Creating a Dynamic Character: Drawing a Head in 3/4 View - Face Drawing | Patricia Caldeira | Skillshare

Creating a Dynamic Character: Drawing a Head in 3/4 View - Face Drawing

Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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12 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction

    • Base Head Reference

    • Draw Some Eyes!

    • Let's Add a Nose

    • Adding The Mouth

    • Draw the (single) Ear!

    • Hair Drawing in Perspective

    • Simple Beard

    • Clean Everything Up!

    • Add Some Color

    • Master Drawing in 3/4 - Assignment!

    • Before You Go!


About This Class


Hello there and thank you for checking out the Class!

In this Class we'll be covering something that has been asked by a lot of Students:

How to Draw a Head in a 3/4 Perspective!

This Class is suited for any Level of Drawing but I do Recommend you to check out my previous Classes on Drawing Eyes, Mouth, Ears and more for an extra Detailed view.

-> Other Classes on Drawing the Face <-

For the Class you'll need either a Pencil + Piece of Paper or a Drawing Tablet + Drawing Software of your choice!

I'll be using Manga Studio with my Drawing Tablet but you're free to use whatever you feel more used to since the important thing to do here is just practice.

At the end of this class you'll be able to create your Characters in a 3/4 Perspective View, master that Angle and you'll go far!

Start Improving your Drawings with me now!

Can't wait to see you in Class!





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Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her and her work at Don Corgi's Portfolio Website.

In the recent past She has:

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