Creating a Mindset for Change-Discovering Your Assets Part 5 | Laura Goodrich | Skillshare

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Creating a Mindset for Change-Discovering Your Assets Part 5

teacher avatar Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Toolkit Instructions

    • 3. Tools to Discover Your Assets Self Reflection

    • 4. Working With Your Weaknesses

    • 5. Working With Your Weaknesses continued

    • 6. Working With Your Weaknesses Self Reflection

    • 7. What Once Worked, No Longer Works

    • 8. What One Worked No Longer Works continued

    • 9. What Once Worked, No Longer Works Self Reflectin

    • 10. Scanning for Trends

    • 11. Scaning for Trends continued

    • 12. Scanning for Trends Self Reflection

    • 13. There’s More

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About This Class

This is the fifth video program in the eight-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” series. In this fifth video course, you will learn how to deepen their self-knowledge and reinvest in their strengths as these often get pushed off during times of change.  You will also learn about the importance of discomfort when it comes to learning something new. You are prompted to establish a disciplined approach to reading and researching changing technologies, the global marketplace, changing demographics, and consumer and employee expectations. All eight video courses are intended to be taken in sequence with a spaced learning approach. The idea is to take one part of the eight-part video course each week or every other week, allow for a period of time to pass, and then consider the concept again in a different way by taking the next part. While beginning at the leadership level, the fundamentals taught in these videos are meant to spread throughout your organization - leaders take the program and then disseminate it to their team members, all with the intent of creating a culture of embracing change within the organization.

Meet Your Teacher

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Laura Goodrich

Global Workforce Innovator


Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator and Change Expert, has over twenty-five years of professional experience, 19 of which was spent as an innovator, speaker, coach, and advisor to leaders worldwide and a distinguished voice on change and the future of work.

Her message is startling and difficult to hear but her approach is compelling, hopeful and inspirational at the same time. She's is one of the most powerful and relevant thought leaders of the day. Goodrich hosted three TV shows, a radio show, is the award winning author and producer of four internationally distributed films and the book and film "Seeing Red Cars: Driving Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization to a Positive Future", which is described to be 'tra... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome to creating a mindset for change. A cinematic micro learning Siris in part five. Discovering your assets, you learn how to deep in yourself now reinvest in your strengths and learn about the importance of discomfort when it comes to learning something new. 2. Toolkit Instructions: download the creating a mindset for change toolkit and save it to your computer. Keep it present for the next few mind triggers and be sure you're playing to your assets when it comes to your job. Now let's start by filling and tool one. If you're having trouble coming up with things you're passionate about, think of things that really interest you. Next is to identify your strengths. You might feel that you already know your strengths. Go ahead and complete the assessment anyway. It may provide insight that will guide you. Once you know your strengths, you can leverage them. You'll be able to more easily and clearly articulate how your strength will serve the project, your team and your organization. Look at the list of strengths Tool six in your tool kit to help you get started, take a look a tool. Seven. Do any of these values described what new value in life? If so, write them in your tool kit 3. Tools to Discover Your Assets Self Reflection: like, Oh. 4. Working With Your Weaknesses: While you may never be able to reverse a weakness, creating outcomes you want relies upon awareness of them when you're able to identify areas where your week bringing others to work with you, who are strong in the areas where you need the help to neutralize the weakness and keep it from effect in your strengths. So in that perfect job or opportunity comes knocking at your door, your strengths are able to shine brightly free from the shadow of a deal breaking weakness in the next mind trader, you will be better prepared toe work with your weaknesses. 5. Working With Your Weaknesses continued: When Vivek Run, a diva, decided to coach his daughter Angela's basketball team, he settled on two principles. The first is that he would never raise his voice. This team was made up of 12 year old girls after all, and the second principle was more important to focus on defense. Rana Diva immigrated from Mumbai. He grew up with cricket and soccer. He would never forget the first time he saw a basketball game. He thought it was mindless Team A would score, then immediately retreat to its own into the court. Team B would inbound the ball and dribble it into T. May's end, where teammate was patiently waiting team would defend only about 24 feet of the court, conceding the other 70 feet run. A debate knew that if they played the conventional way, if they let their opponents dribble the ball up, the court found opposition they would almost certainly lose to the girls for whom basketball was a passion. Focusing on defense was the key to hiding their weaknesses. The team would play a full court press that is, they would contest their opponents, attempt to advance the ball up the court as soon as the other team will inbound the ball. The vex Redwood City team would immediately intercept the ball and defend the courts. It worked. There were teams that were a lot better than Redwood City that had been playing a lot longer. But by focusing on defense, Ragnar Divas team leveraged what they were capable of, hide what they weren't and ended up winning enough to make it to the nationals that 6. Working With Your Weaknesses Self Reflection: Oh! 7. What Once Worked, No Longer Works: when life hands you something unexpected. Staying true to your personal strengths and remaining focused on what you can control will help you ultimately overcome this situation way. All have times of doubts, but the difference between those who make it work and those who get lost in the shuffle is what you choose to focus on. Taking small steps. Having a willingness to check your ego at the door and telling yourself that sometimes it's OK to struggle will help you embrace that unexpected situation. This'll next mind trigger will better prepare you to practice a new job skill until you gain confidence and competence. Watch as Lord gives an example of a man and his focus. 8. What One Worked No Longer Works continued: when life throws a curveball. Those who not only survive but thrive are the ones who remain focused on what they want and what they can control. I interviewed Billy McLaughlin for a TV show for 20 years. In the 19 eighties and nineties, Billy was commanding the attention of thousands. All of a sudden, two fingers on his right hand is dominant began to curl without reason. Finally, he went to Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for an examination. I was told Billy You a focal dystonia. It is an incurable, neuro muscular disease that affects people in different ways. Doctor at the institute looked at Billy and said, I believe it's time to find another profession. This message sent Billy into a downward spiral for a time. But one morning he woke up and said to himself, I can focus on what I can't control or I can focus on what I can control, he said to himself, I can't control this disease, but I can control the left side of my body. Billy began a quest to relearn how to play his music. Left handed, I asked him in the interview, Billy, what did you learn from this experience, he said. I learned how to be comfortable being really bad. It's exactly the message that I tell people who are resistant to change. If you have the ability to focus your mind on what you can control and what you want, it will almost certainly be extremely difficult. At first. You'll probably start off being really bad, but stick with it. It will take some time, but you, like Billy, will land on your feet. Now Billy is back. He is playing at the level, if not better, than he did prior to focal dystonia. This need to adapt and shift gears also occurs in organizations. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how much you love the work you have done in the past or how successful it made you yesterday. When the marketplace changes, you must shift gears and build muscle where there currently is fat or you perish 9. What Once Worked, No Longer Works Self Reflectin: Oh! 10. Scanning for Trends: you can deny the changes in the world. We don't pay attention to them. It's a choice. But to effect positive change, you need to be keenly aware of marketplace dynamics and trends. Living with your high beams on and staying up to date with changes going on around you will play a significant role in your ability to steer toward new opportunities in the next mind trigger. You'll better understand the importance of staying up to date in your industry. 11. Scaning for Trends continued: Have you ever had a time where you have tripped and you had to figure out something new? Well, the likelihood of that happening is very high in a market like we have now. But if you are keenly aware of what you want, if you have your high beams on, it is much more likely that you are going to be connected, relevant now and into the future. Let me share with you the story of Heather, a mid level manager at a Fortune 100 company. Heather definitely has your high beams on. She has several list that she follows on Twitter. One is breaking news. She follows thought leaders that she knows and respects and the publications that she likes , like Fast Company and Harvard Business Review. Every single day, she starts off reviewing these items. One day she recognized something on several of the sources that their competitors were doing over the holidays, and no one else was doing so. She walked into a meeting. The CEO of the company was there, along with other leaders, and she laid out what the competition was doing and pose the question with our position. With our reaction to this. The look on their faces told her that they were absolutely unaware of what she was talking about. That's what having high beams on looks like an organization's desperately need leaders doing just that, you see, those at the top simply cannot keep reading the pulse on everything. This marks the type of individuals that organizations are going to need to be successful. 12. Scanning for Trends Self Reflection: Oh! 13. There’s More: way have more for you. Part six Making it happen is available now in part six of the eight part, creating a mindset for change Siri's. You'll begin the process of getting clear about what you want and the value of taking steady action towards your wants.