Creating a Mindset for Change Part 1 | Laura Goodrich | Skillshare

Creating a Mindset for Change Part 1

Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator

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9 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Mindset for Change

    • 3. You Get More of Whatever You Focus On

    • 4. You Get More of Whatever You Focus continued

    • 5. You Get More of Whatever You Focus On SelfReflection

    • 6. Your Intentions Are Good

    • 7. Your Intentions Are Good contunued

    • 8. Your Intentions Are Good Self Reflection

    • 9. 1 Fear Based Thinking end titles


About This Class


In this Cinematic Micro-Learning Program you experience the art of coaching and learning through bite sized video stories spaced over time. Creating a mindset for change is a process that moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being creative and intentional. This is the shift in mindset that is needed for people to focus on positive outcomes and change. This course will give you the tools you need to maintain a positive mindset and change behavior.

This is the first video course in the eight-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” series. In this first video course, you will learn about creating awareness and understanding. You will come to recognize unconscious focus and how it effects outcomes large and small.

All eight video courses are intended to be taken in sequence with a spaced learning approach. The idea is to take one part of the eight-part video course each week or every other week, allow for a period of time to pass, and then consider the concept again in a different way by taking the next part.

Dynamic change in business is exacerbating the natural tendency to focus on what we fear. This unconscious reaction is literally paralyzing people from being change adaptive. If this is critical for you, then it has never been more important to utilize Creating a Mindset for Change for your team or organization.

Here’s the premise: You buy a red car and what do you notice? You notice more red cars, right? You notice more red cars because that is what you are focused on. The same concept applies to you. You get more of whatever you focus on. Seeing Red Cars takes this basic concept and adapts it to help you apply your team’s focus to any initiative. It acts like a catalyst for change.

A global CEO survey indicated that 90% of CEOs believe their organizations are not change adaptive to maneuver the road ahead. When it comes to change, most organizations focus on structures, processes, and systems. Few even recognize that without an individual and collective Mindset for Change their best efforts will fail, especially now.

Learning Objectives:

  • It’s time to take charge, and create a shift in mindset
  • Shows you how fear based thinking is getting in the way of change
  • Teaches you how to rewire your brain toward positive outcomes
  • Enables you to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with the  outcomes you want.
  • Provides the necessary tools you’ll need to act on your strategic priorities. 

Creating a Mindset for Change includes a Road Map for Leaders, the Cinematic Micro-Learning which is a self-contained process that spaces the learning over time and a Digital Toolkit to chart the process. You start your learning when you access a lesson. Each lesson is a bite-sized lesson that is a video that can be completed in 3 to 8 minutes. After you complete the lesson you are prompted to answer a self-reflection questions to make the content personal to your work and life. Creating a Mindset for Change is designed to first lead you through the methodology and next to provide you with the needed tools for real change. This experience is as close to being personally coached by Laura Goodrich as you can get. 





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Laura Goodrich

Global Workforce Innovator

Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator and Change Expert, has over twenty-five years of professional experience, 19 of which was spent as an innovator, speaker, coach, and advisor to leaders worldwide and a distinguished voice on change and the future of work.

Her message is startling and difficult to hear but her approach is compelling, hopeful and inspirational at the same time. She's is one of the most powerful and relevant...

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