Creating a Consistent Color Theme on Instagram Using Lightroom | Ben Knights | Skillshare

Creating a Consistent Color Theme on Instagram Using Lightroom

Ben Knights, Digital Content Creator

Creating a Consistent Color Theme on Instagram Using Lightroom

Ben Knights, Digital Content Creator

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Difference Between Editing and Filters

    • 3. The Importance of the Side by Side View

    • 4. Editing Our First Photo in an Orange and Teal Theme

    • 5. How to Copy and Paste Color Settings

    • 6. BONUS How to Get The Best Export Settings For Instagram

    • 7. Final Thoughts and Your Project

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About This Class

Whether you have a business Instagram account or a personal account, it has never been more important to brand your collection into a theme that has a cohesive look.

When someone comes to your instagram account for the first time, they see your first nine photos in your grid and make a split second decision whether or not to follow you. 

There is a phycological decision that happens when an account seems well put together, when the photos flow together, it makes a viewer want to follow and be a part of your content, as it puts your account above the rest. 

That is what we are going to be doing in this course. 

We are going to be using Adobe Lightroom to edit three photos in a cohesive color theme.

What we will cover:

  • Importing photos
  • Setting up a reference photo for color matching
  • Editing in an orange and teal theme
  • Copy and pasting color settings
  • Best export settings for sharp images for Instagram

Who is this course for:

This course is perfect if you:

  • Are looking to brand your instagram account
  • Develop your own style using color
  • Wanting to improve your Lightroom skills
  • Want to know how to edit in an Orange and Teal color theme
  • Are a business and want more engaged followers
  • Are a personal account and want more likes and comments on your photos 

You'll take away some really great Lightroom editing tips as well as an understanding of how to match colors in previous photos and give them a cohesive appearance. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Knights

Digital Content Creator


Ben is a Digital Content Creator. Specializing in video editing, graphic design and animation. He has a wide array of skills in the creative field. 

When Ben isn't working on a new project, you can usually find him exploring Los Angeles.

Follow along with the journey on Instagram or on his website where he showcases his travel and brand videos. 

As well as being an avid content creator Ben is also very passionate about health and nutrition, on this channel you will find courses and trainings covering a wide array of topics form freelance business to creative techniques. 

See full profile

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1. Introduction: My name is Ben. I'm a video editor, graphic designer and animator. And today we're gonna be talking about how to create cohesive color theme on your INSTAGRAM account using light room. You know, when you're just scrolling through instagram and you see an account that has a series of photos that is so perfectly matched and you can't quite put your finger on why they look so good together, it's because the colors they match they've been edited in a style that it's similar and cohesive to each other. That's what we could be learning today. We're gonna be using light room. We're gonna be doing all of the settings manually, will be going through adjustment, everything on them. Once we're done with one photo, we're gonna be taking those settings when we're gonna be applying it to our next set of photos. So we're gonna be working on three different photos taken in different places on We're gonna be making them look and feel cohesive. So let's take a closer look what I mean here, if we just put up on Instagram, this is my beautiful girlfriend. McHale is instagram account, and we can see a fast nine territories in the grid. It looked really good together. They allow are in different locations at different times of the day. They have that similar feel to them that nice orange and teal Look, if we pull up this image here, so we put it side by side to this image. Here, we can see that these are two different locations. One is a view of a scenic mountain. In the sea of one is her looking through some kind of tunnel. She's a silhouette with background is there is what we see. There is the color part when we can see the colors of these two images. Now they are really similar. Now, if we just four days back, we scroll down high instagram account slightly. We get to these brown, orangey Connors. We can see that these photos are again taking a different vacation without this different steps that most Brown's to that that's what we're covering today. So let's get into it and I'll see you on the inside 2. The Difference Between Editing and Filters: so there is a big difference between editing on applying filter filters are a great way to add some colors into instantly change your photos. The issue with them is that they aren't customizable. You can tweak from the actual filter, which makes it very limited. That's why I, like Room, is so great we can create our look that we like. We can then copy and paste those settings onto another image similar to applying a filter. Or we can even save those settings as a preset what room's version of filters. And then, once those settings have been copied over weaken tweak from that. 3. The Importance of the Side by Side View: Another reason like room is so great is because you can have a split screen view off two photos. So once you've edited one fate Oh, and you're happy with the look and the colors you can then copy over those settings. But you'll notice later when we try and do this, that just copying those settings doesn't always make an image feel cohesive. Once the settings have been copied, we need to adjust from there. That's why it's so great to have the side by side view. We can see our first fate A and then match our second photo using our first as the reference photo for our color matching. So this is how to set it up. So festival we're gonna want to import photos into light rooms. It's do that. We go to file import photos and video, and then we select our source from the left panel here. We never get to where our photos are. I've already imported them in. We'll be working on these photos here. So once these photos are in on library, we're gonna select the first photo here. We want to work on. We can hit d on on keyboard we can hit the developed tab at the top, and that's going to take us into the options to be up to customize our photo. Now, once we're in the develop module to get the split screen view up or we're gonna want to do is click this little. But in here, it says, are on a one to click that you're going to see it splits into two screens. Now, without photos down here at the bottom, you can just click and drag and put that into the left reference view. Now, if you want your reference view to be, stack so top and bottom or you have to take the little arrow to decide and hit top bottom, and then it's gonna stack those battle for you. But I would prefer it left and right. So that's how we set up the reference for you in my room. 4. Editing Our First Photo in an Orange and Teal Theme: So the first fight so that we can be working on is this harbor short here? First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna come in and we're gonna tweet these basic settings first. Now temperature and 10 That's former white balance sings. There are photos pretty well. White balance is leaning a little bit more. Told the blue already, which I like because it it was a cool of cold today. So they're gonna leave that Tintin temperature like we might come back to it later, depending on how I think photos going exposure is already nice and bright. I don't want a duck and it offended at all. So we're gonna leave that alone so will come down to contrast. And it's already pretty contrast because it's a very overcast day. It's going to reduce that maybe minus 10 minus 13. Counter act that slightly. Now we're gonna lift the shadows up significantly lots and be amazed to give us a much dynamic range toe. What with this possible? So about 91 just everyday use too much of the contrast we're gonna drop the black down Negative factor was, say, 34 skits. Let's bring some of that detail back in, we're gonna push clarity up. Maybe 20 maybe 30. Looks quite nice. And then, saturation, we're just gonna de saturate it right now. We're gonna pull that down to around 20. Quite nice. So you can see already decided to take some pretty serious changes just on the basic settings. And so we can talk between our edited photo on our original photo by backslash on the keyboard so you can see nothing major done so far more just flattening out the photo, giving us the most wide friends to work with. So now that we've done, the basic settings were going to go down to calibration settings away. The bottom of our editing panel and the only one for this one that I'm going to change is I'm gonna change the red saturation and I'm gonna punch that way up around 65. She looks quite nice. You can just see by just doing that. You can see just here on the railings just how much that blue is starting to pop. So even though the red saturation that we pumped and not the blue primary which would do something like this, the red helps to introduce some more Thiel's. So we're gonna leave the rest of the calibration alone for these ones Were just gonna so many focus on the saturation back up to the top. And the next thing we're gonna look out is the tonal curve. And we're just gonna make us standard escargot here. Nice esque of three point ask. And then it's going to say no, I passing the nights doing that just ate the blacks off every so slightly. Okay, so it's coming along nicely. Sorry. Nice looking. Very blue. Which we're gonna address when we start tweaking the hate yourself, which is hue saturation on lieutenants in the color adjustments. So I like to have mindset all so I can see all of them set out here if you first taping this software and might be set to here, which is just the first time under hate yourself. Which means we just have to toggle between the different hue saturation minutes. So may I have it on all? I'm going to start with our red. We can push that up into the thirties, Yellow out. Drop that down. Chris, we're gonna push up ever so slightly 2020 will be fine. Blue, We're gonna drop down pretty significantly. So we started. Really hit with that. He'll look now move down to saturation. Just give him right this light left orange. We're gonna punch up Significantly said we get that nice orange and teal walk to the photos 50 for this one yellow. We're gonna do the same to high forties. Really substantive. Bring up its oranges greens, which is gonna drop. There's all the way down to 18. 19. Drop our please very blaze and dropping around Step three And they just allow any magenta that's in their course. So it's starting to look really nice And orange and Teeley vibes that we're going forward This photo. So now we're onto the last section of the H I sell, which is the luminous, really dropped the wreck Tiu about minus 20 or 25. Goods on, then for the oranges down to similar value. There is more. The oranges. Yes, I am just badly. See that to the anchors your pulled down to about minus forties 50. Hi. Forte's is quite nice. Relabel pull those down dark. Perfect. So that's already taking a nice shape, in my opinion, So what we've done here, the huge is the hue of the individual color. So we can shift the red more towards a pinky or more towards an orangey. We can change the values each of these individual colors moving them to a slightly different color. That's what the huge body does. Second option, which is the saturation is the richness, the deepness of each of those individual color. So by moving it more towards 100% that is gonna be full saturation moving into negative 100%. That's gonna be no color off that individual color whatsoever. Now the fair adoption, the luminous that's the individual brightness of that particular color. So we come bright and red all the way up, but weaken dark and read all the way as well. So the last thing they will do for this photo it's just gonna adjust the split. Now what split training does is it adds a color of your choice. So manufactured fake color. If you were into your photo on, you can add it into their highlights. So the Brighton lighter parts of the photo care in here or the shadows. So that's the darker parts of the photo. So, like hair and down here we can introduce the color of our choice. So if this one we're gonna wanna industries a little bit of orange around eight and the saturation is just again, how much of that color that we want to introduce into the photo? So I believe it around. Teen 15. She's nice. And then the shadows we're gonna do get a little bit of orange into the shadows, just give you and I say it's night on that situation and then if we're just talking this all in or if you can see it's a very slight difference. But what is doing this is really giving us. There's nice orange glow on what this does wind up space. It's so effective is because on the left hand side of what is really nice blues on the right side, you put these really natural orange tones that really complement each other, giving it that really lovely orange and teal field to the photo. And that's everything that was done to this photo so we can have a little look now at the the full on you after four, and after it gives it's really nice orange and teal heavily edited fact that Michaela has on instagram account. The anything that I would do now is I would just crop the photo because we've got this railing here is, like the out of focus and just need for it. So you pull this up the navy hand, make sure Horizon nine is nice and straight, which looks like it is, and then we can just get done. Now, I've got this lovely contrast the orange and teal photo. 5. How to Copy and Paste Color Settings: Okay, so now we've got a fairly edited photo to our liking in theme that we're gonna be wanting to use one on INSTAGRAM account. We've got our second photo here, which is this photo. Now, what we're gonna want to do is the first thing that we can do is we're gonna put it side by side. So we're gonna click, are a button. We're gonna click and drag edited photo into the side by side of You know what we could do ? It is we could start editing from the settings panel right here on the right that the beauty of light room is being up to. Copy and paste are settings. So that's exactly what we're gonna do. Can you go over to this photo? We're going to get up to here settings and copy settings. Now, little pop up box is gonna come up on by default. It's gonna click all of the things that you made at institute. So as it looks right now, we used all of the settings or a few that we didn't use. But they're zero, so it doesn't matter so we can hit copy If we can come back to the 30 that we're working on . We can get back up to settings. We can hit paste settings. Now that's going to automatically copy over all of the settings that we made from our first photo onto one new second photo. Now we can see that this photo is a lot darker, but that's kind of the field that we're going for it already. Just by copy a ver r Some things we have a really nice starting point that what we can do because we do want to make these look a little bit more cohesive on the fastball is a lot brighter on the second. Darker. Now they are taking it different times of the day, for sure. But what we are going to do is we are just gonna Hirsch experience. You're up and dropped blacks so that McCain it stays in nice silhouettes. Lift the highlights ever so slightly. Now you can see just by doing those basic tweaks our skies match look better. You can see over here in the water the water they match perfectly, almost as if they were taken in the exact same place, just a slightly different time of their numbers we are in the same place they're taking on Catalina Island. But they are two very different parts of the island. Two different days at different times off the different days. Seven. But this one, I would just like me broke out. Be unnecessary stuff. Hand just a great hate ever so slightly. Then we can get done. Now we have to very noise photos that we could happily post on instagram that feel very nice. Cohesive. Feel similar colors. Similar tones. Not exactly the same. But have that really nice, cohesive feel to them. So what we're gonna do, we gonna do that? One more photo being due to this final photo which is a very different is the most different. The more it's McCain that she's in a cafe. So what we're gonna do is really boring. But those settings copied from the previous photos we're gonna go back up to settings. We can just hit paste settings so you can see that by copying able settings that this photo we haven't had the same result is the 1st 1 So you can see that well, that copying settings Avery between photos is really Grote in this case, there hasn't done such a good job. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna hit reset to bring our photo back down to this default setting. Andi, we're gonna bring up our reference photo, which is our 1st 1 I'm gonna try and match the photos. So that was a really good example of what would happen if we just apply your filter to this fight. We get a result that was totally different from the style and the cohesive field that we're trying to achieve on our instagram accounts. So we're gonna go up to our basic settings at the top, and we're just gonna cool this down too. About 4000. Just to neutralize the fatal bring back some of the white car. I'm gonna give it turn a bit of extra pixels in the tent. Exposure is obviously very dark, so we're gonna bump up by one. 85.9. I'm just gonna pull down. Drop that fatties kids highlights. They were gonna pull those all the way down because it is very, very bright seasons. You dramatic change in the detail that returns get detailed back in the clouds just by bringing this highlights more down shadows left all the way up, sat opposite effects to bring back detail in the dark areas of the photo. So you can see how much detail has come back from this photo already before after or the detail in McHale is, coats come back, whereas in the original photo most nothing that is almost totally tasty. Washed out just by making these basic settings brought back all of that detail in her Kate White, it's gonna give a tiny little boost to make it pop line. Relax. We're going to leave a loan clarity. We are gonna push clarity up a little bit into the thirties, same as the previous photos vibrance, Wigan and push up this time to bring back some of the color is looking already very sti saturated. Next, we're gonna now we've got our basic settings, right. We've got a good exposure, a nice flat image to start working on. We're going down to camera calibration, which is a little bottom, and that's going to set our colors before we jump back into the hate yourself and start tweeting colors from there. So we'll start off with our Reg. Bring that one up to that 40 and that's gonna placement of Thiel's and then to count direct the red hues being pushed up to the orange. We're gonna drop the brilliant. He's down ever so slightly. You can see he's living the walls now they are being pushed slightly more towards the blue . So we are trying toe force some of that orange and teal feel into the fatal. So there is without the camera collaboration settings offered. You just look at the white walls and then everyday is with them turned back on and you can see the ever so slight difference. Now that's done. We're going to go up to the tunnel we're not gonna do is dramatic escape because you don't want too much contrast in this very take because it is already quite dark, which can dio three point. I'm just gonna lift. The committee's gonna live the blacks up ever so slightly just to give a little bit of a fate look too much other ones no one ever sees coats. And now we can move on page itself, give on let's appreciate it into the arts section oranges we're gonna pull down on yellow is pretty significantly single feels 64 65 skins. Well, we're gonna push up slightly towards bully in the blade encounter out walking which has a much more severe effect when we drop the blues towards the more Teal has a formal significant effect on the quiz being pushed up into the blue to you restore Balance it out . But we are still getting much more of that Teal being forced into this photo, which is nice. It's working really well. Starting to match already. Leave the purple and magenta alone will move our way to saturation. So we're going to give the Reds boost up into the thirties 14. Same for oranges, but late thirties. Same thing for I. You know, I was just trying to get some of my turns to stop popping green weaken. Leaving Lane given a lift to well, to around 32 gets us now expecting very blue. But we'll be fixing that later on. So now down limits. Which again is the individual brightness of our individual color channels. So we're gonna get orange yesterday boost Gonna do the same. Yellow is significant beast not just affecting orange outside of cafe on the same for the blues were unemployed in those all ups that's going to take away some of that deepness of the color. Whereas if you dropped it, you can see as a whole. A saturation causes darkening that color eyes every push it mostly extremely up into the seventies. It's enlightening. Matt Collis It's still remaining that hint of that blue tint but a much brighter, overexposed blue, which is the kind of the look that we are going for. It's now make our way down to split training. We're gonna add a bit of orange, which is just a has just made by picks two shadows. We're gonna add a bit of teal. It's not just you could see that difference that has if we're talking on and off very bleary. Now, spit timing is just kind of counteract about balance out ever so slightly. So now what we're gonna do is really scroll up. I'm gonna crumpet, and we're just gonna see what we're lacking with without finished products. We're getting close to the end, you know, I just think capital McCain, his hands at least telling, bring a split screen the back we take a look at the before and after you can see it, we've made a pretty dramatic difference. This photo we've got of similar oranges, beautifully orange tones over here, very soon A to the water tones and similar from blues starting to really match. So I would say that's pretty much tell me anything that I would won't Maybe days I'd come down and I think I'm I start play with your in just like a woman Kayla's face And I think that's a really nice looking photo. I think they match really well, and I think they have a really nice, consistent feel to them. 6. BONUS How to Get The Best Export Settings For Instagram: So now that we've got our photos making cohesive, next thing that we want to do is you want to export our photos and we want to export them for Instagram. Now there is a little trick to getting really sharp photos to Instagram from Library. Instagram has his own compression and he uses this compression on every single image that you are played. Instagram is always going to compressor images no matter what we do. But using these setting this is going to give us the sharpest looking images possible because they need the least amount of compression from Instagram. So the first thing tonight is don't ever crop instagram because instagram is going to compress that image again, resulting in even further quality loss. See, if you go to is a vertical photo. The maximum size that you can use is 10 80 pixels wide on 13 50 pixels in height. If you're doing this square, it's going to be 10 80 pixels by 10 80 pixels. Tual, do we do this on our fate? I will take it on our middle. Kim will crop Andi, we're gonna use eight by 10 Rich. So for this face for sake of this tutorial on this course Ridge is gonna take at this portrait style export setting. So once we've cropped it to the eight by 10 ratio well done, photo him. Really cool. So now here's where we start to do. You are compression. So we're gonna go to file exports. We're gonna scroll down Teoh image sizing. I'm gonna make sure we've clipped resized to fit. I'm gonna choose Short edge depository selected, but you would choose short edge. And then we're gonna enter 10 80 and make sure that we've got pixels selected and 72 pp, I is fine. That's just pixels per inch 72 tasty find here, then under output sharpening, which is gonna make sure we've got sharp four on screen and set the amount toe high. Then we can just go ahead on We can just export that Teoh Jeff Ford Every luck that's just going to ensure that Instagram isn't going Teoh compress our image in. We're gonna have the highest quality looking images One into the grand already far 7. Final Thoughts and Your Project: I hope you've enjoyed this course on how to edit in a cohesive common theme on light room for Instagram. If you did, I'd love to hear your feedback. So we've covered how to start with a rule for today. Import that into light room and put that photo side by side with reference Fate A and it to a nice color theme. And then to take those color settings and to paste them onto a new photo, then edit very settlements from there to get that noise cohesive. Feel your project for this course is to use the settings that we went over today and apply them to your own photos and then to share those photos without community. I would love to see what you can come up with using these settings. We definitely covered a lot. So if you have any questions, the best way to get in contact with me, it's that Ask a question in the discussion section below. I can't wait to see your photos, and I look forward to talking with you