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Creating a Cactus Birthday Card using a Glue Gun

teacher avatar Daisy, Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies & Materials

    • 3. Putting Your Card Together

    • 4. Let's Cacti!

    • 5. Tricks To A Sexy Cacti...

    • 6. Designing Your Special Cacti

    • 7. Lets Paint This Town Cacti

    • 8. Paper & Scissors

    • 9. Let's Put This Card Together

    • 10. Embellishments Make Your Card Come Alive

    • 11. Sparkling Up Your Card

    • 12. Does a Pink Cactus Exist?

    • 13. WHOA!! PINK CACTUS?

    • 14. Covering Your Cactus in Prickles

    • 15. It's Coming Along

    • 16. Who Created ToothPicks? It Works

    • 17. Cactus Meets PomPoms

    • 18. PomPoms Meet the Cacti

    • 19. A Card's Cover Is It's First Impression!

    • 20. Cellophane: Creates A Visual Grandeur

    • 21. Happy Birthday! Who's Receiving This Card?

    • 22. Love this Class? Let's Connect on Skillshare to Continue This Journey

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About This Class


Welcome to my first Skill Share greeting card designing class!  

Who doesn't love to receive a unique greeting card especially one that's handmade & designed exclusively for them?  

In this class, you will learn how to create a handmade greeting card from start to finish by simply using a glue gun to create one of the hottest plants currently...the cactus. I will show you how to put in simple unique touches inside your card as well.

Who say's you need to hide your card in an envelope?  From concept to finish you will be able to design a card that stands out.

This class is for all skill levels.

Especially, for people who love creating from scratch and using different tools & techniques to reach the end design.  The best part is seeing the look on the face of the person receiving your designer handmade card.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator


Hello, I'm Daisy.  I'm a Greeting Card Designer & Illustrator living in Vancouver, Canada.


Join me here on SkillShare to create Handmade Greeting Cards.

Together we will be creating simple hand created greeting cards and graduate into some complex designs.

Discover with me beautiful papers, embellishments, unique tools, glue gun techniques, the use of colours, designs and lettering that brings a greeting card to life!  Whether it's a birthday card or a simple, "I love You" have "Creative Powers" in your fingers and Imagination To Create!


By the time you finish this class you'll be able to "Whip together" a handmade greeting card!

And apply the ideas and techniques to any greeting card for any&nb... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Daisy. And welcome to this skill. Share costs off. Creating a character's birthday card using a Google? Yes, a glue gun. You'll never look at a glue gun the same way again, because the design possibilities are endless. If you love making handmade cards, or even if you've never done this before in one to create and push your creativity to the limit, this is the class for you. We'll put together a card you'll be proud of and, most importantly, just seem to look in the person's eyes who receives it. So just be yourself and bring your creativity and I'll see you in class. 2. Supplies & Materials: choosing supplies and materials is a fun part of this project because you can create according to your taste and style and use all most of the supplies I've used. Choosing paper is the coolest part. I go. These peoples from Michael's Arts and Crafts stop and they're absolutely beautiful was. I loved the shades of green and the varieties of cactus that strong. Now this golden cactus paper shines in the light, and I think it will give. I'll call the glamour we need, and this paper is called the multi cactus, and it's a fun cactus sheet. I love it. I love the shades and also will be using these sea foam airplane covered sheets that I've actually found in a book called Seafoam Greens. And here's the book. It has all these shades off basically basically the ocean when he's standing far away and you're looking at it looking at all the waves, his older shades, you cease. I love this. I love the texture on these because it has his heavy heaviness to it, and it will be good for us because it will be able to carry our the weight of our Google onto it. so any heavy people work well in any shade of income that you prefer but also picked up. This corrugated people from Michael's is, Well, it's it's more than one side and pleaded on the other side. We don't need too much of it is just a small amount will be some other options as we go down further. If you don't find this paper, it's your local craft adding crops store, therefore cards talk. I bought this whole set this 50 set off like envelopes and cards stop from Michael's. But for us, we only need really, really two cards, only two card stocks. So really to buy the whole budget just need to cuts talking. Basically sticking these carts talks together because we need the car to a little bit more stronger. We're putting a lot of weight on it. Was will be popping out all bogan on time. It will be folding them as we move any Google, both of them together. So just to cost of his only need now, also Father's project, we will be using small and votes. I won't be using this one in particular for the support it, but I'm showing you this because you can use this as well. These have like sticky bottles like sticky strips at the back of it, which you can that you pull out and put in the middle of your card and put it reading in there or a gift card. So you can you have this option as well. But the one you will be using for this project is this one of Michael's. He has small envelopes and pretty cute, and it has a plain blank card that you can write, greeting and put it inside as well with your gift card. If you're giving a gift card, so this is the one that way we will be using. But use whichever one you prefer. This is your card so designed the way you want to do this. Also, the pains that we will be using you won't be using too much. You need a small amount of pain, and using this artist's loft paint is called SAT Green, and I mean, I'm using several options. Are here like a museum matters to us. Craft home in decor, craft paint. I'll give you a close up on this at the end of the video. So you have an idea which one it is. And I feel really, really cool because they kind of go well on the Google because you know you need you need to use pain that actually sticks to the duke. And these are all acrylic. So they were very rough on in crane brushes. You can use any size you want this hour Designs are not huge. There is small. Any Regulus is is any crops. Is this whole do and I love this. This is my favorite Scissors is called the Fiscus Scissors. It's the people they're called paper edges, basically, and it's called a Victorian cut gives it the Victorian design. So basically you're cutting a paper and you're getting this really cool. Victorian edge on your paper is beautiful. I love it. You can use any design you want, and by the way, use a pencil. Any pencil you want is your favorite pencil and pliers. I'm using small Pires here. You don't need a huge appliances, small meaning players usually used for jewelry making. So I got most just so you know, God, most of my stuff from Michael's Arts entranced. Oh, but you can get anywhere you want a lot of craft stores around and online. Now, I've also used because twine is a soy white and light green shade by, because 20 years we've been says well, but I'll leave you. I'll give you that option to use whichever one you no pom poms on. Using small pom poms, civil medium ones, pink and red ones in light. Thing was, is to decorate all characters later on, I said, just going through the whole video and see what you have and then using it according to your taste. Some using glue dots here is well in this project. You can use these, or you can use grew sticks as well. OK, surely so. We have a lot of options and toothpicks. You've using toothpicks if you have them around the house. It's also, if you don't have them from the dollar store will be using only like a small amount, especially that the tip started. So that's what we need. The playa scratched. Now these large sequins I get former Crop Store here in Vancouver. Usually, mostly, I see them like in valley dances like costumes, but you can use smaller sequence as well, we're also using these letters. They're like wooden letters have, like sticky backings at the bag. But you can take out and stick onto your card and write someone seem down in a happy birthday. There's many options. Wooden ones also got. By the way, these are hopeful Michaels as well. And there's a really cool because they're sort of give you that wouldn't look at one side and a sort of a fairly white look on the other side. So use the the kind of style that you prefer the the letters you prefer, the colors you prefer. It's totally up to you now. This star of this show is is Grogan, and it's Ah, small temperature Logan, but about from Michael's Craft store in blue sticks, they take smaller, loose Dixie coming packets so you can accordingly with your glue gun at the store. When you when you purchase it and basically goes in, you plug, it heats up. Please wear gloves because these grew guns are very hot. You don't want to burn yourself. And believe me, the Bernese painful. I mean trade many times one too many times, and, uh, you know, keep it. I have suggests keeping it on another surface. Don't like a maybe no. On a cardboard or on a 10 lead. Because it extra we roast drip occasionally. And he does. You don't want to burn yourself, will burn anyone else. Get this away from kits. So let's get started. Sorry, folks, this is my oops moment. I've forgotten two more items in the supplies. So here they are coming up. Itanium white is what I have here. So any white acrylic paint will do A small two is all you need and some framework It can come play like this or tinted. I preferred here for this project. Also, these are all the close ups of all the pains that I've used in this project you can use the small tubes of acrylic paint. There will be absolutely fine. Don't to buy large tubes. Also, you don't need to use the same colors that I've used. So if you have a favorite color or a particular shade that you think we look great on your cactus please go for it 3. Putting Your Card Together: I'm so glad you're joining me to create your characters birthday card using a glue gun, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. So before we start putting our car together, I wanted to show you how our card cover will look when it's finished, have cut out three parts and pipe told with glue gun a captors designed for each part. Now this card is not yet painted because we will be finishing it together now. I will be using this card throughout all video as we re create a sample for you to see. You can create a card exactly like this, or you can change your characters design and created the way you like. After all, this is your creation, and you can see how it's done and you can take it further. All right, let's get a card started. So take it to card stocks and fold them in half. They already come with scored lines ahead of time, so fold them both and align them. Now put both of these cards together inside one another, and sometimes I find when you're folding them, the inside card might be a little bit more larger than the other ones. So you can always switch it around if you want to. So you know, you have a booklet, and the next thing we need to do is to aligned it, aligned the edges together the foals and will be gluing it down. So you don't wanna go too close to the edge. You just wanna go almost close to the edge and then wait, Should buy this time your glue gun is hot in Piper cultural glue and I'm not going to close to the edge. If you can see I have some space left because the reason for this is when I put the other parts talk on top off my glue, the global actually spread itself out. So you need to move to spread. And if we put it right to the edge, it'll be a big mess so displease right to the edge, pressing down firmly. You need to put more glue and please go ahead and do so. Can you come up with a pretty good, sturdy card? It's pretty secure. So this is how it should look like like a booklet. Next is get your plane colored people. I'm using the seafoam light green shade here again, please. She was ashamed you like for this? Put your folded card along the sheet and cut along the two edges. So you come up with a cover for your card and a quick tip here is this is just me demonstrating culture. The camera a best were deeply to do. This is to put everything on the table and trace along the two sides off your card with a pencil and then cut it to do what is easy for you. So now we have a duplicate of all cover and it looks pretty good. Note taker Fiscus scissors and cut along the edges of the paper. And using the scissors like this actually hides the floors of any crooked lines. And I love that. So I use this is is quite often in a lot of my projects. Okay, so this looks great. Everything is sort of like inside the car like the design. Still, the next step is to put aside your con and grab your pencil and we'll be drawing our parts onto our corrugated paper and you want to use the smoothest side. As you can see after large pot, medium size parts and a smaller part going, it just works better with the eyes when used in this way, I find. So now we will be actually drawing out this part onto our corrugated people. And ah, you don't have to be a expert illustrator. Just do your best. You can make them in just squares. Or you can just do it like I'm doing and just sort of slanting it as I'm bringing the port down. I like creating these parts because they're almost pre made and only have to do is just draw a shape and cut it out. And also just going too dark on this part's a little bit so you can see the shape that I've created. It's not perfect. The sense don't exactly match. But when you cut wrote, believe me, it won't show. So the three parts are done, and this is how they were looking on the cover of the card when we put it the cut together Samir taking scissors and cut each of these parts out that also wanted to mention that if you are able to find this corrugated paper at your craft store, you can also use your sleaze that come on our coffee cups. So if you pull it from the cup and peeled apart and so the cardboard has a corrugated pleaded look, it's really an inexpensive way to make your part a true use. A coffee slip in this video when we do the inside of the card, so you have a better idea. - After a parts have come to arrive, take your cards cover, which we had cut Elio, then start placing the parts onto it because we will be growing them down. So this is the best time for you to place them the way you want to put it on your card and just a quick to pay. Don't need to use three parts. You can even do one single pot as well. You can also use your Google. You're grew dots and using blue dots here. I find it easier to use glue dots in situations like this, because if I make a mistake in my placement of my parts, it's really easy for me to pull it out and readjust again. And if I would be using glue gun, then I have to be really sure off its placement. If I have to take it out, it will become very messy. So using grew dots is a big advantage here. - So here we are. Finally, I've do the part stone, and it almost looks like the original. So after you've group your parts down, please do no glue this paper to your cover yet. Please don't do this, and this will be the last thing we'll be going down. And here is our card, which will be finishing together, which is already glued down because of demonstrating purposes. So please ignore this. Now, Now is a good time to plug in your glue gun with this proper glue. Stick to the wall and let it heat up. Now my glue gun is ready. So when yours is, please practice making some designs on it. And in the next video, we'll be going into detail about your glue gah in popping out our cactus 4. Let's Cacti!: the versatility off a glue gun is amazing because you can create any shapes or designs and easily fill it up with the glue itself. And I love to see something come to life with it, and I know you will, too. It's exciting because it gives that jutting out three D effect almost on a card. It takes a designed to a whole new level. If you've used to Grogan before, then you already know how it works, and you definitely don't need a tutorial. But if this is your first time ever creating a handmade card or using a glue gun, it's always good to go over a few things. So if you haven't planting your glue gun yet, please go ahead and do so now and place a glue stick inside the gun so that it'll hit up the glue. And this should take about a few minutes of soul. So my glue gun has been planting for feminine. It's and I'm going to be testing to see if it's hard enough to use. Usually we use slogans for joining things together, but here we're using the glue to make designs or rather make characters designs with it, so it works very simply. There's a realistic already in here, and as it starts to finish up and comes halfway in the middle, you stick in another glue stick and it gets pulled up to the front. Weight gets heated up. It comes out from the nozzle. It's a pretty simple oops. I lost my glue stick. Grab another one here, So if you've never uses before, this is how it works. You keep putting in a boosting each time the other one finishes up and you'll be able to see through that small window. And I'm just going to test my glue gun here to see if it's hot enough. See, I'm really have to press hard on it to take Grew out because I don't think it's hard enough yet, so that's a good way for you. Test it out. It should be coming out smooth. You don't need to work so hard to pump out clue, but my goni, my glue gun, actually needs to be replaced. So if you see my hands shaking is because I need to replace my golden is going through a lot of wear and tear, but you see how you pipe it out, I keep pumping it out. I don't let go up the glue itself until I come to the end off a design I want or the end of my people. See how it gives you that three D fact. It looks lovely in the sun. I'm just going to make or I'm just gonna pretend we're doing our cactus, a branch of all cactus coming out. So without sketching anything, it is going to go free hand that I'm going to fill it it feel it all up. So basically, I'm just pumping it out. And just so we moving the glue forward or backwards and see how the goose trends you will always find gross transit as you pull out your group. For me design, all you have to do is toil your fingers and just comes. It just comes out, and sometimes when I do that, do this again on my paper and I pipe out of do I toilet as well so you can get rid of it that way. So two weighs chili with 12 with your fingers or toilet on the paper itself by moving the glue gun around, and it's OK, there are a few strands Darrell left over. You can always go back later and clean it up, and please don't ever like dip the nozzle into the glue like this. It's really not safe, so I always try and keep it a little bit about the people. Sometimes I do go inside, but if it happens, but try not to do that. I've had moments in the past where I've ruined Dugan's and it's been since actually smoked on me. So you don't want to do anything like that. I just want to be safe. And as you notice to the window here that the blues to get out ahead in previous see seats it's going. But we've used quite a bit right now. So see you all have to do is put the other one in, and sometimes you'll see me, um, pushing it in, Oh, holding it, which is normal because as the 1st 1 goes in, I kind of like to keep my fingers on the end of the 2nd 1 just to help it push it through. And if you've purchased a Luger a little bit larger than this, that's absolutely fine. I like to work with the logic. Logan's as well. I'm using the smaller glove in here because, um, I just think because my designs is small, I don't we need a larger one. But the larger one always find comes out most smoother. A lot off companies that made Google. So this is the one that I found that I purchased at Michael's. But there are many. You know, there are many companies out there that do sell goggans within craft stores or um, online. So if you find something that works for you, let me know, because I'm always on the hunt for finding gorgons that actually work So always west your hot glue gun on another surface. Besides a table, either put on a cardboard on a metal lid. The nozzle of the glue gun gets extremely hot in. There will be times when you're using it continuously. You'll have grew dripping from it, so keep yourself safe and others around you, especially young Children, and always wear glance if you can. I'm wearing cotton glands and it serves me for two things. One is it protects my hand from hot glue, and also it gives my car train. When I constructed 5. Tricks To A Sexy Cacti...: probably continued designing. I was sample card. I wanted to give you some close ups. So when you do you to yourself, you have a pretty good idea of how it works. So here I'm helping out a straight line. And as I finished with the glue, you can see the Blue Strand instead of lifting it. I'll take this strike back up again and bring it down the line again on top. This helps to finish up the Blue Strand from the nozzle, and then you control out any remaining fragments with your fingers so we'll do another one here so you can have a better look. So I'm going to go free hand here and pipe out of cactus to show you how I'll be doing it in the simple card. So I have my cactus outlined, and now I'll be filling the inner parts of it. So I'm just running a line right down the next one and then going back up again and then piping back don't to feel in the remaining spaces, and then I'm letting the glue strands sort of melt into the rest of the remaining blue, and this is how it looks The best way to know if you're grew has actually dried his way becomes very cloudy, and you can touch it, too. And here I'm just going to pipe out the branch off off the characters and fill this part in as well. It takes about five or 10 minutes approximately for the glue. Stick to dry completely, and you'll know that it's dry when it becomes and gives this cloudy look. So here I wanted to take a break and show you how our original card locks see how the cactus in the pots have these ribs running down there, about three or four lines of these rooms, so you can pipe out these ribs onto the cactus when the characters dries. Even if it dries, 50 to 70% go for it because it will be able to withstand the weight. Now this cactus is not even 50% tried, but I'm going to show you how to pipe it's ribs or lines, so you have an idea. So they're just simple lines again from the top to the bottom and then toiling it. You can run three or four lines, depending on how thick your original characters base is so this same technique is used for all the characters designs that will be piping out onto a sample card. 6. Designing Your Special Cacti: I'm showing you this kind of game because it will be our final finished card. Now is the time to decide how you want your cactus to look. There are many references available from your local florists to the Internet. Also, here are some card designs that I've done that I wanted to share with you so you can see that for some of them. You don't need to create two or three parts. You can even do one. Remember, this is your card, and you can create a piece exactly like our final card. Or you can come up with your own creation and please do share them with me as I'd love to see them. Now I'm going to continue to work on our sample and sketch of the trunk Awful cactus. My sincere apologies before hand that I'm using my left hand to hold my camera and shoot while I drove with my right hand. So it'll be shaky and sometimes over the focus. So let's draw the body or trunk of the characters. Now someone recently told me that the word captors is incorrect. It should be CAC Ty, but since I've been using characters all alone. I'll continue to do so. Just don't tell anyone. Okay? So here I'm drawing the branch or the arm of the characters, and you can place it anywhere you want on your card. I think that looks good. Okay. For the 2nd 1 the 2nd 1 I looked it up and it's actually called a barrel cactus. So it's sort of like he hasn't grown bees. Okay, here. So I'm going to have to read for us. This would go good. Okay, Going Vectra Cactus? Yes. So this is called a barrel characters, and we'll be putting like toothpicks on our characters after we've piped it. So it'll give you this prickly look. Yes, I think I like it like this. I think it's fun to always think about how you want your cactus to be pleased, because the end result will always be beautiful, especially when you envision it in your mind how you wanted to look and sometimes when you don't think about any, just do it. It's also great to the scoping spontaneous. So we're done drawing our cactus or check time and you see it's it's almost same as the 1st 1 but little bit different because of the shape. So cactus comes in different varieties, so you can do it however you prefer and the design you like. So now I will be piping out. I will do right around all characters, but before I do that, it's going to reinforce this some glue. So here I am, starting to pipe along the edges off my cap time. Now, this is really before you actually start piping. You'll go out onto it. This is the best time for you to take a look at your cactus catch and see if you're happy with it, or if you want to make changes, this would be the best time to do so. So take your glue gun and start piping out glue along the edges. I find it easier to do it this way. And don't worry about the pencil marks showing, because we will cover it up. And later, If you see any pencil lines, you can easily go back and erase it. Also, when we paint over a glue later on, we can always cover cover up our lines or any form mistakes. So there is nothing really that you can't hide. Okay, so We've all watched cooking shows where we get to see how. Because pipe out there buttercream onto their cakes. Well, this believe me, feels exactly like that except looters and smell like buttercream. It actually doesn't smell like anything. I always feel like I'm Martha Stewart when I'm popping out glue with my glue gun, pretending to make an exotic cake. I'm actually I've actually designed kicks with my glue gun. So hopefully in the months ahead they'll be one of the projects that we can work on. And once you get the hang off working with your glue gun, it's very simple. It's very easy to do. 7. Lets Paint This Town Cacti: So this video is called Let's Pain this Town CAC Ty. And here we will be painting the cover off all card and we were painting it in three different colors. The 1st 1 is the artist logs sap green color. The 2nd 1 would be models to its creeping Jenny and the 3rd 1 is mothers to its trellis color. Now I must Before we go ahead, I must confess to you that I accidentally deleted the original video that was here. So I had to redo everything again and recreate my cover of my card just to show you how I painted it. So if you see slight differences or the background looks different, please don't worry about it. The next video you'll see the original card. What you have to do for this video is to just see how I painted the cover. So this is the cover off all card and hopefully by this time you've also created your own cover. And then, at this point, it's a good time to start propping up the things you need for your for this project for this particular part, take a glass of water in a plastic cup filled up a little bit. Put it, put your brushes in there and the size of breath that you prefer. And then I've used a Styrofoam container here and have just dropped the three colors of my pain tail. And then that's basically all you need. And then maybe just a paper towel used to dab onto, um, Deb, you're wet, uh, paintbrush onto. So here we are, ready to go, and I have to. Brush is here. The thickness varies for both of them. This one here, them dabbing right now is a bit thicker. So it just depends on the size of the captain's that you've piped out with your glue gun and the brush that you prefer. I'm actually going to be using the smaller one here. It just works well for me and it. Well, it will definitely work well for you if you have a size brush of this size. So just excuse the focus on my camera here, but it's so just dab um, your brush into the paint, load up some paint onto it. You can do it thickly. That's not an issue. You remember. You were actually a painting over glue, so it's going to come out light in the beginning and the best part of, um, I think I know it's my little bit challenging in the beginning for it to stick. But believe me, it'll stick because we will be going over it a few times. But the best part is you can actually control how dark or light you want to. You want your captors to look like I'm actually going to be going, um, a little darker on my colors here because I want the cactus to really pop, especially for especially being the cover of the card. Now, as you see him painting in between here, it's coming out light, and I'm getting into the inside parts off, um, the glue and just getting in between oldest spines off the cactus, and sometimes I give you feel like you know when you're doing this, and you've like, dropped a small amount of paint on the edge. You can wipe it up quickly with a damp paper towel, or, if you can't do much to it, don't worry about it. Believe me, we will be putting toothpicks on the signs off our cactus, and then you'll just cover up all the small blemishes that we create for ourselves here. So don't worry about that. So So just keep going. And just what I've done is, um I painted all Aziz much as I possibly can in all the sides and the edges and in between all the spines of the cactus and then l b just going over it more and more in making it more darker in dark, huh? So, as you see here, I just finished doing the edges here, and I just I just bending my my brother the bristles of my brush a little bit. So you have to sort of maneuver your brushes. Ah, little bit, especially when you come to the edges. So I'm just going on here. I'm just doubling older paint up here and making a docker in Dhaka and for you, like you know, if you feel like you want to go more doctor like I mentioned earlier, keep going. Keep going. Making it is DACA as you prefer in vibrant as you prefer or you can make it is light as you want. And you know, sometimes like you see here, I'm just piling up a whole bunch of paint and then sort of spreading that so that I can cover a lot more. And if it if when you painting, if you will feel like that, there's this text should textured paint on top. It looks very textured. That's fine. That's absolutely fine. And this is how it looks. So I've kept a little bit dog, and we just walked on the 2nd 1 here and continue to do that. Same thing applies and the 3rd 1 And here we are. This is the original original card that my dog didn't chew. So this is the original, the original cover of the car that you'll be seeing the next video. And if you see on the right inside, you'll see that I had originally placed my paint in the top tray so they're on the right hand side so you could definitely go ahead and do use the tar trays as well a styrofoam to take your paint out. So and we're done finally. So you put this card a site to dry in the next video, we'll be working in the inside part of the card, so keep it aside, and this is a shout out to Jaime. Jaime, thank you so much for pointing out that this video was duplicated and making me realize that I deleted the original video and I was able to redo this video in time and put it up. So thank you again and I'll see you guys in the next video. 8. Paper & Scissors: every time I've made a card, I've always wanted to create a surprise for the person I'm giving it to, especially when they opened up the inside of one of my cards. You want to give them something unexpected. I don't want them to feel like they're opening a card. I want them to feel like they're opening up a gift. And people who are special tow us should always be told they are. And I think concept a great way to show this. And I hope that you also do the same for the person who receives your card. So now he's exciting part, and that is finishing up our whole card. So here is how the inside off all card will sort of look like. I've cut out two different papers for the inside with our Victorian cut scissors. And on the left hand side is our sequence envelope. And on the right is our happy birthday greeting and a cactus design with a tip off a real candle on top. So I hope you like this design because we will be recreating this somewhat. So this is the inside of the Cottages show with you we will be building from this card step by step. The first thing is to get to off your chosen papers out. I've used here for my first paper. Insert the golden characters sheet that shines and I've cut along the four edges off my sheet for the Victorian cut scissors. So this is the first sheet for the inside of all card. And notice how the second sheet which I've pared down, is shorter in the first sheet. So we will do the same thing with our card. Remember our card. In the beginning, we treat put together. Well, now this is the time we will be needing it. So please bring it out. And here I am using my golden cactus paper, which is partially used. I'm reusing this paper again. I just love it. So we will be creating the inside sheet. So let you she don't open up your card stock fully and turn for turn it on top of your chosen sheet, put on the edge and cut along the two sides and you could also late flat on the table and with a pencil, draw along the two edges and then cut it. But I'm just going to go ahead and cut it right now in front of the camera. - Okay , so here we are. We're done. Notice how I've purposely cut the paper so the cactus design is on its side. And if you look at our top sample, card the cactuses straight, so you can cut your paper in any direction. You like to give it a different look. Now the sample card is on the top, and here is AutoCAD. The next step is, as you see, I've just folded the paper half and it matches the card stock size, right size wise. And I'm just going to put this to the other side because you want the design to be inside when it's open, so that looks good. So the next thing we need to do is to cut along the three urges without Victorian cut scissors just like this. And don't worry if your lines, if the people you just cut is crooked or place. Um, any mistakes on it? It's not a straight line. Don't worry about it. Because using our fiscus Victorian cut cities on the three edges will just take away all those crooked lines. If you have any, so it looks good. I'm just going to take out any leftover pieces of paper that wasn't cut properly. So, you know, take a look at your paper as well, so it looks good because the paper is within the cards. Pyramid are here, and you can definitely cut off more from the science if it's sticking out. City finding fit is sticking out. He can go back and you can chop off that edge a little bit, which I think I'm going to do to mine. The best part of using assistance like this is that it will hide any lines. That one comes cut straight. That is why I love this. I love to use this. Is this a lot? It's one of my favorites. Is this okay? So the next step here is to paste his sheet onto all card but out by aligning it to the edge of the card just exactly the way we did without two cod stocks in the beginning. And for this one, I'm going to be using glue dots on this on all three sides here instead of my goo. Good. Oops. I think I lost my my glue daughter having. I'll grab another one here and just press it down firmly. So three dots is is what I would recommend using. You don't really need more than that. If you really need to reinforce it, you can go ahead and do a little bit more extra. So after you have you've done closes sheet in the car together to see if everything closes properly, who doesn't close properly, you might. You might need to readjust the paper little from the edge of the card. 9. Let's Put This Card Together: so option. Our first paper is glued down. Let's get the second sheet down, and this sheet will be cut shorter than our first paper. So, out of these two sheets, I'm going to see which one I like best, and we'll work well with our golden character sheet. And a great way to see how the impact of the card will be is by pleasing our finished cactus part card on top and then opening of the car to see if you like this paper and the impact it gives when you open it up. So if the pain on your cactus card has dried, you can definitely use it now, just loosely put in front of the car to see how it works. Now, I think I like this green sheet best the one with the green, um, cactus all over it. I like it from the beginning, so I'm gonna just see how it works. Someone to put the card on top here and see family. Open it up. This is how it will be with the golden paper at the bottom and this lighter green cactus design on top. So I'm going to put away the other one and I'm going to again. Ah, cut the cut out the sheet out the same way I had done earlier. Paul, first sheet. So put it down on the edge of the paper that you want. I'm going to use this one and I'll do the same thing again. And when I cut around the two edges So now this paper is the same. Size is our first sheet, and what we want to do now is to cut this second sheet with our Victorian cut scissors so again folded. And our goal here is to cut it much shorter on all the three sides than the first sheet. So here it's a for same size. But now we want to cut a little bit more deeper. Then the first she'd without Victorian cuts a little bit more deep. I'm not giving any measurements, but maybe if 1/4 of an inch, maybe I leave that up to you because once you see how the card is made, you can readjust the sizes you want. But for the second, she definitely I would prefer it being a little bit cut a little bit more deeper because you want the other sheet to show through. Okay, so there we go. I love this sheet. This green is gorgeous. So here we are. See how it is. A lot more is shorter than the first shed. And it looks nice because, um, the golden cactus you can still see it. And we need to know, uh, Yuzo blue dots to boo the second sheet down. I'm actually getting my Google is hard enough. I'm just going to use my Google because I know this is exact placement of my car. My paper and I won't need to readjust this at all. So this is a close up, off. How are card looks right now with all the papers glow down the first and the second sheet and the next step up to this when you see that everything is all glued down is to seal these two cards, the two flaps together, so we need to glue them down. We're basically making both of the two cars into one completely. Just press it. Don't into the same thing for the other side to and just check after you have done pasting the 1st 2 together to see what closes and then do the last one the back part of the card. Impressive. Don't as well scenario your car. This part of your car is completely done, and if you see any edges still sticking out now, this is a good time to chop it off. I see a few of mine two on the left hand side, so I'll do that later. I want to show you this other sample card. It's cut and set up the same way as our card. You'll notice the envelope on the lap 10 side with the Bakers twine. We will recreate this onto our card and write a message onto our smaller card as well. Now you can always use paper or a small white card to write your birthday message. If you're invoke, didn't come with its own card. I like to take my make us twine and just sort of give myself an idea as to how it will look . Just go aid across lengthwise, put my envelope on top and just get idea off how it will be when I tie a knot. If you see here, this is the not I tie kept it sort of, um, plenty in the sense that it's pretty long, so it looks like there's many bows. I sort of liked it like that so that the person work to get into the envelope. But you can do it more simpler than that. So I'm just going to, uh, give myself an idea of how much I need kind of measuring. I would roughly like this just enough to tie a bow, so I need to Long strands. Just got double it up here with approx. But measure just made Cut them off the boat, cut them off both sides. So I'm just going to Ah, place it lengthwise. And the 2nd 1 I'm gonna do it like this or his own toe and let them meet in the middle. 10. Embellishments Make Your Card Come Alive: So we need to go this down so it stays because our end what were we going on top of it? So you can always see like this and figure it out. How it will look before you actually, uh, put in a blue dot So just adjust it to the way you wanted to be in the middle. And I think I'm just going to use my glue gun here. You. So they strongly reinforced. You can use the blue dots as well. That's fine. So that's how it will look when we put the envelope on top. So go dot the the corners in the middle here, do you? Can you knew acoustic sort out turning over. Impressive. Don't. So it's secured. Sweets tie. Don't you have an idea how it looks? So if you have a message, this is a good time to think about what? You want to write anything. Then after that, we'll be talking it into the envelope and tested out. See, the card goes in insurance than than the flap shuts properly, entire, not and see how it looks. You can do it loosely just to give you an idea of how it will look. So when you look at the other sample and the one that we have in the left hand side as you see the next step, there would be this sequence. If you haven't found a large sequence, you can use small ones. Anything a little bit of shine don't make it very special would be like a mini gift. So over the years I've collected sequence, shiny motives, little trinkets from my travels overseas and also from a local from Rick and Craft Store. And as you can see, I have my collection here, these embellishments that I could use to create my cards. And it's never too late to start your own collection, especially when you're continuously creating cam made cards. I've designed cards for different people with completely different personalities on because I designed custom made cards. I like to have an area of materials and surprise at my fingertips, and I found the more you surround yourself with unique materials and supplies, your creativity never loses its bigger. And so here you see at chosen, um, the large green sequence of two colors. Here I have the dark queen in light, but I could coordinate it and I could use a smaller ones as well The smaller sequence. But I think I'm going to try and keep it, um, uniform and keep it all. And just like a Dhaka green a shade off sequence. So if you have your sequence with you and if you have something that I have like these little trinkets that you have over the years, take them out. And if you don't don't worry about it. You could go the crocks store or fabric store and see what you like. Take your card with you and coordinated that way and bring it back home and see how it looks on you. Animal. No, if it matches your paper, if you want to look a little bit different than your paper, I mean, the possibilities are quite endless. All right, so let's start placing always sequence onto envelope. So these sequins that I have, they have, like, if you can see they're like little holes at the bottom off them because they were actually meant to be sewn onto fabrics. So anything that has these holes on them for these sequins with these holes, I try and put them all together so that it all looks alike and it doesn't matter. I don't mind the holes at all. As long as they're facing, like in one direction, it looks good. See these. Sometimes you get these ones that have, like, cools in the middle, so I don't think I want to use that. I want Teoh one through the holes at the bottom so that it all looks alike. So please your sequence on the envelopes just to see how it all looks. And when you're happy with the way you want your sequence to be placed, use your glue gun to pipe out a small amount of goo onto this center and place it don't and you can pull out any glue strands as well, because we'll be wearing gloves in this project, and I hope you're able to find some quarter in God's. And if you're even if you're unable to, that's fine. You can keep a dry cloth. I just very gently rub over the sequence to pull out any strength so you can work putting faster when you do this. That is how it looks now. So now we're replacing um, about three or four rows across because I'm using larger sequence again here. Um, I'm just going to place them and see how it looks. I might want to use three or four going across so you can do the same thing with the always two If using smaller ones or large ones, he always coordinated and see how it looks and then go it down permanently. 11. Sparkling Up Your Card: So this is how envelope is starting to look now and I'm all done and I've sort of overlapped my sequence on top of one another because I wanted it to fit within the with off the involved. So if you won't need to do that, do that for yours, too. And it looks nice when it's sort of overlapped on top of one another, and this is a good time. Also, did you school? You know, rub your fingers across and take out any glues trends, and it's okay if you see some glue marks from the bottom of the sequence coming through. That's absolutely find it's normal. So we are completely done now with our in pope. Hey, looks good. I love the shine, and the next part is if you have your small card for the inside, but you're right at your greeting on or a small sheet of paper. You can go ahead and do that right now, or you could do it later. But I'll be doing mine later. And if you have a gift card that you're giving, you can take that in as well. I'm making this card from my friend Barbara and she loves star back. So I'm going to give her establishes Cardy in here as well, and I'm going to give a wrapped up gift, too, So she's going to get an additional gift. It's obvious. Nice to, um, you know when you're talking in something like this, a gift card to a small note, Open up the envelope in. Pretend to be that person who's cool. Be receiving it and see how the impact will be. See, you want to put the message in first of the gift card first. So here, as you're seeing and on my way to tying a knot on the first, strong off my twine and I'm gonna take my second twine and glee loopy underneath the 1st 1 and point through and the same for the 2nd 1 as well. Entire not. And then take any two strands entire bow. And if you know any fancy bow making techniques, this is the best time to to execute it. So it's all done like it's pretty simple, and this is how God will look so far. So I wanted to see how the card we look with its cover on, and it's always good to keep doing this because you want to keep seeing how the impact will be to the person receiving it. Now, as you see on our sample card here we have a cactus piped out, and we'll do the same thing toe our one but a different characters design. And next, we need to cut out our part and place it on our sheet here. I'm gonna take my corrugated paper and when to cut out a pot and sketching it out, I'm just going to, um, eyeball it and I'm just going to place it on my people here to see how it looks now. Earlier, I had said that if you don't have corrugated paper, there's always is another option. It's, um your Starbucks coffee is sleeve. Actually, eso um here's mine. And all we have to do is peel it apart ways joint, and you have your corrugated people inside so you can recreate or create your part with this. And I think this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to cut it out and when to use, um, my coffee sleeve as my part. So just cutting out in a pot design, I think I'm going to do it. And now the way a little bit more. Deeper. Yes. I think I want to pipe out a larger cactus onto these sheets. So did you take my other one out and see what we have is your, uh, your Starbucks coffee sleeve part. So place it on your sheet and then just, you know, imagine how you are going to be doing your characters if you falling along with me, do it the way I do. If you want to create a different design, go ahead and do so. So I'm just going to group, um, down my pot onto the sent off my sheet. And I'm only going to be using one part so they won't be three or two is just one part in the center. Press it down firmly, and no one will ever know you used your coffee cups leave. So now we need to create our captives design 12. Does a Pink Cactus Exist?: and thinking, Maybe I'll do, um, the same sort of the characters that's on my sheet on agreed on a sheet here. Well, maybe I'll just do a barrel characters. I'm gonna try out of barrel cactus and maybe do some off some branches only and see how that looks. I don't know. Actually, I don't know if I like this. I am just going to raise it and redo it into ah different shape here. Summary don't. And this is the shape I came up with. And it's almost the same as the ones in the background of the sheet, and I like it better. I think it has much more from majestic. Look, I think when someone opens up this card, it will be like a larger captains, and it will just come at them straight. I think I like that fact and also, as we can all predict, now we are going to be piping this. So for this part, because I'm piping it out on paper and it's not on like a harder card star. I'm just going to put to my succulent pot here just to keep it down so it doesn't fold at when I'm piping it. So this will be a good idea for you to for you to do as well. So I'm going to go along all the edges and outline it. And this is actually going to be our last characters, that we will be piping out on our car. Recycle fourth cactus on this card. So by now you are familiar, I hope by, um, popping it out. I know it's very simple. If you ever feel like after you've pipe something out doing the card making process of this video, always there's always a solution. You can always go back on top off your group again and redo it so you don't need to worry about your mistakes. You can keep covering them up and go over your mistake only when it's completely dry and, you know, give it in another pint thing. And that should cover up any any anything that you know, happy with. So I thought I should take a quick break from a piping to show you what I meant by re piping again on top of our mistakes or things that were not happy with. I had made this card a couple of weeks ago and I sort of like the feel it has. But I still wanted to have a smoother finish on top. So, as you see, I'm re piping again on top to give you the most smoother look for what I want to do. So you can go ahead and always redo it again. So hopefully this will solve any issues that arise for you. So we're backdrop piping now the other branch off the cactus, some just going to continue on piping and I'm going to finish it off completely. So this is how it looks when it's all done and you can still see my previous pencil marks now or a little bit later on after we painted this, you can always go back and raise any marks that you have left, which I will have to raise myself for mine. So let this stand for about 10 15 minutes and really dry. So after you, glue has dried. Think about the color you want to pay into your cactus. I'm actually going to be using Martha's towards rose pink color to paint this inside cactus . I'm going to be creating this card. Why am creating this card for my friend Barbara. And I know she like a pink cactus. I'm making this. She was in pink to do this. And now remember, you were making this card with someone special. Someone you know, someone who's tastes and colors and likes, you know, so paying discuss actors into shade that you think that they would like. So we're doing the same thing as we did before. We load a paint on our paying brush and it'll start painting it. And as it is, we start painting it as we notice from before it was come out light and we always have to do is keep rebuilding on the color, going over it in getting the shade of the color, the deeper call that we want. So this is how a card looks right now it's pink, and, um, I like that she loved this shade against the light green off the characters. It's on the paper. So I suggest when you're doing this, if you want to wait 5 10 or 15 minutes, wait for it to dry out completely to do another coat. I'm not waiting. I'm actually just going over it as much as I possibly can. So this is just a top view of how it's looking and how it's coming along. And I've noticed that on the right hand side I've sort of put paint on the on my paper. So if you've done something like I've done, take a dent workload M paper towel and just very gently president and just pull slightly, it should come out. He doesn't want the papers just a little bit, but because we will be putting a toothpick on our cactus this month won't be showing. So while my cactus is drawing, I thought What I'll do is I'll take out my greeting card, my small car that was inside the envelope and continue to finish off writing my greetings to my friend Barbara. And if you don't feel like writing like I'm doing right now, you can always type your message out. But I think there's a lot more feel to picking up a pen and taking it to paper in expressing your thoughts, an appreciation for that someone special. I think I could just hear someone say, I don't like my writing. I think we never really do end of liking are writing, but I think you should try into it 13. WHOA!! PINK CACTUS?: Listrik back on our cactus. So our characters now is completely dried. Next is placing our at his on our card. So for this con, I'm thinking off writing, happy on top of the envelope. I mean, ever have the envelope and then birthday, I'm going to split in half and place it on the other side of the characters. So if you have your letters, you can start doing that right now, I'm going to look for my happy starting in my hate And because these, um, letters come with like, sticky backings that the already good have little bit of glue already at the back so you can stick it directly. And it's easy to sometimes take it off and, um, readjusted as well. But if we really happy with where you placed it again precedent permanently and keep going . So I'm gonna look for my a and PP why? And go ahead and keep on doing it for your card as well. So he I finished placing the letters right around my card. He says, Happy birthday. And I have sort of angled a birthday when either side of the cactus and I have to tell you that in my hate and why are missing from our sample card? We so I had to steal it to use it for my friends card here. So now I'm just going to check to see if my paintings dry on my captains, and it is a dry to the touch, and the next step is, will be taking our white acrylic paint and making dots of all over our captors. It's all the media's, a small tube of paint, white acrylic paint, and I'm going to use my thin brush here, the bristles of a thin and it's, ah, a number true brush from artists loved. So just what? My bristles. I'm just drawing it off lightly. And instead of taking my pain out on a top trade, I'm just going to use it directly from the tube was what I really need is, um, paint on the tips of my brush. And so it is and just going straight down in creating rows of like round circles almost round two pills, and they don't need to be perfect because our toothpicks will be going on some of them. So continue doing this to the rest of the captives. So this is how our card looks now. And I like it. And I never realized that it matches our letters. So if you found lighters that airplane and you want to put dots on them, it will be a good idea for you. Go ahead. No in place. And some dots all over the letters on your lettuce if they're plain colored, it also have you noticed how the paper is slightly buckling here a little bit because off the heaviness of the blue. So we need to stick this People don't to don't onto our golden sheet here, So use your glue gun pipe on a couple of, um, uh, glue circles, and then we'll be just pasting it down. He can straighten it out to if you feel like it's bending and put a little bit more glue on the edges if you need to and will be all fine. So I just like to check on how the kind will look when it's put together something to put our a couple on top and then open it to see the reveal to see how someone will be seeing it and when they see the envelope. When they look inside, they look at the cactus, so I like to do this often. It's it's become such a habit of mine. So I hope whoever receives this card, whoever you're giving it to enjoy it, they'll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed making it a hope. So next step now is placing our toothpicks around the signs of all caches, and that's gets total truth pigs. So I want to show you a cod that I had made earlier. And this is just a sample to show you how the toothpicks are jutting out and how they're placed and they're all glued down. But for our inside of all card, I won't be having a churning out straight on what I'll be having it sticking to the sides only because our card needs to close. So we will be painting on pigs white. You know, white acrylic paint. I'm just going to start setting that up, so the next tip is to paint the tips off our toothpicks in white acrylic paint. I'm going to take out some paint on a people toe and take about four toothpicks and spread them out like this and paint the tips, and all around it, we will only be needing the tips. But I'm just painting a little bit more than just a temps and then lied flat on a people toe to dry. Oh, I suggest to do about 10 to 20 toothpicks at once, and as we go along, if you need more, you can go ahead and paint more. 14. Covering Your Cactus in Prickles: So here I ended up with a long roll off toothpicks there still drying, and it takes about about five minutes for it to completely dry, and the next step now is to take our pliers. Now, I have three pliers here that came in that packet in the beginning that when I showed you the supplies and material section and this one here, the long one here. It's great. I found for taking goose trends out of the cards and also for, um, placing the truth picks onto our characters. So I'll should be showing that too late and out of these two. The one I really liked best is this one here. So I'm going to use this to cut off the tips of my toothpick. So I'm going to be cutting off approximately about 1/4 off an eight inch. But honestly, really and truly don't worry about the measurement, because once you place your toothpicks on the characters, it really won't show whether it was cut by the tip or not. So so just do your best and just cut off the tips. And if it's long or short, it doesn't matter at all. Some just going to place the tooth big on the cactus here just to show you how we will be doing this, It will be sitting on the edge off the characters because the cactus is actually jutting out. And because it's jutting out, it will give the tooth big a place to actually sit on it a right around securely. So continue cutting off all the tips off your toothpicks that you've painted. So after a while, you end up with a pile of toothpicks ends and all we have to do now is to take our toothpick ends and plays them without Gogan on all the sites off our characters. So you can place it right now and see how it looks just to give you an idea how you want to place that you can have less or more off them sticking out from the sides. I feel like I want to just fill it all up a so much as I possibly can. So I was thinking the best way for us to do this is to pipe some glue out onto our cardboard. Now, I don't think I have ah grew stick inside my glucose. Let me just fill this up quickly. So pipe out a small amount onto a cardboard. Take your tooth. Big end. Not the sharp part, but the one that you just broke off. Just dip it into the glue and toilet and immediately take it straight to the end. What of the edge off your cactus and just press it. Don't firmly. And any glue strands that you encounter during this time, you can just pull them out as you go. I'll show you a close up of this. It's going to pull this one out there Was in good yet. So this is how it looks. It looks nice. I like the way it you'll just sound like that and you see how the edges are. It was good, right to the edge. So I thought, instead, off putting a glow in a convoy. I'm just going to use my Google directly onto my toothpick here and just present some blue and just sort of twirl it a little bit right around it and then take it directly to my cactus. And I'm using now my, uh, pliers here, the longer players and I realized it would, really it was easy for me to like. I can do it with my hands so I can use this place. So he had both options, and it's nice to use the supplies. I think when you when you're doing something delicate like this Sam doing using my glue gun again, I don't give you a close up of how I'm doing this, something you like to the edge and just carefully placing it and just pressing it toe It closes. It closes Well, it's not sticking out where it won't Teoh affect the shooting of the card. So that's where the whole reasons why we're doing it different like this and there goes strands in between. I mean, use your pliers to pull them out, especially in between toothpicks. I just wanted to give you a better view here, off how it's placed on the edges, and it sits very well, and I'm very happy about this. So here is I've done all the toothpicks around the cactus 15. It's Coming Along: and they look quickly and I'm just going to shut my card to see if it closes properly. And it does. And this is normal the way it's looking right now. And then I'm just going to take our cover in, place it temporarily on top and open it up again to see how to see what the impact will be . If someone would open this card up, my friend Barbara in this case or your friend were you making this card for just pretend with that person and would opening it up? And this is how it will be looking at this point, if you see any groups trends, it is best to clean them out right now. So now let's do some final touches and all cod before we actually start finishing up our cover here. And I just want to tie this, not know permanently. And make sure you have your your message already in the envelope. Your gift card, E for giving a gift card. Anything you want, you can tuck in here a little surprise. So just like we had done earlier, creative first not miss. Now we won't be coming back to the inside of full kind. We're finally done and we're almost to the end. No. So you first not girls down and is talking the right twine underneath like I'm doing. If I can get through and the one on the left underneath as well, just pull them together and just just try another, not on top of the other one, and pick up any two ends and make a bow. So this is the final look. So now let's put away our card. Now. We're completely done with that, except for the top part. The top cover. Now, this is the part where we this is really the end where we'll be finishing off a three of our characters here. So get you pains ready. We have the inside of the card. Is is the outer card. I'm going to use a white acrylic paint here and create dots over our characters. And I'm going to use the end off our tooth. Big the round circle. Part of it. Look, I had shown earlier, so I'm just going to dip directly from the to little symptoms on the end in just school gentry on the ribs. I'm not sure at this point whether I will only be doing it on the rip. So I might just do it. Do the dots on the whole characters of my first part here so you can experiment if you like . If after you've seen me do this, you can decide whether you want to cover it all up or keep it on Lee in some spots the next . That looks nice still. And I love this new tool, the toothpick. So I'm just gonna continue on I'm just gonna feeling feeling all of it. Actually, I think I like it feeling all instead of yours doing the ribs. And so this is how it looks. Now it almost looks like a Christmas decoration with all the lights. And this is a close up off it. It's not bad. Actually, it's not bad at all. So next now we'll work on our second part. And for the second part, I think I'm just going to do the dots only on the ribs because the 1st 1 has quite a bed and it's filled up. So, um, the 2nd 1 I think I'm going to use the white paint and the sap green color, and I think I'm just going to alternate in between in between both of these colors and just go along the ribs because I missed out over the green again with the end of my toothpick with their own part of it. I like doing this. This is fun. So there's a first dot down and sometimes because our glue surface might not be so smooth, it doesn't, um, a stick on on the first goal. You might need to sort of work on a few of them. So if your so called isn't always look like a so called it looks like a little bit of a line like you've just seen me do one do and you've seen me do a few. That's fine. That's how it is. So when you continue doing this and take my white tube of paint and do white as well in between the greens, So this is how it looks now 16. Who Created ToothPicks? It Works: is green, white, green, white. Now let's welcome no 3rd 1 authored pot and we're moving pretty fast. As you can see, I like this paint the white paint. It's, um it is acrylic, but it's semi matte finish, so it gives a nice finish to it. I just realized like it almost has its shine. So here we are. We're done. So now we done with older adults and let's just being over card back. And let's put this on over the top cover just to see, um, how is going along and Walla. So I hope the person who receives this card will be very happy to see it. We're not done yet, though. We need to go now in and put their toothpicks on the cover off our cactus on all three parts and place him like this. And this time I'm heavy, old jutting out. So he's a con that I don't earlier and see how the characters is actually has all these pretty a toothpicks coming out of it in the treaty in the three dimensional field. So that's what we will be recreating onto our cactus pots, and this time we don't need to have it Flood will be, will be actually be joining out. So I wanted to show you I've, um, painted a wall three off. Sorry. I painted my toothpicks edge all in white, and I've placed it on to my corrugated paper. And I found that, um, you know, if you have your coffee sleeves and you have, you know, if you still have it leftover, you still have it around. I've found it. When I painted my toothpicks, they actually worked well, better on on the corrugated paper that he didn't on the paper. Tall intended to stick on the paper told. So if you have a corrugated paper, as you see here, I've did a whole stack and I've painted some of them in pink as well. My toothpicks was I want to coordinate the colors so this particular toothpick, like you, could use both edges. I did pick it both the the off the ends in the rose pink. And they drive very well on the corrugated paper too, and have done the white ones as well. So we'll be coordinating it and using a pink and white for both our cactus. So at this point, you can choose which ever call. You prefer to paint your cactus? I'm using the pink one, and it tried out. You know, put the toothpick on the on the cactus to see how it lot's If you prefer the white one or the pink one, or you can paint it dark green. We can paint it black painted yellow, unpainted, even blue. So before we start going any off hour to a big stone start, um, cutting off the tips off all your toothpicks and making a small pile for each color. So it's easy for you. Teoh. Pick up which color you want and start doing them onto the cactus. So by now you probably have a good pile off toothpick ends or rather, took pick tips, and mine are a pile of white and pink, And yours could be, anyhow, that you want self set everything up on a people tall. And I've also taken out all my, um, no pump homes at the top, so that right after I finished doing the going down my tips off my twitpic onto my cactus, we can start bring those pom poms onto our captors and make those little flowers So here we are. I've already placed one toothpick down into the smaller one and actuals in the pink one. I'm going to show you how I'm doing this. It's the same way that I did the cactus inside of a card, but for this one, the only thing that's different is that we're making it actually stand up. So I'm taking a little bit of glue at the end and just pressing it down firmly, just holding their for a few seconds if it feels sturdy. L let go. I've taken up another piece here and placed some glue on it. Enough soft, tilted it. I have placed right next to the 1st 1 but I've slanted it slightly. I'm just going to grab another one here and do 1/3 1 again in a stunted position, and it sticks so all three of them should be fairly, fairly close enough to each other, and this is a close up from the top of how it looks. And as long as it's sticking out and is jutting out like this, it really doesn't matter if it's a little bit off. So don't ever criticize your work as long as it's is prickly, and it looks like a cactus. That's all it matters. And plus you here to have fun and enjoy your creation and push your own creativity and do something you love. Or I hope you fall in love doing this. And I hope you continue to do this. So I'm just going to go ahead and continue doing this. S so as you can see, I sped up the video. I've done the small apart and working on the 2nd 1 here, I'm using the same method, tilting it and bring them in trees. And I'm using the same technique as I didn't know in a card and using the edges and just flattening a few of them. 17. Cactus Meets PomPoms: and then finally, we're done here. If you have any glue strands hanging around the paper pulling out now And as you can see, I've placed the toothpicks not too close to one another have caught a sort of get given them some space. So that's always a good idea so that your characters looks like a cactus, and it looks and he looks prickly too, so you can fill it up as much as you want, but I've sort of kept some spaces in between. Now I'm just taking my pom poms and I'm just placing them randomly Ah, onto my cactus because I'm just wondering before I stick them down. I just want to have a feel off where I want to place them. So I'm just playing around. And I would suggest that you do the same for yours, too. When you play around like this and place them in different positions, you can actually, um, figure out what looks better, because sometimes if we just go ahead and start going something down, and then after the later well, just look at it was like, Oh, I wish you know, I hadn't rushed into doing that. So you know, place that you know the way you want in different areas of the cactus, and they will come back and they would do it down permanently. So I've placed on my pom poms in the areas I wanted it to be in. And I also wanted to show that I have actually placed, um, toothpicks on my other characters in the 1st 1 I wanted to leave it playing in the beginning, but then I'm sorry, guys. I changed my mind. So I've placed a some truth big zero as well. I kind of like it with the with the rest of the characters. Eight matches. So I've placed on the pom poms right now. I haven't dude them down yet, so I just wanted to give you Ah, guys, some extra close ups here because once we go down our poem poem, what we'll do next days will be wrapping everything up and finishing up our card. So this might just be the last time we do our extreme close up like this. And here are old supplies we need from next a set of things to do. So I have my tools here. My garden is ready. It's hot. Ready to go to Grogan, My pompoms down. And then I have, um, my cell wrap you my cellophane wrap. It's a it's a long roll. So, um, I'll be cutting some a piece of plastic from here to wrap up our card in the end. So this is the thing that will be doing in the end. And that's how it looks over it, too. I'm gonna put this aside for now. So this off card, the inner part of all cod, and now we're just finishing off the outer card. So let's go take my glue and I'm going to start going down the pom poms permanently. 18. PomPoms Meet the Cacti: So please do this only when you're sure off off the placement of your pom poms. So we take my smaller pink pom pom here and we'll put some do on it like a small drop, and it's OK, becomes a little bit more thick. It always press bomb bombs down and fled in it so he doesn't show you glue marks just gonna toilet a little bit and again. You can always go back later and clean your, uh, do strands just before we wrap it up. So I'm just going to switch hands here. Just put it right down. It's gonna take my pliers. Unions pressing down firmly. I think the best to use applies whether they made with my fingers. But these pom poms seemed to always run away from me. So you have to hold it on against appliance firmly and tightly, so he's going to place it on the tip over here. Impressive down. So this is how it looks, and I'll get to the 3rd 1 Now I'm placing my pom poms as far was on the tips off the captain's, but you can put it on the side. You complete anywhere you prefer This is just a close up of how it looks right now they will get to the 2nd 1 as well. So for this one for the tip here, I want to create it like like it's a flower coming out. So I'm just going to bunch them together in a sheen of Florrie shape. Oops. My pom pom just ran away, so we just could grab it again and stick it back here. So at this time, if you see glue strands, if you creating blue strands like I am long ones, pull them out. So I'm just gonna keep going. So I've worked in threes right now is I got three down. It's a two and one in the center on the top. So it gives a farmer flower Tough luck, a flower shape. They took one in right next to it, and they all seem to be running away from me. Please went on the side here if these grew sticks, and so I, Grogan, this Google in between, you can always pull it out or you can just, you know, tucked them all together tightly. So everything kind of stakes, but mine is sort of exposed I'm gonna I'm going to pull them out a little bit or chop it off. If it doesn't come out, I'm just going to finish it off with maybe another one of the top. And I think another way we can do this is just pipes. Um, go directly onto the cardboard and then just keep placing the, um, pompoms on talk. Somebody who's another one here bomb since that. So there it is. Oh, flaws. Flower shaped poem, Poem on the tip. And I have some glow sticks stuck years. I'll take it out before I wrap anything up. And then now we'll do this 2nd 1 here on the second arm off the with the second arm with branch of the characters. We're going to use three pomp homes on this side. I think it looks nice. Uh, just a small amount on this side here, so whatever looks good to your eyes, the amount that looks good to your eyes when you're doing this is amount you should be using. So I'm just going to plays The last of all pom poms here. I don't have blue on it, but I'm just seeing where it will fit So it seems to sit pretty well between between the three toothpicks. Yes, I'm just going to go into town and press it firmly and it won't break will affect the toothpick and just press it pressing down firmly. And so this is what we have right now. And we're completely finished, except for, um, taking out some loose trends and odds and ends of pieces of glue that, you know, that that she spilled onto my card that you won't be able to see as much, but and when you go ahead and pull those out, But this is how everything looks now and we're finished. 19. A Card's Cover Is It's First Impression!: is the last and best time to pull out any those trends. So now this is the part where I want you to pick up your card and shake it gently to see if any pom poms come out. And they all seem to be all place properly, and what we'll be doing now is will be going down our cover onto our reading card. So the best way to do this because we have so many things inside, is to tilt it over and place the the fitness part here gently onto a book, and that the others hang off to the side was he don't want the other cactus inside of the papers. You get damaged and then place your cover onto your card and you try and see. There's a white edge around a little bit white edge around older 44 sides. I feel looks good to you. You can start going it down, and this is the part where you have to be a bit gentle, so take your time. Don't rush. Never see marks at the back off my cover cover. My card is because I had stuck into my time. Previously, when I was demonstrating. So please ignore that. So once you place a couple of blue dots down with a blowgun, press it firmly but gently, as of precedent between two. So that would hold everything down. A little tips. It can do that as well. No openings. I'm just gonna pull this out. It's piece of glue. So just to reinforce a little bit on the edges here as well Anything. I've broken off a small piece, I'll just press it down. Rather ripped a small piece, but it doesn't show. So this is how it looks. I'll final card if I know handmade characters Greeting card. So the next step now is is wrapping our greeting caught up, you know, cellophane web. So I'm just going to make some space, Um, here so we can do this. So this is all a cellophane wrapped, and I want you to see how it looks. It looks really nicely when you cover it up with them. But this cell rap on top of the captains, it gives it a really elegant look. So instead using an end book, we will not be using an envelope. So this is basically our envelope, so I'm just going Teoh cut out a long trip first. So basically, this is really simply if you it's like wrapping up a gift basket, But you have to wrapping up a, ah, birthday card. So I'm just going to cut on the side here. And don't worry, if you rip the edges or they're not strength, I'll show you. Why later? Just turn the car around this way. So space of the bottom two and a lot more. Largest space of the tall. I'm just gonna love this a little bit to the left, like so. And this is how it looks, is how much the Landes of the talk. But I'm just going to cut the rest of this extra piece, detect the con right to the edge, fold it in, huh? And just before you start wrapping anything up, take a last look at everything. Actually, a greeting is inside the envelope. Really? For giving a gift card. It's inside there. And it would think it was great 20. Cellophane: Creates A Visual Grandeur: I've changed locations here, and I want you guys to get a better look at home wrapping this up, and I hope you can see this. So I've just taken my plastic that I had cut, and I'm just going half it with the card here. And this is how it looks horizontally. Oops. So don't worry about damaging anything at this point. This will be doing is very carefully, and everything seems to be secure. It's a juice movie car down a little bit for the border part of it and leave a good amount of the tall. I'm just gonna push my condo own so that everything Both of the plastics on both sides, almost much so attorney over. And I know there to fix on the other side. So I don't press too hard. No, I've also cut, um, small cycle it, sell it eight begin coins, tape. But I've caught on my cell tapes that have sort of, like, place them around my my Grogan container. So it's easy for me. So precut demo. So you're thinking what, Several tables? So what? It is basically the clear tape I grew up. I went to British school So we always saying tape, we call it Sello Tape. The facility was actually a company in Britain, so that's how the name always stuck in schools, as I'm sort of used to saying that. See if I say sell a TV? I mean clear tape. So I've just folded both of those both of these sheets together where they meant we do it again here, folded over it is very gently and go over the card acting folded, folded them together and just tape it down. And that's how it all looks. It's OK if it's open. It is a bit of opening on the side. You can see that's absolutely fine, because this is a delicate card. Something will grab it on the tape. Here, place it so it's it's secure. And then, just like you wrap up a gift, Anglia Plastics on both sides and just fold it over. I guess we do this again, and this is how it looks at the bottom, the bottom of you for Berries. And that's how it looks now now for the tip. The reason why we left so much space at the talk is because I wanted to um give it a nice fan and make it look like a gift bus get. You know, when you see those gift baskets in the store they had those have ribbons tied up and you have the fan look at the top. So that's what we're going for here. I'm just gonna secure a few more. Hell. I started wrapping up greeting cards like this about 2021 22 years ago. Possibly I think it was one of my friends. She was getting married and she wanted to give her in laws. It was around Christmas, and she wouldn't me to make some cards for them. And I had wrapped them up all in cellophane like this. I mean, I had previously done it before, but it was It wasn't a major project for me at that time, and I wrapped everything up, and they and they never opened it, which I was really upset about, because I work so hard and there is another Never open it of this because they liked what they had done on the outside. So hopefully everyone opens up their card for this one. As you see, I'm after the after the sandwich having everything down in play. A tape. I'm using washi tape to decorate just at the back of the card and ah, washi tape. You can grab that. My calls, any drug store or a stationery store. I know. I never mentioned using washi tape on my list. This is an option. And even the sello tape that tape I never mentioned it either, So that's one of the things I missed as well. So if you don't have washi tape like I have here, you don't need to use this. But the reason why I'm doing it like this is because any time someone receives a card, you know, I just when I want them to hold it in their hands and you know whether they they're looking at the front part of the card of the back part of the car. I just wanted to all be put together and wanted to nice his first impressions of lasting impressions. And this is your, um this is our supplies. Absolutely. Do this again, your first impression, and then you kind of like opening up the card inside. And that's not a surprise. But the only way to get into the surprises to make them give them that while factor in the beginning, I'm just tipped. You don't like this? So basically, just gathering, Just gathering all the plastics, all the plastic pieces here together, tucking it into one another in pulling a little bit in the front of the parts of the plastic. All of it kind of like it doesn't bubble. So it just all comes together. So something like this and you can take it down if we have it in a way that you like it, you can put some salty or clear tape around with what we'll be doing. The last final thing will be doing is taking our biggest wine, and we'll be tying it with a bakers twine. So if you want, you can take that down ahead of time. But I won't be doing it. I just want to go directly and tie everything down with my because twine. So I'm just gonna measure out roughly how much I need. I'm just gonna double up a few strands, so I wanted to look thick, but this make us 20 is pretty thin. You can also use a ribbon as well. I have used a ribbons in many projects. I just wanted to use biggest wine for this one because I just felt like, um, it'll work better with the cactus field instead of using a green ribbon. So I'm just gonna place it across like this and my plastic in a game for a figure like this . 21. Happy Birthday! Who's Receiving This Card?: to the left one across, and then one of the other fingers president, the middle of the plastic. Bring this one over. He had that fan that's created every time flies when you're not taking six of a fix a fine off a little bit. It's important to do that because it will just pull everything together, and then we'll be just giving up all the strings here, creating a boat. You know, I don't like the way I've done this. I'm just going to redo this again. So if you need to do this a few more times, don't worry about it. Go ahead and do that. I'm doing in such a way that I'm so, um, flipping it over slightly so still in the ball park is at the top. It's something that you know that if you haven't done this before, it comes with practice. I'm just gonna cut off the edges here. Sometimes I've you know, I like to have my strands running long, but here I've kept it short because so much work at the front of the card with the cactus. So I won the cactus to be seen. So this is how it looks and we're done. We're dental. Handmade detectors, greeting cards. This is how your looks just going to take this down. A little bit of plastic that's coming. They didn't get tucked into the top part. Something tasty. Don't great. And we are done. I've had a great time creating this card with you. And I hope you enjoy creating a special card for someone special. Thank you for joining me, and I would love to hear from you. Follow me on instagram at petals from a daisy. Keep in touch and let me know how this project turned out for you. And I'll see you soon in the next handmade greeting card clause. 22. Love this Class? 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