Creating a Self-Hosted WordPress Website For Authors, Writers and Speakers (Blogging For Smarties)

Yvonne Wu, Author and Speaker Support Services

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16 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Your Website Content

    • 3. Psychology of Color

    • 4. Choosing a Unique Domain Name

    • 5. Attracting Readers Website Pages

    • 6. Your Project Breakdown

    • 7. How to Set-up Your Domain Name

    • 8. Hosting and FTP Tips

    • 9. Choosing a WordPress Theme

    • 10. How to Set-up Your WordPress Website

    • 11. Installing Plugins and Adding Widgets

    • 12. WordPress Adding Pages and Graphics

    • 13. WordPress Blog Post Creation

    • 14. WordPress Add a Menu

    • 15. WordPress Blogging Tips

    • 16. Final Project Breakdown WordPress


About This Class

Are you an Author, Writer or Speaker? Learn how to create your first self-hosted website using WordPress. Let me walk you through the steps of building an extremely effective website.

Learn how to create your first self-hosted website using WordPress.

This class is part of the Blogging for Smarties Bundle Series.

Would if you could have a website that grows with your business!  

Learn why you should have a WordPress self-hosted website, plan and create your first website.

In this class, you will learn how to:

How to create your WordPress website on a self-hosted platform, (free) content management system that requires hosting, but you can do ANYTHING with.

Plan your website name look and page content before creation.

As you plan your first website learn the importance of colors.

Learn how to choose a domain name and hosting.

Learn how to setup your domain even when you have purchased your domain with a company who is not your hosting provider. 

Learn how to install WordPress on a commercial web host. 

Learn how to choose a WordPress theme and add it to your self hosted WordPress website.

Create a Menu, Pages and add blog Posts.

Add plugins, understand what widgets are and learn how to create a sidebar. 

We will start by planning your websites look and page content.  You will then purchase your domain and hosting. Then I create a self-hosted WordPress website in front of your eyes.

WordPress is the most successful content management system for websites today. Through the use of plugins WordPress can change and grow with your business.  So it’s important software to get to know.