Creating a Facebook Group | Rachyl Kafonek | Skillshare
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3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Fbgroupplanningsheet

    • 2. Video1 creating

    • 3. Final image


About This Class

Do you have a blog or business that you want to Market? I bet you have heard of using Facebook to find clients and readers, but aren't sure how or where to get started. Look no further, this is the class for you!

Learn how to create a winning Facebook group to market and grow your business or blog. Step by step guidance from creating an idea, to setting up the group, to finding members. Nothing is left out. 

Be sure to complete the class project, which includes a PDF printable handout that helps you to plan out your new Facebook group! Use it once or 10 times, as much as you need!





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Rachyl Kafonek


Rachyl is the author of Creating Your Financial Freedom, a blog that has a focus on Finances & Budgeting. She helps individuals learn about their money is an easy to read and follow format.

Rachyl holds a Masters of Business Administration degree, with 6+ years of industry experience in Finance, Accounting and Banking.

Rachyl has been teaching courses on multiple platforms since obtaining her MBA. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping others learn life skills to advance t...

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