Creating a Cyanotype Flat Lay Wall Hanging on Fabric | Ben Panter | Skillshare

Creating a Cyanotype Flat Lay Wall Hanging on Fabric

Ben Panter, Expanding Photography

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

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    • Exposing and Developing

    • Evaluating


About This Class

In this class we'll be taking a unique approach to Flat Lay photography using cyanotype on fabric. The resulting print will be large enough to use on its own as a wall hanging or to turn into any type of fabric-based project you want. It's a great way to highlight a collection or set of objects you already love in a unique way.

This project does build on some basic cyanotype technique covered in my Cyanotype 101 & 102 courses, so you may want to check those out first.

Some new techniques covered in this project include:

  • Printing on fabric
  • Making large prints
  • Using a dark slide






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Ben Panter

Expanding Photography

My name is Ben Panter and I am an artist and professor teaching for Rutgers University and Rowan College. My art is photography based and I enjoy experimenting with and combining new and old media. I've been honored to have several artist residencies through the National Park System over the past few years, including Rocky Mountain National Park and Acadia National Park.

You can view more of my work on my website,, and follow me on Instagram @bpanter.

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