Creating a Customer Persona to Help Guide Product Development

Leah Farquharson

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11 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Customer persona - intro - why?

    • 2. What is a customer persona?

    • 3. Why not try to reach everyone?

    • 4. Warm up inspiration exercise

    • 5. Identifying sample persona: traditional

    • 6. Identifying sample persona: glamour

    • 7. Identifying sample persona: urban

    • 8. How this exercise can inspire you

    • 9. My sample persona: filling out the worksheet

    • 10. How to use the worksheet answers to guide product design

    • 11. Closing


About This Class

In this class, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about the importance of creating customer personas, and how it’s helped to develop my products, grow my business, and reach the right customers. I actually ran my business for many years without having customer personas before taking a few classes on marketing that helped me see how important they were, and why I should have them. They’ve made a big difference for my business, and I’d like to save you the hassle I had to go through to get there. They have really helped me become more efficient and better reach my target customer.

This class is for you if you have a small business designing, creating, and selling  products. The information applies to ALL  businesses, but because of my experience designing products for women, my examples will highlight and showcase how I build a customer profile for them. We'll start by doing a magazine exercise to help look for design elements and branding, then, we'll move on to create a customer persona of yourself, since you are the heart and soul of your small business. By understanding how you tick as a customer, it'll help you see how your ideal customer ticks, too. I'll then move on to apply our created customer persona to product design, and finish with a few thoughts on marketing your product to help reach that customer with your product.