Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar | Kevin Kawa | Skillshare

Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar

Kevin Kawa, Screenwriter and web designer

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6 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Assignment

      Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar - The Project Details.pdf
    • Tools and Supplies

    • Getting Started

    • Finishing Up

    • Now It's Your Turn


About This Class

Creating a miniature scene in a glass jar is a simple project that can be completed in only a few minutes but produces a beautiful and whimsical final product fit for proudly displaying in your home or giving as a gift. You only need a few items and a few tools to get your project started, with everything you need readily available in craft stores or discount dollar stores.

This class covers:

  • The tools and supplies needed for making this project
  • A step-by-step tutorial for making a miniature winter scene in a glass jar

How this class is taught:

  • A series of six pre-recorded videos detailing the how-to's in making a miniature scene in a glass jar

What is expected of students:

  • To use their own creativity in creating a unique miniature scene in a glass jar
  • Post a photo of your completed project to show off your unique vision

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What a fun and quick project! I really hope Grandma likes it!
Peggy Hazelwood

Fun and Learning Go Hand in Hand

This was a nice, quick little project, and well presented. Some of the steps were skipped over, which I wasn't thrilled about... it might seem boring as a presenter to show things when you could just say "I glued the thing," but I'm one of those people who sometimes has a hard time picturing how someone else might do even a simple thing, so I really like to actually see every step. The presenter also mentioned other scenes you could build in the same way, but the nature of the one he actually built on camera (using fluffy batting-style fake snow) was a totally different beast... if I wanted to do a beach scene with actual sand, for instance, I'd probably need a whole different set of techniques to keep all that from shifting around. That's the kind of project I'm trying to do, that's a bit more diorama-like, so this class was fun and quick, and I always like to see how other people approach the same sorts of projects, but for me it wasn't super useful. I'd be really interested to see this instructor carry the theme forward and do other videos on different methods for building this sort of thing.
Very easy, and you can do it with simple things. When you have no idea to prepare a gift for someone, maybe this useful class is a good idea :)





Kevin Kawa

Screenwriter and web designer

Hello! I'm Kevin Kawa, a screenwriter, blogger, web designer and graphic artist from Syracuse, NY.

I earned a BA in Film and Media from Georgia State University, a MA in Cinema Studies from Emory University and a MEd in Secondary Education from Salem State University.

Before starting my career as a web designer 12 years ago, I taught film studies, filmmaking and photography to high school students in Boston and New York.

I am currently finishing my fourth feature-length s...

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