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Creating a Deliverable Brand Identity Package

Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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13 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. What is Brand, Identity and Logo ?

    • 2. How Seth Godin and Neil Patel Defines Brand

    • 3. What is an Effective Brand Identity Set ?

    • 4. What we will cover in Identity Set

    • 5. Designing Logo Guide - Part 1

    • 6. Designing Logo Guide - Part 2

    • 7. Designing Logo Guide - Part 3

    • 8. Designing Logo in Illustrator and Logo Guide Complete

    • 9. Designing Logo Color Guide

    • 10. Designing Logo Typography Guide

    • 11. Compiling a complete Project

    • 12. Deliverable Checklist for Identity Set

    • 13. Cloud Based File Sharing Solutions


About This Class

Brand Identity creation is an exciting but tedious task so most of the time packaging and delivery takes less concentration. In the designing world, delivery and presentation is the most important stage as this is the time your client see the impression of your work or you can create WOW experience.

In this course, we will design a packaging of Logo Identity assets; we will quickly learn three, different software and this include Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. We will look into the presentation concepts, how we can package the Brand Identity Asset along with Logo guideline, color guide, and Typographical guide. Also how we can get the client attention and what solutions are available to share the contents with version control.

  • What is Brand, Identity, and Logo
  • How to create Logo, Brand Identity set, Guides
  • How to package the final deliverable
  • What clouds solutions are available to share the contents with clients and maintain the variations





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Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur

A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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