we do have a self hosted website because we've downloaded our ZIP file and uploaded it onto our hosting are we're press stop or zip file. Now we're gonna lock in. We're now at our men dashboard, and this is where we'll be able, Teoh, alter our website and make changes to our website and have our website grow with us as our business changes. So we're gonna add a new page so we go ages. We have a choice. We can go directly to add new are all pages. In this case, we're gonna go to all pages so we can see the other pages that we have. You're sort of this two pages. Now we're going to a new page. And as you see, we have all our pages here. We got our published pages and we got our private pages that are not yet open for public view. So we're going to look to the left again and we're gonna click. God knew. Now here we are. We're gonna enter the name of our new page and in our visual editor, we're gonna make sure that our visual editor is showing not our texts, editor or text editors when we're going to insert HTML code And, uh, we don't need to do that so we can just use our visual editor. We could type the content that we wanted our page. So in this case, I'm offering writers services. Are we conform at our texts in various ways or we have to do Is my light the text, the nick decision? Is this just a paragraph or assist ahead? A. I'm gonna choose heading five and then for the list of services I'm keep it in paragraph form above I'm good. A bold I'm gonna highlight a bold it. You can also make it italics Could make it up bulleted list or number list. In this case, I'll make it a bulleted list. We could make her text block quote. We can We could make a choice on the alignment. It could be to the left, to the center, to the right. We can at out a leak. So we're going to add You are telling We're gonna I like the texts, and then we're gonna click insert at it. Yngling. Then what we're gonna do is we're going to click the link options right here. Where the you Earl iss. We can link it to, uh, any page that we want. So I'm going to just pick a page or we can link it. Teoh an outside your all address of another site. But in this case, I'm just going to link it to offer assistance services. We look to the right, we click add links. Now we know that the link worked because it will be highlighted in blue and underlying change The format of this at any time, just by highlighting it. You see the link here? Okay, so now we've added texts into our page, our writer services Page, And to view this page, we can if we want saving us airdrops. And once we save it as a draft, that means the public cannot view it on Lee. We can view it. Look to the right hand side here we can click preview, you'll open a new page up for us concealer page here. We can see that we've added the text that we've had it. We could do it in preview mode. Now, if somebody has a URL link, they can view the page as well. So we may not want that kind of visibility, so we may choose to make it private. Okay, now we can add media to our page. In this case, we just position are cursor where we want the media to be, So I'll put it beside publishing my cursor at Media Select Orographic. I'm gonna make the alignment ocean see down here gives us a choice of alignment. I'm gonna make it to the right. That gives us a choice of size. I'm gonna put full size pretty, then click Insert into page. You know, she could see. Now our media's been at it to the right. We can update by clicking to the right here and preview the preview. Yes, you can see here we see what our page would look like. We have the name of our page right now. It says private. But once it's published and public, it won't show this anymore. You see where this to services and we see our graph. Now we're going to make her page public. I going to the right hand side here and going under visibility like public. Okay, now we're gonna publish it. Here we go. They are pages now published. We could view this page by looking above here, above our page name writing services and click view page. And this sweater page will look like Now we're going to go back to our men dashboard. So we look to the top. Here we go under the name of our site. We look at the drop down menu, will see dashboard. Now we are going to add a new page to the menu. No, 13. WordPress Blog Post Creation : Now next, we're going to add a block post. Look to the laugh. Go posts gonna click all post so we could see the block post. We've added so far that if you look up to the left hand side here and click the blue and new, we do the exact same thing that we do with our pages. We enter the title of our block posts. We enter the visual content and graphics to our block posts. Now, if we look to the right here, we have a choice of saving. And as a draft, which I would recommend until you're ready to publish, we can add a plug in a scheduling plug in that we can choose a future date to publish our block post. I would highly recommend this. If you're a writer or an author, I know they have a wide assortment of block post that you want a schedule in advanced for the upcoming year or if you're speaker and you travel a lot. You want all your block posts published at a certain time. But you want to space the mountain. So if we also look to the right here, choose the format of our block post pending on the theme that we get some themes have more options than others that will talk about later. Um, I'm gonna make it a standard block post. I'm not gonna have any video, audio or quotes. Course. When we create our block post and we're ready to publish it, we're gonna add categories to make its search engine friendly. We can add new categories at any time. Looking down, hear clicking on new cat categories and tanks or basically keywords. We could add keywords. So this one all out attack saying writer's block this post will be about writing. Uh, you could keep adding tags and then click Add Could set a featured image to our block posed selector graphic. We select set featured image. See, set featured Image comes up. Okay, We will add some content into our block posed. E could name it rakers tips on 10 would chips. And I'm going sentence. You're And now I'm going to save it as a draw. Going to preview our block pose now. She could see Here's our block posts. It has these I bar automatically added to it on the course. We know that Sidebars how we create one is by adding widgets. This was discussed previously in the course. We got the name of our block post the date and are content right here. We've left room for comments and we have our social media, which it's added. I'm gonna go ahead and publish this so we can view it now if I go to my blocked page, actually, see, here's our new posts that we just created with her featured image as a basic xer two of our content. Now here's another block post the Taino on tend social media widgets automatically added. Some things will give you a choice on whether you want a sidebar you don't want to side bar . In this case, I didn't add a sidebar to this particular block post. 14. WordPress Add a Menu: today we're gonna talk about adding a menu to our new brand new self hosted WORDPRESS site . First thing we're gonna do is walk into a site. I am currently at our dashboard of herself hosted website. So the first thing that we're going to do here, it's go under appearance on the left hand side, select venues. We're gonna create a new menu. So we're going to look to the left here, where it's this crate, a new menu. Select it. Gonna give our menu and name. This is going to be our header menu of our website. And when you look a different website themes, you will have the option of having a header menu. Sometimes you have the option of having a footer menu as well. Gonna creator menu us, it says here, when you look at the menu structure, it says, add menu items from the column on the left, so we'll look to the left and will have already created pages for our website Before we create our menu. It's very important that we create all our pages and we start our posts. Um, before we create our menu. Okay, So if we look to our left here we have an assortment to choose from To add into our header . We can add pages into our header. We can add posts and tore header. We can add custom links to that may go to different pages in our website or it make lead to another website. If we purchased a theme that issues as a magazine, we may want Teoh put our menu under categories for example help, you know, um, lifestyle relationships. But always remember the most important thing is that what we first create our website, we create our pages. First we add some of our posts and we add our categories before we create. Are you in this case? We're going to add some pages. I'm going to select you all and I'm gonna select home, which is our home page and added to the menu. Now, as you can see, our page has been added to the menu. Okay, Next, we're going to add to our menu of some categories and in this case I'm going to add KDP events. Any posts that has used category safe Katie P events, um will show up on page that we create and I'm gonna select virtual book tours, and I'm gonna added to the menu when the Now we have three options. When the visitor visits or website, they'll have a choice. Between home to go to Our Home page are virtual book tour page, where we'll have selections of different post posts that have used the category virtual book tour and Katie P events. Now, if we look to the bottom here under menu settings, we can auto ad pages where we can automatically add paint pages as we create thumb, which we're not going to do. I like to custom Lee at my pages to my menu display location. We're going to make this header header one. It's gonna be the header navigation. So we're gonna highlight that when we go to the home page and we look at the menu Header one is going to be the menu that we see. So we're going to save this menu and I should see to the left here. Header has been updated so it is has been saved. So now we're gonna view our menu. We're gonna go back, we're gonna go to the top left here and click the name of our site and now we are on our website. And if we look here right in this location, this is the menu, and so far we've only chose three items only clicked this. It leads us to the home page, which is right here. When we click virtual book tours, we see any post that has used virtual book tours as a category. So basically we have created a KDP page, and it has all the posts have been published previously that have used the category KDP event. Now we're gonna go back to the home page, and, as you can say, see, with this particular website, the theme that we used, we picked a free theme and we would our posts at the beginning on the home page of the site here. 15. WordPress Blogging Tips: 16. Final Project Breakdown WordPress: