Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar | Kevin Kawa | Skillshare

Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar

Kevin Kawa, Screenwriter and web designer

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Assignment

      Creating a Miniature Scene in a Glass Jar - The Project Details.pdf
    • 3. Tools and Supplies

    • 4. Getting Started

    • 5. Finishing Up

    • 6. Now It's Your Turn


About This Class

Creating a miniature scene in a glass jar is a simple project that can be completed in only a few minutes but produces a beautiful and whimsical final product fit for proudly displaying in your home or giving as a gift. You only need a few items and a few tools to get your project started, with everything you need readily available in craft stores or discount dollar stores.

This class covers:

  • The tools and supplies needed for making this project
  • A step-by-step tutorial for making a miniature winter scene in a glass jar

How this class is taught:

  • A series of six pre-recorded videos detailing the how-to's in making a miniature scene in a glass jar

What is expected of students:

  • To use their own creativity in creating a unique miniature scene in a glass jar
  • Post a photo of your completed project to show off your unique vision





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Kevin Kawa

Screenwriter and web designer

Hello! I'm Kevin Kawa, a screenwriter, blogger, web designer and graphic artist from Syracuse, NY.

I earned a BA in Film and Media from Georgia State University, a MA in Cinema Studies from Emory University and a MEd in Secondary Education from Salem State University.

Before starting my career as a web designer 12 years ago, I taught film studies, filmmaking and photography to high school students in Boston and New York.

I am currently finishing my fourth feature-length s...

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